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updated Sun. May 28, 2017

If you're looking to get back in touch with a younger, more fun you, you may want to pull out a board game. Comic Readers in Regina has partnered with Sask Games to put on the Prairie Game Expo this weekend. The free expo will run Saturday from from 9 ...
Day 2 of Regionals is always full of surprises with Athletes moving up and down the leaderboard, but today we've gotten a different kind of surprise.
I need a break from open-world games. While I've had a blast with Breath of the Wild, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Ghost Recon: Wildlands, I've been craving something considerably more linear.
She then followed Selina Ta'amilo less than 24 hours later to increase her two-game total to 282 pitches for UCLA (47-13).
The Portland Timbers conceded the first goal in just two of their first nine games of the season as they quickly shot to first place in the Western Conference standings.
the Pentagon's latest military technology could make warfare feel more like a first person shooter video game. Newly unveiled Tactical Augmented Reality headsets aim to give soldiers "situational awareness," making it possible to map and locate targets ...
Teased in the spring slot that Ubisoft usually reserves for announcing and hyping assassin's Creed games, the new Far Cry is getting a push by the mega-publisher as the ideal shooter for our precarious times.
This game was pretty alright. Def not a B game (this thing had a massive marketing push, and given that I doubt they skimped on dev costs), but it seems that ground was covered plenty in the chat, so I'll just add that I was always bummed that some of ...
I'll be interested to see what multiformat games at E3 also have Switch versions. I don't know if games companies can adapt quickly enough to react to the strong sales of the Switch, and it'll end up like the Wii again with only hastily knocked-up ...
Also free this weekend: Fallout 4, though only in a "try it out" capacity. Normally with these steam free weekends I say something like, "If you really try, you can probably finish the game before Sunday," but in this case that's dubious. Definitely ...
Each month, Microsoft makes two games free for Xbox Live Gold members to download for a limited time on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Alegany-Limestone and Maple Grove both knocked off the No. 1 seeds in their respective classes on Wednesday. The Gators won a convincing 7-1 game over Silver Creek/Forestville. The Red Dragons won a 4-2 game over Barker. North Collins rolled Pine ...
There are plenty of horror board games and tabletop RPGs that thrive on fantasy, whether it's helping a ghost solve its own gruesome murder in Mysterium, or helping to stop (or aid) the rise of evil gods with Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. But of ...
Wales wants to help another British city stage the 2022 Commonwealth Games - then build "sustainable community" venues for a games bid after 2030. The Commonwealth Games Foundation (CGF) has said it would consider a joint bid for the 2022 Games ...
I need a break from open-world games. While I've had a blast with Breath of the Wild, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Ghost Recon: Wildlands, I've been craving something considerably more linear.
Speaking near the 200m running track set up on Deansgate, a major thoroughfare that leads towards the arena, the Olympic hurdles medallist and BBC commentator Colin Jackson said it was right that the event went ahead.
Picnics are one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. But if you're just sitting around while you eat, you might as well be inside.
For too long the definition of "Game of the Year" has been unfairly narrow. How boring is it to see every website shower the same stale AAA games with praise at ...
Ohio State announced game times for its first two matchups of the season and - spoiler alert - they'll both take place at night.
Microsoft renamed its game-streaming service and gave it some upgrades. Co-op live-streamers might be thrilled. Microsoft Beam is now Mixer.
Video games look better and better with every passing year. Just in the last few months alone we've seen gorgeous technical marvels like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Breath of the Wild, and Injustice 2 (yes, seriously).
There are two full-length games out on Nintendo Switch eShop - and in stores - this week, making this one of the biggest weeks for the console since launch.
Rime, the long-gestating puzzle/adventure game that comes to most platforms this Friday and reportedly to the Switch this summer, is a product of three levels of loss.
A computer beat China's top player of go, one of the last games machines have yet to master, for a second time Thursday in a competition authorities limited the Chinese public's ability to see.
Let's say you've made a game whose story, characters, and other gameplay elements are so compelling players want to come back again and again.
It's not that Mullin gives the Cavaliers, who have won 11 of 12 games in these playoffs, zero chance to win the series.
The IGEA today released the latest weekly sales charts for the week ended May 21, showing that the NetherRealm-developed fighting game was No. 1 on the all-platforms charts for Australia and Zealand. Weekly sales charts are not released in the US, only ...
For decades now, video games have conducted an exhaustive investigation into every possible way one could shoot guns and be shot at.
"That game should not have ended on that call," Bochy said. "We had them on fumes. They benefited from a bad call. That's not a strike.
And video games, of course. Since pixels starting giving way to polygons, game developers have been using their unique medium to cut us down to size.
While competition is a necessary part of law practice, when does competition morph into gamesmanship that helps fuel the perception that what lawyers do is play games with their clients, with opposing counsel, with the courts? Wait a minute, some ...
He opened the game by fanning leadoff man Delino DeShields on a 97 mph fastball, then got Rougned Odor to chase a dirt-diving slider and Napoli to wave at an elevated fastball in the second inning.
Taiwan holds war games simulating Chinese island attack. By The Associated Press. TAIPEI, Taiwan - May 25, 2017, 7:54 AM ET.
Internet users outside China could watch this week's games live but Chinese censors blocked most mainland web users from seeing the Google site carrying the feed.
A few weeks ago, the farthest corners of the gaming internet buzzed with affection for a bygone Japanese role-playing game called Arc Symphony., the industry-leading streaming website , may have found its roots in live streaming video game content back in June, 2011.
If you're picking up a Project Scorpio console, you can expect to play the "very best console version" of games this year, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. Asked on twitter if games like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: WWII (presumably) will look ...
We're just 100 days away from the start of the season on August 31 (we're not counting the fie games on August 26; outlier games don't count). To celebrate, we're giving you a list of the 100 best games of the season. Now, we admit "best" is a nebulous ...
Unity Technologies, a 13-year-old, San Francisco-based company that makes development tools for video game creators, has raised $400 million in fresh funding from the private equity firm Silver Lake.