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updated Thu. April 26, 2018

It's been an emotional roller-coaster of a day for fans of Kanye West. Roller-coasters usually start off low to the ground and then plunge straight down into the Earth's core, yes? Picking up where he left off over the weekend, the freewheeling artist began the day tweeting his second of three ... tweets
Two days later, he has Jerry in the dental chair and, while inspecting a cavity, enthusiastically tells Jerry a joke about "the Rabbi and the farmer's daughter." A slightly perturbed Jerry says, "Do you really think you should be telling jokes like that?" The dentist replies, "Jerry, come on! It's our people's sense ... Jewish

Occupying the most powerful office in the world is clearly not enough to make a dull man interesting. Donald Trump is a dull man. Our president has no sense of humor. It's probably easier and safer to be bored by him when he's serious than to deal with him when he's attempting to be playful. For ...
But a recent Quartz piece is putting fun bosses on notice: According to staff reporter Oliver Staley, seemingly inoffensive jokes by managers can have a ... What's interesting about all this, to my mind, is that while the lawyer joke definitely ranks pretty low on the totem pole of offensive humor, it's not ...
"Her blowing the whistle on it, I think she told the joke that started the whole world laughing," Quercioli said. Laughing, in the ... Many women in improv and stand-up use humor to process and work through the mistreatment, and often subsequent trauma, they face in the industry and beyond. Alex ... Chicago
Many people naturally said this was all in jest, and America's too uptight to take a joke at this point. Many others could point out that making a joke is one thing, posting it on Twitter is another; and maybe handguns aren't the best prop for high school-related jokes in 2018. • Parents of sons probably wouldn't ... Chicago
A video has emerged of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe's nephew, Leo Mugabe, trying to joke about a military "coup" that resulted in his uncle stepping down in November. In the clip, Mugabe, 94, appears to be half asleep and unimpressed by the joke that his nephew is cracking. Leo, who ... Chicago
But there's also something to be said about the way Feely's "joke" denies his daughter's agency — which is to say, her ability to think and act as a free-thinking human capable of making ... That kind of attitude should (in a just world) be as out of style as, well, treating a deadly weapon as a source of humor. Chicago
Smith lectured students about how he got started as a journalist, gave inspirational advice, commented on UConn athletics and cracked a ton of knee-slapping jokes. Of course, the event was on 4/20, and being the jokester that he is, kicked off with a 4/20 joke, giving the audience quite the roar. Getting into ... Chicago
Photographer Barry Phipps' ambitious and beautiful project traveling the state of Iowa and capturing images of small towns has been collected as “Between Gravity and What Cheer: Iowa Photographs.” Phipps has an impressive eye for composition, and the book is filled with images that reward sustained ... Chicago
AGE: 29. PROVENANCE: Queens, New York. EARLY YEARS: “My mom passed away when I was four, and I learned to harness humor as a defense mechanism. I could hold a crowd at five years old.” Her love of performance led her to the trumpet, which she studied at LaGuardia High School, a teen ... Chicago
They call themselves duanyou after the app Neihan Duanzi, or “implied jokes”, where until recently some 30 million users could watch short videos, comedy sketches and follow dirty jokes and memes. Fans also organise offline meet-ups. At one gathering in Hunan province earlier this month, a group ... Chicago

Roseanne Conner, and the woman who plays her, Roseanne Barr, returned to television last night after 21 years. And much like many of the other '90s reboots that have been hitting the small screen lately, Roseanne will have to come to terms with the fact that it will have to adapt to the sensibility of a new ... Chicago
Now more than ever late night talk shows are platforms that are just as powerful as traditional news outlets. Whether it's “The Daily Show,” “Last Week Tonight,” or “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” watching news commentary shows has become a way for many people to not only laugh at what's happening ... Chicago
15 Simple (and Silly) April Fool's Jokes to Play On Your Kids. By Lisa Milbrand. April Fool's jokes don't have to be mean! Pull a few of these fun tricks on ... Sergio Delle Vedove/shutterstockUnroll your toilet paper a bit, then use a Sharpie to write a funny joke or "Happy April Fool's Day" on the TP. Roll it back up, and wait to ... Chicago
A man posted a video on YouTube in which he repeatedly said “gas the Jews,” but claimed it was a joke, as he was only saying it to make a pug dog do a Nazi salute. This video inspired hundreds of people to bombard the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities with abusive comments, and left Jewish ... Chicago
As Sir Ken Dodd is buried today in Liverpool, we take a look at some of his funniest jokes and one-liners. ... himself a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the world's longest ever joke-telling session: 1,500 jokes in three and a half hours, so here's a look back at some of his old-time favourite jokes. Chicago
Last year, FX Networks announced it had ordered a new FXX animated adult comedy series about Deadpool, co-created by the Atlanta actor and his brother Stephen Glover, who writes and produces his dramedy series with him. This past weekend, FX said, "Due to creative differences, FX, Donald Glover, ... Chicago
These practical jokes are easy, fun—and a little bit wicked. (But they won't get you grounded, we hope.) Turn your tap water weird colors. Make your parents worry about the water quality with this harmless prank. Use a cotton swab to wipe gel food coloring around the rim of the faucet spout, right where the water comes out. Chicago
Watch out Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn has a new love in her life — and he's very fluffy! The actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to confess that she's been “two-timing” her longtime partner while visiting Russell on set. In the shot, Hawn is seen sitting down as a large dog crawls onto her lap. “Two-timing ... Chicago
Despite not talking since Trump's election, the sisters' jokes are delivered in such a well-worn, comfortable atmosphere that there's a palpable strangeness ... It's hardly the stuff of trenchant cutting commentary, but in a hostile conversation like this one, a shallow joke can feel as resonant as a deep one. Chicago
Practically zero white stuff the entire 2017-18 winter season and then spring arrives, bringing with it some respectable snowfall totals at least by late March standards. And boy, was it needed. By John McCaslin. Snow covered roads greeted the few motorists who were out Wednesday morning in the county ... Chicago
In looking for ways to unleash her creativity over and over again, prolific humor writer/crime novelist Lisa Scottoline said she has found that the truth never fails to set her free. She admits that looking at oneself through an honest lens isn't always easy but she believes that in order for her writing to resonate ... Chicago
On Thanksgiving weekend this last year, my wife's family faced the news that the most loving person in the family — my mother-in-law — was dealing with a heart problem and other complications, and we weren't sure what the outcome would be. As the next few weeks wore on, what appeared to be ... Chicago
F1's two four-time world champions exchange a joke after qualifying in Melbourne. WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images. The interaction was then repeated to the top three later, at which point Vettel suggested Hamilton should wait until the conclusion of the grand prix to make jokes. "I think he said it so quick that I didn't get it ... Chicago
One notable conclusion from the study is that the effects of comedy production depend on the type of joke people tell, as well as whether the joke actually makes an audience laugh. Teasing and telling insulting jokes are less likely to help people cope with loss or navigate an awkward social interaction than ... Chicago
I'm away this weekend, so I leave you with some of the jokes recently manufactured by the brilliant Moose Allain. Follow him on Twitter! Buy his stuff! 1. Imagine being at the baggage carousel and slowly realising you've got the shoddiest luggage there. That's the worst case scenario. 2. I've never been a ... Chicago
They won't see the drummer joke because they will be hanging on every word of the school intervention specialist assigned to help them make reasonable progress toward the goal of acceptable attendance. (The specialist will have to pull out the contract the bass players signed promising to do better and ... Chicago
However, while many people understand the humor, others do not. I've seen my share of comments calling me "anti-science" and "a terrible parent." I address some of those issues — and explain more my ideas for how the science fair could be made better — in my Huffington Post blog post, "That Fake ... Chicago
The 56-year-old "You're Gonna Miss This" singer, a longtime friend of Shelton's, had the Coach in stitches with his signature dry humor while serving as a ... Elsewhere in the outtakes, Kelly Clarkson and Hailee Steinfeld joke about their larger-than-life pipes, Alicia Keys and Shawn Mendes get a lesson in ... Chicago
But, except for some dark Richard Nixon humor, notably by the comedian David Frye, modern presidents have generally been mocked with a gentle wink, ... The Gridiron Club's anniversary dinner earlier this month proved conclusively that making jokes about Trump and allowing him to joke back about the ... Chicago
'Memes Are Like Inside Jokes Between Millions Of People'. The 25 most profound “Shower Thoughts” on Reddit from the last week. By Lee Moran. The shower isn't just a place to sing. Separated from our cellphones, standing under running water often allows people's minds to run free. Reddit has an entire ... Chicago
A FIREFIGHTER has been slammed for a sick "joke" he made about a colleague's son who has Down's Syndrome when responding to a charity appeal. Peter Clives made the post on Facebook to his workmate who urged fellow firefighters to wear odd socks to support World Down Syndrome Day. Chicago
Again, the joke's on you...but in this case, it is only if you allow it to be. Because there are plenty of examples of late 1st/2nd round and undrafted players achieving at high levels. You just must outwork your opponent. And outhustle them. You must develop your game, and while some of the lineups currently ... Chicago
The sketch is nearly 10 minutes long and funny in multiple ways from beginning to end, but, because it is well scaffolded humor, we never hear the killer joke or even get an idea of what it might be. The moral of the story is clear: Jokes have no value in themselves. Humor, however, springs from context. Chicago
With humor being the primary focus of West of Loathing, and funny text appearing in everything from item descriptions to conversations to menu options, Johnson didn't want to throw roadblocks in the ... As Johnson put it during his talk: "A joke is better than a good thing that's harder to make than a joke. Chicago
Digital archives of Madison's local paper helped guide the project, which cites humor from colonial times through 1965. “Old News-Records, from 1914 until about 1945 or 1950, had barrels of jokes in there,” he said. “They wouldn't say where they got them but they were probably almost identical to what ... Chicago
That was important to us, because one of the things about writing jokes for a president is if you have the joke and it's totally in good taste, but then a week later, something happens — there's a tragedy, there's a shooting, there's a terrorist ... I do think self-deprecating humor is a way to even out that a little bit. Chicago
If Late Night with Seth Meyers is a giant, carved horse — and it is a fine horse — Amber Ruffin and Jenny Hagel are the leaders of the feminist army waiting inside. They helm the popular segment "Jokes Seth Can't Tell," a series dedicated to the jokes host Seth Meyers is simply too white, too male, and too ... Chicago
(And like one that Hawking might've even appreciated, maybe? Guy had a pretty great sense of humor.) But now that joke doesn't seem fine. We were able to cut it from our online calendar, but today's brand-new issue of the Mercury, with that line intact, will be floating around Portland for the next week. Chicago
Similarly, the Igbo of the south-east, like me, are often amused when people tease us about our supposed money-mindedness. There is this popular joke about an Igbo child who continued to fail the most basic sums in his mathematics class. But, when his teacher included dollar signs before the figures, the ... Chicago
Every year March 14—3.14—celebrates the irrational number that we use to explain the relationship between a circle's circumference and diameter, bringing joy to nerds everywhere. Although pi, whose symbol is the Greek letter π, goes on forever, International Pi Day does not—so laugh at these jokes ... Chicago
GAZA STRIP, Gaza — Amid economic difficulties, high rates of unemployment and a general sense of pessimism in Gaza, three young Gazans have created a startup digital content company to help tackle Palestinian problems with a sense of humor and optimism. A shared sense of humor and a passion ... Chicago
The joke is that the characters order torture and mass murder in the accents of Cockney or American bureaucrats. They're prissy, pissy, peevish, potty-mouthed. Why is that a joke - because of the colossal disconnection between small-minded egotistical clowns and the large amount of horror they inflict ... Chicago
At a refueling stop in Cape Verde on his way home from an exhausting visit across Africa, Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson walked through howling winds late Monday night toward the airport's V.I.P. terminal, where he pulled up a chair and started telling jokes to the reporters who had traveled with him. Chicago


Press Briefing by the President

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Thank you for joining me here in Crawford. As you know, I spent a good portion of yesterday in the company of Saudi Arabiac Crown Prince Abdullah. And while he departed hastily to return to his beloved sand people, I am pleased to claim that our meetings were very productive and friendly. I gave him the nickname of Prince Picnic Basket, on account of how that tablecloth he wears on his head looks like the one my mother used to spread out for fried chicken picnics under the oil wells back in Midland - and he called me Captain Zionist Pigboy. It was all very positive. ...


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