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updated Sat. March 25, 2017

Once a treasure trove of Unesco-registered rare books, the central library of the University of Mosul is now a blackened husk, full of ash.
Saudi Arabia's king Salman last week invited Beijing to take a more active part in Middle East politics and in response, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said it would be happy to act as mediator between Riyadh and Tehran - and this on top of preliminary ...
You don't have to be an expert on the Middle East to know that tensions between Palestine and Israel have been an ongoing cause of political, cultural and social tensions in the area for a long time.
airlines expert Brian Sumers told CBS News, "There's probably more flights coming from Middle East to New York and L.A.
GENEVA: A United Nations rights expert issued a blistering criticism of Israel's policies Monday, deepening a row over alleged anti-Israel bias within the U.N.
Brian Jenkins, an aviation-Security Expert at the rand Corp., said there was concern about inadequate passenger screening or even conspiracies involving insiders - airport or airline employees in some countries.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's referendum on whether to hand him sweeping new powers could set the Arab world 'on fire', according to a Middle ...
According to these individuals, increased pressure and kicks from the outside can bring about positive results in Iran, rather than, as expert analysis both inside and outside the national security bureaucracy explains, merely eliciting hostile ...
By 2014, Hezbollah launched its first successful armed drone attack when it attacked the the headquarters of the Nusra Front at Lebanon's border with Syria, said Amine Hoteit, a retired general and Hezbollah expert. "UAVs are used for reconnaissance, ...
Our current political climate is not the only instance when Muslim Americans have been framed as foreigners who did not fit into American culture, according to oral historian Zaheer Ali of Brooklyn Historical Society in a lecture Thursday. ... African ...
Last week, on his Radio 2 breakfast show, Chris Evans read out the first page of Sapiens, the book by the Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari.
The ESCWA report was prepared by Richard Falk, an international law expert and former UN human rights rapporteur for the occupied Palestinian Territories and, Virginia Tilley, a political science professor and Israeli affairs expert. Established in ...
... impact and whose founders were exiled Muslim Brothers, according to another expert, Stephane Lacroix. Don't miss out on great stories!
children should be taught in schools how to recognise "fake news", a leading international education expert has said.
The Saudi leadership "know this situation of relying on oil revenue is unsustainable," Bernard Haykel, a Middle East expert at Princeton University, told a panel discussion at Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy last month. The push ...
A Middle East expert believes that the Israelis are very "fearful" of Hezbollah, adding that the Israeli regime wants to provoke the resistance movement into a war by carrying an attack in Syria.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's efforts to play up the 'Iranian threat' are gaining steam. Last week, officials claimed that Iran was looking to build a naval base in Syria.
Sebastian Gorka, President Donald Trump's deputy adviser on national security affairs,
Donald Trump is renewing America's ties with Saudi Arabia and this could intensify the "regional Cold War" in the Middle East, an expert has warned. While relations between Barack Obama's administration and Saudi Arabia turned from chilled to hostile ...
London may have recently been named as the world capital for luxury store openings in 2016, but when it comes to a place that is vying to be the ultimate destination for luxury shopping tourism, the Middle East is set to take this crown, said an ...
NCRI - Sky News TV aired an interview with an Iran expert on this regime's meddling in the Middle East. "religion and beliefs are nothing but tools used by Iran for its meddling in the region," said Dr.
KOBOKO, Uganda - South Sudan's government has begun a campaign of "population engineering" to relocate people over their ethnicity, a United Nations expert said Tuesday, as civil war continues under warnings of genocide. Yasmin Sooka told the U.N. ...
"The attempt to smear and falsely label the only true democracy in the Middle East by creating a false analogy is despicable and constitutes a blatant lie," he said.
cross on church steeple Middle East expert Brigitte Gabriel thinks the Christian Church needs to step up and help beleaguered Christian refugees from the Middle East find asylum in the United States. One of the disturbing aspects of President Trump's ...
"Currently, there is a good momentum for better relations between the two countries," said Hossein Royvaran, senior Middle East expert and former manager of Iran's al-Alam Arabic satellite channel. "Egypt's foreign policy has become more independent ...
The Middle East region has been gripped by terrorism, rooted in the extremist Wahhabi ideology that is propagated by Saudi Arabia.
The reasons behind such statements by the Pentagon is the fact that Washington is losing control over the current military and political processes in North Africa and in the Middle East, Igor Korotchenko, a Russian military expert and editor of ...
"The current successful occupants need to understand that they cannot enjoy long the fruits of seizures, and it is better to return voluntarily the territories without a war of annihilation, characteristic for the Caucasus and the Middle East as a ...
NEWINGTON - Though most of the soldiers seated in Hangar 254 at Pease Air National Guard Base returned to New Hampshire weeks ago, their year-long mission to the Middle East didn't officially end until their commander sent them home late Sunday ...
GENEVA, Switzerland - Myanmar may be seeking to "expel" all ethnic Rohingya from its territory, a UN rights expert said on Monday, March 13, pushing for a high-level inquiry into abuses against the Muslim minority community. The United Nations special ...
He cited a recent report by Egypt's flagship newspaper Al-Ahram about a paper forwarded by a Washington-based think-tank to Arab capitals about forming a military alliance in the Middle East. According to the newspaper, the proposed bloc would include ...
I grew up seeing colonial-style designs." Denny in his presentation used slides to compare artifacts to each other, telling the story of trade between China and the Middle East. "commerce in works of art is one of the things that kept the world close ...
Extremist terrorist groups are shifting their main targets from the Middle East - where they have suffered heavy losses - to other parts of the world, said Cheng Guoping, state commissioner for counterterrorism and security matters.
A BBC discussion with South Korea expert went viral last week when the children of Professor Robert E. Kelly burst in on his Skype interview as his wife scrambled to pull them out of the room.
The right-wing minister said that Olmert's agreement on this request blocked the road ahead of an Israeli victory in that war, noting that he was speaking as an expert because hunting rocket squads was an "impossible mission," in reference to Hezbollah ...
Speaking to Quds Press, Palestinian economic expert Mohamed Qirsh said that the Israeli municipal authorities in Jerusalem collected $22 million yearly from the Palestinians.
Why is the US deploying its troops now, when the Syrian Army is close to winning its war against radicalism, asks Middle-East expert Catherine Shakdam, while noting that US interventions have never been successful in fighting terrorism in any way.
But he said the current problems are "also largely contingent on the recent history of disastrous western intervention in the Middle East, particularly the catastrophic invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 and the litany of chronic failures that ...
Now he's an expert on the Middle East? Remember in 2013, after he was first elected to the Senate. Mr. Frosty's first big vote on the Foreign Relations Committee was whether to authorize Obama to use force to back up "the red line" in Syria.
"Since Russia began intervening in the Syrian war a year ago, Russia became an important actor in Syria itself," Eyal Zisser, a Middle East expert from Tel Aviv University, told the Times. "But of course this intervention has to do with the strategic ...
He is considered by Historians to have been the most powerful and revered leader of ancient Egypt. Leading several military expeditions, he expanded the Egyptian Empire, stretching from Syria in the east to Nubia (today's northern Sudan) in the south.
Nance, 55, is an intelligence and terrorism expert, author and U.S. military veteran who frequently appears on MSNBC and other national news networks as an intelligence and foreign policy analyst.
Love them or loathe them, the Muslim Brotherhood is by far the most influential civil society movement in the Middle East. You can disagree with their policies, contemporary positions or long-term visions, but to be serious, you have to recognise their ...
BDS expert Hossam Shaker said: "It represents a serious decline for Switzerland's obligations to freedom of expression and the right to object to the racist policies of the Israeli occupation authorities.
Monash University Professor and Middle East expert Greg Barton made the comments on Friday morning as it emerged 19 NSW schools has been identified as being 'at risk' from recruiters seeking to exploit vulnerable teens.
It will now require "pretty adroit footwork" by the NOC to sustain such a message, said John Hamilton, a director of Cross Border Information and an expert on Libyan energy. "What this demonstrates is that Haftar is not able to provide security for the ...





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