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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

Starz's TV adaptation of author Diana Gabaldon's sci-fi, romance series Outlander has introduced audiences far and wide to the story of the Jacobite rebellion, a critical period in Scottish, and European, history. But while the show, and other pop ...
Working on my master's degree in Central European history, I spent countless late nights in cafes and libraries reading about the Protestant Reformation.
The fact that the historically divisive campaign Trump "survived" was the one he crafted doesn't seem to occur to Gingrich, who writes here with all the fealty to truth of an official North Korean historian. Instead, the former speaker of the House ...
8, 2014, and released by Yad Vashem, holocaust historian Jan Grabowski gives a speech at Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust research center, during a ceremony in which he was awarded for his scholarship, in Jerusalem, Israel.
I know you described how you researched for this book - but, as you indicated there are tons of materials available on Aurangzeb waiting for patient, organized and persistent Historians to discover. But, how does one find information on elusive ... Why ...
The historical profession, almost to a man has joined in, with the likes of Stalinist historian Eric Foner, now heralded as the nation's "leading historian on slavery and the war." Everything revolves around slavery and racism as the sole causes of the ...
"The European history of the 20th century shows us that societies can break, democracies can fall, ethics can collapse. We might be tempted to ... This is a quote from Yale historian Timothy Snyder's book, On Tyranny, published late last year. He might ...
In one of recent European history's greatest ironies, Kohl was at center stage to take his bows along with Gorbachev at the tearful Nov. 9, 1999, celebrations of the Berlin Wall's fateful breaching a decade earlier.
Timothy Snyder, the distinguished American historian of the Nazi period, has just published a little book, On Tyranny, in which he unashamedly compares the populism that has brought Donald Trump to power to the populism that allowed Adolf Hitler to ...
The head of the Department of Eastern European History at Humboldt University (HU) wanted to ban the Bremen students from criticising his statements and describing him as a right-wing extremist and racist.
A history of Europe which did not mention all the separate and combined contributions of the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish, of Shakespeare, Adam Smith, Winston Churchill and george orwell, would be like a symphony orchestra without a string section ...
This sounds fairly basic, especially considering the fact that the next 13 centuries of European history would be dominated by kings, but we shouldn't forget that kingship was essentially a new phenomenon in post-Roman Europe.
By challenging accounts of history that pit virtuous natives against dangerous outsiders, such Historians promote more inclusive understandings of identity and more open immigration policies.
"The European history of the twentieth century," he writes, "shows us that societies can break, democracies can fall, ethics can collapse, and ordinary men can find themselves standing over death pits with guns in their hands.
History shapes us and lays the foundation of our future. With a doctorate in history and as the assistant intelligence officer aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan, navy Lt.
King, an Independent who is apparently quite familiar with European history, immediately began to explain Comey's statement to the rest of the room.
Historian Tony Judt wrote in his 2005 book 'Postwar: A History of Europe since 1945' that the policy's origin itself in the 1960s was the result of "some very old-fashioned horse-trading".
"When they arrived in Iran, the country was gravely affected by political instability and famine," said Reza Nikpour, an Iranian-Polish historian and member of the Iran-Poland Friendship Association. "Moreover, the ... "The Polish refugees were ...
The researchers found that lead levels declined suddenly in a section of the ice core corresponding to that four-year window of time.
He sent the posters home to his wife, Marion Emrich, who was a historian in America's wartime spy agency, the Office of Strategic Services.
Dr. Kane holds bachelor, master's, and doctorate degrees in European history. He spent 27 years in the Air Force between 1976 and 2003, retiring as a lieutenant colonel.
The work, an interdisciplinary collaboration led by Historians at Harvard University and climate scientists at the University of Maine, matched new high-resolution measurements of ice core lead taken from a glacier in the Swiss-Italian Alps with highly ...
Working with allies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 72 years have passed without a major conflict on the continent - one of the longest periods of peace in European history. The stability that led to that peace is threatened by Russia from ...
She was an avocational historian and genealogist, who taught herself a rudimentary knowledge of Czech in order to research and write the family history of Christine Bucenec Thompson, her beloved maternal grandmother who had died when Diane was age 9 ...
That is the question posed by Yale University history professor Timothy Snyder in his new book that draws on his decades of experience writing about war and genocide in European history in order to find 20 key lessons that can help the United States ...
Although drastically differing in temperaments, Tworkov and Rauschenberg both shared a common adversary: hundreds of years of European history, theory, and dominance in the arts. Tworkov and the New York painters of his generation argued from an ...
Hemp played a huge role in European history, and figured prominently in Colonial America. In the days of sailing ships, hemp was the preferred fiber for making ropes and sailcloth that could withstand sea voyages.
All this should mean that children today have it better than in any other generation in European history. But is that so? On some levels it's inarguable that things are better.
Belgrade art historian Branislav Dimitrijevic has just published a book titled Exhausted socialism, in which he argues against two dominant competing myths about ex-Yugoslavia -- on the one hand, that it was a country of prosperity and security, and on ...
The current international system is actually a recent phenomenon in the scope of world history, but to date it has generally been studied from within: scholars studied European history to explain how this European model for international relations ...
Shortly after Donald Trump won the election, Timothy Snyder, a professor of European history at Yale, posted a long note on facebook that began: "Americans are no wiser than the Europeans who saw democracy yield to fascism, Nazism, or communism.
At least, if we cannot have such exhortations to conquer and subdue even as we liberate and serve, we might have imperialism as an English schoolboy once defined it on his examination paper, according to a story told by the historian Sir Lewis Namier ...
The tour started at Silo Hill with homemade goodies for morning tea followed by an introduction to Stroud's European history and how it fits into the early colonial days of Australia. ... The next stop was St John's Church where their historian ...
For four decades Prof Mullett taught early modern British and European History at the University of Lancaster where he is Emeritus Professor of cultural and religious History.
The Ottonians were one of the great dynasties of medieval European history, and are traditionally regarded as the founders of Germany.
Francesca Trivellato, newly named as the Barton M. Biggs Professor of History, is a historian of early modern Europe and the Mediterranean, whose interests revolve around a broad set of questions about the organization and the culture of the ...
The film takes the viewer back to the one of the darkest periods in recent European history through testimonies from Sarajevans who are portrayed without names and titles, as well as photographs and a rich selection of archive material.
Since then, he has been completing a master's degree in modern European history as a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship recipient.
Instead, I'd say that in those moments I'm not being present-minded - but then I'm a historian, and so often past-minded.
Some of our current leaders in the White House and on Capitol Hill seem to be indulging in the questionable political practice of wanting to commodify aspects of intangible things, such as measuring the worth of arts programs or after-school activities ...
Marine Le Pen isn't her father. He's often accused of being a holocaust denier when indeed what he said was the holocaust was a trivial matter in European history. ... The historian Walter Russell Mead believes the words synonymous. And patriotism and ...
Some of our current leaders in the White House and on Capitol Hill seem to be indulging in the questionable political practice of wanting to commodify aspects of intangible things, such as measuring the worth of arts programs or after-school activities ...
A scholar specializing in European history, Snyder observed that European fascism demonstrated that "politicians who emerge from democratic practices can then work to undo democratic institutions.
While teaching European history for several years, the simplest conclusion that I drew was that war is one of the constants of history, and its occurrence has not diminished with the rise of civilization or democracy.
In the wake of Donald Trump's election, historian Timothy Snyder looked to the not-too-distant past to create a road map for averting tyranny in the future.
Norwich, the prolific author of over 20 books of popular European history, is perhaps best known for his three-volume history of Byzantium.
The fifth-generation Palm Beach County resident, area historian and frequent speaker in Palm Beach said he attended the luncheon for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award foundation with the understanding that the event would be the prince's final ...
A few days ago, the journal of the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers published an interview with an historian, who drew the following comparison between Stalin and Hitler: "I've compared Hitler to Stalin. Stalin was a psychopath ...
The Historians, Pundits and politicians in the United States and Europe used to call these periods of worker upheaval a Peasant Revolt or an Age of Crisis.
Patton convincingly argues that the physical and sexual abuse of children was common throughout European history. Citing psycho-historian Lloyd deMause, she writes, "The history of (Western) childhood is a nightmare from which we have only begun to ...





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