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updated Thu. February 23, 2017

Overall, the authors showed that DAAs successfully allow patients with HCV to achieve a sustained response across all racial and ethnic groups in the study. However, although differences were detected between minority groups and white patients, the gap ...
NORTHFIELD, Vt. - The peace and war Center at Norwich University presents Suraj Budathoki for a talk entitled, "An Introduction to Bhutan: politics, Ethnic Cleansing, Gross National Happiness and Uncertain Futures of Minorities & Evicted Bhutanese.".
Bride Zhang Xiaofang (C) and groom Ji Zerong (R) eat after rituals during a traditional wedding ceremony of Lisu ethnic group at Xiaonanshan Village of Dechang County, Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan, southwest China's Sichuan Province, Feb.
Several ethnic politicians have voiced the opinion that the Burmese government must offer greater guarantees if ethnic armed groups are to sign the nationwide ceasefire agreement (NCA), and say such proposals must be laid out at the second round of ...
To conclude Black History Month, the Black and Latinx student Union (BLSU) hosted its annual talent showcase and put on a hip-hop and activism interactive presentation from Jermaine wells and the ILL Funk Ensemble.
"I would be the last person to bury my head in the sand (by not) recognising any ethnic group as the cause of the problem.
Abuja:The Nigerian State of Kaduna declared a 24-hour curfew after 21 people were killed this week in an area hit by ethnic and religious tension, media reports said. According to spokesman for the Nigerian state Samuel Aruwan, the Kaduna authorities ...
The nightly news feels surreal these days. executive orders enacted from the highest seat in the country have banned immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries and restarted construction on the Dakota Access pipeline, which will carry crude oil ...
RANGOON - The Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) and the New Mon state Party (NMSP) will not join the third summit of ethnic armed organizations, which kicked off in Panghsang, the capital of the Wa administrative region, on Wednesday.
The current political climate in the United States has sparked fears of new Anti-Immigration laws and a potential culture war, prompting scholarly discussions about the necessity of Ethnic Studies and cultural awareness. A landmark of these discussions ...
Thus, gaps in educational attainment across ethnic groups mean corresponding ethnic disparities in health outcomes of the future population.
In general, cancer incidence and mortality rates are calculated on an aggregate basis, without separating the Hispanic population based on Ethnicity or nation of origin. However, Pinheiro pointed out, "Hispanic populations are all different, reflecting ...
Its clear purpose is to create a narrative that can be used to discredit the concerns over the project by fanning ethnic animosity.
Keynote speakers, a panel discussion, workshops, an art display, informational tables and music are planned at the "All People Celebrate Ethnic Studies Today and Tomorrow" educational event on Saturday, March 4, at Pioneer high school, 1400 Pioneer ...
YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 20, ARMENPRESS. Azerbaijani citizen Eldaniz Guliyev, an ethnic Talysh from the predominantly Talysh populated Lerik region of Azerbaijan, announced his intentions on relocating to Armenia, blogger Azar Kazimov said, Talishinfo ...
agitations in THE last one decade, it exposed the failure of Left's ideological and organisation influence on the people of the state.
On the 21st February 2017, Generation Success is thrilled to announce its collaboration with BT Ethnic Diversity Network to host 'Diversity in Business.
The Michener Library partnered with the Marcus Garvey cultural Center to host many of the events happening around campus during Black History Month.
RANGOON - The United Wa State Army (UWSA) will host a summit of ethnic armed organizations starting Tuesday in Panghsang, the capital of the Wa administrative region.
The U.S. and Europeans supported creation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (divided among Muslims, ethnic Serbs, and ethnic Croats) and Croatia (with a large ethnic Serb population in the Krajina region). However, after encouraging the break-up of Yugoslavia, ...
A rights group has accused Dhaka of facilitating ethnic cleansing of Indigenous Buddhists by pushing Rohingya refugees from Myanmar into the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh.
President Salva Kiir's office has categorically rejected the allegations of ethnic bias in South Sudan's army, the Sudan People's Liberation army (SPLA).
Another top South Sudanese military official has resigned while accusing the current government of curruption and ethnic bias.
... and Bosnian genocide perpetrators at the Yugoslavia Tribunal at The Hague in the Netherlands. He is now a member of a three-person commission that made recommendations Dec. 14 to the United Nations to confront ethnic cleansing in South Sudan.
The civilians were attacked, and many beheaded, by militiamen from the Nande ethnic group. "In total 25 people were killed, decapitated by machete by the Mai-Mai Mazembe in and around the village of Kyaghala," Francis Bakundakabo, the local ...
Ethnic Communities Council chairman Peter Doukas said while established migrant communities were becoming less geographically based, newer communities still tended to stick together.
About 149 ethnic Mon villagers who crossed the Thai-Myanmar border into Kanchanaburi over fears of a possible new skirmish between the Myanmar military and Mon guerrillas remained on the Thai side as of yesterday.
A man is facing charges after police in Susquehanna Township said he yelled obscenities at a neighbor then lit his own house on fire earlier this week.
When a Missouri Supreme Court commission's public forum drew only a handful of attendees Thursday night, the topic eventually veered away from what the event was for, public input on recommendations to increase racial and ethnic fairness in the state ...
Hundreds of thousands of US citizens have already lost - or could still lose - their right to vote as a result of schemes put in place by Republican lawmakers in states they control.
FARGO (KFGO) - Three sauces made by a Minneapolis company that are the subject of a recall in Minnesota and North Dakota have been found in Fargo.
Col. Khalid Ono Loki, head of the military courts in South Sudan's army, the Sudan People's Liberation army (SPLA), has resigned.
SANTA FE - Sen. Linda Lopez, D-District 11, Friday passed legislation through the Senate education Committee to ensure students in New Mexico public schools are given the opportunity to take Ethnic Studies as a social studies elective. Senate Bill 219 ...
News, markets and Analysis for the Food Processing Industry.
A senior TSA manager at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport who has become a whistleblower talks to WhoWhatWhy's Jeff Schechtman about the scandalous corruption within the agency, and the retaliation that follows attempts to improve the situation.
Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi has invited members of an alliance of ethnic groups that have not signed the government's nationwide cease-fire pact for a meeting next week to discuss its demands before the next session of her signature ...
Toledo, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio man accused of spray-painting a swastika and a message cursing Arabs on a Lebanese family's home has pleaded no contest to criminal damaging.
Rare mutations in the CFTR gene - which is defective in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) - may occur in specific ethnic groups, suggests a new study that urges wider screening of mutations in patients who test negative for most previously ...
"The first thing we're going do, if and when I win, is we're going get rid of all the bad ones," President Trump said last year during his campaign.
police say the 28-year-old told them he left the messages because he was angry over a perceived slight, not because of the family's ethnicity. Osama Nazzal, of Toledo, pleaded no contest Thursday to the misdemeanor charge. The Blade reports he'll be ...
Traditionally, market researchers have built ethnic quotas based on ethnic background coupled with other demographic data such as census regions, income, and education.
But the stakes in the Jakarta vote have been raised by allegations that Purnama - the city's first non-Muslim governor for half a century and its first ethnic Chinese leader - insulted the Koran. The claims drew hundreds of thousands of conservative ...
A MELBOURNE man is starting a vigilante group to "take back our streets" from ethnic street gangs that are terrorising locals.
Kamba professionals in Kwale county want dialogue with hopefuls from all ethnic groups so they can share seats through negotiated democracy.
Bamako - Mali Security Minister Salif Traore said about 20 people have been killed in inter-ethnic clashes in central Mali.
Chicago's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble has a mission in keeping with its name: to fuse aspects of traditional African music with African-American music.
Leela Thai Cuisine, and its cousin Thai Orchid, are old timers by Fargo ethnic restaurant standards. And both have aged fairly well.