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Villagers of Miao ethnic group take part in the "Chixin" Festival in Danzhai County, southwest China's Guizhou Province, Oct. 25, 2016.
The Justice Ministry has asked U.S.-based twitter Inc. to delete four racial posts targeting the 14-year-old son of an ethnic Korean in Kawasaki, arguing they are "illegal acts violating human rights." But the tweets remain online despite the ministry ...

Authorities in Helsinki are investigating about 120 suspected cases of unlicensed taxi operations using the Uber mobile phone app.
A variety of weird-looking odorous meals were brought to some offices in the United States on Monday for some gastronomical surprises as employees with ethnic origins took part in this year's National Take Your Ethnic Food To Work Day. Not for those ...
In 2004, long before the mainstream media started extensively covering the safe space and self-segregation trends in higher education, Professor Sidanius co-authored a paper titled "Ethnic Enclaves and the Dynamics of Social Identity on the College ...
Speaking earlier during the debate, Maria Joyce of the National Traveller women's Forum pointed out that Travellers are recognised as an ethnic group separate to settled Irish people in the UK. She also stated the legal definition of ethnicity which ...
A Hong Kong-born former Northern Ireland assembly member has said the Brexit vote will deter other ethnic minority people from entering politics as racism and xenophobia intensifies.
It was built on the bedrock of ethnic federalism after the Derg - a bloodthirsty military regime - was chased out of Addis Ababa in 1991.
Kovacevic, who lost his position as municipal chief in the elections earlier this month, told BIRN that the memorial was erected to pay homage to all victims, regardless of their Ethnicity. He said it was aimed at "reintegrating the state". "This is ...
It's the only day of the year when you can finally bring steamed fish or Thai red curry to work without feeling embarrassed about reheating your lunch in the microwave.
The committee of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions, the umbrella organisation for all student unions in the country, will be restructured to facilitate greater participation of students in ethnic regions. "One-third of the country's university ...
schools are being told to guess the Ethnicity of pupils and collect their passport numbers and expiry dates as part of a controversial national schools census.
DNA acquired from breeding with Neanderthals may explain why people of European descent respond differently to infection than those of African descent, two studies suggest.

Norman says that more research should include genomes and biological samples from different ethnic groups. About 80% of people included in genome-wide association studies are of European descent, and a Comment in Nature last week called for more ...
I lead a team that develops our software that predicts individuals' ethnic origins based on their full names, addresses and ZIP codes.
It is natural to ask whether something so broad might have a common cause, other than the obvious circumstantial causes like the gradual fading of memories about the horrors of ethnic conflict in World War II or the rise in this century of forms of ...
The proposed addition would create a race and ethnicity category called Mena for people with origins in the Middle East and North Africa.
Abbe Watson demonstrates some of the skills she has aquired at Zero Gravity Cheerleaders at the Lions market day, organised by the Lions Club of Middle Districts (Inc).
The College of Ethnic Studies has applied for a $100 million grant in hopes of expanding the College's reach and impact.
Huston says the signatures varied by the gender of the name and the implied race and ethnicity of the prospective student. The findings revealed that white male students received the greatest number of replies with the most bias present in business ...
One of the houses torched on at Olmelil at the boundary of Narok and Kisii counties, October 21, 2016. PHOTO | RUTH MBULA | NATION MEDIA GROUP ...
Gang shout ethnic slurs as they attempt to beat African casino employee to death with stools. 11:09, 21 Oct 2016; Updated 12:01, 21 Oct 2016; By Kara O'Neill.
Two studies may explain why people of African descent respond more strongly to infection, and are more prone to autoimmune diseases.
Ethnic minority graduates of English universities are significantly more likely to regret enrolling in higher education, a study reveals.
An APS board of education committee heard a presentation about the proposed curriculum, which will cover social, political, historical and cultural aspects of Ethnicity, during a meeting last week. Administrators advocated flexible classes to ...
Two gene-expression studies could explain why people of African descent respond more strongly to infection, and are more prone to autoimmune diseases.
Preface With many of the decades-long conflicts affecting areas of Myanmar still ongoing, parallel governance systems have been developed by ethnic armed groups and their affiliated organizations to provide vital services to impacted communities.
A new poll shows that ethnicity and political party affiliation outweigh theological beliefs when it comes to who evangelicals will choose as the next president of the United States.
At least 16 people have been killed in a row over a disputed charge on the sale of caterpillars in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
After ISIS, internal ethnic conflicts will increase. By Judit Neurink 12 hours ago. Hayder al-Khoei with Atheel al-Nujaifi, former governor of Nineveh and head of the Nineveh Guard.
By race, ethnicity and other factors, the VUSD/Kairos comparison breaks down this way: Hispanic, 37 percent vs. 15 percent; black, 8 percent vs.
Duke Oliver's Orchestra, circa 1942. Left to right: Phil Edmund Barboza, Peter Monteiro, Alvaro Duarte, Julio "July" Alves, Mike Sanchez, Raymond Lomba, Duke Oliver, "Snubby" Almeida, Frank Monteiro, Albert "Burt" Fermino and Jimmy Lomba.
While the ABC has been running colourful ads telling people from various ethnic groups that it's "your ABC", the representation of "content makers" from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB) plunged 19 per cent to 157 people in August last year.
Guizhou Province is known for its diversity of ethnic minorities. It's also the place where the highest number of the country's poverty-stricken population has been recorded, totaling about five million.
Like millions of other Thais, grief-stricken ethnic Chinese are trying to grapple with a unfamiliar period of uncertainty following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
Deputy President William Ruto (left) and President Uhuru Kenyatta at the launch of Jubilee Party at Safaricom Stadium Kasarani in Nairobi on September 10, 2016.
Maungdaw (Myanmar) (AFP) - For Moe Moe, an attack by armed men on her village in northwestern Myanmar not only left six police dead but also shattered a rare vestige of Buddhist-Muslim harmony in the tense region.
Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic group that makes up the majority in northern Rakhine, but who are reviled by many in majority Buddhist Myanmar as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.
I lead a team that develops our software that predicts individuals' ethnic origins based on their full names, addresses and ZIP codes.
Jakarta: Thousands of hardline Muslims rallied in Jakarta on Friday in protest against the city's ethnic Chinese and Christian governor, further fuelling ethnic tensions ahead his re-election bid in February. Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, better ...
The Zhuang ethnic minority may only represent about 1.25 percent of China's population, but at almost 18 million people, they are about the same numerically as the population of Chile.
While we totally love how proud Gigi is, we can't believe she forgot her BF's ethnicity. Unfortunately, fans of the ex One Direction singer were NOT happy about Gigi's mistake and took to twitter to express their disappointment.
Plans for the recapture of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, from the so-called Islamic State are fiendishly complicated. Ethnic rivalries, as well as sectarian and religious sensitivities, will have to be respected if the offensive is not to go ...
Despite some educational reform taking place in Burma, ethnic education workers claim that equal opportunity for them will only be possible when the country's education system is decentralized.
Padua mayor clamps down on ethnic food to protect 'cultural heritage.'
The United Nations should adopt a stronger language against Israel and condemn the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the occupied territories, says an activist with the Free Palestine Movement.