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updated Tue. July 25, 2017

The U.S., by contrast, wants to demonstrate that it is in control of the relationship despite being the supplicant -- at least as far as trade and ...
Then 2015's Honeymoon achieved her first universal acclaim as her songs simultaneously became less supplicant in character ("The truth is I ...
While the supplicant loyalty aspect of the president to Russians explains some things, the failure of his party's leadership to confront or deal ...
Maybe the food is safe - but his eagerness to lower standards shows how a supplicant UK will take whatever terms a super-power desires.
Much of the episode deals with the leaders of these factions posturing to their would be supplicants to gain their loyalty, inspire them by fear ...
Justice is supposed to be blind of its supplicants: rich or poor, young or old, powerful or without influence. Yet, the expenditure and complexities ...
A Dear Amy supplicant, caregiver for her husband for 10 years as he fought cancer, wrote that laughter "drained the tension out of my body and ...
Even his most loyal supplicants -- those charged with the grunt work of carrying out the Trump agenda even as he tweets himself into a frenzy ...
That's the attitude of supplicants toward royalty, not (of) free men and women who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution." And for all ...
... to send private emails on matters involved in his portfolio to political colleagues and others, including people who could be supplicants for his ...
Even his most loyal supplicants -- those charged with the grunt work of carrying out the Trump agenda even as he tweets himself into a frenzy ...
And it's not just the White House that needs to start operating from a position of strength instead of as a supplicant trying to curry favor because ...
Speaking to reporters at the White House Tuesday, President Donald Trump said he was "very disappointed" that Senate Republicans' ...
... a religious structure, with the vocal encouragement of his wife, turned out to be related to superstition, the act not of a vandal but a supplicant.
... patting his back and pronouncing it an "honor" finally to meet his counterpart, Trump confirmed himself Russia's most powerful supplicant.
Being a supplicant also makes you smarter, because it helps you realize that you can't get what you want on the strength of your willful ego alone.
Brave Tory MP Anna Soubry has defied the yoke of her Sith masters in the Conservative Party, by committing the most heinous of crimes - she stood up and told the truth in the House of Commons.
The judge has the power; the lawyer is a mere supplicant. But don't tell that to Chicago lawyer Jennifer Bonjean. She's a hard-charger who, if aggrieved, doesn't mind telling a judge he's the equivalent of a low-down polecat who couldn't distinguish a ...
It is a given by some commentators that we hold no cards; we have to accept what the EU27 decide; we are a supplicant. Thus EU proposals are written up as facts, UK proposals as "unrealistic" or "unacceptable".
Just as Johnson was unwilling to appear to be buttressing the Russian's presence at the U.N., Kosygin did not want the Arabs to view him as a supplicant at Johnson's table. But four days after he arrived, the feeling in Washington had tilted in favor ...
The President's calendar is chock-a-block with a punishing regimen of meetings, speeches, receiving supplicants, meeting with power brokers, etc.
Third, the essentially fetishistic character - providing distraction and solace to the supplicant - is directly analogous to customary distortions of ideology in seeking to mask earthly reality behind a hocus-pocus of dupedom, performed by a fancy ...
Anglo-Jewry has long despised some in its self-proclaimed leadership whose relationships with the government and Opposition are crippled by insecurity, pusillanimity and a supplicant disposition. Yet it is that strain of non-leader whom you reported ...
The neatness, professionalism, and vitality of the former is contrasted with the weakened, supplicant state of the latter. In contemporary medicine, the patient is often demarcated by the ceremonial and rather humiliating paper robe, while the doctor ...
... then chose to do, thereby opening up the possibility of endless and possibly totally fruitless negotiations, during the course of which our case is immeasurably weakened because we have put ourselves in the position of being a supplicant at the EU ...
Good twitter and facebook and they've been in touch and supplicant. And the justices essentially said. The that they you unanimously.
There is a series of Holy Verses in Surah Al Baqarah, specifically on fasting in Ramadan, highlighting its immense significance. However, related to these Holy Verses, there are two more sequential Holy Verses, which may not be specifically on fasting ...
Stannis and Davos set sail; Dany meets with supplicants; Tyrion faces down his father. Cersei and Tywin plan the Crown's next move; Dany discusses future plans; Jon Snow begins a new mission.
I'm not talking about meeting Carly - although I'm sure she's very nice - but witnessing her hometown symphony playing her music to diehard fans and her friends and family.
Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has raised the holding of unsuspecting and unwitting foreigners to an art form, often as part of a broader diplomatic game, a constant attempt to force the United States to come to his country as a supplicant ...
It shows the monk calmly reading from the a holy scroll while his supplicants cower in ecstasy below. A bristling seven headed dragon glares protectively from the dark clouds that surround the monk.
The onscreen evolution of the woman born Ruth Elizabeth Davis in Lowell, Massachusetts reversed the formula, Bette Davis' propensity for playing female survivors hard of head and heart, rather than the more sympathetic supplicants, arose from her own ...
Trevorrow, meanwhile, would be wise to notice the shadow of the noose that passed over his tenure when his film The Book of Henry opened this week to uniformly poor reviews and accusations of sexism.
Performed in the imposing remains of a gothic chapel, Brave New Worlds' Trinity is arrestingly weird. Creators and performers Guoda Jaruseviciute, Valentina Ceschi and Kate Lane bend the iconography of female figures - divines, muses and supplicants ...
Though Merkley declined any comment on possible impeachment matters, he did say that, should Congress prevail in its suit to force oversight of Trump's profits, he would vote against Trump being allowed to profit from foreign supplicants while president.
All of this has raised the market value of Trump's properties as all these foreign and domestic supplicants want to show Trump how they can feather his nest.
These supplicants - we will call them that instead of beggars -- include both men and women, while some of them also make their children follow their lead.
One of the best openings of any movie. Ever. The scene establishes the character of Don Corleone, his dignity, his code and his position in the community in one interaction with a supplicant. It also gives us one of the most famous lines in all of ...
Computers did their work in disconnected silos, communicating to their human supplicants only through paper coming out of their printers.
And even when medical supplicants find programs, they are not guaranteed aid even if they meet all the eligibility requirements.
So later today, when European negotiators launch the first round of official talks about Britain's exit from the EU, there will be no question among those present that Europe is in a strong position and that Britain is the supplicant. Most ordinary ...
These supplicants - we will call them that instead of beggars -- include both men and women, while some of them also make their children follow their lead.
These supplicants - we will call them that instead of beggars -- include both men and women, while some of them also make their children follow their lead.
They have no idea how to deal with it without giving in to it and without upsetting supplicants. But the Nationalist Party has to start somewhere, and inevitably, that somewhere is the list of MPs and MEPs.
I'd unwisely taken a seat on a low-slung ottoman, and so was forced to direct my questions upwards, a supplicant before a doll-faced oracle.
The executive branch is always dominant and Congress is the willing courtier and supplicant. The House of Representatives (HOR) cheers even at the most brazen abuse of executive powers.
Canonically crowned in 1964, the image abounds with accounts of miraculous interventions by supplicants. During the Spanish colonial period, the belfry's four huge bells pealed six times daily to tell the people the time for waking up, midmorning snack ...
This would make us a supplicant - more vulnerable to horse-trading on other matters - and somewhat reduces the appeal of the EEA.
In another, girls dressed in full-length white gowns - some sporting red flowers tucked into their necklines, some crowned with daisy chains - can be seen parading, their hands folded in supplicant prayer. Male processioners wore white shirts and green ...