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updated Sun. April 29, 2018

Your enjoyment on board may depend on whether you want an intimate, more tailored approach to cruises, or prefer the wham-bam glossy all-encompassing theme park-at-sea experience. If you are the latter, then Symphony is for you - a beauty and a beast of the seas. MORE INFORMATION. ... ship
"[Dead zones] are a disaster waiting to happen--made worse by climate change, as warmer waters hold less oxygen, and by fertilizer and sewage running off the land into the seas," lead author Bastien Queste, a marine scientist at the University of East Anglia in the U.K., said in a press release. The ... Arabian Sea Florida

Sea turtles will soon be returning to Grand Strand beaches for nesting season, and the City of Myrtle Beach is warning those who interfere with them may face some serious repercussions. City officials wrote in a Facebook post Saturday that nesting season begins May 1, which is also around the time ...
Carl Dynneson, spokesman for the SEA, said that as a group, the SEA's negotiations team feel that the board's proposal is simply status quo. ... When the SEA team mentioned increases for administrators, Thogersen explained that administrators' salaries need to go up if the pay for higher ...
Mary Creagh, chair of the Environmental Audit Committee which has just launched an inquiry into sustainable seas, said "it is vital that decommissioning in the North Sea is done in a way that protects the ocean for future generations". Mr Simms said: "We cannot by any means afford to burn even a ... sea
Mission scientist John Sonntag said he'd never seen circles in Arctic sea ice quite like these. He photographed them from the window of a P-3 research plane while flying over the eastern Beaufort sea. At the time, the aircraft's location was 69.71 degrees North and 138.22 degrees West, about 50 miles ...

Clinging to the bottom of a peninsula overlooking the Irish Sea, Barrow, or Barrow-in-Furness to give it its proper name, is a place that few outside the defence, wind power or extractive gas industries are likely to visit. If anyone knows anything about Barrow it's that it was the birthplace of footballer ... Britain
The family of a British hip hop artist missing in Brazil have challenged police claims he threw himself into the sea, insisting he is alive but does not want to be found. Investigators in Rio de Janeiro have called off the search for Kenny Mukendi - also known as Kenny Vulcan - after concluding the ... police
This video is real. However, it doesn't show camels "crossing" the sea. It first appeared online in February 2017, and shows a specific breed -- the Kharai camel -- in a body of water near the city of Jalan Bani Bu Ali in Oman (presumably the Gulf of Oman or the Arabian Sea). The Times of Oman reported that the ...
Washington (CNN) US Air Force B-52 Stratofortress bombers flew a training mission over the South China Sea on Tuesday, according to the US military. The bombers took off from Andersen Air Force Base on the island of Guam according to a statement from US Pacific Air Forces, which oversees ... China
Assistant professor Ryan Lewis and his team reviewed nearly 500,000 houses and condominium sales across the nation from 2007 to 2016 and found that homes vulnerable to sea level rise sell for an average price 7 percent lower than similar homes safe from rising seas. That disparity jumped all the way ... China
Sea urchin populations are more sensitive to human activities than previously believed, according to a half-century observational study. Researchers found that changing water temperature and algal blooms strongly affected sea urchin populations and even caused some abnormal development of their ... China
China continues to militarize the South China Sea features it occupies and to assert its questionable maritime claims versus other claimants. U.S. rhetoric has sharply criticized China's behavior and implied dire consequences if it persists. But China has persisted and it has become clear that America is not ... China
The thing is, there aren't many mechanical systems for playing with other pirates on the high seas. There are text and voice chat options, which are helpful. Your ship also comes equipped with cannons that allow you to sink another ship, and crews will use explosive barrels and boarding parties to ensure a ... China
On beaches from North Carolina to Texas and throughout the wider Caribbean, one of nature's great seasonal events is underway. Adult female sea turtles are crawling out of the ocean, digging deep holes in the sand and laying eggs. After about 60 days turtle hatchlings will emerge and head for the ... China
The Sentinel-3 mission "provides measurements to monitor aquatic biological productivity and marine pollution, to map sea-level change and to forecast the sea state for efficient and safe ship routing," European Space Agency (ESA) officials said in a statement. "As well as measuring the oceans, the ... China
Facebook reported strong first quarter earnings today, marking a bit of good news for a company that's been challenged with a torrent of bad headlines, a Congressional testimony centered on its chief executive, and what has shaped up to be its largest existential crisis to date. The Cambridge Analytica ... China

Its findings highlight “just how pervasive this type of pollution has become in every last corner of our planet,” says study author Melanie Bergmann. The researchers found extremely high concentrations of plastic in their samples—up to 12,000 particles per liter of sea ice, or about 45,000 particles per gallon. China
Researchers with the Alfred Wegener Institute at Germany's Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research say they found up to 12,000 pieces of microplastic particles per liter of sea ice in core samples taken from five locations. The concentrations are three times higher than levels in previous studies, ... China
Rare just launched one of its biggest games in more than two decades, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group. Sea of Thieves is selling faster through its first month than any Rare game since NPD started tracking sales. “Sea of Thieves was the second best-selling game of March, and is the ... China
All seven species of sea turtle found around the world are classified as vulnerable or endangered. Nesting season is an important opportunity for us to collect data on turtle abundance and trends. For those of us who have spent decades studying turtles on nesting beaches, anticipation builds as we prepare ... China
Scientists have found a record amount of plastic trapped in Arctic sea ice, raising concern about the impact on marine life and human health. Up to 12,000 pieces of microplastic particles were found per litre of sea ice in core samples taken from five regions on trips to the Arctic Ocean – as many as three ... China
Gulf Islands National Seashore is changing the way it monitors sea turtle nests to reduce hatchlings' contact with humans. Brent Everitt, a spokesman for the national park, said Gulf Islands' biologists are making the changes in coordination with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. China
Considering I also get creeped out by schools of fish, my whale phobia isn't actually too shocking. Many fears are irrational, and trying to overcome them is no easy feat. Photographer Michael Muller confronted his own deep fear of sharks by "learning to dive without protection and cage-free with great white ... China
'Hipster salty sea dog': Jacinda Ardern defends partner 'Clarke with an e' after op-ed attack ... Zealanders have defended the prime minister's partner, Clarke Gayford, after a hostile opinion piece in the New Zealand Herald called him a “hipster salty sea dog” and criticised him for having an “e” in his name. China
“Sea lions are very inquisitive and playful animals," says Kayleigh Jones, a Ph.D. student who has studied sea lions and their behavior in the Falkland Islands with the support of a National Geographic Early Career Grant. "Since they don't have hands, unlike humans, they must use their mouths to ... China
What Norfolk gets is that while sea level is rising globally at about a tenth of an inch per year, cities along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States — including Norfolk; Baltimore; Charleston, South Carolina; and Miami, among others — have suffered “sunny day” flooding from seas rising far faster than the ... China
On April 14, a group of NASA scientists were flying over the Beaufort Sea, north of Alaska and the Canadian border, when they saw something puzzling: Three holes in the sea ice with what look like rings around them and some wavy ice to their left. “I don't recall seeing this sort of thing elsewhere,” John ... China
It's well known that loggerhead sea turtles will often return, sometimes over thousands of miles, to the beach where they hatched to lay their eggs. They use Earth's magnetism to navigate back to their home beaches. But, as it turns out they might not always make it back to the exact beach where they were ... China
It sits by the Salton Sea, California's biggest lake, a 360 sq mile swath of tranquil water ringed by white beaches. Appearances deceive – the lake is dying. It formed in 1905 when the Colorado river breached a canal and poured into this dry desert basin, creating a habitat for hundreds of species of fish and ... China
To turn the health of the Salish Sea around, people must first know, love and care about it — especially in the next generation, Gaydos said. “We are spending millions of dollars on restoration, but if we are not educating tomorrow's leaders about this place we are going to fail despite our best intentions,” he ... China
Jim Holmes, a member of both the Pier Initiative in Navarre and the Santa Rosa County-funded Sea Turtle Patrol, got a call from the Navarre Pier shortly after the juvenile Kemp's ridley was caught. Holmes helped facilitate Clark's transportation to the Gulfarium CARE center Friday in Okaloosa County, ... China
Well-heeled vacationers in the Maldives can now sleep with fishes in the world's first-ever underwater villa. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, a resort in the South Asian island nation, unveiled its $15 million submarine project on Tuesday. The result will be a two-story hotel villa, the bottom half of which will ... China
If you've been lucky enough to observe a sea otter clapping in a zoo or aquarium, you might have been watching an animal that has been trained to clap by its ... After catching hard-shelled prey like shellfish or sea urchins, sea otters will break open the shell by hitting it against a stone resting on their belly. China
Ocean sounds have been transformed into music in order to raise money to fight against plastic pollution. Stitched together from waves crashing on the rocks of a beach in Cornwall, they have been created by recording artist Keynvor whose debut single is titled "Preservation". With a goal of raising ... China
WASHINGTON — Some 19 months after announcing its intent to buy the assets of Sea Launch, Russian aviation group S7 has closed the purchase. In a statement released April 17, Sea Launch CEO Sergey Gugkaev said the transaction gives S7 the ocean-faring mobile launch platform Odyssey, the ... China
The ocean is crucial for life on earth, yet much of it lacks comprehensive environmental safeguards. Providing oxygen we breathe, food we eat, and performing important roles in planetary systems like moderating our climate, a lot is at stake when we risk the health of the ocean. Hearteningly, governments ... China
The sea floor is an alien landscape, with crushing pressure, near-total darkness, and fluids wafting from cracks in the Earth's crust. It's also home to some weird animals that scientists are only just getting to know. Case in point: deep-sea expeditions and drones have revealed a giant group of octopuses and ... China
The “new global gold rush” over deep-sea mining holds the same potential pitfalls as previous resource scrambles, with environmental and social impacts ignored and the rights of Indigenous people marginalised, a paper in the Harvard Law Review has warned. A framework for deep-sea mining – where ... China
Despite a stormy start thanks to Cyclone Marcus, scientists who participated in the South Java Deep Sea Biodiversity Expedition 2018 (SJADES 2018) had collected more than 12,000 creatures during their 14-day voyage to survey the unexplored deep seas off the southern coast of West Java, Indonesia. China
Less than fifteen miles from where Beyonce took the stage at the Coachella Music Festival, the Salton Sea is in crisis. As evaporation causes the sea's shoreline to recede, more of the toxic chemical matter previously embedded in the water is being exposed and swept up into the atmosphere by desert ... China
According to a new study authored by an international team of scientists, different ways of achieving the Paris Agreement goals will have different effects on sea level rise. The 2015 Paris Agreement seeks to hold the increase in global mean surface temperature to “well below 2.0°C above preindustrial ... China
Climbing trees is a whole lot easier when you have an ocean of nets beneath you. Chinese design studio Unarchtecte created a climber's dreamland inside a Guangdong forest by patching together swaths of nets and suspending them from healthy trees and poles. The white nets stretch from tree to tree ... China
... the country has invested tens of billions of dollars in giant infrastructure projects. This month, China will open its most ambitious megaproject yet, a bridge that connects Hong Kong, Macau, and the mainland's southern city of Zhuhai. Stretching 34 miles, it's the world's longest cross-sea bridge, according to the AFP. Take a ... China
China's will put its first natively-built aircraft carrier to sea for the first time later this month, sources close to the Chinese military told the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post. China put their first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, which was purchased as an unfinished hulk from the Ukraine in the late ... China
In the never-ending symphony of the sea, there's a standout among the percussive pings of bottlenose dolphins and the plaintive calls of humpback whales. New recordings of the little-studied bowhead whale show that the mammals sing intricate and variable songs—more like jazz musicians than ... China
Not a day goes by without me hearing about some out of control tale of backstabbing, revenge, and giant monsters from the swashbuckling pirate game Sea of Thieves. Here are a few great stories from the game. Sea of Thieves is a good place to stage epic battles across the high seas as you fool around ... China
Researchers realized they were looking at a Cambrian period buffet when they discovered a fossil containing the sea worm's fossilized excrement and the remains of conically shelled sea critters known as hyoliths, according to a new study published online yesterday (April 3) in the journal Palaios. China
About 250 million years ago, when the Earth had no ice caps and the water around the equator was too hot for reptiles, sea level still rose and fell over time. Now, an international team of researchers has developed a way to track sea-level rise and fall and to tease out what caused the changes in the ... China
Looking at the patterns of sessile, or immobile, species like corals, macroalgae, sponges, and gorgonians—a type of coral that includes sea fans—the team found that animals living in deeper waters were likely to ... Mediterranean red coral, pictured here in the Adriatic Sea off Croatia, can live for 500 years. China


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