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updated Tue. June 27, 2017

When three-time Academy Award nominated director Agnieszka Holland first directed an episode of House of Cards three years ago, she was concerned that ...
But there is a reason we resonate with these types of films; they contain themes that speak deeply to our experience of the human condition. Denial is common to religious people. You would think religious people of all people would be humble, but in ...
My goal - with ethical storytelling - is to reject the single story's dangerous effects on our perception and explore the intricacies of the human condition to convey our courage, adversity, and defiance. Curiosity is innate. Listening well - takes ...
Brilliant Lies is the type of play that will make you uncomfortable in a good way. It's a dark comedy that pulls its darkness from the inkiest parts of the human condition, our most fallible urges and taboo crimes. At points, it is hard to distinguish ...
Studies with mice and artificial set-ups mimicking human conditions show that NKX6-2 helps specific glial cells, a type of supporting cells in the brain, mature.
Beckett uses this two old hobos, Vladimir and Estragon, and the master-and-slave Pozzo and Lucky who pass their way, to illuminate the universal human condition. The situation is bleak but not without a shred of hope, as Didi and Gogo go on from day to ...
This CMO next elaborated on the real human conditions of our clients that agencies sometimes forget about. "I have kids in school, a mortgage, and a job that's hard to replace.
I'm not alone in this, of course, but that's precisely the point, that's the human condition. science fiction gives me the freedom to explore a world where that human condition has changed, while still getting at some fundamental truths from our ...
As war is being waged on American's wild horses, William E. Simpson II asks if humans today are out of touch with the natural world.
Jennie and Chris recently dropped by the Back to the City duplex to share their present plans and discuss every song in the Warehouse Eyes and OSO catalogs.
Boston's Bent Knee have been throwing off the shackles of genre for eight years now. Truly the definition of experimentalism, the art-rockers have been honing their unique blend of, well, of everything over three albums, including last year's Say So ...
On the eve of the summer theater festival season we can anticipate a revival of Shakespeare productions motivated by a heartfelt commitment to make theatergoers understand that when the bard had his various characters commit regicide, it was Donald ...
Imperfection is part of the human condition. Societies reflect the imperfections of the individuals and families which inhabit them.
Fleet Foxes' new album Crack-Up, out now on Nonesuch, examines the human condition in ways both personal and existential.
For example, he used historical dramas to comment on his own time (and, due to his genius, our broader human condition). But too many artists today are so eager to make direct and blunt statements about the news headlines that they're dumbing down the ...
ConServe's President Mark Davitt emphasizes "ConServe is a committed community partner that believes in giving back to our local organizations.
This takes us to the predatory and tightly wound sculpture, "Angst", significant for its visual capture of a dark corridor of the human condition. The concept is brilliant, and the treatment of color on the briar-like structure is amazing. This piece ...
Sofia Coppola has always taken to moody, subtle stories that explore the human condition. Her latest movie, "The Beguiled" (opening in limited release Friday and nationwide on June 30), certainly has that, but Coppola also throws in suspense resulting ...
There is a rare view of the human condition that comes to us from the wise ones of the various religious and spiritual traditions.
The New York-based singer, songwriter and producer will begin the third leg of his tour on Sept. 8 in Philadelphia. The first two legs of "The human condition Tour" were completely sold out, riding the overwhelming popularity of Bellion's "All Time Low ...
All told, Frostpunk looks to be the kind of game that makes you think, that places a lens on the human condition and demands you look.
As a psychiatrist, Wilton author Mark Rubinstein has naturally been interested in the human condition. And as he says in his latest work, he's seen just about every manifestation: fear, courage, guilt, perseverance, duplicity, integrity, guile, honesty ...
If you start with a normal, intact brain with things duplicated on each side and you need more cortical space to add on all the new, higher functions of the human condition, you're gonna say, "Maybe let's recraft some of this space and just use one ...
Lying is so pandemic that it is accepted as a part of the human condition. So much so that the byline for the report says, "Honesty may be the best policy, but scheming and dishonesty are part of what makes us human.
A scene from Nobody Lives Here Now | Credit: RJ MunaThe new work is described as "a poetic fable that mines questions of identity, aging, and disappearance as part of the fragile human condition. The piece tells the story of a fantastical world where ...
It's about us understanding the human condition and how it effects each one of us. And when somebody has the talent to record that and you have the interest to buy that, please look deep into the humanity in that.
This isn't about the glory of battle, but how the front itself is so detrimental to the human condition. There is more to war than soldiers and the battlefield.
Want to feel lousy about the state of the human condition? Fire up Google and type in the words "Is it normal to want to..." Surprised that the first or second result is typically "kill?" Want more? Type in the full phrase "Is it normal to want to kill ...
Capacity focuses around what it means to be a human, particularly a woman, teased out through accurately yet succinctly drawn stories in Adrianne Lenker's lyrics, buoyed by a subtle but flourishing musicianship in the band.
After months and months of waiting, I finally had a chance to see 2017's most anticipated superhero movie. "Wonder woman", directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, made headlines months ago for being ambitious, exciting and even controversial.
A stunning thing happened in the U.S. Senate this week. A Senator (Bernie Sanders) verbally lashed an individual (Trump administration nominee Russell Vought) for holding and writing about his fairly orthodox Christian belief that Jesus Christ is the ...
It was much more important to emphasize this human condition." A student of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Eotvos composed "Angels" with speech morphing into song, syncopating percussion and electronic keyboards.
But, it remains to be seen if the findings will hold up in people, since "research in mice is not directly translatable to the human condition," the researchers cautioned. Still, Styner pointed out that "the kinds of stem cells that produce bone and ...
Marion Senior high school's Hurricane Players will present a dramatic look at life in a small southern Indiana town in The Diviners coming Friday and Saturday ...
You're asking people to go into the worst possible human situation that they can be dealt with." With this documentary, that conversation has started advancing.
... Vice, enjoy the following tribute from movies in 5 Minutes that through a thematic linking of images reminds us - as if we needed it - that Paul Thomas Anderson is a born filmmaker, an astute student of the human condition, and a gift to film fans ...
This morning, Bellion tweeted that tickets are available for "The human condition." In previous parts of the tour, tickets sold out nearly immediately, so while this part will include larger arena style venues, it's likely to sell out quickly as well ...
The trio, along with percussionist James McAlister, have created Planetarium, an existential song cycle that confronts both the heavens and the human condition in a marriage of hypnotic sound and song. The NPR music team met Muhly, Dessner and ...
"There's a lot of really great television, but it doesn't focus on the human condition," "This is Us" star Chrissy Metz explains of what makes the show so special.
... ideal of violence." With this album, Halford stays the course he's set as a troubadour of truth, writing songs in the tradition of the American storytellers who used their voices and their guitars to elevate ordinary people and comment on the human ...
Peptides derived from snake venom appear to inhibit glycoprotein VI (GPVI) with potentially greater safety than currently approved drugs.
Writing in 1973 in the essential journal of American letters that was Playboy, Alfred Kazin wrestled with a question that has bedeviled so many readers before ...
To quote the popular online forum, grinders are here to "improve the human condition." Wiedemann discovered this subculture through a friend in Berlin, where he lives, and found himself immediately intrigued.
Wroclaw, the largest city in western Poland, will this summer host a sprawling retrospective of the work of influential Polish sculpture Magdalena Abakanowicz, who passed away in April.
Two of TV's best series were tough to watch in their simultaneously airing recent seasons, but they made for an indelibly powerful pair of viewing experiences.
These two views of human life well sum up the greatest challenge of the human condition on planet Earth, this amazing God-made creation, spinning in space now for some 4.5 billion years, containing 7.5 billion people, give or take a few souls.
... clinical applications for epilepsy, Parkinson's, depression and other diseases, but you could carry out advanced neuroscience experiments on human volunteers to perturb brain circuits very precisely and learn more about the human condition," Boyden ...