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... such as the one about Trump. He occupies a position in the Russian political landscape which combines the offices of court jester and pet bulldog, and while his views may entertain the Russian leadership, they in no way inform or reflect government ...
The grant will also allow the institute to expand Russian scholarship with a new faculty position and two postdoctoral fellowships in Russian politics and society. The new faculty position will be a political scientist who will bring policy research on ...
Russia lambasted a US-ally air raid which killed over 60 Syrian government troops about to attack an Islamic State position. The US said the air raid was in error but not before some Russian political Pundits accused Washington of aiding the Islamic State.
... trying to reach Lithuania. Feygin is famous for defending the three women of Pussy Riot, as well as several other Russian political cases in the years since, including Ukrainian prisoner of war Nadezhda Savchenko and oppositionist Leonid Razvozzhayev.
Vladimir Putin's government accused of secret plan GETTY. Russia formulating plans to undermine west and gain support in the east.

Such formidable ballistic equipment has long been the focus of disputes between Western and Russian political Actors and experts, especially in light of the mounting standoff between NATO and Russia.
With the grant, the Russian and East European Institute will expand its work as an incubator for collaborative research and as a training center on contemporary Russian politics and society. The new workshop will build upon and amplify IU's historic ...
As unit two of Ukraine's largest nuclear power plant, Zaporozhye, was connected to the nation's power grid after repairs, a Russian political analyst evaluates the state of Ukraine's nuclear industry, finding that since the break-up with Russia ...
Baku. Ramiz Mikayiloglu - APA. This year it was possible to achieve significant progress in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict based on the Kazan formula, unfortunately it failed, Sergey Markov, director of the Russian Institute of ...
American democracy is experiencing a deep systemic crisis, Russian political analyst Anton Khashchenko noted, adding that Washington's interventionist foreign policy has become an instrument for manipulating the American people.
Speaking before the newly elected Lower House of parliament, President Vladimir Putin emphasized the importance of having a strong national defense and rich mineral resources, but also said that the main strength of Russia was in the unity of its people.
Fifty-four-year-old Kiriyenko has a very long and versatile background in Russian politics and state administration. He had worked as the general director of the Rosatom corporation - Russia's state monopoly in nuclear energy sector - since December 2007.
Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) is set to prepare a bill that would allow civil servants to be fired for using non-certified internet messengers such as Viber or WhatsApp at work, saying the apps potentially threaten the information security of ...
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33-year old Ildar Dadin is a former security guard who got married in a Moscow detention centre last February. Cameras were not allowed for the short ceremony but journalist Anastasiya Zotova, now his wife, came out smiling to the well-wishers and ...

"In the post-Cold War era, both the nature of Russian politics and the ways in which universities organize research and training have profoundly changed," Smyth told EurasiaNet.
Indeed, from my perspective, many of the nastiest and most perverse features of Russian politics now seem present in the United States as well.
Russian political scientists are divided in their assessments of whether Volodin's appointment to the Duma is a promotion or demotion.
Jailed Russian pilot Konsantin Yaroshenko has told reporters that he has signed a document that will allow his transfer home from America, effectively starting the handover process.
Russian politics has always been a fascinating subject around the globe. ... Russian politics is characterized by long term continuity - many of the wider leadership team have held senior positions since the late 1990s.
"The value of Monson in Russian politics is quite significant, although he is not a politician," said Gennady Zyuganov, the 72-year-old politician and leader of Russia's Communist Party since its founding in 1993.
By shutting out the opposition and marginalising even the tame Duma, the Kremlin is pushing Russian politics into uncharted and potentially dangerous territory.
You lose a lot when you're locked up in prison, but one thing you gain is oodles of time to think about your interests and hone your talents.
While Russian political culture remains autocratic, grotesque open lethal violence has faded. In early 2009, near the Kremlin on a sunny day on a public street, activist attorney Stanislav Markelov was murdered.
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Vladimir Putin has called United Russia's landslide victory in Sunday's parliamentary polls proof of citizens' trust, saying it is the best answer to external sanctions and internal attempts to destabilize the country.
"The value of Monson in Russian politics is quite significant, although he is not a politician," says Gennady Zyuganov, the 72-year-old politician and leader of Russia's Communist Party since its founding in 1993.
A cultural historian of the kind only the British seem to produce, Cliff is at home in Texan, American, Russian, political and piano cultures.
The United States, in their view, has been destabilizing Russian politics by supporting pro-democracy groups that challenge President Vladimir Putin's authority.
politics in Russia functions on a tightly controlled system that excludes any real alternative. But the result is an ever-growing crisis of confidence.
This collective of opposition parties is sponsored by the government and provides the acceptable and, more importantly, regulated face of Russian political opposition. The same is true for the new liberal conservative Party of Growth, a business ...
Steven Solnick discusses Russian politics at the Reuter Center on Tuesday. Photo by Larisa Karr. Larisa Karr News Editor lakarr@unca.
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Nobody in Russian politics entertains voters like Vladimir Zhirinovsky. By 2012, the man whose party, the LDPR, had won 12.3m votes in 1993 was now thoroughly transformed into a loveable public clown.
In the expert's view, Foreign Minister Klimkin's threats amount to little more than an attempt to begin another anti-Russian political campaign. "For this purpose, Kiev is prepared to use any pretext." The only problem with Ukrainian officials' efforts ...
This is partially the result of the fragility of the Russian political and economic system: You tend to plan more when the things you need the most are also the least reliable.
Much of that has to do with Putin, who, after a rule of more than 16 years, has wiped the slate of Russian politics clean, with opponents killed, imprisoned, driven into exile, or sidelined with fabricated criminal charges.
Ellen Carnaghan, Ph.D., a political science professor that specializes in Russian politics and who teaches a class on Soviet/Post-Soviet politics, generously offered her input on why it is important to study Russian politics- "Vladimir Putin, who is ...
Now it's possible that Russian political operatives didn't fully grasp the impact of these emails, thinking they would embarrass Powell as opposed to goad Trump into some new self-destructive act.
Overall, the anticipated results of the election suggest little outward change in the Russian political landscape is likely, with the question being the relative balance of existing systemic parties in the new Duma.
You have asked, "How is it possible to have a discussion with Mr. Putin and not mention, not even once, the fate of Russian political prisoners, or the attacks against Russian journalists, artists, and environmentalists?" The answer is simple: I did ...
... optimism towards the digital currency and minimal operations. Specifically, NewsBTC reported that Russian political party, the Party of Growth, proposed to legalize bitcoin.
... back at the beginning of the Cold War, senior diplomat George Kennan was asked to take a step back from all his day-to-day concerns and to examine the deeper sources of Russian political and international relations behaviour for the US government ...
Polls play a special role in Russian politics. While elections have been repeatedly dismissed by international and independent domestic observers as undemocratic and unfair, Russian president Vladimir Putin's sky-high approval rating-registered by all ...
"The American political system is superior than the Russian political system in every way. We just simply need a president of the United States who will command the respect of the world and lead with American strength, and that will be Donald Trump.
Gay Russian politics: Two gay men are running in the upcoming State Duma election in Russia. Bulat Barantayev. "The mechanism that the authorities are using to foster homophobia in society is very primitive.
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It's about a Russian political hack, not American voters, deciding who is our next American president. ___. Steven Kurlander blogs at Kurly's Kommentary.





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