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Kiron's first cohort of 1,500 refugee students is based in Germany with additional pilot programs underway or soon-to-be-introduced for another 1,500 youth refugees in France, Jordan, Turkey, and potentially Lebanon. Acacia Landfield, who presented the ...
Yakima County's jail will soon house about 150 Haitian refugees under a federal contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It also aims to simulate the refugee experience for visitors, via the hourlong tour, as well as through virtual reality documentaries visitors can watch.
In a new essay for Vice, Allen has expressed concern for refugees and criticized the media's scrutiny of her and former soccer player Gary Lineker, who also spoke out on refugees' behalf. She also suggests that the media has used the refugee crisis to ...

Patterson says the refugees are not properly screened for medical illnesses and the refugee Act of 1980 is not being followed.
Trump also vowed to reform visa rules and "suspend reckless refugee admissions from terror prone regions that cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.
The EU-Turkey refugee deal signed on the 20th March 2016, which entitled Greece to send migrants back to Turkey has further compounded the sense of isolation.
Libya is the main departure point for mostly African refugees and migrants seeking to cross the Mediterranean to Europe [File EPA].
Unaccompanied children were among refugees and migrants queuing on Thursday morning outside the warehouses where authorities had carried out registrations earlier in the week, but they remained closed.
Tehran (Tasnim) - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' (UNHCR) Representative in Iran Sivanka Dhanapala lauded the Islamic Republic of Iran for "generously hosting one of the largest refugee situations" in the world. "The Islamic ...
The first of 1,500 refugees Norway promised the EU it would accept are due to arrive in the country this week. Norway's parliament decided in December it would contribute to the EU refugee programme, which as a non-EU country it is not obliged to take ...
It was about the Syrian refugee as a fellow human, she said. "They go about living their lives, maybe they wear a headscarf, but they're just like you and me," Hegedus said.

Hungary has started building a new fence on its southern border with Serbia as part of its efforts to keep migrants and refugees from freely entering the country. Two kinds of barriers are being tested before construction begins in earnest. The ...
Near Mosul, Iraq -- Thousands of refugees have escaped Mosul, but they represent a fraction of those still trapped under ISIS inside Iraq's second-largest city.
Sweden is often described as Europe's most welcoming country for refugees, but it hit a breaking point in 2015, when a record 163,000 people sought asylum there.
I am not advocating Fargo, and North Dakota, stop taking refugees. By and large refugee resettlement has been a real success story here.
The bodies of 25 refugees have been found at the bottom of an overloaded rubber boat in the latest disaster in the Mediterranean Sea.
Firas lost his right arm below the elbow when he was 11 years old in a cotton machine accident. Five years later he lost four fingers and part of his thumb on his left hand while working in a rope making factory.
Australia has paid Cambodia $42 million to resettle refugees - only two have been successfully resettled. Otherwise, Australia resorts to persuading people to return home to the lands they're fleeing - war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan ...
As a coach arrived to take the refugees to a publicly-owned hostel, more than 200 locals turned out to block the road with bins, and planks of wood.
Arjwan Khadoori, a refugee specialist who works with the Lutheran Social Services of Michigan in Troy, Michigan, to help resettle immigrants, told ABC News today that he has already assisted in resettling Syrian refugees into towns in Michigan. "I am ...
As the character of the playwright (Paco Tolson) explains at the top of the show, the principals are Vietnamese who become refugees in America. The show is set in 1975, but these characters, he says, won't sound the way you might expect them to ...
Syrian refugees in France's 'jungle' refugee camp have said they fear long-term separation from their family members who have reached the UK as authorities continue to dismantle the settlement.
Two leading fashion retailers are responding to allegations that Syrian refugee children have been working at factories in Turkey that produce clothing for their brands.
... pastor who organized the event, told Al Jazeera. Multiply The Good: Click To Share. Republish Reprint · Republish Online · Republish Offline · Reprint · Get Syndication Feed.
... Syrian refugee crisis, said Bapuchandra Kotapati, external president for the UNA at UCLA and third-year economics student.
One is the EU deal with Turkey, which means refugees are returned from Greece to Turkey unless they want to apply for asylum in the EU country.
The card replaces separate distributions for food, cash and winter aid, also by debit card. Contributors include the World Food Program, the U.N.
Where do you start when you want to help? Gianfranco Rosi provides an empathetic window to the path of action.
Since the start of the conflict in 2011, to date more than 6.5 million people have been displaced inside Syria, while more than five million have sought refuge abroad, mostly in neighbouring countries, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi ...
For some, the ability to travel back home outweighs the protections of asylum status in Western Europe.
It coincided with press coverage by some British tabloids of the arrivals of child refugees in the country from Calais. Several newspapers questioned their age and suggested refugees claiming to be minors were actually over 18. It led MP David Davis to ...
It was one of several churches in the Jordanian capital that opened its doors to refugees who arrived paralyzed with fear, and with nothing but the clothes on their back.
Repatriation of refugees from Burma began on Tuesday with the voluntary, assisted return of 68 people who had been living in camps along the Thai-Burma border.
The federal government and its nonprofit partners provide job-search help and cash assistance for refugees during their first months in the United States.
Armed police began Monday to clear out residents from the sprawling refugee camp in Calais, France, that had become a temporary home for as many as 10,000 refugees and migrants. Although living conditions could be squalid in the camp dubbed the ...
Germany does not face Afghans in the same way they face Syrians or Iraqis. The authorities give us the feeling that we are not welcomed here.
aid workers have warned that unaccompanied children are trapped in the confusion of the Calais "jungle" camp clearance as British authorities agreed to suspend registering them.
Locals are angry over a decision to build refugee shelters in their towns. RT: Why do you think some French residents strongly oppose Hollande's plan to relocate refugees around France? Patricia Chagnon: There are a couple of reasons why French people ...
The Independent heard an authoritative figure, believed to be a leader of the CRS, speaking to refugees waiting in the queue.
For most of America, the heartbreaking faces of Syrian refugees this year have belonged to children. We have seen them drowned and we have seen them stunned into silence by warfare and covered in blood.
The BBC reported that the clothing made by child refugees is going to the retail company Marks & Spencer and the online fashion dealer ASOS.
Aid groups and the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the U.N. refugee agency, are especially concerned about the hundreds of unaccompanied child migrants who, the groups say, are at risk of exploitation, trafficking and violence.
An Iraqi refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool, calling it a "sexual emergency," has had his conviction overturned after a court in Austria concluded that the 20-year-old attacker may have been unaware the boy did not want to be abused.
The leader, who has been a vocal opponent of EU refugees quotas, went on to state that "we cannot allow Europe to cut the roots that made it great and helped us survive the Soviet suppression.





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