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"We can have concentrated wealth in the hands of a few or we can have democracy, but we cannot have both."
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What is it with our governments and public subsidies for electric vehicles? Federal climate change Minister Catherine McKenna told The Canadian Press this month the Trudeau government is working on "creating incentives" for Canadians to buy electric ...
Michael Jordan house gate Michael Jordan's home in Highland Park, Illinois, has a large gate with his former jersey number emblazoned on it.

The latest is a paper published in the journal Psychological science in which psychologists at New York University show that wealthy people unconsciously pay less attention to passersby on the street. ... For instance, in a series of studies published ...
Australia'S richest woman Gina Rinehart is accustomed to attention but the iron ore magnate turned heads yesterday when she showed up to a charity lunch ...
A mother who gagged her baby daughter with tights then smothered her with a bin bag - before jetting off to Africa to find a rich man to marry - has been ...
The Romanovs were some of the richest people in Russia for many centuries. The Massandra palace, a former tsarist residence, was initially owned by the Vorontsov family.

The Richest Man in Babylon's secret is this, "A part of all you earn is yours to keep." In other words, do not spend every penny you earn but invest it, and invest wisely.
No one was ever charged in the South Carolina man's death. "He was a strong Black man who through hard work was becoming quite rich and I think that bothered a lot of people," Johnson said. "He was killed because he was too successful. That is ...
After studying rich people for more than 25 years, self-made millionaire Steve Siebold found that the key to getting rich begins with the way you think.
In Rich do not rise early: spatio-temporal patterns in the mobility networks of different socio-economic classes, a group of transportation engineers analyze an ...
The campaign against Proposition 205 is all scare tactics. The anti-marijuana organization doesn't want us to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona.
Your ability to note other people around you may be partially influenced by your social class, or at least that's the conclusion of a recent study from New York University.
China's richest man, Wang Jianlin, didn't mince words in a major address to Hollywood on Monday. "Hollywood, which is famous for its storytelling, ... "Chinese people aren't interested in it - and neither are Americans." To prove his point, Minter ...
wealthy people appear to spend less time looking at other human beings, compared with how much time people in lower social classes look at others, according to a new study that used Google Glass headsets to track people's gazes. The findings suggest ...
The more a family pays for child care, the more they could deduct. But deductions are worth a lot more to people in higher income brackets.
A recent article published in Royal Society Open science analyzes another advantage the rich have over the poor: wealthy people are able to sleep until later in the morning. In essence, the rich buy the ability to rest more and commute more efficiently.
It's no secret Australia's richest man can be temperamental. Volatile even. But not today. Harry Triguboff, founder of the Meriton high-rise apartment empire, remains a model of charm and patience as he submits to a longer-than-agreed discussion about ...

The Chicago Cubs came into the NLCS fresh off a dominant regular season and a soul-crushing defeat of the San Francisco Giants. Since a Game 1 win, they haven't scored a run.
The research shows that people who categorize themselves as being in a relatively high social class spend less time looking at passersby compared with those who aren't as well off, a difference that seems to stem from spontaneous processes related to ...
Malawi police officers in the commercial city of Blantyre are keeping in custody a 26 year-old man for having sex with his dog in order to get rich, Malawi24 can confirm. According to Blantyre police, the suspect, Joseph Robert, committed the crime on ...
The campaign to keep Arizonans from using marijuana for recreation is getting a big boost from Discount Tire.
China's richest man laid out the massive growth ahead for China's box office, projecting that it would quickly surpass that of the U.S.
Harcharanjit Matharu, 58, his wife Baldev, 60, and daughters Ranjeeta, 26, and Rupinder, 33, are believed to reside in the one-million-pound home in the upmarket neighbourhood of Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire.
You'd think having a clean driving record would mean paying less for car insurance, but "earning a fatter paycheck may make more of a difference," said Jonnelle Marte at The Washington Post.
Then, when Trump's debts spiraled out of control in the early 1990s and nearly destroyed him for good, he figured out how to use other people's cash again to make millions for himself and dump his debt-ridden failures on investors. Here's a timeline of ...
A woman who says she did not get enough money when an 18-year same-sex relationship ended because a wealthy ex-partner "misrepresented" the size of her fortune has won the latest round of a legal battle.
"It's called 'other people's money.' There's nothing like doing things with other people's money." It's a phrase he taught students at Trump University, and he put it into practice by building his first empire in the 1980s on massive loans that allowed ...
Amazon's Prime membership service continues to take over upper income households in the US, a new survey from financial firm Piper Jaffray shows.
On his first solo album in 15 years, blues great Doyle Bramhall II utilizes a lifetime of influences and experiences in a quest for aural nirvana.
Chinese property magnate Wang Jianlin has defended his crown as the country's richest man, according to the annual Hurun rich list, fending off Alibaba Group Holding Ltd founder Jack Ma and new players on the block like Baoneng's Yao Zhenhua. Wang ...
young people carry debt that takes years to pay off. And when I told him young people think the system is stacked against them because rich people take advantage of those less fortunate, Langone became apoplectic. "Well guess what?" he said, "they need ...
The wife of Brazil's answer to Donald Trump has become the laughing stock of the country after she gave an interview - while driving in her Porsche - detailing how she felt poor people just wanted a hug, and likening herself to Eva Peron. Bia Doria, a ...
Saying "rich people create the jobs," in other words, is like saying that "seeds create trees." Seeds do not create trees.
In addition to having larger bank account balances than most, rich people have different beliefs, philosophies and strategies.
Australia's richest woman, mining billionaire Gina Rinehart, seems to pride herself on hard work and expects nothing less from others.
That is the enviable life of Tony Robbins, the success coach whose books and seminars have motivated people for decades. Now Robbins reveals his own history ... I was in a wealthy area one day and met a woman who was driving a Rolls Royce, who told me ...
As even more harrowing details of Kim Kardashian's armed hotel room robbery come out, there still are many questions that remain unanswered.
Chris Rich's one-woman show is less of a reflection of her own life than those who came before her. The Yardley local is taking her family's American story from where it began on a tight-knit street in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia to ...
"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes," the billionaire hotelier Leona Helmsley was once quoted as saying.
But Amnesty criticised the approach in its report, saying rich countries should not "pay to keep people 'over there'".
A social media back-and-forth between Rich The Kid and a woman said to be his wife has taken place following claims that the Queens, New York-born rapper was abusive.
Officers discovered the body of a 53-year-old woman, named locally as Jackie Pattenden, inside the property, along with Mr Rough, who was suffering from stab wounds.
When wealthy taxpayers pay no federal tax, it's largely because of deductible expenses for travel, charity and medical care.
Well this is unfortunate. A 24-year-old woman married a rich pensioner, only to discover he was actually her dad's father - making him her grandad.
Wang Jianlin is buying Hollywood, one piece at a time. China's richest man has gone on a shopping spree aimed at positioning his Dalian Wanda Group in ...
But the 68-year-old millionaire has said he has no plans to divorce his 24-year-old wife because he already has two failed marriages behind him.
What they can't stomach is the idea that the rich are taking advantage of the system. "Most Americans are OK with the amount of tax they pay," Drew DeSilver of Pew wrote earlier this year.
Some of the reasons are clear: the unemployment rate among Black Americans is roughly twice that of whites, and black people earn, on average, between twelve and twenty-two per cent less than white people with similar education and experience. But the ...
That's according to new data out from internet marketing company WebpageFX, which analyzed data from 30 million mobile device users.
But because the couple has six children, homes around the world, assets in the tens of millions of dollars and hard-to-value royalty income for years to come, their split offers an opportunity to look at how other wealthy couples manage their divorces ...