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... Democratic nominee Sunday for next year's special election to complete the term of an Anti-Abortion Republican congressman who resigned ...
The public will have a chance to weigh in on a plan to halt alleged deceptive practices at Hartford's Anti-Abortion centers, a hot-button issue that ...

An Anti-Abortion group filed a lawsuit Friday against the City of Charlotte alleging that city is violating the group's First Amendment rights by ...
PSU Pro-life student group brings its Anti-Abortion message to the PSU Park Blocks for the second time this term. PSU Vanguard/ Silvia ...
DELTA TOWNSHIP - Volunteers at Faith Bible Church placed about 600 white crosses in the church's lawn earlier this month next to a sign that ...
The current GOP plan allows "unborn children" to be listed as beneficiaries of college funds, interpreted as an effort to legally define fetuses as ...

Extremist organisations like the Radiance Foundation, an Anti-Abortion group that claims to be "pro-life", use targeted ads on facebook with ...
Nearly one year after transportation officials gave approval, Wisconsin's first Anti-Abortion license plates are available for drivers. Choose Life ...
Extremist organisations like the Radiance Foundation, an Anti-Abortion group that claims to be "pro-life", use targeted ads on facebook with ...
A Fresno State professor will pay $17,000 and undergo First Amendment training after he erased students' Anti-Abortion chalk messages on ...
A proposal heading to the Hartford city council would require Anti-Abortion centers to disclose whether staff members have medical licenses, ...
LifeNews, which has just under one million followers on facebook, is one of several large Anti-Abortion sites that can command hundreds of ...
A national group that supports women who oppose abortion has endorsed U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb. "Deb Fischer has an unwavering ...
Anti-Abortion lawmakers in the House and Senate are pushing for language in the end-of-year spending bill that they say would protect ...
An Anti-Abortion group known for displaying graphic images of aborted fetuses passed out fliers Friday with the address of what it said is the ...
Republicans slipped Anti-Abortion language into the draft of the tax reform bill they released on Thursday. The move is part of an effort by the ...
Texas defended new Anti-Abortion measures again Thursday in court following a string of defeats over efforts to change the disposal of fetal ...

A Democratic congressman shouted down a black woman Wednesday after she told a congressional subcommittee that abortion is the ...
A coalition of Anti-Abortion lawmakers and advocacy groups urged the Republican leaders of both houses to schedule votes on the bills before ...
Parkland school District will allow two of its students to form an Anti-Abortion club at the high school. The legal settlement announced Monday ...
Anti-Abortion advocates assembled across the state Tuesday in support of Missouri's new abortion laws, which took effect the same day over ...
The Parkland school Board has approved an out-of-court settlement with a high school graduate and a senior who sued the district over its ...
Those laws have largely been passed in response to Anti-Abortion advocates who argue that the morning after pill is an abortifacient. This isn't ...
Nurx is available in 15 states and Washington, D.C., but it's under fire from Anti-Abortion activists who consider the morning after pill to be an ...
A twitter thread that undermines the core argument against abortion has gone viral causing a stir from those on both sides of the debate.
Instead, federal officials required J.D. to undergo counseling at a religiously affiliated, Anti-Abortion center. Although J.D. said that when her ...
The Anti-Abortion movement thrives on sexist stereotypes about women who end their pregnancies. The image of the woman who has an ...
PITTSBURGH - An Anti-Abortion congressman asked a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair to get an abortion when he ...
Patrick S. Tomlinson has a question for you. Last week, one of the science fiction author's twitter threads went viral for undermining a central ...
Tim Murphy, an Anti-Abortion lawmaker who resigned after his hometown newspaper revealed he had suggested a mistress get an abortion ...
Lloyd, a Trump appointee and Anti-Abortion activist, refuses to provide such approval. Instead, he directs shelters to take pregnant minors to ...
Employers with objections to contraception will, under new plans, find it easier to stop offering all approved methods of contraception in their ...
REDDING, Calif. - Several Redding parents are outraged by Anti-Abortion protesters carrying signs with graphic images outside of schools.
Anti-Abortion group Human Coalition claims that, when Apple first removed the app, the company said it was due to functionality problems.
"The ACLU said federal officials required the girl to undergo counseling and an ultrasound at a crisis pregnancy center, an Anti-Abortion ...
Gittrich, 70, was the development director for Kansans for Life. The organization announced his death on Tuesday night. He had kidney cancer.
The dean of the University of Wisconsin medical school says an Anti-Abortion bill working its way through the Legislature could destroy UW's ...
An Anti-Abortion group will erect a twenty-foot tower covered in graphic images comparing abortion to the holocaust on campus Wednesday.
This comes after reports that the Anti-Abortion congressman had asked his mistress to terminate a pregnancy. Katie Blackley of member station ...
Updated at 6 p.m. ET. Republican Rep. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania will resign from Congress after a report said he asked a woman with whom ...
"And you have zero issue posting your Anti-Abortion stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just ...
For years, Anti-Abortion activists have tried (and mostly failed) to get "personhood" laws passed that would give embryos and fetuses rights ...
Barney Frank once quipped that Republicans who call themselves pro-life "believe that life begins at conception and ends at birth." Nowhere ...
A group of Anti-Abortion activists rallied outside Sen. Claire McCaskill's downtown Springfield office Wednesday afternoon to criticize the ...
The Supreme Court's decision Monday to hear a challenge to a California law meant to regulate Anti-Abortion groups could eventually bring ...
A Trump appointee and longtime Anti-Abortion activist, Lloyd has refused to allow minors to access abortion services. Instead, he has directed ...
Shortly after taking over the U.S. government office that oversees facilities for unaccompanied immigrant children, Scott Lloyd told a ...
Ever since Anti-Abortion religious group 40 Days for Life first exported their clinic protests across the Atlantic in 2010, UK Pro-Choice groups have been asking for "buffer zone" laws to be introduced here.
SACRAMENTO (CN) - California's attorney general on Tuesday issued a warrant for the arrest of Anti-Abortion activist David Daleiden and charged him with 15 felony counts for secretly recording 14 people affiliated with Planned Parenthood and ...
In this April 29, 2016 file photo, David Robert Daleiden, right, leaves a courtroom after a hearing in Houston. California prosecutors say two Anti-Abortion activists who made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned ...




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