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It is the manifest do goodness of Secular Humanism as defined by a generation of Haters of God and his anointed who are given to a sinister spirit of hedonistic nihilism.
I grabbed a chair in the front row and listened to a panel of faith leaders and one Secular Humanist share why they support reproductive rights in the context of their beliefs.
"It's actually a First Amendment activity: it's a Secular Humanist activity," Eidinger says. In addition to Burning Man, Catharsis was also informed by Toronto's Nuit Blanche, he adds.
Lincoln atheists seeks "to develop and support the atheist, rationalist, Secular Humanist, agnostic, skeptic and non-theist communities; to provide opportunities for socializing and friendship among these groups; to promote and defend their views; to ...
"I was overwhelmed when I walked in here this morning, I didn't know people had this much to give," said volunteer Sara Robb, who had followed several members of her Secular Humanist group from upstate South Carolina. "Crises like this show you the ...

Fight or flight: If discretion is the better part of valor, now might be a good time for House Speaker Paul Ryan to go fishing for a while, 4th District Rep. Tom Cole suggested last week.
Republican Rep. Peggy Mast, the no.3 Republican in the Kansas House, is making the news after sharing a "great quote from Hitler" on her facebook page.
In The New religious Political Right in America (1982), Samuel Hill and Dennis Owen write that the movement took shape due to "fear of moral and spiritual deterioration" in American life, opposition to abortion and Secular Humanism, a desire to restore ...
"It's not my intent to hurt or demean anyone of a different religion," said Prebeg, a member of the Pittsburgh branch of the Center for Inquiry, a New York-based Secular Humanist organization. "Just as someone getting 'Jesus' should be protected ...
... McHargue artfully incorporates the outside sources that impacted him, and gives a taste of the concepts and movements he moved toward and away from at different points in his journey, interweaving explanations of Secular Humanism and materialism ...
The publications that basically frame out Secular Humanism are known as the Humanist Manifesto (I, II, and III), the first of which was originally written in 1933, then the others were penned in 1973 and 2000.
Denis Robert Hall, a convicted pedophile, is running for a seat on the Saskatoon Catholic school board in Canada. Hall pleaded guilty in 1981 to two charges of having intercourse with girls aged 14-16, as well as two counts of indecent assault.
The black sheriff every white nationalist loves calls for a violent uprising if Trump loses. Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.
When I watch Pundits on the news who are asked to comment on an issue from the perspective of Christian faith, I often find myself thinking, "They don't speak for me.
Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are instructing church members to vote against ballot initiatives that would legalize recreational marijuana.
Here is an inconvenient fact for the bigoted and dishonest authors of this piece at Patheos/ the Progressive Secular Humanist: I just read the supporting affidavit of the FBI investigator who secured the warrants for the arrest of these three ...

He noted that by 1939, Secular Humanism had taken over, based on the idea that man is part of nature and emerged as a result of a continued process.
Donald Trump Jr. is defending his father by arguing that bragging about sexually assaulting women makes his dad look like "a normal person, not a political robot.
While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Manchester, New Hampshire, the first lady delivered a powerful speech excoriating Trump's offensive comments towards women.
Clinton is riding a wave of hate - hate for non-elite whites, hate for Christians who have not jettisoned their beliefs about sexuality or more broadly, Christians who see their faith as more than just a social club and a veneer over Secular Humanism ...
He also rekindled the Quaker faith of his childhood, interpreting it through the lens of Secular Humanism, something he later blogged about on the Huffington Post.
Right Wing Watch reports religious right activist and leading conservative Christian "Coach" Dave Daubenmire is the latest Christian extremist to make the conservative Christian case against Hillary for president in a video posted earlier this week ...
... better and to learn how to speak as one voice on certain issues," said Bill Kaszycki, 68, of West Elizabeth, a retired automotive business owner and president of the Pittsburgh branch of the Center for Inquiry, a New York-based Secular Humanist ...
OP-ED -- from the progressive, liberal, leftist-scientific wing of the Secular Humanist Pantheist spectrum. As a Trump supporter (assumedly) this candidate denies global overheating; and opposes the teaching of comprehensive sex education in our public ...
To the untrained eye, the scene looks like yet another mockery of the biblical tradition-typical Marxist, secular-humanist theatre junk.
My conviction is that this spiritual path, which has supported and influenced almost all the faith traditions, as well as Secular Humanism, in our world, has helped, with its diverse forms in multiple languages, humans in acquiring a foundation of hope ...
Key to the new program is moving towards "multifaith pluralism," which means "all worldviews and wisdom traditions - including secular, humanist and atheistic ones - are included" and relationships based on "curiosity, compassion, respect and ...
As it is, America is strongly influenced with secular-humanist arrogance and socialism. Could we all consider humbling ourselves before Almighty God and thanking him that we are not in the Third World countries, or sold in the slave markets as so many ...
The Secular Humanist Jewish Circle doesn't even go outside. For this group, a bowl of water suffices. "You tear off a piece of bread representing a feeling you would like to discard and throw it into the bowl," said Becky Schulman, a board member of ...
But worst of all is the objective of our public schools to indoctrinate our children in the world-view philosophy of Secular Humanism. This philosophy is overtly anti-Christian, teaching such subjects as the scientifically impossible theory of ...
As a Secular Humanist who deeply appreciates the ontological uniqueness of an individual human life irrespective of race, colour, gender, Ethnicity and so on, the coups of 1966 are extremely deplorable.
From a leftist, liberal, anti-Trumpster, who happens to belong to the only group able to actually prove that god exists (Secular Humanist Pantheists). The GOP plans to fully-privatize our "Public Library System" -- as soon as it has completed the ...
From a liberal, leftist, "Secular Humanist Pantheist" (the only group able to prove the existence of god). Trump -- as a good magician knows -- keeps the looonie right -- preoccupied with what Bill Clinton did twenty-years ago; and, while so doing ...
I am ashamed to admit that for a long time I wouldn't support the good work of the Royal children's hospital Good Friday Appeal because I considered it disrespectful that they would play that naive hymn to Secular Humanism, "Imagine", every year on the ...
In the worldly sense, people would use this logic with Secular Humanism - however, Christians are bound by another code. When we ask what the greatest possible good is, we are asking with reference to God's decree and His ultimate glory.
TED talks have become the tent revivals of Secular Humanism, mixing edu-taining updates on research and technological innovation with fascinating and inspiring personal testaments.
Although only a very small number of Scots adhere to a Secular Humanist belief system, that should not disbar them from seeking to have their children educated in accordance with their beliefs.
Bredemeier believes that Darwinism and the separation of church and state are the pillars of Secular Humanism, that Secular Humanism is a manifestation of egocentrism, and that each pillar is an inherently flawed doctrine, which is pathologic and ...
The Northfield Humanist Roundtable is a monthly discussion group which addresses the history, philosophy, and practical application of Secular Humanism. The discussion format uses a brief introduction followed by questions which each participant may ...
Sadly, to the secularized liberal Jew, "Jewish" is synonymous with "politically correct" and "Secular Humanist". What makes anything the average secularized liberal Jew thinks particularly "Jewish" as opposed to exactly the same thing his/her Gentile ...
The study carried out by Ivox for the Romanian Secular-Humanist Association (ASUR) also shows that Romanians also miss some things when it comes to medical knowledge.
The festival is organized by the Romanian Secular-Humanist Association and Planet science, with the support of the French Institute and under the High Patronage of the Romanian President.
Alternate lifestyles generally are variations of Secular Humanism, based on the belief that man can solve all of his problems without the help of God, also generally embracing Darwinian evolution as defining the origin of life.
Bredemeier believes that Darwinism and the separation of church and state are the pillars of Secular Humanism, that Secular Humanism is a manifestation of egocentrism, and that each pillar is an inherently flawed doctrine, which is pathologic and ...
Through the late 1970s and 1980s, as the Christian Right matured as an organized political force and became the GOP's base, conservative polemics focused less on explicitly racist appeals or communist subversion and more on "Secular Humanism." These ...
But starting in my 30's, insightful books and a freethought community guided me to Secular Humanism. No matter my worldview, movies have been a lifelong consuming passion.
By telling the members of the Pasadena stake that Secular Humanists are the modern equivalent of Korihor, you are telling them to view their Secular Humanist QDDPM's (and friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc, for that matter) as anti-Christ. ... Korihor ...
More soberly, he also describes himself as a "Secular Humanist", in order to avoid the negative connotations of "atheist".
Personally, having sat under several years of Secular Humanist teaching in university, knowing all the while that it was 'not quite right' but never really understanding how or why, suddenly everything fell into place.



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