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It claims that it is appealing to the "very human condition of greediness". Lottoland's Ireland Country manager Graham Ross said: "We know it would be a nice problem to have for most but we're sure, but if you could easily avoid sharing this rollover ...
Being in congregational ministry means dealing in death. Actually, being alive means dealing with it. At its best, religious community helps bear witness to the entire cycle of life, from miraculous beginnings to often-difficult ends.
Steve loved capturing and sharing the unusual - and often hidden - side of the human condition in his photographic work. Steve was also a devoted reader with an impressive library of biographies on musicians, gangsters and photographers.
women take part in a sewing course initiative in the outskirts of Honiara, Honiara, Solomon Islands. Photo by: Asian Development Bank / CC BY-NC-ND.
Puente considers himself a community activist and sees psychology playing an important role in bettering the human condition in areas such as, public welfare and social justice. Going forward, he would like to see psychology play a larger role in ...
From youth to old age, from hope to disillusionment, Guto Puw's new piece for music Theatre Wales traces the ritual passage through life of a man and woman.
After leaving his Arizona government post, Carter launched the Institute for the Improvement of the human condition from Phoenix until last June.
"We're documenting the transition in the backbone from a more primitive condition to a more human condition." Alemseged discovered the 3.3 million-year-old fossil in what he calls the "paleoanthropological hot spot" of Dikika, Ethiopia, in 2000.
Kintsugi (kin means gold and tsugi 'to join') is not just a practical craft, although it undoubtedly prolongs the utility of things, it is also a philosophy that speaks at a visceral level to the human condition. As with much of Japanese aesthetics, it ...
Humans grasp at hedonism and religion for exactly the same reasons - to attain momentary relief or perhaps liberation from the pain of the human condition and to be told that all will be well if you stand on your head long enough, or follow this Guru ...
Mistakes are a large part of the human condition, the admission of mistakes is not. We were thankful for the honest response from Stillwater public schools Superintendent Marc Moore in the aftermath of the May 11 storm.
See, the two are merely characters inside the mind of fledgling screenwriter Owen (Jacob Camp), who, despite assertions he is an "observer of the human condition, regardless of gender," couldn't write a woman to save his life. Instead he rips his plot ...
When polar bears do a better job than people at explaining the human condition. The world of humans seems more real when seen through the perception of these animals.
Even more important, they will fight for two human conditions of even greater value than peace: liberty and justice." - - John McCain.
Credit where it is due. Eugene Jarecki wanted to make a movie about absolutely everything, and what sounded goofy in the Cannes marketing material turned ...
Uncertainty is more common than not for a diplomat - and most people seeking to "create something great,'' according to Francis Martin Campbell, M.A.
Her artistic ouvre has spanned the spectrum of searing solos, choreographies on social empowerment and environment, philosophical yearnings, and the vagaries of human situation, reflecting her belief, 'If an art form does not reflect the existing ...
Kintsugi (kin means gold and tsugi 'to join') is not just a practical craft, although it undoubtedly prolongs the utility of things, it is also a philosophy that speaks at a visceral level to the human condition. As with much of Japanese aesthetics, it ...
But, I always lead with the value for the person, the human condition. If you want to have success in your sales efforts, you must appeal to the human.
A writer for health news Review took a 7-question survey about his moods. He answered tepidly on all seven. Still, the results told him, chances are good that he suffers from "Pseudobulbar Affect.
After discussing the main idea of the poem and how music reflects the human condition, Ebersole conducted key passages. During the rehearsal, he paused and asked students, "Why do you think I interpreted the music this way?
But it also takes on love, empathy, and a general desire to change for the better and keep hope for the human condition." The album starts off on a misleadingly titled high note with "Rock Bottom," taking listeners on a spacey, groove-infused trek ...
Identity Theater Company is a group of differently-abled artists devoted to exploring and challenging issues of the human condition. ITC strives to present works that cultivate understanding, promote tolerance, and engage its participants in meaningful ...
"The great literature and beautiful movies which he so treasured were not only a source of wisdom and perspective about the human condition and discipleship in Christ. They were also a testimony to the reality that God's grace is intertwined with the ...
"Creating art helps me overcome anxiety and questions about my human condition. I can lose myself in the creative process, bringing validation to my being on this earth, and I hope, adding beauty to the world," states member Martine House.
ACDT again reaches out to the community to network and understand the human condition of undiscovered personalities and healing.
He equates the flash of an idea for his artwork to the flash of a camera, focusing on the figure, using oil paint and charcoal on canvas and paper to explore the human condition. His exhibition is about perception and emotion and how they relate to one ...
Researchers using Drosophila have identified a steroid hormone that triggers a vital transition in early brain development in which neural stem cells properly ...
"We're human and I find the human condition very interesting. If we're not talking about it, then we're not getting better.
In a recent interview, Brad Pitt spoke to The Associated Press about his new film, "war Machine"; stepping back into the limelight for the first time since Angelina ...
The search for a "usable past" - a past that conforms to contemporary needs, values and desires - is a constant part of the human condition. As a result, we celebrate Andrew Jackson, a Donald Trump hero, for his populist instincts and his ...
Working in a tiny crowded studio mostly with just a few favoured models - his brother Diego, his wife Annette, towards his final years his mistress Caroline - his subject, portentous as it might sound, was the human condition, or rather, how someone ...
Instead of demonizing these families, we should take some time to appreciate the human condition prompting them to make this often perilous trek north.
... think of, Tony Kushner's 1991 two-play, seven-hour epic set in Reagan's America during the 1980s, in which lives are infected as much by politics as they are by the scourge of AIDS, is ultimately about nothing less all-embracing than the human ...
says one voice behind a popped hood, adding, "The car is a metaphor for Elvis is a metaphor for the human condition." Jarecki wrote, directed and also produced the pic alongside Christopher St. John and David Kuhn; Barbara Beimann, David Atlan Jackson, ...
They explore futuristic universes while also tapping into the darker side of the human condition. In this episode of "movies on the Radio," listeners discuss their favorite dystopian films.
Manufacturing is about improving the human condition, one innovation at a time," said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. "Rep. Rogers is helping to make our success possible by standing with manufacturers when it matters and casting the right votes.
"The arts are an expression of the human condition," Elliott said in accepting the award presented by Gov. John Hickenlooper.
... presentation "Absurdist in Chains: an Exploration of Absurdism in the World of Camus" compared different case studies within the literary canon of Albert Camus connecting Absurdism to Free Will theories through its effects on the human condition.
One of the fundamental roles of art always has been to shed light on the human condition - to increase our empathy for each other.
Our culture has largely assumed science is the pinnacle of human pursuits; science has been placed by many on an undeserved pedestal that equates scientific knowledge with knowledge of the truth or understanding of our human condition. That is, most ...
The book is a series of humorous illustrations of penguins in day-to-day human situations with silly captions. Some examples include a penguin striking the iconic Marilyn Monroe pose, penguins rushing into a coffee shop reminiscent of Starbucks and ...
Basically the last two records were these very acute responses to situations that were occurring in my personal life that led me to explore these larger ideas about the human condition, and about what it means to live as a human. I think it's a lot ...
This is an old and a-bit-too-long joke that subtly highlights qualities that have enabled Jews to survive into the 21st Century: Wisdom, wit, patience and a finely honed sense of irony.
"Forget death and seek life!" With these encouraging words, Gilgamesh, the star of the eponymous 4000-year-old epic poem, coins the world's first heroic catchphrase.
A roomful of bronze sculptures by the famed artist Auguste Rodin might suggest to viewers that the human condition is full of muscular beauty and also struggle.
Vorig jaar heb ik Watch Dogs 2 uitgeroepen tot beste open wereld game van het jaar 2016. De game biedt een juiste mix van humor, actie, drama en chaos. Halverwege 2017 zijn er al twee DLC's uitgekomen die onderdeel zijn van de Season Pass.
As of 2013, more than 2,000 genetic tests were available for human conditions. Forty years ago, I never dreamed scientists would have the knowledge and manipulative capabilities that have become standard practice today.
Which isn't to say that nudity should be used without thinking about why. A naked King Lear might say something utterly degrading about the human condition; in "Equus" nudity might say something quite nuanced about sexuality. I didn't see BCT's "Cuckoo ...