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updated Sat. May 27, 2017

Seguin and Dergantz are afloat in a rather unexpected pool of activism. It's a pool of older women who've raised kids, held jobs, gone to church, kept life going behind the scenes.
Then, what was supposed to be a one-year commitment to working with the homeless of Boston turned into a 32 year-long career with the BHCHP, the country's largest and most comprehensive program of its kind, serving more than 12,000 homeless people a ...
It is the goal of the de Blasio Administration to close the last cluster housing site by 2021.
He received the recognition for an article published last September on a report about helping homeless youths. A Way Home Ottawa, which was developed by local youth-focused social agencies, called for more emphasis on preventing youth homelessness, ...
Prior to this year, death data for homeless people in Toronto was limited to numbers coming in from those passing away at city-funded shelters.
Several homeless families were advised to stay overnight in Garda (Irish police) stations earlier this week due to a lack of emergency accommodation.
Do More 24 "Start your Activism @ Home" is our region's largest online giving day. It takes place during the 24-hour period occurring on June 8th from 12 midnight to 11:59 pm and it is hoped on that day close to $2 million will be raised. Turns out you ...
In the ensuing 25 years Schlecht has been a tireless advocate, community organizer, activist and fundraiser on behalf of LGBTQ rights, civil rights, the homeless, and seniors; she has also founded multiple organizations and played key roles in creating ...
This trait put him on the national stage during the frigid winter of 1986 when Michael slept on the sidewalk grates of Washington with activist Mitch Snyder and others. They successfully urged Congress to pass the McKinney-Vento homeless Assistance Act ...
American peace activist and Boston Marathon hero Carlos Arredondo, will receive an honorary degree and deliver the Massachusetts school of Law commencement address during the graduation scheduled for Friday, June 2 at 5pm at the J. Everett Collins ...
"While this may be workable for some homeless individuals, it is truly a Hobson's choice for the homeless SNAP recipient: Either risk losing their possessions by leaving those items unattended during 20-plus hours of work per week, or lose their source ...
The activists, who came together around a "$1 million for the people" slogan, charge the Asheville police with disparate treatment of racial minorities, the homeless and those living in poverty. The activists say the money could be better spent on a ...
Several homeless families were advised to stay overnight in Garda (Irish police) stations earlier this week due to a lack of emergency accommodation.
But over the past few years, activists have attempted to normalize the subject of monthly periods. They have called for an end to sales tax on sanitary products in some states, and pushed to make feminine products free in schools and homeless shelters.
human rights activist Nkosilathi Moyo said the move by SMM shows how ruthless the current regime is to the people. SMM represented by their legal practitioners Chigariro Phiri and Partners issued summons on March 31 giving notice to workers to move out ...
In recent months, activists in my Congressional district have taken dissent in an entirely different and dangerous direction - shouting obscenities at my staff, including a 17-year-old high school female intern, making threats that have been reported ...
Voters may have the opportunity to decide on the future of San Diego's hotel tax. Getting the process started, the city council Monday will discuss whether Mayor ...
A bathroom standoff between county officials and homeless people near Angel Stadium is heading to the county Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, where homeless advocates are hoping supervisors will support waiving a $2,000 application fee for a ...
Considering that government policies have a huge impact on their situation, it's vital that they have their say. So activists have been working round the clock to make sure the vast number of homeless on Britain's streets can, in fact, speak out this ...
"Our SummerWorks youth often come from families in dire need," said ABCD executive director John Drew. "Some . . . are homeless. Some have parents working, but struggling to make ends meet. Summer employment can mean the world to these young ...
"Some . . . are homeless. Some have parents working, but struggling to make ends meet. Summer employment can mean the world to these young men and women in need.
Throughout the past week, unhoused folks, who some call the Survival Sleepers, have defied the latest drive-em-out edicts of City manager Martin Bernal.
Anaheim - The city has removed three portable toilets activists placed along the Santa Ana River trail for homeless living nearby to use.
The nascent, would-be chapter plugged into the constellation of activist groups fighting the good fight in the county, especially around the homeless issue. A sheriff deputy even threatened Hoiberg with arrest during one contentious ... Wanting to move ...
Erlenbusch is among the many activists who always knew the federally mandated counts underestimated the size of any community's homeless population. But he never had proof. Then, a couple of weeks ago, a county official told his group that a unique ...
This interview has been edited and shortened for print. ML: You've now brokered your third compromise between anti-gentrification activists and developers of major projects in the neighborhood that have yielded pretty major concessions from the developers.
ASBURY PARK -- Two New Jersey chefs shunned the comforts of their kitchen and their homes in favor of cardboard boxes to draw attention to the plight of homeless youth in the state. Known for their activism and philanthropy as much as for their ...
Those on the waiting list could be waiting more than a decade. Given high rental prices and the low availability of affordable units, it's no surprise that Los Angeles now has the highest number of "unsheltered" homeless people in the country -- 47,000 ...
Our Activist army scored a victory this week as each of the three biggest UK political parties put prevention at the heart of their strategies to end homelessness. Across the country, Big Issue readers have been pushing local parliamentary candidates ...
The national conversation about homelessness this month has been inflected by talk of big new projects such as shelters, and predictably not everyone is happy at the prospect of one next door.
homeless activists came together Wednesday morning to mourn the passing of someone everyone knew as Kid. They held a vigil and decorated her campsite with flowers, candles and signs.
activists have descended on two of Scotland's largest local authorities demanding changes to deal with the country's housing and homelessness crises. Campaigners took action at the opening sessions of the new council administrations at Glasgow and ...
The accusations - which Mariana Contreras described as absurd, saying her husband is a nonviolent social activist - could bring a sentence of several years in prison.
The city had argued that the tent city needed to go, so it could get started on a social housing complex on the vacant lot - a proposed development that would include 26 units of social housing, serving Aboriginal adults who are homeless or at risk of ...
A recent attack on pro-housing activists as the "'Alt Right' Darlings of the Real Estate Industry" actually performs a public service by exposing the mistaken and outright false assumptions that underlie the anti- housing position.
The county was taking steps to issue a notice and have the toilets removed when the activist who spearheaded the effort to provide more sanitary conditions for the homeless at the river bed moved them Monday evening. ... activists see it differently ...
A number of prominent Indigenous leaders and grassroots activists are demanding a fundamental rethink of the entire inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, as concerns about delays, bad communication, and poor organization begin ...
activists and support groups are helping homeless people to register as voters by offering use of their addresses for the forms.
... of the Santa Ana River. "We're going to continue raising money to service the portables," said Mohammed Aly, a lawyer and activist who founded the Orange County Poverty Alleviation Coalition, a group involved in assisting homeless people at the river.
One of the highest profile crimes linked to the area came in June 2014 when a 22-year-old homeless man who was living in the park emerged from the woods and pulled a knife on a jogger.
Cyrus's quotes about hip-hop in a recent Billboard magazine interview have refreshed long-simmering criticisms of the singer, and two activist groups contacted by Washingtonian had harsh words about the booking. ... In its press release, festival ...
SANTA CRUZ >> The Santa Cruz City Council unanimously approved a new city homeless strategic plan with 20 solutions on Tuesday night.
The King County Sheriff's Office last week fired a sheriff's deputy for contaminating a water bottle at a homeless encampment with pepper spray, according to internal investigative documents obtained through a public records request.
Food insecurity and homelessness are growing problems in Massachusetts, especially for children according a recent report published by the Boston Foundation.
A rendering of the Amazon's new Seattle office building (right) that the company will share with a homeless shelter facility.
Sue Loellbach, director of development at Connections for the homeless, said activism groups with similar missions need to unite in order to be effective.
SANTA CRUZ >> From protest chants to audience applause and snaps of support, the Santa Cruz City Council heard a wide range of reactions to its efforts to proactively address the city's homelessness issues. The Santa Cruz City Council heard results of ...
SANTA CRUZ >> The Santa Cruz City Council unanimously approved a new city homeless strategic plan with 20 solutions on Tuesday night.
A coalition of Oakland-based labor unions and nonprofits rallied on the steps of Oakland City Hall today calling for a city budget that spends more on affordable housing, homeless services, minimum wage enforcement, and arts and culture, among other ...
Vancouver's latest protest tent city set up on April 24, an action activists and homeless people said was necessary to continue to draw attention to rising homeless numbers. Homeless numbers in Metro Vancouver rose 30 per cent between 2014 and 2017, ...





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