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updated Fri. April 28, 2017

Before Michigan voters are asked to approve a constitutional amendment in 2018, the ballot question committee Voters Not Politicians needs to demonstrate to Michiganians they won't be voting for a perceived cure that's worse than the disease.
Since the election of President Trump, there have been two major shifts in the American consciousness. First, is a resurgence of interest in politics. It has been exciting to witness and be a part of the numerous demonstrations that occur on an almost ...
the ice-walled canyon at the terminus of the Kaskawulsh Glacier, with recently collapsed ice blocks. In the blink of a geological eye, climate change has helped reverse the flow of water melting from the glacier in Canadas Yukon, a hijacking that ...
capital vs. countryside -- that's the new political divide, visible in multiple surprise election results over the past 11 months.
Closing in on the 100th day of the Donald Trump administration, we who write for a living face a question: Can we ever get away from politics? For people who consume even a moderate media diet, it's remarkably difficult to shut off the firehose of ...
After three years as Director of the Institute of politics, Maggie Williams will step down from the role and leave the IOP at the end of this semester.
... "the American alliance is a bedrock of our foreign policy". It wasn't so long ago that Simon Crean opposed Australia's involvement in the invasion of Iraq.
The countryside has serious grievances and majority numbers, but doesn't always find steady leadership. (AP Photo/Scott Heppell).
President Trump told reporters he "will renegotiate" the North American Free Trade Agreement, after reportedly considering withdrawing from the pact.
political advisor in the Office of the President Joshua Kuttuny. He won the party's ticket in the race for the Cherang'any parliamentary seat.
"Instead of funding President Trump's anti-immigrant agenda, we are seeking additional funding for our nation's public schools.
Nuttall insists that UKIP candidates will be standing in the "vast majority" of seats. He said there would only be tens of seats where Ukip would be standing aside in favour of Brexiteers.
The Brexit election - politics Weekly podcast. Heather Stewart is joined by Rowena Mason, John Harris and James McGrory to discuss party strategies as they head out on the campaign trail.
The Guardian view on air pollution: playing politics with the nation's health. Editorial. The high court shouldn't have been asked to decide on this.
There is a constitutionally enshrined right established in post-World War II Germany that allows for the restoration of citizenship that was illegally deprived to ...
The answer, not surprisingly, is politics. Opponents of such designations see them as unwanted federal interventions. And that's why Trump has asked Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to review those decisions, starting with an expanse of land in ...
Many of President Trump's priorities - repealing Obamacare, fair trade, lower taxes - have succumbed to political reality during his first hundred days in office.
Adidas executive on navigating politics (and that Boston Marathon tweet). by Ahiza Garcia @ahiza_garcia April 27, 2017: 9:42 AM ET.
Emmanuel Macron topped the first round of the presidential election in France and will meet Marine Le Pen in a run-off on May 7th.
"Mutton-headed old mugwump": the turn of phrase was typical Boris Johnson, but the strategy was classic Lynton Crosby - and a taster of the personal onslaught the Labour leader will have to endure over the next six weeks.
In 2006, the Supreme Court ruled in the Prakash Singh case that the chief of a state police force should have a fixed tenure of at least two years.
... remains aloof or independent, especially from party politics. The word originated from an Algonquian word meaning "war leader.
The Apr. 20 article on Terry Tempest Williams recalled to mind how the U. of U. forced out this distinguished author/teacher last year in what appeared to be irreconcilable differences with her environmentalist views and/or retaliation for the fact she ...
(We'll see what happens next summer during the World Cup, but I'm just as happy watching that in Spanish.) In any case, I can completely see why ESPN is under pressure, left-wing politics aside. And also how the politics could be the cure that's ...
European central bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi delivered his latest remarks at the central bank's April 2017 press conference, following the routine Governing Council meeting on monetary policy.
As a result, vegetable prices have sky-rocketed, but the state's newly elected chief minister Yogi Adityanath, an avowed bachelor who has devoted his life to the worship of god but has no qualms about dabbling in politics, remains unmoved. These days ...
Reps. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) and Ron Kind · Ron KindLawmakers targeted as district politics shift New bill does hard job of injecting capital into needy communities House GOP campaign arm targets Democrats over Obamacare anniversary MORE (D-Wis.
Official site of The Week Magazine, offering commentary and analysis of the day's breaking news and current events as well as arts, Entertainment, people and ...
Supporters of Emmanuel Macron, head of the political movement En Marche!, or Onwards!, and candidate for the 2017 presidential election attend a campaign political rally in Saint-Herblain near Nantes, France, April 19, 2017.
It might not be too much of a stretch to conclude that the biggest political news at midweek, from Washington and Sacramento, comes down to stories about problems of time and money.
The Anti-Borders lobby recently found yet another angle to challenge the president's campaign promises on immigration enforcement.
There is no one in the fashion world quite as powerful - or as polarising - as Anna Wintour. For our latest print edition, Imran Amed sits down with the American Vogue editor-in-chief to pick her brain about what 2017 may bring for the business of ...
Kolkata: BJP president Amit Shah, currently on a political tour of West Bengal, welcomed the party's decisive mandate in the Delhi civic elections on Wednesday, saying that the people of the national capital had rejected the "negative politics" and ...
David Cameron regrets Brexit cut short his premiership but said the referendum ended a "poisoning" of British politics and the upcoming election could hand Theresa may a larger majority to push through an EU divorce.
A divisive Russian energy project dripping with geopolitical tension reached a major milestone this week. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would pump natural gas from Russia into Northern Europe, lined up financial backing from the western energy ...
David Cameron has defended his decision to call a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, insisting the vote has ended the "poisoning" of British politics. The former Prime Minister was speaking during a tourism industry conference in ...
the White House is preparing an executive order formally withdrawing the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to media reports.
The Last Jedi should be exciting to Star wars fans, not only because Luke is on a journey to break the cycle of dogmatic war between Sith and Jedi that has roiled the galaxy, but because the series might be trying to tell us something about ourselves ...
While the president's backing down could be read as a loss of face, it could also more charitably be interpreted as good politics. The wall was a useful metaphor - just like Frost's wall (read the whole poem) - that helped Trump get elected; it was ...
General election 2017: Johnson says UK willing to join US in future airstrike against Assad - politics live. Follow all the day's campaign action, as Greens and Lib Dems get tactical in Brighton, and Johnson calls Labour leader 'mutton-headed mugwump'.
Former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru during a past event in Kirinyaga county. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI | NATION MEDIA GROUP. In Summary. The closest she came to holding public events was her homecoming which was attended by President Uhuru ...
Local school districts extended the school year, pushed back graduations and held classes during scheduled days off to make up snow days, many from the record-breaking blizzard that dumped 22.1 inches of snow in parts of Northeast Pennsylvania.
She went on to ask me some questions about my day, hobbies, my thoughts on politics, other "kid guests" who may come to my office and general topics, and we had solid conversational volley with minimal "awkward" silences.
Arguably, you could say, looking at the state of British politics, the Conservative party having accepted the referendum result and got on with the process and responsibly delivering it, is probably the most healthy mainstream political party anywhere ...
Joyce Laboso, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly at Parliament Buildings in Nairobi on January 14, 2013. FILE PHOTO | BILLY MUTAI | NATION MEDIA GROUP.
reporter Jana Shortal asked Hodges if "politics kept you quiet" about the yearslong abuse. "Yep, actually," the mayor answered.
President Trump insisted that the border wall "will get built," despite backing down on demands to fund the project in this week's spending bill.
Yesterday, MSNBC host Chris Hayes went off on the idea that American conservatives are paying an outsized degree of attention to academia and speech issues on campus because conservatism is based on a politics of victimhood and grievance. I am not ...
A new day is dawning on French politics. In the final battle for the presidency, French voters have chosen two figures who incarnate not a clash between the left and the right but rather one between a "nationalist" vision on the one hand and a ...
In the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, Carole has been talking politics with seemingly every Housewife, from swapping news stories with Dorinda Medley to getting on Bethenny Frankel's nerves to arguing with Ramona Singer about who's more ...





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