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updated Thu. April 19, 2018

Bogolo Joy Kenewendo is Minister of Investment Trade and Industry in Botswana. At 30 years old, she's also the youngest MP in the country. Her priority coming into office is the revitalisation of the economy through better job's perspectives.
The Organisation of African Unity was transformed into the African Union in 2001 with this shift in mind. The continent adopted progressive governance tools like the African Peer Review Mechanism. This was spearheaded by former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and South Africa's Thabo ...

In the late 1950's, Israel was a young emerging state at the same time that several African countries were becoming independent from their colonial rulers. "From an Israeli perspective, there was something really exciting in forging links with new countries which had to engage in the process of ... Africa
"The Great Rift splits Africa into two plates. With what is happening we have established one plate which is the Somali plate is moving away from the other plate at a rate of 2.5cm. In the near future if this happens we shall have the Somali plate separating from the other Nubian plate," Kenyan ...
JOHANNESBURG -- A top corruption inspector in South Africa has announced that she will investigate two high-ranking African National Congress politicians in a case related to the abuse of public funds for a dairy farm -- a rare sign that powerful members of the governing party could be held to ... Africa

According to the report, South Africa is one of the most unequal countries, with the highest Gini coefficient in the world (among countries where data is available), with recent interesting trends. Panel A in Figure 2.4 presents consumption inequality within South Africa. Notably, consumption grew fastest ... market
Refraction: New Photography of Africa and Its Diaspora is a photo exhibition that will present a generation of photographic artists of African descent born in the 1970s through the 1990s. Premiering on Thursday, April 19 at Steven Kasher Gallery in NYC, these 12 artists, who reside from all over the ...
AGOA demonstrates the power of U.S. trade policy to bring about significant change in Africa through measures that, while trivial from the American perspective, can have a sizeable impact in Africa. Specifically, AGOA allows for eligible African countries to export a long list of goods to the United ... clothes
Mohamed explained why union was so crucial to Africa. "The biggest opportunity for Africa today is a lack of inward investments that are supposed to be flowing into Africa," he said. "There is no Africa -- there is Kenya, there is Nigeria, there is South Africa. Each of these countries on their own are ... China
But Africa plans to make it hurt. Negotiators will meet in Bonn at the end of this month to begin the most important year in climate talks since the 2015 deal. In December, countries are due to agree a set of governing rules for the Paris Agreement and those who left the French capital unsatisfied – particularly ... China
The internet can be achingly slow and expensive in parts of Africa, undermining fledgling tech ecosystems and the ability of Africans to connect globally. Google wants to fix that by releasing an app that will make it lighter to browse online, with search results optimized to save up to 40% data. The Google Go ... China
The only global prize for contemporary African photography reveals it shortlist for 2018, bringing together artists from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Angola and Morocco as well as Europe and the US, and covering subjects as diverse as FGM, nomadic life, the plight of domestic workers, and learning to swim. China
JOHANNESBURG - Libya's Presidency Council's Ministry of Finance and the Libyan Foreign Bank (LFB) are considering various ways the North African country can recover ''faltering'' loans to African countries. At a meeting last week between the Minister of Finance-designate of the Government of ... China
Given recent developments in the global economy, especially Brexit and the Trump administration's “America First” policy, it is worth assessing how Africa's three largest commercial partners—China, the European Union, and the United States—are likely to impact the region in the near future as it relates to ... China
Machete attacks in the Democratic Republic of Congo displace thousands, Nigeria marks four years since the abduction of the Chibok schoolgirls, and Zimbabwe finds the funny side of the 2017 coup against long-serving president Robert Mugabe. Here's a look at the biggest stories from the continent. China
South Africa's hops make up just one percent of the global market, but now the world's biggest beer brewer is investing half a million dollars to grow the industry. Source: CNN. CNN Original Series on CNNgo. Watch Full episode on. Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. HFR SEPTEMBER 13 -- USE FOR ... China

The 2018 Arnold Classic is looking to give 450 university students who are studying towards a sports-related career an opportunity in which they will become volunteer ambassadors of the biggest multi-sport competition in Africa. The programme will provide them with vital experience. Headed by the ... China
URBANA, Ill. (AP) — The University of Illinois is hoping to strengthen its connections with Africa through new partnerships, research exchanges and student enrollment. University officials recently visited South Africa and Malawi. The delegation visited with representatives from the University of Pretoria, ... China
Often called the “Mother of the Nation” and “Mama Winnie,” Madikizela-Mandela fought to keep South Africa's anti-apartheid struggle in the international spotlight while her husband, Nelson Mandela, was imprisoned. “Long before it was fashionable to call for Nelson Mandela's release from Robben Island, ... China
On a recent visit to Lagos for a fashion show, veteran supermodel Naomi Campbell called on leading global fashion magazine to start an Africa edition and it's sparked a bit of debate in Africa's fashion circles about whether the region really needs Vogue or if Vogue needs Africa. There's also been some ... China
On the latest episode of Balancing The Ledger, Fortune's show covering all things cryptocurrency, fintech, and blockchain, Rosiello discussed her inability to invest in the recent initial public offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange of a friend's company: Hut 8, a cryptocurrency mining company backed by ... China
The Wall Street Journal reported this week that U.S. special-operations forces in Africa are increasingly working from remote command centers, withdrawing their presence from the front lines of missions. Still, the U.S. military is actively engaged in combatting threats in the Sahel region: On Wednesday, the ... China
A fossilized finger bone of an early human discovered in Saudi Arabia's Nefud desert is challenging long-held views about human migration out of Africa. The bone dates back to 88,000 years ago and suggests that the migration of homo sapiens out of Africa was more widespread and successful than ... China
China's decision to suspend presidential term limits is still reverberating around the world. The announcement, made after a vote by China's parliament in March, prompted some commentators to draw comparisons with “third termism” in Africa, when leaders flout democratic conventions to stay in power as ... China
... for 'Mother of the Nation' held in South Africa. An emotional farewell to Winnie Madikizela-Mandela who fought apartheid in South Africa for decades. ... A memorial service has been held in South Africa for the woman many called the "mother of the nation". Thousands attended a ceremony for Winnie ... China
A longtime stalwart of the ANC, she was a member of South Africa's parliament at the time of her death. ANC Deputy Secretary General Jessie Duarte said Madikizela-Mandela had loved the party and that her life's work of "returning the land to the people" must continue. "This is our hero, this is our heroine, ... China
Beta Films has secured new deals which will see acclaimed German crime drama “Babylon Berlin” debut across Africa and India. South Africa-based broadcaster M-Net, which is owned by Africa's biggest subscription television network MultiChoice, has acquired rights across the whole of the African ... China
A huge cache of stone inscriptions from one of Africa's oldest written languages have been unearthed in a vast "city of the dead" in Sudan. The inscriptions are written in the obscure 'Meroitic' language, the oldest known written language south of the Sahara, which has been only partly deciphered. China
One obstacle is simply “believing that it is feasible,” Mustapha Bakkoury, chairman of the board of Morocco's Solar Energy Agency, said at a panel during the Africa CEO Forum last week in Abidjan. Even though there are “enough examples to show it works,” as Bakkoury said, a measure of skepticism is still ... China
Israel announced a deal with the U.N. on Monday to resettle African migrants in Western nations, but hours later put the agreement on hold. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced the deal on national TV, saying Israel agreed to cancel the planned expulsion of tens of thousands of African ... China
Visibility across vast swaths of northern and central Africa and the Arabian Peninsula has been severely reduced since Thursday as a large-scale disturbance has resulted in huge quantities of Saharan dust being dispersed across the region. A low pressure system developed over the desert region of ... China
MELBOURNE, Australia — South Africa's foreign minister said Monday that the Australian government had retracted comments by its home affairs minister suggesting that South Africa was not a “civilized country” because of its treatment of white farmers. In March, the minister, Peter Dutton, said that ... China
Over the last couple of decades, much of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has witnessed protests, labor unrest, localized demands for development, and movements for autonomy or even secession. While those incidents have communicated a wide variety of grievances, a closer look at the nature ... China
"The entire African Union family joins the continent in grief at the passing of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. On this sad occasion, the chairperson conveys his heartfelt condolences to the government and people of South Africa." Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari says the passing of Madikizela-Mandela ... China
Julie Bishop told South Africa that Australia's immigration policy was more important than what Peter Dutton said in public, Pretoria officials said. ... On Tuesday Dutton told Guardian Australia he had only seen the public comments from South Africa's foreign minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, claiming Australia had ... China
Africa is a global leader in mobile money, with telecom operators embracing innovative practices that allow customers to not only pay bills but also access services including loans, insurance, and savings. Yet increasingly, fintech startups with access to greater funding and banks are trying to permeate the ... China
England has accidentally been named as an African nation in the official Gold Coast Commonwealth Games opening ceremony program. The 130-page program lists England as being a country of about 2 million people with the capital in "Banjul". Banjul is actually the capital city of The Gambia. England's ... China
Terry Ballantini, chief operating officer at Normal Gadgets in Bloomington, eyes 20 donated laptops that were refurbished and updated last week. The shop will send the laptops to a technology teacher in Africa who uses a chalkboard to teach computer programming to junior high students. China
JERUSALEM — Israel said on Monday it has canceled a plan to deport African migrants to Africa and reached an agreement with the U.N. refugee agency ... of the migrants say that many of them fled abuse and war and that their expulsion, even to a different country in Africa, would endanger them further. China
In this undated photo supplied by the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria, a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. on display at the embassy in Pretoria South Africa. The name of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. can be found across Africa on streets, schools, even a bridge in Burkina Faso. It is a measure of the influence of the ... China
South African anti-apartheid campaigner Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has died aged 81, her personal assistant says. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was the former wife of South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela. The couple - famously pictured hand-in-hand as Mr Mandela walked free from prison after 27 years ... China
With only 50 child psychiatrists in Africa for a population of a billion people, autism is rarely diagnosed and children with autism and their carers suffer in silence. The disorder is often seen as a curse treated by traditional healers in some parts of the continent. Al Jazeera's Nicolas Haque reports from Dakar, ... China
Morne Morkel, the South Africa Test bowler, is poised to join Surrey on a Kolpak contract this summer. Morkel, who recently took his 300th Test wicket, will be a significant boost to Surrey's hopes of winning their first County Championship title since 2002. He is ranked the world's sixth-best Test bowler and ... China
Manufacturing represents only about 10% of total GDP in Africa on average. This falls well below other developing regions. A successful continental free-trade area could reduce this gap. And a bigger manufacturing sector will mean more well-paid jobs, especially for young people. This will help poverty ... China
Across all 37 USAFs in Africa, unspent funds total an estimated US$408 million — enough to bring 6 million women online, or to provide digital skills training to 16 million women and girls. Few countries are focused on improving women's internet access and use — despite the worsening digital gender gap. China
China has repeatedly rejected accusations that it is only interested in Africa for its mineral resources and said its no-strings-attached aid programmes are widely welcomed. Geingob also told Xinhua that China-Africa cooperation is on equal footing and that China's investment in his country is not just ... China
Often time flashes by. But it feels like a lifetime ago that University World News – Africa was launched on 30 March 2008. Perhaps this is because so much has happened in Africa over the past decade, especially in higher education, which has clocked the world's highest regional enrolment growth rate and ... China
University World News (UWN) is proud today to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Africa edition and partner University World News – Africa. Launched on 30 March 2008 by its founding editor Karen MacGregor, who was also one of the global edition's joint founding editors, it has grown to play a vital and ... China
“If you are going to work in Africa you need to have your head above your shoulders to navigate the terrain,” says Madella, co-founder and chief ... been in the information communication technology (ICT) sector since the 1980s, working for mining Anglo American and subsequently BP South Africa in the ... China



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