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Investigators said they learned that Karimov was giving private art lessons to three victims, who were 4, 9, and 11 years old at the time, at a private facility in Bellevue. The police investigation found that Karimov molested two child victims on ...
Delta Air Lines is offering a new use for SkyMiles, allowing high-mileage frequent fliers to redeem them for a flight on a private jet. Delta on Tuesday launched the partnership with subsidiary Delta Private Jets, in an arrangement the airline says ...

It's considering at least three detention centers owned and managed by private corporations, including a pair of troubled facilities in Youngstown, Ohio, and Cibola County, New Mexico, both owned by the Corrections Corporation of America and previously ...
A: FEMA's public assistance program covers debris removal only on public roads, so counties must file paperwork if they want reimbursement for debris removal from private roads. Q: Why isn't the local government helping remove debris right now?

Uganda's public education system is reeling from absent teachers, poor facilities and high dropout rates. Despite these challenges the country's ministry of education is pushing to close a chain of low-cost private schools, which says it is trying to ...
Every year, our leaders work tirelessly to expand Empowerment Scholarship Accounts and the tax credit programs that fund student tuition organizations.
A leaked audio recording of a private talk given by Theresa may in May, just weeks before the EU referendum contains warnings that companies will move abroad in the event of Brexit.
Houston - Friends and family gathered to remember Bob Allen Tuesday at a private service. He was born Robert Alan Egalnick.
As the story about Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account broke last year, the head of a pro-Clinton think tank complained that a penchant for secrecy within Clinton's inner circle only exacerbated the controversy, which would go on to dog ...
Dell signed onto a program hosted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection that allows private companies and local governments to reimburse the federal government for additional services.
The K-8 private school sits on 32.5 acres at 5221 Paradise Drive at the foot of Ring Mountain. The project calls for the demolition of the school's science and humanities classrooms, performing arts building and upper school bathrooms, all on the ...
Shares in listed infrastructure groups are more likely to be boosted by private equity firms buying their shares in lieu of opportunities in the unlisted space, rather than the promise of fiscal stimulus, CBRE Clarion's head of infrastructure says ...
Federal Bank, a smaller private sector lender, reported a better-than-expected 25 percent rise in second-quarter net profit to 2.01 billion rupees, sending its shares more than 4 percent higher.
Every weekend in Hexihui, a condominium complex for elderly residents in the northwestern outskirts of Beijing, the private rooms beside the canteen area are packed and noisy with family chatter. Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, after a busy ...

The dispute is over whether or not these facilities can include clauses in their contracts requiring that residents resolve disputes via private arbitrators as opposed to government courts. An arbitration service functions similarly to a court, but ...
Gilbert Arenas' $111 MILLION contract is about to expire and he says he will be so poor, he won't be able to afford private school for his kids.
After a breast cancer diagnosis, many find comfort in connecting with family, friends and support groups - but some choose to live with their illness more quietly, keeping it private from almost everyone. They may not want to worry loved ones with ...
Privatization, aimed at saving taxpayers money or improving services, is also a trend in other states, but the results are not always positive.
Faced with the steep cost of fixing their broken and ill-prepared infrastructure, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are turning to private money in their search for an answer to the country's water woes. While the record of private companies ...
A sixth former at a top private boarding school was found hanged just hours after being distressed by a Channel 4 black comedy series, an inquest heard.
Pope Francis has opened up never-before-seen private apartments at the Apostolic Palace at Castel Gandolfo, which has been the vacation retreat of 15 popes.
WASHINGTON Hacked emails from the personal account of Hillary Clinton's top campaign official show her aides considered inserting jokes about her private email server into her speeches at several events - and at least one joke made it into her remarks.
A new private equity company, Grand Rapids-based Auxo Investment Partners, has announced commitments for about half of the $50 million fund it is raising to invest in 10-15 small businesses over the next five years.
Boston (WHDH) - The MBTA is forgiving its fine against Keolis, the private company that runs the commuter rail. A report says the MBTA has agreed to waive more than half of its $1.7 million fine issued against Keolis for the commuter rail's problems ...
For thousands of Australians, health insurance is causing anger, distress and frustration instead of providing the peace of mind the providers have long promised, with complaints hitting a record high.
The private prison industry, which generates billions of dollars in revenue, has become a powerful lobbying force on Capitol Hill, and officials say they have tried since the Justice Department announcement to rally legislators to their side.
Betty Dustan was desperate for help when she says she decided to spend $20,000 to send her son, who was suicidal and addicted to drugs, to Addiction Canada - a chain of private addiction treatment centres with locations in Alberta and Ontario. She ...
Under the contract, Liberty would hire a mix of county and private mental health workers to beef up the staff at the Pitchess Detention Center North Facility in Castaic.
Increased encryption will help keep porn browsing private. Like many media pages, adult websites have mostly avoided using HTTPS everywhere, but that's changing.
C.B. Community received its private school license from the state Department of education in August 2015. And all but two of the 25 students who were still at Arise after graduation that year enrolled when the private school opened at the charter's ...
Canadian public pension funds have long been part of the private equity landscape, primarily as passive investors in third-party funds managed by large buyout firms.
The documents were part of a probe into whether Clinton broke any laws by sending or receiving classified government materials through her private account. FBI Director James Comey said Clinton was negligent with how she handled emails, but he ...
Since he came to power for the second time in 2010, Orban has continued his transformation of the media, changing the way it is regulated and now, as seen by some, attempting to wield influence over private media too. "The government doing denial is ...
The partnership with Mr. Kim sheds light on the business activities of Ms. Mills - a longtime Clinton loyalist who is likely to play a significant role in any future Clinton White House - as well as the interlocking public and private relationships ...
The private prison industry is lobbying against a Justice Department directive to end the use of their facilities, encouraging legislators to question the policy change and legally protesting one significant contract reduction.
The initiative -- supported by Montanans for Research and Cures, a group primarily funded by the private McLaughlin Research Institute for Biomedical sciences -- asks voters to approve the creation of a 13-member, governor-appointed board that would ...
While governments must create the necessary regulatory and policy framework, the transition of green finance from a philanthropic activity to mainstream business will occur when the investment returns are significant enough to attract private capital ...
US nominal GDP increased by less half a Trillion over about the same time period. It appears the private US economy is in a contraction.
businesses of all sizes frequently implement a private cloud in order to achieve greater business agility, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage.
What has happened is that NATO provides cover for these transgressions of the United States government's policy. In other words, it absolutely legitimizes what effectively is NATO aggression.
Now awaiting sentencing, Berry has asked a judge to allow a private defense attorney to join the case, but only so the lawyer can examine whether there are grounds to file a new trial motion.
NSW public schools are raking in millions of dollars from hiring out facilities, private donations and charging fees while others in disadvantaged areas are being left behind despite the commitment of both state and federal governments to needs-based ...
From Sydney to San Francisco to London, the pain of thousands of Thais living across the globe was clearly felt after His Majesty's death was announced on Thursday.
The largest private equity fund ever raised was by The Blackstone Group in 2006, with $21.7 billion in capital commitments.
Wendy Charney was simply curious about what her recently retired doctor had written when she decided to look at her medical history, which he'd prepared for her to give to her new doctor.
A private Bombardier 5000 (GL5T) aircraft, headed for the BRICS summit in Goa on Saturday, had to be diverted to the Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru due to bad weather.
The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) is as brutal in its private orders to its top commanders as it is in its public propaganda, according to a letter obtained by Newsweek, sent when the group was threatened in the northern Syrian city of Manbij in ...







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