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updated Tue. January 16, 2018

An interfaith prayer service was followed by a rally featuring song and poetry and addresses by activists from the sponsoring organizations, including attorneys for some of those detained at Guantanamo, few of these charged with any crime and some cleared for release years ago. Despite his declaration ...
With no experience in political activism, she had helped organize a bus full of women to go from Mobile to Washington. .... Canadian activists who held marches in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington were outraged when American activists with Women's March Inc. in New York registered the ...

This month, the Israeli government announced that activists affiliated with 20 organizations, including my organization CODEPINK, would be banned from entering Israel and the occupied ... Over the years, I have stood in solidarity with both Palestinians and Israelis trying to build a truly democratic nation.
Many Americans, including myself, were inspired to play a better-informed role in politics through activism. Consequently, social media became a medium through which sympathizers could express their opinions and solidarity digitally. Hashtags such as #NoBanNoWall and #MuslimsAreWelcomeHere ...
Mohammad Absi, head of "Etharrak" anti-normalisation campaign and member of Al Wihda Popular Party, said 2017 was eventful as political activists in Jordan stood in solidarity with activists in neighbouring countries and supported their movements. "The year [2017] started with the solidarity move with ...
Two members of the Partido Obrero (workers' Party) have been arrested, and several activists from other organisations (including members of parliament) have been indicted. The International Marxist Tendency expresses its solidarity with the comrades, demands the end to all repression and calls on ...

"This act of solidarity was not just about going to the Golden Globes in a black dress, but standing together for concrete policy change - getting rid of the $2.13 wage that in many states means you've got a 70% female workforce living entirely on tips. States that require women to be paid the full minimum ...
Rosa Clemente, who attended the Golden Globes with Susan Sarandon, is an activist and independent journalist focusing on issues affecting black and Latinx communities. She's the president and founder of Know Thy Self Productions, which produces community activism tours that center around hip-hop ...
The language in the resolution is purposefully broad and inclusive, explained Max Geller, a Palestinian Solidarity Committee organizer, because the group's strategy was to encapsulate "joint struggle," despite the effort being led by a group with a focus on BDS. That broad language allowed the activists to ...
A vigil in solidarity with New York families facing deportation turned into a rally calling for the release of a local immigrant rights leader who was ... "I am at 26 Federal Plaza in support of Ravi Ragbir, immigrant rights activist, community leader, husband and father, who has been detained by ICE," he tweeted ...
'Every Thursday people around the world wear black as a symbol of strength and courage, representing our solidarity with victims and survivors ...
I miss the solidarity of standing with labor and community allies protesting the country's largest private employer of miserably-paid workers.
"I felt angered because I know we [activists] could have been able to go and ... of Ndifuna Ukwazi said, "We're here to implement solidarity.
Scores of JKLF leaders and activists staged a march in Maisuma area of Srinagar after Friday prayers to express solidarity with Hurriyat leaders ...
It marks the start of 16 days of activism to end violence against women ... videos and a "solidarity booth" - a repository for written thoughts and ...
What does solidarity look like in a fractured time? Should we distinguish between activism and organising? Is there a place for allies?
SUTR groups across Britain are actively building solidarity and political support for ... Birmingham activists also plan a fundraising meal.

Congolese youth activists Jean Marie Kalonji and Sylva Mbikayi from ... we must stand in solidarity with the resisting youth of the Congo and all ...
Farid Zaidi (at mic) expresses solidarity from the Inside-Outside Alliance. ... injured, left to mourn the killing of Anti-Fascist activist Heather Heyer.
BERNALILLO -- Native American activists and tribal leaders from around ... spurring fellow activists in the crowd to raise their fists in solidarity.
... the so-called refugee crisis in particular have sparked intense polarisation, leading rises in both xenophobic attitudes and solidarity activism.
Members of the activist community joined together in front of the Franklin County Municipal Courthouse in support of the BlackPride4.
As one activist we met put it, Hurricane Maria ripped the leaves off the ... who have traveled to Puerto Rico at a forum on From Devastation to Solidarity: .... Yet all the activists we talked to realize they are up against powerful ...
... to build solidarity between academics, students, activists and artists. ... self-published magazines, have a long history in activist traditions.
'Small act of solidarity could force change' ... for criticising the government in Chad, and peace activists facing trial in an Israeli military court.
One of the driving forces of intersection activism the idea that we can make ... increase mutual understanding and solidarity across diverse social groups. ... largely ignored by the mainstream media and prominent feminists activists. ... She is an Iowa native, artist, poet and social justice activist, and founder ...
The original MeToo campaign was started 10 years ago by activist Tarana Burke for survivors to connect with each other. The slogan was ...
Spain: Jailed Catalan secession activist to run in election ... other pro-independence Catalan officials or activists can run in the Dec. ... ribbon that many secessionists wear as a symbol of their solidarity with the jailed leaders.
... in the context of my work as an activist around issues of extractivism, sovereignty on ... And what a better way than organising international solidarity ... 25 activists and community representatives from North Africa and Latin ...
Ceglowski continues to organize Tech Solidarity meetings, slowly .... time for people to really start to engage in this kind of activism," she told Civicist. ... coordination of New York events to activists here, to find someone to help ...
Speaking to Sputnik, veteran Polish Solidarity activist Janusz Sanocki described the troubling wave of 'historical amnesia' sweeping his country ...
Palestine solidarity activists disrupted a speech by the Israeli ... This video of the protest was published by BDS Austria, an activist group that ...
The activist, who participated in the annual conference of the National Network of Solidarity with Cuba concluded yesterday, told Prensa Latina ...
White supremacy's global boom has anti-racist activists fighting back ... recent film, "Generation Revolution," which follows two London-based activist ... so too should we expect anti-racist activism to take an increasingly global turn. ... how activists work to address local crises while also standing in solidarity ...
After a Devastating bombing in Somalia, Where Is Our Solidarity ... though it was started many years ago by a black woman activist who wanted ...
activists are being warned not to give their information to a website ... solidarity activists have gone to great lengths to hide their identities.
Catalan Defence Committee Scotland launched to further solidarity efforts ... set up by Catalan activists to protect polling stations during the vote, ... journalist and activist Cat Boyd, former Scottish Labour chairperson Bob ...
Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) activists responded to attacks in Wigan and Leeds last week. A masked man with a samurai sword shouted racist ...
Though the attendance of the march was dampened by rain, Wa led her fellow activists in a protest featuring chants against racism, the ...
Sixteen activists on Tuesday morning kneeled during a San Diego City Council meeting in a show of solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, a former ...
Around 1,000 protesters, led by organisers perched on a pickup truck with megaphones, gathered at a main Casablanca intersection on ...
(WSET) -- Activist group Solidarity Cville has created a list of demands following last night's white nationalist rally in Emancipation Park.
An activist group in Charlottesville is raising awareness of Native ... Members of the Solidarity Wall Group chalked an anti-pipeline mural on the ...
Solidarity activist Coral Wynter discusses her experience at a farm .... of the Lomas de Leon Commune and activists from the Movement women ...
Argentine human rights activist Hebe de Bonafini Margarita deeply ... most renowned social justice activists delivered a message of solidarity to ...
University faculty picket at C.C. Little to show solidarity with student activists ... of recent student activism calling for the renaming of the building.
TWO vegan activists standing 'in solidarity with farmed animals' are carrying out a five-day 'fast against slaughter' to raise awareness about the ...
... of forms of liberal thought and activism branded as bleeding heart, communist ... The essays in Sense and Solidarity rest on research and field surveys ... Like a growing number of intellectuals and activists, Mr Dreze too has ...
Two Chicago police officers who kneeled alongside an activist in a social media photograph that went viral will face disciplinary action for ...
An Instagram account photo of two Chicago police officers, along with anti-violence activist Aleta Clark, "taking a knee." | Instagram account of ...


Have you ever wanted to bang a nail and didnt have a hammer? What did you do? Maybe you looked in the garden shed or popped down to the DIY.

If you live in the countryside in Africa, you might have to think of something else. Theres nothing in the garden shed except a bush knife and a hoe. The market might be a days walk away and a hammer costs two weeks wages.

Tools for Self Reliance is doing something about this. Today, hundreds of TFSR volunteers in Britain collect, refurbish, and ship tools and sewing machines to six countries in Africa.

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