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updated Fri. March 31, 2017

The Arctic is becoming an important testing ground for US-China relations. As the world tries to work out ways to deal with how climate change is altering the region, the Arctic has the potential to provide an example of how the two global powers can ...
scientists with the Central design Bureau for Marine engineering Rubin are brushing dust of old ideas for civilian use of nuclear powered submarines.
Why Russia gave up Alaska, America's gateway to the Arctic.
Singapore - Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office Sam Tan, who is on a visit to Russia this week, spoke at the 4th International Arctic Forum on Wednesday (March 29), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said in a statement. Mr Tan ...
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"In the Arctic, the two of us had to protect ourselves against polar bears; once, we almost drowned during a storm at sea.
Here in Arkhangelsk we really see the new realities and potentials in the Arctic: the Northwest Passage and the Northern sea Route are opening up as prospective alternative transport corridors, considerably reducing the shipping distance from Northeast ...
"I want to stress that we have no plans to change the terms of the application on Arctic shelf extension," he said, adding that Russia is "in talks with other countries on settlement of disputed issues but has no plans to make any changes in the ...
The Christophe de Margerie, an ice-class tanker fitted out to transport liquefied natural gas, is docked in Arctic port of Sabetta, Yamalo-Nenets district, Russia March 30, 2017.
"All of a sudden, our entire idea about how this ecosystem works is different."
Russian president Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that global warming and ice melting in the Arctic are beneficial for the use of the region for economic purposes.
Members of the Arctic Council wrapped up their recent meeting in Juneau approving measures related to protecting or monitoring areas of the Arctic for the effects of climate change or potential development. Created just over 20 years ago, the Arctic ...
Rep. Jared Huffman (CA-2) and 36 original cosponsors today reintroduced the "Stop Arctic Ocean Drilling Act," which prohibits the provision of new oil and gas leases, as well as the renewal of old ones, in America's Arctic Ocean. The legislation builds ...
If a country were to hold a conference focusing on 'people and the Arctic', the theme of this year's Territory of Dialogue, currently being held in Archangelsk, it would make sense that it was Russia.
For two years, members of the Jeannette's crew waited, recording observations about the strange Arctic world around them in the ship's logbooks: temperatures, barometric pressure, features of the beautiful auroras above them and more.
"What am I doing here?" These are words I've uttered several times before, and while the situations I was in when muttering them were extreme, the conclusion to each scenario would become an adventure of a lifetime and only prove to inspire even more ...
This motoring Mecca is Arjeplog, an icy outpost around 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. It hosts the Wintertest programme, where the entire car industry descends on this normally sleepy town to use the lake - frozen to around half a metre ...
doubt So says Victoria Herrmann in the Graun; with subheading These politically motivated data deletions come at a time when the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the global average. The alert will immeadiately wonder: do you mean citations, or data?
When the United States hands off its chairmanship of an influential Arctic forum to Finland in May, policy experts say the Trump administration could use the high-level diplomatic meeting where the handoff will occur as a chance to focus on Arctic issues.
Editor's Briefing | Arctic countries have agreed on a set of guidelines for how to combine their maritime rescue operations.
Northern communities were already making strides toward a renewable energy future, but with $400 million committed in this year's federal budget to establish an 11-year Arctic Energy Fund, energy security in the north has moved firmly into the spotlight.
However, most importantly, today it is a tool to mitigate climate change. Grasslands with numerous grazing animals have a capacity to slow the climate warming and prevent permafrost from melting.
Global Vision, a national not-for-profit, has a mission to engage young Canadians through education and hands-on experiences, helping to develop leaders that can make a difference in their communities.
A recent opinion in these pages, market Argues Against Arctic Ocean Oil Development, claims that "it is curious that some Republicans are pushing to develop natural resources that the market does not need".
A black version of the petite 4.7-liter system was originally announced at CES 2017, but for a limited time you can get an Arctic color option. It's still running on an ITX-format MSI GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, which, combined with its Core i7 ...
This loss of Arctic sea ice opens up potential for an increase in shipping, and with that, the risk of disasters. To counter such risks, last December the United States and Canada announced a "phase down" of the dirtiest of marine fuels: heavy fuel oil ...
A key factor is the fast-melting Arctic, which is now strongly linked to extreme weather across Europe, Asia, and North America.
A scientist living deep in Siberia thinks that bringing mammoths back from extinction could keep the Arctic ground perma-frozen.
A SECOND "Doomsday Vault" has just opened in the frozen Arctic wastes of Svalbard in Norway. The huge storage facility is designed to hold vast amounts of data using a newly devised long-lasting storage method.
As an Arctic researcher, I'm used to gaps in data. Just over 1% of US Arctic waters have been surveyed to modern standards.
For two years, members of the Jeannette's crew waited, recording observations about the strange Arctic world around them in the ship's logbooks: temperatures, barometric pressure, features of the beautiful auroras above them and more.
A longstanding mantra in Environmental Policy circles decrees that whatever happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic. Concerns about climate change in the circumpolar north have hardly been restricted to that region, especially as evidence of ...
The run-up to the gathering, being held in Arkhangelsk, Russia, starting on March 29, has placed much more emphasis on the politicians of the Arctic that will be attending, however. Given the calibre of the names at the top of the guest list, the ...
In this image provided by the National Snow and Ice Data Center and NASA, shows how low sea ice levels were in the Arctic this winter, alarming climate scientists.
The Arctic Coast Guard Forum was established in 2015 to deal with increased shipping traffic through the Arctic and how coast guards should best respond to disasters.
In this exchange, Arctic Yearbook managing editor Heather Exner-Pirot interviews George Soroka, lecturer at Harvard University and author of "The Political economy of Russia's Reimagined Arctic," to better understand Russia's motivations in its Arctic.
Richard Bell from the South East London Giants said it sparked a lot of conversation at his club. "We sent a speculative email saying, 'hey guys, we've seen the report on ABC, we're keen to give you a game and let's take it from there'," he said.
rabies virus is dependent on host ecology and presents a significant public health threat throughout the world, including the Arctic and SubArctic where it is maintained by the Arctic fox and possibly the red fox. In Alaska it is limited to the coastal ...
Surfers do funny things for waves. We ruin friendships, ruin relationships, ditch work, ditch school, ditch responsibilities, risk hypothermia, risk drowning, etc.
U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft, right, joins leaders representing eight coast guard agencies of Arctic nations in signing a joint statement on doctrine, tactics, procedures and information-sharing protocols for emergency maritime ...
The extent of floating ice in the Arctic hit a new low for winter: 5.57 million square miles (14.42 million square kilometers).
In recent weeks, Trump and his new Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, with some Senate allies, have reportedly begun exploring ways to open the U.S.
That trash has even shown up in the remote Arctic Ocean. Now a study shows there is also trash deep down on the Arctic seafloor. Though few people live nearby, researchers found plastic bags, shards of glass and fishing nets. And the litter problem is ...
The extent of floating ice in the Arctic hit a new low for winter: 5.57 million square miles (14.42 million square kilometers).
A new festival will recall World War Two's Arctic Convoys that operated from a loch in the Scottish Highlands.
It's not everyday that Tuktoyaktuk hockey players get to play against a team from the United States. But that's what happened on Tuesday night, when members ...
The melting of the Arctic Ocean sea ice and the greater falls of snow in Siberia may be responsible for stagnant air conditions that cast a polluting haze over Beijing and the East China plains in January 2013, according to new research.
Winnipeg-based packaged ice company Arctic Glacier Group Holdings Inc. has changed hands from one U.S. private-equity firm to another.






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