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updated Mon. May 29, 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will begin a visit to four European nations in Germany on Monday, with a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel scheduled at her official country retreat in Meeseberg.
I updated the 2017 wallpaper to show Central European Time kickoffs and also moved the Thursday game to Friday morning for anyone in Europe who finds it a little messy keeping track and like me, needs to watch live. I only updated the times and one ...
While understandable from a financial point of view, there is still much to be gained for players willing to compete in Europe -- including, evidently, the lower divisions. China in particular has proved to be a tricky destination for Aussies. The ...
After spending time with President Trump at the G7, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has concluded that the United States can no longer be relied upon as a security blanket for Europe. Merkel's comments foreshadow a transformation of the U.S.-European ...
In Europe, driverless projects are focused on utilitarian self-driving vehicles for mass transit that barely exceed walking pace.
If the UK doesn't recognise European Court of Justice rulings, and accept free movement of people, they're out of Open Skies, he said.
However, Mr Erixon said: "Despite the victories of the Dutch Prime Minister and Emmanuel Macron, as much as I like to share their positive view about European cooperation and empowering the EU with more authority, I think the era of an ever-closer ...
French President Emmanuel Macron has said his clenched handshake with Donald Trump was "not innocent" and was a "moment of truth".
When Axis and Soviet forces invaded Eastern Europe and the Balkans in the early years of World War II, they sent thousands of refugees fleeing south and east to escape the chaos.
Boston (CBS) - James Kirchick spent much of the last decade writing and reporting on the politics and political culture of Europe. He's written a book called "The End of Europe: dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age." WBZ poitical analyst Jon ...
Even though he was busy destroying postwar alliances and praising autocrats, it was nice to have President Trump away from the United States for a week, especially away from twitter.
Europe still has not realized that the terror which struck its metropolis was a war, and not the mistake of a few disturbed people who misunderstood the Islamic ...
The UK is lobbying Europe to water down a key energy-saving target despite the fact it will not take effect until after Brexit, according to leaked documents that sparked warnings that energy bills could rise and jobs put at risk.
That isn't how Europe leaders and most of the continent's media see it. European reaction - especially in the key capitals of Berlin and Paris - to the Trump visit is very different from the White House's characterization; and "success" isn't a word ...
Europe can no longer "completely depend" on the US and UK following the election of President Trump and Brexit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says.
First a request: Let me ask those of you who believe Russia is planning to invade Europe to put down the New York Times for a minute or two.
TAORMINA, Sicily - President Trump declined to endorse the Paris climate accords on Saturday, ending his first foreign trip much as he began it: at odds with several of the nation's allies and under a cloud of questions back home about his ties to Russia.
Last October, the European Space Agency's ExoMars mission lost contact with its Schiaparelli lander as it attempted to land on Mars.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic's agent Mino Raiola was non-committal on his client's future at Manchester United, but said he will definitely be playing in Europe next season and has "many offers" already. Ibrahimovic, 35, had his season cut short by a cruciate ...
Over the past nine days, as the Trump White House went on the road around the Middle East and Europe, the rest of the world learned first hand what America already knows: this is a presidency unlike any other in history.
Europe reacts - Erik Kirschbaum in Berlin, for L.A. Times: "Across Europe, the reaction to Trump's trip, and especially the NATO photo opp, was less than charitable.
A Chara, - Roger Cole of the peace and Neutrality Alliance was on his usual anti-NATO rant in his letter (May 25th). Nato has kept the peace in Europe since the end of the Second World War. We should remember that the first major decision the countries ...
IF you still haven't booked this year's summer holiday, these prices are likely to influence your choice of destination. Ryanair has kicked off the long weekend by announcing a massive Bank Holiday price slash of up to 20 per cent on flights to Europe ...
"Fine. Germany will give America 5 million jobs, but this is my final offer." Photo: Guido Bergmann/Bundesregierung via Getty Images.
The pictures from Donald Trump's romp through Europe, which show a long parade of political and spiritual leaders looking visibly uncomfortable in his presence or even snickering to themselves as he spoke, make the point more forcefully than a thousand ...
European leaders have used Trump's stops on the continent this week, including at the Group of 7 meeting in Sicily, to launch a last-ditch campaign for Mr. Trump to stay in the climate accord.
European stocks finished lower Friday, leaving the regional benchmark with a tiny weekly loss, with oil and gas shares pushed down on disappointment stemming from OPEC's agreement to extend production cuts.
A voluntary recall of certain lots of EpiPens is now expanded to include some versions sold in Europe, army officials said Friday.
Trump's speech at NATO's new Brussels headquarters on Thursday, in which he again berated U.S. allies for not spending enough on defense and suggested they "owe massive amounts" in back payments, confirmed to Europe's leadership that Trump ...
It was eight against one, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On one side, leaders of Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, plus two EU representatives.
Across Europe, the reaction to Trump's trip, and especially the NATO photo opp, was less than charitable. Scotland's J.K.
President Trump is winning as many headlines in Europe as he did in the Middle East. But as he arrived in the beguiling seaside town of Taormina for a meeting of the Group of 7 countries on Friday, the smooth statesman celebrated in Saudi Arabia and ...
(CNN) World leaders at the G-7 summit on Friday will meet in Sicily -- a promised land for thousands of migrants making the desperate journey from North Africa to Europe. This week, Italy received 4,513 migrants to the country. It was a 576% increase ...
But her vision of a future with rampant sterility and reliance on surrogates to propagate may also apply to Europe, where much is being made of the fact that the "commanders," as Atwood calls political leaders, are unable to have children.
Graduates, special guests and university representatives were among those attending the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's Worldwide Europe commencement ceremony at the Lufthansa Training and Conference Center in Seeheim, Germany, Saturday ...
But when a team of journalists declared that the tiny Mediterranean island was a "pirate base for tax avoidance", it sent ripples of concern across the EU.
My second picture is the bust of Robert Schuman, close to the Berlaymont, the offices of the European Commission, in Brussels.
While terrorism may top President Donald Trump's agenda, European leaders keep pressing him on climate change and the environment.
In part, it can be explained by the shock that Manchester has delivered to any UK complacency that we do these things better than continental Europe. Even so, the resentment against the Americans is more than a fit of temper in a stressful time. You ...
Barely two hours later, Ms. Merkel was among the European leaders who greeted Mr. Trump coolly at NATO headquarters in Brussels, where few casual words, let alone warm ones, were exchanged, as the new American president once again castigated ...
Latest figures show the US spent 3.61 percent of its GDP on defence in 2016, down from 5.29 percent in 2009. European countries, by contrast, spent 1.46 percent of their GDP on defence.
As her reality TV star husband meets many of his Western allies for the first time as U.S. president on Thursday, Melania Trump will be offered a different take on the surreal by her hosts in Brussels.
The investigation into the Manchester bombing on Monday that left 22 people dead and dozens injured outside the Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert continued on Thursday.
People gathered in St. Ann's Square in central Manchester on Thursday to observe a minute of silence in remembrance of those killed on Monday in the terrorist attack.
Far from being mutually antagonistic, ancient farmers and hunter-gatherers mixed freely with each other and interbred, new genetic data shows.




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