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updated Sun. April 15, 2018

The Indigenous ranger program has been running since 2007 and Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion has said funding will continue through to at least 2020 - but that is yet to be formally confirmed. Currently, there is no funding commitment for the program beyond June 2018. Sophia ...
The Global Affairs Center at Shoreline Community College, directed by Edmonds resident Larry Fuell, will present a program, "Christianity as the Ethnic Identity of Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan," from 12:30-1:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 17 at Shoreline CC's Building 9000, Room 9208. The speaker will ...

Astronomers have a term for three celestial bodies coming into alignment: a syzygy. It's the most appropriate term we could think of for the onstage confluence in Oregon this month: three of the state's biggest professional theaters are staging works by contemporary indigenous playwrights -- all of ...
In a move described as "unprecedented," Colombia's president Juan Manuel Santos announced Tuesday that the country intends to add 8 million hectares (80,000 square kilometers or 31,000 square miles) to its protected areas. That same day, Santos also signed a decree granting ...
About 300 people attended the Indigenous Culture and Art Festival April 7 at Mission Country Park, an event that was part of San Antonio's tricentennial celebration. The event cost $34,000, which was funded through a tricentennial grant, fundraisers and a raffle. Visitors could play an archery game, ...
"He was a civilian, and the allegations by the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military) that he was a plain clothes soldier are blatant lies," said Hsa Moo, media coordinator for the Karen Environmental and Social Action Network, which works for indigenous rights in the region. Saw O Moo worked for the network for ...
The process for developing new legislation on Indigenous Peoples' right to prior consultation has set off alarms, but the Honduran government still has time to ensure a participatory and inclusive process that aligns with international standards. Following last November's contested presidential election ... rights Indigenous
The coffee farms are an escape for these indigenous trans women. They work in the fields during the day and can dress as they'd like during their free time without punishment or harassment. Mucha says the farmers claim they like hiring the women because they don't complain. They're strong, ... Colombia
Goforth's killer, a white male named Clayton Bo Eichler, also killed Richele Bear, another Indigenous woman, and Goforth's family suspects he may have murdered others. These are not isolated incidents in Saskatchewan, one of many areas in Canada struggling with a shameful history of abuse, neglect, ... Colombia
Social media are a vital resource for Indigenous Australians, connecting them to community and culture, helping identify those at risk of suicide or self-harm, and offering a powerful outlet for political activism. But racism is a major problem for Indigenous people online. A new report, Social Media Mob: Being ... Colombia
Each bead represents a missing or murdered indigenous person, according to artist Cannupa Hanska Luger, and he said he's using beads made by communities across the U.S. to complete the project. His portrait will be created in collaboration with queer indigenous Canadian photographer Kali Spitzer. Colombia
Last October, the Federal Government rejected a proposal for a new Indigenous advisory body — dubbed a Voice to Parliament — to be taken to a referendum. Now, a new parliamentary committee is tasked with finding a way towards a referendum on some form of constitutional recognition. And any ... Colombia
Queen's Baton Relay delayed by Indigenous protest. By Rebecca Masters. 1:22pm Apr 4, 2018. FShareTTweetBMailJTumblrGShareLLinkedInWWhatsApp. The Queen's Baton Relay has been held up by Indigenous activists staging a sit-in protest. The baton was making its way down The Spit at Main Beach where activists ... Colombia
Around a hundred indigenous protesters blocked a road outside the stadium hosting the Commonwealth Games as the opening ceremony got underway in Australia on Wednesday evening. Flanked by a heavy police presence, the protesters waved black, red and yellow Aboriginal flags and chanted "No ... Colombia
“There are other groups as well because this is the stage where people can be heard and that is what happens around major events, whether it's on the Gold Coast or anywhere else around the world,” he said. Indigenous protests at Australian Commonwealth Games are not uncommon. Protests occurred ... Colombia
But this is not the same as the authoritative and definitive statement from the Pope that Indigenous Canadians seek. The argument from Canadian bishops has always been that 16 out of 70 Catholic dioceses in Canada, along with three dozen religious communities, were associated with the residential ... Colombia

At an Indigenous youth summit in Kalgoorlie-Boulder on 6 October last year, a 10-year-old boy brought his expensive mountain bike on stage. He wasn't showing off. The bike was part of a story, one of dozens shared in a federally funded study about life for young Aboriginal people in the remote Western ... Colombia
And Aboriginal artwork will also be hung on ED walls as a “link” to indigenous “culture and community” so patients feel “safe to stay and wait”. ... has been brought in after research found indigenous patients are at least 1.5 times more likely to leave hospitals before their emergency treatment commences. Colombia
THE EVICTION last week of indigenous vendors outside a former residence of Zhang Xueliang in Chingchuan, Wufeng Township in southern Taichung raises a number of issues. Namely, indigenous vendors have operated outside the residence for twenty years. Many vendors, who are primarily middle ... Colombia
This week's meetings are the last of the ones began by the Fund for the Development of the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean (FILAC) with the meeting in South America, in February 2017 in Peru, and later with the regional meeting of Central America and Mexico, in Panama City, ... Colombia
NEW YORK (IDN) – Indigenous communities play a vital role as custodians of our planet, possessing vital knowledge that will support global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But despite progress to protect their rights, many of the world's 370 million indigenous peoples face ... Colombia
A study on the modern Canadian family has found a few unique challenges face two specific groups – those caring for both children and parents, and Indigenous families. The group who cares for both children and older parents is known as the “Sandwich Generation” — and it is only getting larger. Colombia
Close to six months on since the Turnbull government rejected Aboriginal leaders' calls for a constitutionally enshrined indigenous voice in ... The committee, headed up by Labor senator Pat Dodson and Liberal MP Julian Leeser will undertake hearings in indigenous communities and major cities over ... Colombia
Other survivors said the pope's decision marked a perpetuation of the colonial mindset that gave rise to the system in the first place. “It's the continuation of a policy that we are always hoping would be discontinued by the church: the implication that indigenous people are less closer to God than the average ... Colombia
Look at any list of the most expensive places to live in the United States, and San Francisco and the Bay Area are almost always near the top. With 3.7 million Native Americans living in urban areas, the high cost of living is changing the lives of many. High Country News reporter Julian Brave NoiseCat ... Colombia
While Necefer doesn't expect that the European names of cherished outdoor places will be swapped out for their indigenous ones, he does hope that a greater understanding of the Native American histories of these places—places they have cherished, recreated on, and managed sustainably for hundreds ... Colombia
Much like the major metropolitan areas of Canada, illegal marijuana dispensaries have already been established in Indigenous communities. While police technically have the authority to close down these stores, doing so en masse would ignite a contentious national debate about the police's ability to ... Colombia
“The Holy Father is aware of the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which he takes seriously,” Bishop Lionel Gendron, who is president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, wrote in an open letter to Canada's Indigenous people released on Tuesday. “After carefully ... Colombia
Bishop Lionel Gendron, president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, said on Wednesday in a letter to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada that Francis has not shied away from acknowledging injustices faced by indigenous peoples around the world, but that he cannot personally issue an ... Colombia
Turtle Rock, a sacred Indigenous burial site in north Queensland, has become a training ground for the region's troubled youth. Elders Russell Butler and Wayne Parker have been running a three-day camp near Townsville as part of the Yinda program. It was set up last year by the Queensland Government ... Colombia
Marichuy, as Patricio is commonly known, is an indigenous Nahua healer from the state of Jalisco in western Mexico. She was nominated by the National Indigenous Congress (CNI), a coalition of 58 indigenous groups, as their spokesperson to represent them in this year's presidential campaigns. Though ... Colombia
Festival Noken is one of several artistic and musical projects focused on highlighting indigenous cultures across the Asia-Pacific region. One prominent example is the Rainforest World Music Festival, an annual event in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo. After 13 festivals in as many ... Colombia
Hip hop may have emerged from black male communities in New York, but Indigenous music artist DJ Kookum sees strong similarities between that modern art practice and Indigenous traditions. "The four elements of hip hop: the music, MC, graffiti and dancing, right? That connects to our culture," she told ... Colombia
Three nights a week, they hit the streets of Montreal with sandwiches, socks and toothbrushes. They're looking for people in need, who are often Indigenous. They're called the Wolf Pack Street Patrol. It's Tuesday night. At a downtown Montreal coffee shop, Al Harrington is getting a group of eight volunteers ... Colombia
The high rate of STIs among Indigenous people is more a sign of failing health programs than child abuse, and a fatal syphilis outbreak continues because multiple governments have failed to address it, health experts have said. The rates of sexually transmitted infections have dominated headlines, often ... Colombia
While Necefer doesn't expect that the European names of cherished outdoor places will be swapped out for their indigenous ones, he does hope that a greater understanding of the Native American histories of these places—places they have cherished, recreated on, and managed sustainably for hundreds ... Colombia
Yet, although the congress has approved the project, several of the government's ministries—notably the Ministries of Culture and Environment—actively oppose it. As well, several pieces of counter-legislation have been introduced, and numerous organizations promoting the rights of Peru's indigenous ... Colombia
Amazon indigenous women leaders have told Ecuador's president Lenin Moreno to limit oil drilling and mining in their territories and combat the sexual violence and death threats they claim accompany the industries. The delegation of women dressed in traditional tunics and with intricately painted faces ... Colombia
Jokowi gives green light for indigenous people bill deliberation Rukka Sombolinggi (right), the secretary-general of AMAN, receives the flag of the alliance from Rinto Tarore (left), a Tona'as (spiritual leader) and the head of Tombulu tribe in Minahasa, South Sulawesi on Saturday. (JP/Gemma Holliani ... Colombia
Elections Canada is planning early engagement initiatives and cultural training for staff to better serve Indigenous voters at the polls next year. This spring, returning officers in 28 electoral districts will contact leaders in Indigenous communities and start mapping out plans with them on how electoral ... Colombia
Pipestone County commissioners voted unanimously last week to recognize the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day. Eugene Strong, an American Indian, suggested the county adopt the resolution, which was first proposed in 1977 by a delegation of Native Nations to the United ... Colombia
On January 22, 2018, two sisters aged 19 and 14 from the indigenous Marma community were allegedly raped by members of security forces in the Rangamati district within the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) region in southeast Bangladesh. Reportedly, a joint security team consisting of the Bangladesh Army ... Colombia
The Reader Center is one way we in the newsroom are trying to connect with you, by highlighting your perspectives and experiences and offering insight into how we work. Photo. Cezin Nottaway, an Algonquin who runs a catering business, smokes moose meat using a method she learned from her ... Colombia
On Friday morning a crowd gathered outside the station's studio in Martin Place to protest against a Sunrise segment on Tuesday, hosted by Samantha Armytage, discussing whether white families should be “allowed to adopt abused Indigenous children”. Protesters held placards, banged on the studio's ... Colombia
“The NIMAs are not just about winning a trophy, they are about recognition and promotion of artists in their own communities and to the wider Australian community said National Indigenous Music Awards Reference Group Chair Warren H. Williams. “Last year was arguably the biggest ever for Australian ... Colombia
The Arctic Indigenous Film Fund (AIFF) launched last week at the Indigenous Film Conference at the Sami University of Applied Sciences in Kautokeino, Norway. It's an international collaboration between the Canada Media Fund, the International Sami Film Institute, Nunavut Film Development Corporation, ... Colombia
The Quebec ombudsman's office knows it needs to do better by Indigenous Peoples in the province and wants the next couple of years to be a turning point in that direction, Ombudsperson Marie Rinfret said on Wednesday. Speaking before the Viens commission, a public inquiry into the mistreatment of ... Colombia
The grant was approved by Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion last year, as part of money distributed through the overarching Indigenous Advancement Strategy. The fund was allocated $4.9 billion over four years to 2018-19. Last month, when questions were first raised about the grant, ... Colombia
Over 1,000 indigenous women were murdered between 1980 and 2012, according to a 2014 report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. But because of poor reporting practices and inadequate data, research done by indigenous activists found that number was closer to 4,000 women. That would ... Colombia



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