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updated Sun. May 28, 2017

University of Texas at Austin psychology professor Art Markman sees it as nothing more than an ill-timed joke. "Who among us has not made an ill-timed joke? Most of us have the benefit that we don't have live microphones capturing everything that we ...
"students this young don't always understand the finality of what suicide could mean. We worry that this show will give them ideas that suicide could be a way out during a difficult time," Palonen said.
President Rodrigo Duterte has made another rape joke and got slammed for it by women's rights defenders and the daughter of former US President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Abbott made the comment during a visit to an indoor gun range in Austin, Texas, on Friday. The governor was at the shooting range to sign a bill that lowers the cost of a license to carry a handgun.
(CNN) Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, giving a pep talk to his troops in the country's restive south, exhorted the soldiers to go all out in fighting Islamic militants and joked that under martial law they could even commit rape with impunity.
A man dressed as a clown stood along Highway 101 in central California brandishing a machete covered in fake blood on Wednesday afternoon, leading motorists to call the police.
A year later, Kaseberg and his Carlsbad-based attorney, Jayson Lorenzo, added a fifth joke to the mix - making the possible damages as much as $750,000.
Actor and comedian John Cleese issued a hilariously scathing indictment of U.S. conservatism on twitter Friday, managing to zing President Donald Trump, global climate change deniers and hypocritical Christians in one tweet.
She used a portion of her speech to joke about how she dealt with that loss by spending time with family, taking walks in the woods and reorganizing her closets.
There are boobs, there are jokes, there are boob jokes: the end. No cynical cash-grabs here! No studio bottom lines - only tan lines.
CBS honcho Les Moonves is predictably down with the FCC's decision to back off Stephen Colbert over his blow job Trump joke. We got Les leaving Craig's in WeHo Thursday night and he was standing behind his man ... not surprising because Colbert has ...
Chelsea Clinton, a former broadcaster and daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton, called President Rodrigo Duterte a "murderous thug without regard for human rights" after criticizing the Filipino Chief Executive for joking about soldiers committing ...
Berkeley Breathed, the artist who created the comic strip "Bloom County," said he just wanted to have a little fun with President Trump.
Some Brazilians joke that a bold outsider - like Tite, the coach turning around the fortunes of Brazil's national soccer team - should run the country instead.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott joked about shooting journalists while visiting a gun range on Friday to sign a bill lowering the cost of a handgun license, drawing criticism from gun-safety and free-press advocates who called his remarks "dangerous.
MANILA - Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte sought to reassure soldiers who might be accused of committing abuses under martial law, joking that if any of them were to rape three women, he would personally claim responsibility for it.
Actor and comedian John Cleese issued a hilariously scathing indictment of U.S. conservatism on twitter Friday, managing to zing President Donald Trump, global climate change deniers and hypocritical Christians in one tweet.
Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz got a lesson on the state's Stand Your Ground law after he made a joke about Montana congressional candidate's alleged attack on a reporter.
... had touted their endorsements on twitter hours before the alleged assault. But national and state Republicans have been mostly silent on the status of their prior support of Gianforte - except when they've been making jokes or maintaining their ...
A 16-year-old from St Austell has been heavily criticised after posting insensitive 'jokes' on facebook in the wake of the terror attack which killed 22 people in Manchester.
To explain that a popular twitter joke is Bad, Actually, is to be a humorless scold, but the Ofjared/Ofdonald joke is so unpleasant that I'm just going to go for it here.
A man from Tilbury has received a barrage of abuse on facebook after he made an insensitive status in the wake of the Manchester Arena suicide bombing.
It's a tired, unnecessary joke, if not a particularly imaginative one. But that's not all pirates 5 has to ... Pirates 5 could've taken out the marriage scene and all the "whore" jokes and had its story and humor left totally intact. Those moments add ...
A sinkhole. People are making fun of President Donald Trump for a sinkhole that opened up outside Mar-a-Lago, the president's private oceanfront estate in Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday.
Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, who joked about pointing the gun at reporters as part of a military exercise, said he has told that same joke before but it didn't get much criticism until he told it again at a Special Operations Industry Conference last week ...
SCOTTY T has been trolled over an "insensitive" twitter joke asking Ariana Grande if she "fancied a cuddle" after the Manchester suicide bombing - but he ...
This sort of "humor" is why most Americans don't trust Congressional Republicans to investigate the Russia scandal.
The agency found that the joke, which involved Trump, Russian leader Vladimir Putin and a crude word for penis, did not warrant punishment.
The nature of first impressions is that you don't get a second chance to make them. For a rookie first baseman, the anxiety of that logical truth can be crippling.
Instead, it amounts to nothing more than a cruel joke in a budget that proposes gruesome reductions to social programs over the next decade.
Boston, MA - " ... you'd think somebody from Boston would know better than to make jokes about people dying in an explosion hours after it happened.
Helen Mirren, Hollywood's most dogged advocate of footwear favored by strippers, gave the commencement address at Tulane University on Saturday.
Following the #FireColbert backlash, The Late Show host said he did not regret the joke, but admitted, "I would change a few words that were cruder than they need to be.
Representatives from Wanda Media, Tencent Pictures, Joy Pictures and U17 gathered together in Cannes to jointly announce the release date of One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes 2, and to reveal the official poster and a sneak-peek clip. The uproarious ...
In the age of social media, fake news has become a real problem. With that in mind, people in the public eye might be well-advised to at least refrain from spreading fake news about themselves.
Now this would be an election. Kevin Hart joked to E! News that he plans on running against pal Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for president.
Distorted Humor immediately rewarded his new owners with 2003 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner and champion Funny Cide, who was bred by the farm.
A 16-year-old West Clermont school District student is scheduled for a pretrial in Clermont County Juvenile Court as the result of making a threat on social media to bring a gun to school.
The FCC says it's received over 6,000 complaints about Stephen Colbert's crude oral sex joke about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.
Baldwin County officials tell local media that Thursday's actions went beyond the bounds of a joke. Spokesman Byron Wellman says students wearing black clothes and white masks sprayed water guns and threw water balloons in the Baldwin County High ...
The ongoing anti-corruption war launched by the Muhammadu Buhari regime is a joke, so says the heavily-dented Senate President, Bukola Saraki; so says all those presently charged for one form of corruption or the other.
Peabody Awards Balance Somber Subjects With Hard-Hitting Humor. Speeches emphasize the importance of serious reporting and satire.
Tampa - At a time when journalists are under fire both literally and figuratively, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn's "joke" last week at a military conference about pointing twin 50-caliber machine guns at journalists and watching them "cry like little girls ...
According to The Tab, which found out about his remarks only through eyewitness reports as the university's Union Society doesn't allow filming and didn't provide a transcript of the debate, the comedian made multiple jokes about rape. But he kept ...
Donald Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia continues to win the attention and fascination of internet denizens around the world. First, on Saturday, people saw Trump receive Saudi Arabia's highest honor, the Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud, at the Royal Court ...
As best man jokes go, it is one of the most crude and unoriginal, repeated at bawdy weddings up and down the country. But when the bride's sister happens to be the Duchess of Cambridge, who spent some of her happiest, most care-free years living in ...



Press Briefing by the President

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Thank you for joining me here in Crawford. As you know, I spent a good portion of yesterday in the company of Saudi Arabiac Crown Prince Abdullah. And while he departed hastily to return to his beloved sand people, I am pleased to claim that our meetings were very productive and friendly. I gave him the nickname of Prince Picnic Basket, on account of how that tablecloth he wears on his head looks like the one my mother used to spread out for fried chicken picnics under the oil wells back in Midland - and he called me Captain Zionist Pigboy. It was all very positive. ...

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