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updated Thu. April 19, 2018

Today's dose of Gosh How Shocking is brought to us by the Huffington Post, which profiles the adventures in far right politics of one Kristen Walker Hatten, a self-described "feminist" who is also against legal abortions. She was quite the big deal in anti-abortion circles, because how could opposing ...
If she agreed with her husband's anti-abortion stance, which was the far more accepted position within their party, why wouldn't she just say so? Her reticence on the issue was a very quiet appeal to pro-choice Republicans and independents who might have otherwise felt uncomfortable voting for ... GOP

A prominent anti-abortion group is distancing itself from one of its former leaders after it emerged that she embraced white nationalism. Kristen Walker Hatten has spoken at universities across the US to promote the idea mainstream feminism should oppose abortion rights. Until recently, she ...
Lila Rose, founder of the anti-abortion group Live Action, appeared on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight in June 2017 alleging that Twitter was censoring Live Action's ads due to ideological bias. In reality, the content still appeared on Live Action's Twitter page, but was not allowed to be promoted as ...
The debate around terminations as the country prepares for next month's referendum on the Eight Amendment has become too "sanitised", anti-abortion activists have said. Love Both, part of the Pro Life Campaign group, launched its push for a no vote yesterday and described abortion as a ...
Kristen Walker Hatten, former vice president of the anti-abortion group New Wave Feminists and a contributor to The Dallas Morning News, has spoken at universities and events around the country about the need for mainstream feminism to embrace women who oppose abortion rights. She has ...

Cardi B has attracted a parade of right-wing supporters over the past week for deciding to have a baby while her rapid rise to superstardom is still accelerating. Anti-abortion websites are posting gleeful recaps of an exchange the hip-hop artist had with radio host Charlamagne Tha God last Tuesday, ... Activists
The U.S. Supreme Court won't hear an appeal from a pastor who challenged a Maine law's noise limit that was used to restrict his anti-abortion protest outside Planned Parenthood's Portland clinic. The decision by the nation's highest court not to hear arguments in the case effectively affirms ...
Ealing council leader Julian Bell said the issue of proximity of anti-abortion protests to the clinic has a "clear detrimental effect" on women using the services, those supporting them and clinic staff members. The order -- which lasts three years -- goes into effect April 23 and pushes any demonstrations to ... London
Clearly, Trump (described by some conservative evangelical backers as a "baby Christian" just learning the ropes) hadn't learned this was a big no-no among anti-abortion activists, who quickly brow-beat him into backtracking. National Right to Life explained the party line: "Unborn children and ... Saga
But as the vote approaches, anti-abortion protesters have taken to the streets in Dublin — and not all of them are Irish. In fact, there are some Americans protesting abortion in Ireland, sparking concerns of foreign influence on the upcoming referendum. Ireland's prime minister, Leo Varadkar, has called for ... Saga
In our polarized political climate, we've seen incendiary anti-abortion rhetoric like this fuel fears and hateful behavior that often becomes violence. Admitted killer Robert Lewis Dear Jr., referred to the debunked and doctored smear campaign directed at Planned Parenthood as part of his motive for entering ... Saga
State lawmakers and anti-abortion groups across the U.S. have ramped up their push for restrictions on abortion, part of a strategy to get the Supreme Court to re-examine — and overturn — Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that legalized abortion. Emboldened by the Trump administration and possible ... Saga
In the past few months, America has seen a wave of states introduce anti-abortion legislation. Mississippi's governor has signed into law a bill that bans abortion after 15 weeks (except in the case of severe fetal abnormalities or medical emergencies); the governor of Louisiana, a Democrat, has voiced ... Saga
A judge has lifted an injunction a council brought against anti-abortion activists protesting near a hospital. The Christian movement, called 40 Days for Life, held "vigils" outside the abortion clinic at Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham. The city council obtained an injunction to stop the group's leader John ... Saga
At times, he has even veered to the right of the mainstream anti-abortion movement, as when he said during a primary season town hall event that women who seek abortions should face “some form of punishment.” Most anti-abortion politicians profess to want to protect women, even when they pass laws ... Saga
She asked that her surname not be used, fear that the agonizing decision she made could be used to shame her. But even in Poland, an overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country with some of the strictest anti-abortion laws in Europe and a government seeking to curb reproductive rights, it is a decision she ... Saga

Anti-abortion measures gained ground across the country this week, with lawmakers in Kentucky passing a measure that, if signed into law, would be one of the most restrictive measures in the nation, and Idaho's governor signing a law requiring doctors to report to the state how many abortions a woman ... Saga
[JURIST] A committee of independent experts under the UN Human Rights Council [official website] on Thursday urged [press release] the Polish parliament to reject a proposed bill that would further restrict abortion rights in Poland. The bill would ban abortion in situations where there is a severe fetal ... Saga
Anti-abortion groups for years have been trying to close Jackson Women's Health, also known as “the pink house” for the building's bright paint. But the Mississippi law may also be part of a broader effort by anti-abortion advocates to bring a challenge to Roe v. Wade before what they hope will be a friendly ... Saga
Bills that would prevent abortions after a fetus is able to live outside a mother's womb, require a 24-hour waiting period for abortions, and allow medical professionals not to perform any tasks that violate their consciences all failed in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The s0-called fetal viability bill got the ... Saga
The subsequent rift in Texas's powerful anti-abortion movement has highlighted an ever-present tension over the separation of church and state. In practice, this separation typically goes only one way: preventing state interference in religion, while church authorities remain free to influence the public ... Saga
Activists from the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List helped push endangered pro-life Democratic incumbent Dan Lipinski over the finish line on Tuesday night, giving him a slim victory over his challenger, newcomer Marie Newman. Now, the group is focusing on its next big task: Taking down ... Saga
Rep. Dan Lipinski, one of the few anti-abortion Democrats in Congress, narrowly defeated a political newbie in the Illinois primary on Tuesday night, dashing the hopes of progressives who believe the seven-term congressman is too conservative for the modern-day Democratic Party. Lipinski's opponent ... Saga
The theme of this year's march was crisis pregnancy centers, which are fake clinics with anti-abortion agendas that exist to shame and mislead women seeking abortion care. This was timely, for fake clinics are the subject of a Supreme Court case, NIFLA v. Becerra, in which oral arguments are taking place ... Saga
The anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List has taken the unusual step of campaigning for a Democratic lawmaker. But critically, with competitive GOP primaries on Tuesday's docket as well, the group isn't encouraging Republicans to cross over into the Democratic primary to vote for Lipinski. Lipinski ... Saga
With anti-abortion and pro-choice demonstrators rallying outside, the Supreme Court heard National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra on Tuesday morning, the blockbuster case that could shift the law of the land on free speech and abortion rights. During oral arguments, justices ... Saga
DAVID CHIU: There are thousands of fake health clinics around our country, 370 in the state of California that are unfortunately deceiving women. TOTENBERG: But Michael Farris, who represents the anti-abortion clinics, said the statute unconstitutionally compels his clients to point women to places where ... Saga
Family planning decisions are personal." Added Representative Kirstin Engel, a Democrat from Tucson, "This not only intrudes on a women's privacy, but inserts government into the doctor-patient relationship." The bill was developed by Cathi Herrod, an anti-abortion fanatic whose Center for Arizona Policy ... Saga
The man portrayed as a nurse for an anti-abortion campaign held an eight-month portering role and falsified a qualification document. Save the 8th, which campaigns against repeal of the Eighth Amendment, said yesterday it stood by the adverts despite discovering that Noel Pattern, 48, from Wexford, was ... Saga
The Pope said after centuries of practice in its staunch anti-abortion position, wherein only bishops could forgive a woman who had an abortion, he extended that power to priests. Abortion was a mortal sin in the church and could lead to excommunication. Francis' historic edict was in line with the theme of ... Saga
The signs she saw were put up by Created Equal, an anti-abortion training program for younger generations to debate abortion on college campuses around America, said Mark Harrington, president of the organization. The program facilitates Justice Rides, which are week-long events where activists can ... Saga
Yesterday, in eyeroll emojis: ThinkProgress reported on a 19-year-old woman who visited anti-abortion centers that pose as clinics and lure women in with the promise of free pregnancy testing, then try to coerce them into staying pregnant with misinformation about abortion. This isn't a new practice—I ... Saga
The legislation, which was passed along party lines with all 11 Democrats voting against the bill, is the latest in a slew of anti-abortion bills that have advanced in the Idaho legislature in recent months. Similar bills recently advanced in Indiana and Arizona. SB 1243 already passed in the Senate and is now ... Saga
The end goal of the anti-abortion movement in America has never been a series of incremental, piecemeal abortion restrictions in red states: Their objective is nothing less then a U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade and, preferably, federal legislation making abortion illegal even in states, ... Saga
An anti-abortion rally, in favour of retaining the eighth amendment of the Irish constitution, has taken place ahead of a referendum later this year. The eighth amendment, which grants equal right to life to the unborn and pregnant women in the Republic of Ireland, was introduced in 1983. It effectively bans ... Saga
House Democratic leaders are rallying behind Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-Ill.) as he faces the toughest primary contest in his 14 years on Capitol Hill. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi · Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro PelosiLawmakers feel pressure on guns Former Pelosi challenger: I have no 'interest in ... Saga
The Mississippi Legislature has passed one of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the country, banning abortions after 15 weeks, even in the case of rape or incest. Mississippi Republican Governor Phil Bryant has signaled he'll sign the bill, tweeting, “As I have repeatedly said, I want Mississippi to be ... Saga
Anti-abortion groups are particularly worried about the high proportion of women choosing to terminate fetuses with Down syndrome after prenatal testing, which has become increasingly safe and sophisticated in the past decade. This year wasn't the first time OneLife LA has featured a speaker on ... Saga
Anti-abortion groups are praising a Mississippi bill that would ban most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. March 8, 2018, at 6:16 p.m. ... Anti-abortion group Pro-Life Mississippi said fetuses in the womb "deserve the right to life, which is supported by this bill." The group said in a statement that it appreciates legislators' ... Saga
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has endorsed Marie Newman, the nonprofit executive challenging Rep. Daniel Lipinski, D-Ill., in the March 20 Democratic primary — a week after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said that she supported Lipinski for re-election. “Marie Newman has made it clear that ... Saga
House Republicans seek anti-abortion provisions in Obamacare bills. House Republicans want to ensure that Obamacare stabilization bills include protections to prevent the money from funding abortions. Supporters of the two bills are looking to add them to a must-pass, two-year spending bill Congress is ... Saga
In a fundraising letter that calls him "a truly remarkable man of God," gubernatorial candidate Bill O'Neill is staking out his position as an anti-abortion candidate in the Democratic primary. The letter is raising eyebrows because few Democrats appeal to the anti-abortion vote, and because O'Neill caused a ... Saga
House Republicans want to ensure that Obamacare stabilization rules include protections to prevent the money from funding abortions. Supporters of two Obamacare stabilization bills are looking into adding them to a must-pass, two-year spending bill Congress is expected to take up this month. House ... Saga
In a fundraising letter that calls him “a truly remarkable man of God,” gubernatorial candidate Bill O'Neill is staking out his position as an anti-abortion candidate in the Democratic primary. The letter is raising eyebrows because few Democrats appeal to the anti-abortion vote, and because O'Neill caused a ... Saga
For all these reasons, and because she has Down syndrome and opposes abortion, Gaffney, 40, also serves as a prized speaker for the anti-abortion movement. “I want my voice to be heard,” Gaffney, of Portland, Ore., said during a speech that received a standing ovation in January at OneLife LA, ... Saga
The Pittsburgh chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America say faith-based "crisis-pregnancy centers" are using false advertising, deception and intimidation to trick women into using their services. These medical clinics don't provide comprehensive reproductive health care, like performing abortions, ... Saga
As the anti-abortion movement continues to focus on state legislation, one of the latest measures growing in popularity are bills banning abortions for the sole reason that the fetus has Down syndrome. The Washington Post: Babies With Down Syndrome Are Put On Center Stage In The U.S. Abortion Fight Saga
COLUMBIA – Two pending anti-abortion bills were castigated as "dangerous, heinous, hurtful and extreme" during a protest Tuesday at the Statehouse. Erica Stine was among patients who addressed the crowd during more than an hour of speeches. She said she had no hesitation five years ago in ... Saga
CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WVVA) Do West Virginians have the right to an abortion? That question will be posed to voters in the general election after a vote Monday morning in the House of Delegates. Specifically, the amendment West Virginians will be voting on reads “Nothing in this Constitution secures or ... Saga



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