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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

Tamil culture is not Anti-Animal Rights. Also, it is not PETA's battle alone. I believe there is no conflict between tradition and compassion.
The "Anti-Animal Rights" activist in Wednesday's Zing cares more about going to the circus than the well-being of defenseless animals.
With their focus on welfare reforms, their cherry-picking of issues, and their repeated abrogation of the rights of animals they claim to represent, they are categorially anti-vegan and anti-animal-rights. These animal orgs speak out of both sides of ...
If you're like me, you've spent so much time fretting about what a horrible president Donald Trump would be that you've barely begun to think about the similarly questionable characters he'd appoint to his cabinet.
(A review called the flick anti-animal-rights "propaganda," but added that "propaganda isn't always bad, but that's what this is: the movie literally ends with a title card saying 'Learn The Truth: Investigate Before You Donate ...
Politico reports that Forrest Lucas, cofounder of Lucas Oil, "is a leading contender for Interior secretary should Donald Trump win the White House.
Politico reports that Forrest Lucas, cofounder of Lucas Oil, "is a leading contender for Interior secretary should Donald Trump win the White House.
You can see just how smoggy they'd be in a new report by Save On Energy. The energy conservation company visualized how America's iconic skylines would look with the air quality of Xingtai, China's most polluted city, by converting particle ...
"Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Dakota appear to be meeting the CPP's early targets," Reuters reports. "And changes in the power market, along with policies favoring clean generation, are propelling most of the rest toward timely compliance.
Donald Trump might appoint an oil executive and anti-animal rights activist to head the Interior Department. Politico reports that Forrest Lucas, cofounder of Lucas Oil, "is a leading contender for Interior secretary should Donald Trump win the White ...
Turns out the largest sea creatures are most likely to go extinct, according to research published today in science. The research, led by Stanford's Jonathan Payne, compared modern marine vertebrates and mollusks to their ancestors in the fossil record ...
They may not be hitting the U.S. as often, but it doesn't mean the hurricanes aren't out there. In an average hurricane season in the Atlantic basin today, there are twice as many major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher) than there were in 1970, reports ...
What are you, some sort of anti-animal rights activist? If you think that cat's lives don't matter (they only have 9!) then maybe we can't be friends anymore.
Jokes about executive producer ALEC Berg being an anti-animal rights activist, creator Mike Judge's lateness and their lack of popularity in comparison to the network's flagship series, Game of Thrones, flew non-stop, but the cast did take a second to ...
It was funded by Forrest Lucas, an Indiana oilman who devotes his time and money to pro-hunting, anti-vegetarian, Anti-Animal Rights endeavors. Somebody oughta neuter him. (PG). Our Kind of Traitor Ever notice how many poorly advertised, weakly ...
I'm certainly not anti- animal rights but I think the person behind the wheel should have some rights as well. "There was difficulties in that order which the union had made a series of applications to rectify including with some support from different ...
When I was the IT guy for a pro human rights (Anti-Animal Rights) group called putting people first in the early 90s I got my original epiphany.
Massachusetts cage-free chickens plan brings together unlikely opponents. An anti-poverty campaigner is lining up alongside Anti-Animal Rights advocates to challenge a ballot question that would outlaw eggs produced by caged hens. California has ...
is The Cavalry Group an Anti-animal rights organization based in St. Louis, Missouri. The group's goal is to prevent any kind of legislation that protects animals from cruelty and inhumane treatment.
A FAR-right march to protest about refugees in Middlesbrough flatlined at the weekend as more police turned up than demonstrators.




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