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updated Sat. January 21, 2017

health care, namely affordable health care, is a pain point for many across the county. This rings true in the Vail Valley as well, notably for those on the individual market.
Titled "Cost of a Breach: A Business Case for Proactive Privacy Analytics," the whitepaper details seven potential costs of a healthcare data breach. Here are nine things to know about Protenus' whitepaper. 1. Breaches in the U.S. healthcare field cost ...
More than 4-in-10 Republicans, Democrats and independents say health care is a top issue facing the country, The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll showed.
Kofi Jones, principal and owner of healthcare consulting firm KJ Health Matters, commented that telemedicine must evolve out of its '1.0 phase' into its '2.0 phase.
Leading enterprise IT companies - Amazon, Apple, IBM, Google, Microsoft - are investing heavily in artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and machine learning.
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney has boosted its health care practice by hiring two Reed Smith partners in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.
A California lawmaker is calling the state's recent decision to nix a proposal that would provide health insurance to undocumented immigrants under Obamacare "the first California casualty of the Trump presidency," the Sacramento Bee reports.
Confirmation hearings almost never produce the bombshell moment we sometimes seem to be expecting. Nevertheless, they can still be illuminating if you pay close enough attention, even when the nominees bob and weave to try to avoid saying anything ...
Obamacare's newfound popularity is coupled with how 82% of respondents believe it is at least somewhat likely that President-elect Donald Trump's administration will repeal and replace the healthcare law, the poll found. Although the portion of ...
"Almost every patient I see, I give them a spiel about how to be more physically active and monitor their diet," said Patel, who is also on the faculty at the Penn Medicine Center for health care Innovation and the Center for Health Incentives and ...
"I think it means making insurance affordable for everyone but also allowing for the kind of reforms in Medicaid on a state by state basis that will ensure -- that will make sure that we have health care coverage for the most vulnerable in our society.".
Salt Lake City - A local health care executive put his own spin on the future of the Affordable Care Act Wednesday, saying even with an uncertain future, "it should all work out.
Many people want to keep the current health care system, while hoping to make tweaks. At this point, a replacement plan has not been drafted.
In July 2015, a group of coal country senators, including Pennsylvania Democrat Bob Casey, proposed a bill that would shore up failing union coal miner pensions and health care for the next 10 years. Eighteen months later, those senators are trying ...
More than 4-in-10 Republicans, Democrats and independents say health care is a top issue facing the country, The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll showed.
Three prime examples are auto body repair, higher education and health care. In all three, the consumer is rarely directly paying for the goods and services received, and also not necessarily choosing which goods and services are received.
Health secretary-designate Tom Price's allies are blaming his stockbroker for buying a stock that stood to gain from a bill Price introduced in the U.S.
At least six members of the two Senate Committees tasked with questioning or confirming Price, who was trained as an orthopedic surgeon, hold shares in health care companies. A Kaiser health news analysis finds that the investments, which include ...
Which would you prefer: high-quality health care without the co-pays, deductibles, and administrative hassle, or, in the words of one Google veteran, a high-tech "doctor's office that looks more like an Apple Store"?
Most of my decision came down to my poor experience with Obamacare. In the '90s, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a chronic illness that causes fatigue, memory loss, physical aches, and soreness....I eventually was unable to work at all.
The incomprehensible brutality of Stewart's story is an object lesson in how the American health care system mercilessly crushes American citizens when they are at their weakest and most vulnerable.
Trump has already established specific standards for his party's health-care reform package, and one of them is universal coverage.
"Here in Wichita, health care is our second-largest industry," Bibb said. "We have a lot of nursing students - 44 percent of students in the College of Health Professions are in nursing - but we have a lot of other programs that line up with that list ...
Trump over the weekend said the Obamacare replacement plan should cover everyone, a pledge that congressional Republicans have repeatedly declined to make.
18 that a repeal of the federal health care law should not take place without immediate passage of a plan that preserves people's access to adequate health care and also protects human life, conscience rights and the poor. "Important gains brought ...
The leaders of major tech companies from Apple to Google have recently enthused about the enormous potential at the intersection of health care and ...
Activist are heeding Bernie Sanders' call to demonstrate in support of government-provided health care, with at least 87 rallies set to take place on Sunday from Idaho to Florida, Montana to Vermont, according to a Vocativ facebook analysis.
illustrates the kind of thinking that continues to push our nation to financial ruin as health-care spending rises with no end in sight.
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Hundreds of people who want to save the Affordable Care Act are joining a group of Maine Democrats to rally for Congress to keep the health care law. U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, state Sen. Troy Jackson and state Rep.
healthcare is changing rapidly. Which companies will emerge as the huge winners with these major changes? We asked three of our healthcare contributors to weigh in on the subject. Here's why AbbVie (nyse: ABBV), Alphabet (Nasdaq: GOOGL) ...
The mismanagement and corruption within the veterans Health Administration in 2014 was a top-of-the-hour, front-page story. A few administrative heads rolled, even a few really big ones.
Cleveland - U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown on Sunday hosted a roundtable at MetroHealth Medical Center to address concerns from Ohioans who were worried about losing their healthcare under the repeal, a news release stated. Brown was joined at 11 a.m. by ...
Almost seven years later, congressional Republicans are still struggling to settle on a consensus alternative to the health care law, endangering their push to quickly undo and then redo the signature Obama administration achievement, which turned out ...
Hundreds of nurses, other healthcare workers and patients are expected to turn out at a noon rally to protest the national effort by Republican lawmakers to rescind the Affordable Care Act.
WARREN, Mich. (AP) - Thousands of people showed up in freezing temperatures on Sunday at a community college in Michigan where Sen. Bernie Sanders called on Americans to resist Republican efforts to repeal President Barack Obama's health care law, ...
workers from entry level to highly trained professionals are needed for high-paying East Hawaii health care jobs. The jobs include direct patient care, but also diverse positions in fields such as cooking, security, clerical work, environmental ...
Letter writer Jim Cannon's argument against single-payer health care creates a false impression ("A Single-Payer Health System Isn't Realistic," Jan. 12).
Allison Maroni has relied on the Affordable Care Act to help offset costs. From breast pumps to birth control o keep Eli an only child.
Austin (KXAN)- One of Central Texas' largest health care providers is reaching out to people in Hays County who are uninsured or underinsured.
Alabama's prison commissioner testified today that he planned to have outside experts evaluate mental health care in prisons because of concerns raised during a federal trial over the quality of care.
health care is at the top of a long list of worries and frustrations for the Polhemuses. Both Floyde and Mary, 47 and 46, have major health challenges and no work.
Finding a health care network and doctor you trust is an important part of keeping you and your family healthy. health care can be confusing these days when trying to determine where to go or which doctor to see. A recent study indicated the majority ...
MIDDLETOWN - "I may stop the next Russian hacking attack, who knows?" 15-year-old Mark Santos said Saturday morning, sitting behind a laptop while his peers were likely sleeping in.
Many New Yorkers are living in darkness when it comes to health insurance as complex premium rates rise and deductibles skyrocket, driving up critical out-of-pocket costs.
The Republican congressman tapped by President-elect Donald Trump to head the U.S. Health and Human Services Department received a "sweetheart deal" last year to invest in a small Australian drug company along with another GOP lawmaker, a new ...
The survivors of an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack that left 14 dead and 22 injured in San Bernardino, California say that they still struggle to receive medical treatments despite assurances from the county that their care would be expedited.
The Republican administration's promise of an immediate health care crisis is unfolding and causing chaos in the hearts and minds of Hawaii's residents.
A new OECD report released Jan. 10 reveals a shocking truth: About 20 cents of every dollar spent on health care in OECD countries is wasted in some fashion.