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updated Tue. April 25, 2017

More than 1,500 Palestinians imprisoned by the Zionist occupation authorities are participating in the hunger strike led by Barghouti since April 17 to protest the torture, ill treatment, and medical neglect of prisoners at the hands of Israeli ...
He and thousands of other Australian prisoners were put to work by the Japanese and in October 1942, Private Brodribb was part of a group of prisoners who began working on the infamous Burma-Thailand railway. After working in appalling conditions and ...
A violent prisoner who was on the run for five days after absconding from a jail in Yorkshire has been arrested. Donna Willis, 36, was serving a five-year sentence for grievous bodily harm at HMP Askham Grange near York, when she fled on April 9.
(Arkansas Department of Correction via AP, File). FILE - This combination of undated file photos provided by the Arkansas Department of Correction shows death-row inmates Jack Jones, left, and Marcel Williams.
NC prisoner Allegedly Arranged Sex Trafficking of Minors to SC for Bail. Error loading player: No playable sources found. A Charlotte man is facing federal charges for allegedly attempting to traffic three minors for sex from jail.
He was taken prisoner when Singapore fell in February 1942, after fighting the Japanese for more than a month in Malaya and Singapore.
prosecutors, on Monday, laid out details of the desperate final week of life for Terrill Thomas, an inmate at a Milwaukee County jail, who, last April, died of dehydration in solitary confinement a week after prison officials turned off the water to ...
Palestinians in Gaza have held a rally to show their support for hundreds of prisoners in Israeli jails who have been refusing food and water for over a week now.
Richmond, VA. (AP) - When Virginia abolished parole to great fanfare in 1995, a safety valve of sorts was put in place:
Two now-former East Cleveland police officers pleaded guilty Monday in the assault of a prisoner last summer.
The solidarity action is supported by organisations including the National Coalition 4 Palestine, South African Jews for a Free Palestine, the Embassy of the State of Palestine, Ex political prisoners Association of South Africa, the Ahmed Kathrada ...
A Greene County prisoner on a work detail at Hardin Park walked away Friday from the work group, the Greene County Sheriff's Department reported.
Two inmates were injured by officers trying to clear an exercise yard, a court hears.
Just days ago, Trump was beaming after helping free an American held prisoner in Egypt, a country he's been heavily courting.
Moeller showed up to a 5K at Concordia University Sunday to benefit prison Fellowship, the nation's largest outreach to prisoners. "There's a group of people here who really want to support people when they get out," he says. "We're here to support our ...
April the giraffe has brought a bundle to a tiny zoo in rural upstate New York, thanks to a YouTube video livestream of her pregnancy and birth of an incredibly cute calf that has riveted viewers around the world.
In the first of a series piece, Business Insider learned about how two long-term ex-inmates got out, and stayed out, of prison.
A female inmate at the Butte tried to kill herself Thursday around 9 p.m. before being stopped by jailers, police said Friday. The woman tore a bed sheet, wrapped it around her neck, tied the other end to the support bar around the toilet, and then ...
That incident came less than two years after a May 2015 riot in which inmates took control of two housing units, killed two prisoners and caused more than $2 million in damage. The American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska and its national partners ...
LANSING - Despite recent efforts, treatment of people with mental illnesses in jails and prisons is still inadequate, experts agree.
Tacoma, Washington - Some 750 immigrant prisoners held a united hunger strike against inhumane conditions at the Tacoma Northwest Detention Center from April 10 to April 15.
Since our minds today are focused on the restoration needed for the Rhea County Courthouse, it is interesting to find bits and pieces of history relating to that particular building.
Ann Arbor, MI - A second lawsuit was filed Wednesday, April 19 in connection with the 2015 suicide death of a female prisoner in Michigan. A local criminal case and a federal lawsuit already are pending in the matter, however, the personal ...
The mass prisoner strike, which began on Monday on Palestinian prisoners Day, is a demand for improved conditions in Israeli prisons similar to those extended to Jewish and non-political Palestinian inmates, and include an end to solitary confinement ...
Aya Hijazi, center, a dual U.S.-Egyptian citizen, is acquitted by an Egyptian court after nearly three years of detention over accusations related to running a foundation dedicated to helping street children, in Cairo, Egypt.
JAILED footie paedophile Adam Johnson lied about bedding two top television stars in a sickening attempt to curry favour with his fellow prisoners. The smug ex-England ace, 29, was filmed bragging about "banging" the pair of celebrities while other ...
A prisoner who was caught with two "fearsome" weapons hidden in his cell has had another year added to his time behind bars.
An appeals court has struck down a prisoner lawsuit that claimed the Delaware correctional system was routinely holding inmates for days or weeks beyond when they should be set free.
"When I started winning cases for other prisoners while I was still inside prison, I found that I really enjoyed helping other people with their legal problems, especially people who can't afford a good lawyer," he said.
Plan to separate 'subversive prisoners' follows official inquiry into the spread of Islamic extremism inside prisons.
Their important claim that UNICOR work assignments prevent prisoner recidivism is rather interesting, considering that about half of all federal prisoners get re-arrested anyway. In addition, regarding the quality of finished items, UNICOR also ...
Car, prisoner Van Collide in Northern Indiana, Injuring 8. state police say a car has collided with a van carrying an Indiana Department of Correction work crew, injuring eight people.
Arkansas death row prisoner Ledell Lee, now represented in federal court by Cassandra Stubbs of the ACLU, will appear before an Arkansas circuit court today to at 1:30 p.m.
Image Entertainment has dated Director Guarav Seth's prisoner X for release on VOD and DVD June 6, 2017. Starring Michelle Nolden, Romano Orzari, Damon Runyan, and Julian Richings, we now have the film's U.S.
Below is a list of those known to have died from Halifax County as the result of being a prisoner there. There are likely more who remain unidentified.
Hindi films Karma and Do Aankhen Barah Haath showed convicts being taken out of prison to be reformed. Now, in Shimla's first Book Cafe inmates of a sub-jail ...
prisoners attack staff · Two prison guards injured · Nice lift for alpine town · Ad Feedback. Most popular.
In 2016-2017, the complaints submitted by prisoners at the Peterhead-based jail soared to 644. This time grievances about the prison regime were the most common, followed by property, staff and visits.
OPINION: For all the years we have been locking people up in jails, opinions on why we do that vary enormously. At one end of the spectrum are those who simply want harsh retribution for those who commit crimes.
They started taking more from state prisoners' pay when the administration of Edwards' predecessor, Bobby Jindal, cut sheriffs' compensation for state prisoner housing and work release, said Mike Ranatza, executive director for the Sheriffs Association.
As a taxpayer, I have a solution which Democrats and Republicans can both agree to. This country has two major problems: infrastructure and prison's mandatory minimum.
South Australia's future prison population is expected to outstrip bed supply, the Opposition says, with latest estimates revising the number of inmates upwards to 3,568 by 2022.
An inmate at Auckland prison needed medical treatment after officers were assaulted.
A prisoner high on Spice and and illicit booze attacked a prison guard with a table leg. Daniel Newton was caught by the prison officer beating a fellow inmate with the weapon in the corridor of HMP Northumberland and refused to stop, Chronicle Live ...
prisoners held for federal marshals, as well as prisoners from other counties, mean $80 per head per night coming into county coffers.
Prescription Suboxone is gaining a national rep as an increasingly useful solution for millions of Americans hooked on heavy-duty drugs.
But then scientists realized these unfortunate rats could be the perfect model for a bigger, uglier experiment, since their living conditions mimic those of human prisoners in solitary confinement. Within just a few days, rats isolated in small, nearly ...
Hutchison openly says that the state needs to kill these prisoners before the end of April because one of the three drugs in the lethal injection "cocktail" expires at that time, and waiting would require the state to obtain a new supply, something ...
Israeli prison officials have cracked down on Palestinian prisoners after more than 1,100 political detainees launched an open-ended hunger strike on Monday.