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updated Mon. March 26, 2018

PHOTO: Randolph Churchill on Friday afternoon at The Churchill Society of Tennessee's regional conference in Franklin. By LANDON WOODROOF. At The Churchill Society of Tennessee's regional conference on Friday, Winston Churchill's great-grandson shared knowledge and insight into ... grandfather
"I am glad to learn from the Minister of War Transport that a strict line is being taken in dealing with requests for cereals from the Indian Ocean area. A concession to one country at once encourages demands from all the others," the prime minister commented in a memo on 10 March 1943. "They must ... India Britain
The giant legend of Sir Winston Churchill continues to tower over the British story, more than fifty years since his death in 1965. Interested in Oscars? Add Oscars as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Oscars news, video, and analysis from ABC News. Oscars. Add Interest. The role he played at ...
The right, meanwhile, has turned to a figure far more congenial to it--as he is to virtually everyone in the Anglosphere--Winston Churchill, British prime minister, wartime hero and consistent winner (even over Shakespeare) of every poll seeking the greatest Englishman in history. It is an idea whose ...
Shortly before the release of Darkest Hour, Joe Wright's acclaimed film about Winston Churchill, a private screening was held for members of Churchill's family. Among those who attended was Nicholas Soames, Churchill's grandson, who knew his grandfather when he was an old man. He ...

The movie Darkest Hour delivers a riveting 125 minutes of Winston Churchill's first weeks as Britain's prime minister precisely as Western Europe crumbles under the Germans' blitzkrieg assault. The production is up for six Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Actor. Gary Oldman captures Churchill as ...
In 1942, when Britain's wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill paid a visit to U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, his goal was to ensure the United States' continued support of Britain in their fight against Hitler and Nazi Germany. However, Churchill, recently portrayed by Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour, ...
Winston Churchill was … not a highly sexed man at all, and I don't think that in his 60 or 55 years' married life he ever slipped up, except on this one occasion when Lady Churchill was not with him and by moonlight in the south of France … he certainly had an affair, a brief affair with … Castlerosse as ... secret socialite
In the third lecture of Hillsdale College's free online Winston Churchill and Statesmanship course (which you can take along with me here) college President Larry ... In a biography on his ancestor, John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough, Winston Churchill writes that having a capable military mind ... Secret
I gathered them up and separated them into two warring factions — one led, as I told my little boy, by “Winston Churchill,” the other by “Adolf Hitler.” It became clear to him, I think, as Winston's toy soldiers decimated the Austrian corporal's, that only one of these two epochal figures was considered worthy. Secret
Donald Trump told Theresa May she could be the Winston Churchill of our time during one of their regular phone calls, according to reports. The President, who has a bust of the wartime Prime Minister in the Oval Office, made the comment during a call on 19 December, sources on both sides of the Atlantic ... Secret
On this day in 1965, Winston Churchill, the prime minister who guided a beleaguered Britain through World War II, died in London at age 90. His funeral rites, held in London, saw Churchill become the first civilian in the 20th century to receive an honor normally reserved for kings and queens and only the ... Secret
During the May Day protests in England in 2000, nothing infuriated the British establishment — its press, its politicians, its courts of respectable opinion — more than the desecration of Winston Churchill's statue in Parliament Square. The savage blood red spray-painted around Churchill's mouth, the livid ... Secret
In all the attention paid to the 75th anniversary of Dunkirk, there was scarcely a whisper about Winston Churchill's arrival in No 10 a fortnight earlier, something we now take for granted but which was not assured at the time. In fact rather the opposite. Until three days before this seismic moment in our ... Secret
George W. Bush installed a bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office at the White House. When Barack Obama came to power he had the bust returned to Britain. Obama's Kenyan grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, was imprisoned in one of the concentration camps Churchill and his imperialists had ... Secret
Top-flight performances from Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill and Kristin Scott Thomas as his wife, Clementine, have generated a keen interest in Darkest Hour, director Joe Wright's depiction of Britain tottering on the edge of defeat to Nazi Germany in May 1940. The film looks terrific and has an air of ... Secret

Looming large but off-screen is Winston Churchill, whose soaring “We shall fight on the beaches” speech isn't heard in the prime minister's voice, but read aloud by a war-weary evacuee. In “Darkest Hour,” debuting locally on Friday, Churchill (an excellent Gary Oldman) delivers that speech in a dramatic ... Secret
On Dec. 10, when Gary Oldman accepts the Variety prize at the British Independent Film Awards for focusing the international spotlight on the U.K., his three-decade career will be bookended by two British icons: Sid Vicious and Winston Churchill. Now that's range — though to Oldman, the punk figurehead ... Secret
“We wouldn't be sitting here in a theater watching movies we want to watch” had Churchill, flaws and all, not been standing in the gap, noted Bill Fisher of the Winston Churchill Society of Georgia, whose members hosted an advance screening last week. The movie, in area theaters Friday, is directed by Joe ... Secret
It was 1909 and Winston Churchill, a British member of parliament, had just arrived in Bristol with his new wife, Clementine. Their task was to greet local party members during a routine political stop. But suddenly, the low-key event turned deadly. A militant suffragist came out of nowhere and began to attack ... Secret
If you go see Darkest Hour, the new Winston Churchill biopic starring Gary Oldman as the British prime minister, you'll see Churchill at the height of his powers and popularity. But that picture may well obscure the person he once was: a love-starved child whose lonely childhood set the stage for his almost ... Secret
... the refuelling, were considered prime suspects but nobody admitted taking the bananas. Afterwards Mr Churchill boarded the plane saying something to the effect that he thought he had landed on friendly territory but instead had found himself in a den of thieves. Winston Churchill first visited Cornwall in ... Secret
“Winston Churchill won the Second World War with a terrible problem with depression. [It] doesn't mean you sit at home crying all day in a ... Secret
Then, on 30 November, it was Winston Churchill's 69th birthday and he was to host a dinner. This was the last throw of the dice. Could he pull ... Secret
That's one of the key messages of “Darkest Hour,” in which Gary Oldman embodies, fiercely and memorably, the legendary Winston Churchill, ... Secret
The new exhibit “A Man for All Seasons: The Art of Winston Churchill" features 28 of the wartime leader's watercolors. (Society of the Four Arts ... Secret
Six Minutes in May brings the story of Winston Churchill to life. Nicholas Shakespeare manages to evoke tension in an old tale by ... Secret
For decades it was Winston Churchill's favourite Champagne (his first order was in 1908), but the personal connection can be traced back to ... Secret
Winston Churchill arrived on the big screen on Wednesday in a new film, Darkest Hour, which is already generating Oscar buzz for its lead ... Secret
British Prime Minister Winston Churchill delivering his first radio broadcast as Prime Minister on May 13, 1940. Secret
When Gary Oldman first saw himself in full Winston Churchill drag—fat suit, prosthetics, and all—even the veteran actor gasped in shock. Secret
He was one of Britain's greatest prime ministers, but Sir Winston Churchill wasn't all about work – he also had an extremely happy home life. Secret
Sir Nicholas, whose grandfather was British hero Winston Churchill, continued: "If it is not a coup then it is certainly its first cousin. I think it's a ... Secret
Sid Vicious. Beethoven. Sirius Black. Dracula. These incredible performances by Gary Oldman over the years still hasn't prepared you for his ... Secret
Since the 2016 election, legendary WWII British prime minister Winston Churchill has been a brash, bold presence in pop culture, striding ... Secret
Earlier this month at the 21st Hollywood Film Awards, Gold Derby chatted with career achievement honoree Gary Oldman about his new film ... Secret
With what is turning out to be a role that would give an Oscar nod to Gary Oldman, it took over a year to get him to commit to the part, according ... Secret
It Took Gary Oldman Over a Year to Commit to Playing Winston Churchill ... a film that centers around Winston Churchill as he becomes Prime ... Secret
This man, of course, was Winston Churchill, prime minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. The film Darkest Hour, out in theaters ... Secret
Winston Churchill's post- World War Two government was "riddled" with Soviet spies, rendering him powerless to protect Britain from a ... Secret
In 1936, a not yet Sir Winston Churchill found himself at a dismal point in his political career. Having publicly taken the side of King Edward VIII ... Secret
Over fifty years ago, Winston Churchill came up with a definition of success that integrates both sides of the coin. It remains one of the most ... Secret
While serving as an influential statesman and writing Nobel Prize-winning histories, Winston Churchill also found time to paint. Now, The ... Secret
“Darkest Hour” is getting some key endorsements as it revs up its awards season campaign. The historical drama about Winston Churchill's ... Secret
In his biography of Winston Churchill, “The Last Lion,” William Manchester describes Churchill as “the largest human being of our time. Secret
But a little-known painting, due to go on sale this week, sheds light on the quieter side of Sir Winston Churchill. A keen artist, Sir Winston ... Secret
Winston Churchill's grandson called President Trump a “daft twerp” on Twitter, criticizing the president for his comments connecting the U.K.'s ... Secret
The cigar was kept by British airman, Corporal William Alan Turner, after finding it at Le Bourget Airport. winston.jpg. Sir Winston Churchill was ... Secret
(BOSTON) — A cigar half-smoked by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill during a 1947 trip to Paris has sold for just over $12,000 during ... Secret


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