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After watching a video of the remarks, international law professor Julian Ku at Hofstra University tweeted that "Duterte looks like a supplicant." To another audience Wednesday - a group of Filipinos living in China - Duterte said it was "time to say ...
After watching a video of the remarks, international law professor Julian Ku at Hofstra University tweeted that "Duterte looks like a supplicant." To another audience Wednesday - a group of Filipinos living in China - Duterte said it was "time to say ...

Compared to the first two debates he came a little less unprepared and did better on the composure front for much of it, and on those two bases his supplicants in spin city pronounced it the best debate performance by a member of this or any other ...
I watch her back muscles shudder and ripple as she folds her body toward the ground like a supplicant, then pulls back, repeating the motion endlessly.
By 2020 the deciding minority of dim witted zombie self serving neo liberal supplicants will do what they have done at every election and vote for the government they have been told to vote for by the oligarchs who run the national press and media.
In the last debate, she openly stated that Russian president Vladimir Putin was trying to influence the election to get Donald Trump elected; one of Putin's outspoken supplicants has warned that electing her means nuclear war; and she has overstated ...

AS THE economy of the European Union's arguably mellowest nation falters there are murmurs of a "Departugal" on the horizon.
A steady stream of implausible and/or thinly-disguised sectarian charter school supplicants will appear before the BoE. The usual stream of public comments will be received by the BoE reformists with disdain and an occasional cleric will appear to pray ...
... long-term investor in well-financed companies is that the strong finances give reasonable competent managements opportunities to be opportunistic, something probably unavailable to most management when they are forced to be supplicants to creditors.
Hillary Clinton is deservedly known as both a warmonger and a shameless supplicant of Wall Street, whereas Trump exhibits no loyalties to anyone but himself.
Courts have in times past tended to see litigants as supplicants rather than customers. This has changed, as it had to. Courts, particularly those dealing with IP and other business-related matters, can see that efficient procedures and shorter trials ...
He's no supplicant to the ideal of an American dream ("Al Gore think he invent Internet, America think they invent American Dream!
... appointment to Podesta himself plugging the daughter of a friend for an internship, the trove of Podesta's correspondence posted by Wikileaks is a portrait of Washington insiderism, showing powerful people turning into supplicants using connections ...
The second of the Kyllachy colts to star on the second day was the Cheveley Park Stud consigned own-brother to the Group 2 winning pair Penitent and Supplicant. Out of the Bishop Of Cashel mare Pious, the colt was also knocked down to Angus Gold, this ...
Here's a thought experiment: what if the GOP responded to Trump's latest abuses the way Democrats spent years responding to Clinton's?
Greg Abbott. He and our feckless attorney general, Ken Paxton, have fought to bolt the Texas door to every desperate Syrian supplicant. How do we know they're not terrorists, they bleat. Here's how we know: refugees go through the most stringent ...
Whereas BioShock suggested the player could be either an unaware supplicant of the developer or a mischievous, destructive singularity, and BioShock 2 implied developer and player could work together, so long as they accepted their mutual creation ...

"It is not about the UK, in some sense, being a supplicant to the EU but the reciprocity here - a good trade deal is going to be a benefit to us and the EU," May added.
A therapist will help you see why you behave as an insecure supplicant with this man, instead of as a partner. You'll gain the confidence you need to state what you're willing to give, but also what you must get in return.
Like all the other religious leaders of the so-called Independent Churches who have actively involved themselves in the political culture of the country, Prophet Isaac Owusu-Bempah is regarded as a controversial Christian cleric by those who deem his ...
Britain will approach exit talks with the EU from a position of strength and not as "a supplicant", Theresa may has said, seeking to raise confidence in the process as the pound sunk to a 31-year low amid business concerns about a "hard Brexit".
UK constitutional politics right now is pretty counterintuitive. Brexiteers stole the Yes campaign's best tunes from IndyRefI and used them, provisionally at least, to jailbreak the UK from the EU.
We created God, and then pretended that God created us. We hypostatized our own concept and turned it into something "out there" whose commandments (which we made up) we struggle to understand and obey.
Advertisers, used to holding all the leverage, are often left in the uncomfortable role as supplicant. Here's where it gets tricky: facebook's gaffe hasn't affected ad spend because average video watch time is not a billable metric on the platform ...
She wrote as a supplicant, calling Murad "the most mighty ruler of the kingdom of Turkey, sole and above all, and most sovereign monarch of the East Empire.
Four years ago, Eibar were playing in Segunba B, the same division in which Castilla currently plays. But thanks to a meteoric double-promotion and a bit of luck, SD Eibar are in their third straight year in La Liga, making the grand total of years ...
Generally deployed with both arms extended horizontally, hands palm up, the supplicant is an expansive gesture reminiscent of a Renaissance religious painting or Great aunt Sylvia demanding a hug (which you never minded giving).
Thomas Fitzgerald. politics WRITER. PORT CLINTON, Ohio - Every few minutes, the glass door of the Ottawa County Republicans' storefront office would swing open to admit a blast of humid air and another supplicant.
Generally deployed with both arms extended horizontally, hands palm up, the supplicant is an expansive gesture reminiscent of a Renaissance religious painting or Great aunt Sylvia demanding a hug (which you never minded giving).
But, what does it mean to pray this Psalm when life is experienced as positive, fulfilled and happy, and the supplicant has a strong sense of the closeness of God?
It was also novel that brewery owner Henry Schwartz would appear on "Shark Tank," where supplicant entrepreneurs pitch their products to a panel of successful entrepreneurs.
Rejecting the argument that Britain may not be able to get the deal it wanted, he insisted: "We are not a supplicant. We will get a good deal.
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement that India will ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change shows New Delhi is supplicant to "US global strategic interests", the CPI-M said on Tuesday. The decision "is both surprising and ...
He opened hospitals, started NGOs, built mosques and parcelled out generous gifts to supplicants who visited his palatial house in Hojai in Nagaon district.
While 2040 is the median accepted date for Ray Kurzweil supplicants who believe that humans and machines will evolve into transhumans, most people are just going to be bugged that someone has the ability to make an unfortunate video of them without ...
Whatever advantage he had over other Trump supplicants like Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has evaporated. The Texas Monthly was blunt: "Either his endorsement is a pack of lies, or his speech at the RNC was: they can't both be true.
Modi's announcement "is a clear indication that India is becoming a supplicant of US global strategic interests and has committed this volte face surrendering to US pressure, bartering away India's much needed energy requirements", the CPI-M said.
Each supplicant hopes that they have been forgiven by God by the end of Yom Kippur. The prayer services of Yom Kippur include special texts and songs, and rabbis read from a specific prayer book called the machzor.
A weakened America, supplicant to an emboldened Russia and China all under the guy this jackass supported and now he's telling us to vote for the person who was a full partner in the disaster of this failed administration.
It's a much-needed perspective taking, and the selfie taker's posture matches that of the supplicant arms and eyes raised, knees bent, as we reframe our gaze to include ourselves within the context of the people, places and moments that form the ...
The fact that Prime Minister Prachanda did not fall prey to the prevailing mind-set is indeed laudable. Being a supplicant forever does no good to the honor and prestige of a sovereign country.
Of course, the fact that there would be fewer war refugees if Washington and its NATO supplicants did not insist on instigating and fueling war is lost on most citizens of the northern nations.
... the artistic director of Volterra, the world's only theatre company inside a prison. And as each model/actor came out behind bars, against the backdrop of an altar and with a neon crucifix illuminated above their heads, they looked like supplicants ...
supplicants hailing from across the city convened at the Most Precious Blood Church on Mulberry Street to honor the martyred saint San Gennaro on his feast day on Sept.
Even today, visitors slaughter goats and light candles, often asking for help with family or job problems. On a makeshift altar in the cave where she did her healing are the letters left for her by her modern day supplicants. Every now and again, the ...
During this intense campaign season, it is tempting to keep our heads down, do our work and avoid the political process that seems divisive and pugilistic.
But each time, as is his style, he's tweeted in all caps. This style makes it pretty easy (and entertaining) to imagine Tyler as, essentially, a supplicant, bowing before the throne, praising his deity. Tyler, ever since he and the Odd Future gang ...
The Orthodox Christian custom requires its supplicants to abstain from eating animal products over its various fasting periods, including the Nativity, Lent and almost every Wednesday and Friday.
States are not supplicants, rather they are cooperative partners with the Centre," says A Surya Prakash, the present chairman of Prasar Bharati.
While this festival attracts large crowds for all of its 10 days, it is markedly different from the loud chaos of Ganesh Chaturthi.