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updated Thu. February 23, 2017

While all cities share European regulations for water protection and conservation, they have large freedoms to choose how to reach these goals.
Year to date, the STOXX Europe 600 index is down 1.58%, compared with the S&P 500's 5.65% advance. The benchmark is representative of large cap as well as medium and small caps in 17 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, ...
Travel planning and booking site TripAdvisor has revealed the Best Beaches in Europe as part of its annual Travellers' Choice Awards.
But every overland visitor to Madrid comments on the boring approach to its outskirts. The Manzanares river, not much more than a stream, seems to serve no purpose.
A 'nuclear sniffer' plane has been sent to monitor radioactivity levels in Europe following the detection of mysterious spikes of radiation across the continent.
Europe may be in a bit of an existential funk these days with Brexit and an EU-hostile new president in the White House, but the talk of the town in Brussels is a "White Paper" being prepared, out of view, for the EU's 60th anniversary celebrations in ...
Recent studies of genomic variation in prehistoric human remains have demonstrated that two mass migration events are particularly important to understanding European prehistory: the Neolithic spread of agriculture from Anatolia starting around 9,000 ...
"The speed of the [combat aviation brigade's] arrival ensures we have additional combat firepower and support if needed at the time and place of our choosing," said army Col.
There is no imminent threat from the amount of material that is currently being found in Europe, according to the French IRSN, or nuclear security body.
The coldest winter air in several years will maintain its grip on northern and Eastern Europe to start the spring season. People will want to keep their jackets handy well into April in London, United Kingdom; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Berlin, Germany ...
If there were ever a time for Europe to develop a Russia strategy independent of Washington, it is now. For most of the period since Russia annexed Crimea, Russian propagandists and foreign-policy mouthpieces have been harping on Europe to break ranks ...
Antonio Tajani, the new President of the European Parliament, has made a bold opening statement of intent: "No Jew should be forced to leave Europe." While this is an admirable position to hold, it sadly could not be farther from the truth. The poison ...
Germany is having trouble deciding whether plants that are gene-edited should be regulated as if they were genetically modified (GM).
The value of the US dollar has recently been rising in world markets reflecting the relative strength of the US economy and relative monetary policies.
But the reality is that many European countries are beginning to curb their own refugee programs, after years of pressure caused by high levels of migration.
The United States, after President Donald Trump took office, nixed a big trade pact with Asia, and let another big trade accord with Europe die on the vine. Now both those jilted partners are getting together - threatening to leave the United States ...
The pan-European Stoxx 600 pared earlier gains to trade up 0.15 percent in afternoon trade, with major bourses trading up and sectors pointing in different directions.
Monaco have overtaken Barcelona as the top scorers from Europe's top five leagues this season after their three goals against Manchester City on Tuesday at the Etihad.
Video-sharing website YouTube briefly went down for many users across parts of Europe on Tuesday, according to online outage reports, prompting panicked social media messages from disappointed users.
Like Libya, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt, Tunisia receives funding and training from Brussels through the European neighbourhood policy (ENP).
A three-time European Tour winner, Pieters introduced himself to American golf fans who didn't already know him in a big way at the Ryder Cup last fall, going 3-0 for the Euros in partnered matches with McIlroy.
For most of the period since Russia annexed Crimea, Russian propagandists and foreign-policy mouthpieces have been harping on Europe to break ranks with Washington, pursue its natural material interests, and do a deal. With the election of Donald ...
YouTube is experiencing major problems with many users unable to access the website. According to DownDetector the site went down for users in Europe at ...
Apple is filing a new legal challenge against its $14.5 billion tax fine in Europe, arguing the European Commission "made fundamental errors" in assessing the company's activities outside of Ireland.
The City of London has warned that the loss of banking jobs to EU countries due to Brexit could threaten British and European financial stability. Interviews with more than half a dozen senior bankers and business leaders reveal growing certainty that ...
The mysterious spike in radiation has got conspiracy theorists talking.
Brussels - Upcoming elections in the Netherlands, France, and Germany will be held in what is arguably the most febrile political environment since the European Union's creation. The post-war liberal democratic order is under threat everywhere, but ...
Most of my articles are about leading and coincident indicators that tell us everything we need to know about the US economy. However, it is also important to focus on other regions.
President Donald Trump disdains the EU, celebrates those who would wreck a united Europe, and would appoint an anti-EU ambassador; Vice President Mike Pence says the president supports a full U.S.
At a time when Russia is launching cyberattacks against Europe, exploiting the chaos that is President Donald Trump's first month in office and not backing down in Ukraine, NATO seems to be needed more than it has since the end of the Cold War.
The pan-European STOXX 600 closed near session highs, ending 0.64 percent up with almost all sectors and bourses closing in positive territory.
Thierry Hennet / Getty Images With U.S. markets rallying and considerable political uncertainty across Europe, the only thought many U.S.
MANCHESTER -- Pep Guardiola has said he believes Monaco are one of the best teams in Europe as he prepares his Manchester City side to face them in the Champions League on Tuesday.
At the prestigious Munich Security Conference, for example, European anxiety over U.S. erratic foreign policy choices thus far was on constant display.
Warning that the impasse in the India-European Union free trade negotiations could also hurt investment into India, the Members of the European Parliament "Delegation for Relations with India" urged the government to consider a six-month extension of ...
MPs have reacted with incredulity after the boss of Volkswagen told them the company in Europe had done nothing wrong and "misled nobody", despite having agreed a multibillion-dollar settlement in the US over the emissions-rigging scandal.
First, a dry statistic: Eurostat, the European Union's central statistics agency, released a report on Monday saying that the EU consumed slightly less energy in 2015 than it did in 1990.
The European Commission wants Britain to be paying into EU projects for four years after it has signed a Brexit deal, with final payments continuing up until the end of 2023, the Daily Telegraph has learned.
The latest figures from Airports Council International Europe (ACI), an industry group, show that in 2016 passenger numbers grew by 1% at Europe's busiest hub, to 75.7m. Charles De Gaulle in Paris, Europe's second busiest airport, lags way behind (see ...
Small amounts of nuclear radiation spread across Europe last month, and no one can figure out why. First detected over the Norway-Russia border in January, the radioactive iodine-131 bloom was then found over several European countries, and while ...
Many Europeans eye the months ahead with foreboding. They see anti-establishment parties on the ascendancy. Angela Merkel - for so long Frau Europe - may lose power. And the financial markets are skittish over the possibility of a Marine Le Pen victory ...
Speaking at NATO headquarters in Brussels Monday, Vice President Mike Pence reassured allies that America would uphold its commitments to the organization, but added that President Trump expected "real progress" among NATO allies in stepping up ...
The European Union has drafted rules to regulate the Ethnicity of snowmen. In their open-plan office overlooking a major thoroughfare in Brussels, an 11-person team known as East Stratcom, serves as Europe's front line against this onslaught of fake news.
"If the economic (health) agents are convinced that this technology can actually help to address the challenges [in Europe], then that will create a market that will automatically feed the development of these technologies," said Jorge Dias, Project ...
The country's president, Borut Pahor, who worked as a model while studying, is known by the nickname "Barbie" and uses Instagram to get his message across.
Brussels - U.S. Vice President Mike Pence moved Monday to assuage European Union fears about the strength of Washington's support for the union and its commitment to European security through the NATO military alliance. In meetings in Brussels, ...
Justin Trudeau has discovered Europe. The prime minister had hoped to find there a counterweight to Canada's economic dependence on the U.S.
In a recent study, The Workforce View in Europe 2017, ADP surveyed 10,000 workers across eight European countries to gauge workplace elements such as employee engagement, work-life balance and career progression.





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