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Adultery, government corruption, betrayal: The life of Prince Prisdang Chumsai of Siam reads like a modern soap opera. When historian Tamara Loos came across his confessional letters in the Thai Royal Archive, she couldn't resist digging in. The result ...
Future literary Historians will examine film, serial film (like television and video games), stories broadcast by radio and podcast, comic novels, online mags, and blogs.

Compared to the male-dominated STEM disciplines and social sciences like philosophy and political science, Australian history has been remarkably feminised.
To better understand someone, wise men say walk a mile in their shoes, but a group of Historians and Bloomsburg University students took that one step further over the weekend.
Margaret Thatcher was the worst Prime Minister in the last 100 years. Says who? A preposterous outfit calling itself the Historical Writers' Association have polled their members - few of whom are exactly household names, perhaps even in their own ...
CLINTON - Local Historians gearing up to honor the brave soldiers who fought in World War I as the 100th anniversary of America's involvement approaches was the main topic of the Town Council meeting Tuesday, Oct. 11.
WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The wrong that came about when Jesuit priests from Georgetown University sold 272 women, children and men into slavery for financial gain in 1838 cannot be corrected, but there are ways to proceed after such revelations, said a ...
Democrat Woodrow Wilson's win broke the monopoly Republicans had in White House since the civil war because of a split vote. The Progressive Party, nicknamed the "Bull Moose Party," was to blame for the split vote and its impact forever shaped the ...
One person who was instrumental in giving the intelligentsia class its polarized, politicized knowledge paradigm was the notable historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., whose ninety-ninth birth date anniversary is October 15. Schlesinger was born on October ...
Kevin Wright, a quintessential New Jersey historian and indefatigable champion and protector of New Bridge Landing, Bergen County's cherished Revolutionary ...
A woman walks past the elephant logo of the Republican party on the first day of the Republican National Convention on July 18, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio.
Historians deny he had ever visited the area. The monument was also backed by Russia's culture minister, who has argued that Ivan the Terrible's brutal rule is a myth and that his name was tarnished by Western travellers who slandered him in their ...
Welcome to the daily dilemmas of families of the deceased, antique dealers, local Historians and preservationists - what to do with all this stuff?
So began a dedication that, seventy-five years ago in Nazi-occupied France, the renowned French historian Marc Bloch inscribed in a small book he was then writing.
On October 19th, Staffordshire Poet Laureate Bert Flitcroft is running a Creative Writing workshop at Lichfield library for Historians. The idea is not to write a piece of historical fiction, but to explore your own personal feelings, to express what ...
A: As far as we are aware, it was the first time that most of the Historians and legal scholars involved in the debate over the Second Amendment and common law traditions relating to firearms have been in the same room and exchanged their views face to ...

Foner was introduced by UConn history professor Manisha Sinha, who spoke highly of his accomplishments as an historian and the contributions he has made to the community.
The group says it's already got 75 signatures, including several from former presidents of the American Historical Association (AHA).
Gregory P. Downs is an associate professor of history at the University of California at Davis; Kate Masur is an associate professor of history at Northwestern University.
The historian was the defendant in a British libel lawsuit brought by holocaust denier David Irving when she exposed his falsification of history in her book Denying the holocaust.
Quoting an extract from his book, the late Latin American historian Eduardo Galenao made a fascinating foray into historical conjecture when he discussed border restrictions in the 21st century and compared them with the legends of conquistadors while ...
In that spirit, Deadline asked Patrick H. Breen, an associate professor of history at Providence College, to view The Birth Of A Nation with his historian's eye. Breen is the author of The Land Shall Be Deluged In Blood: A New History Of The Nat Turner ...
The initiative will also include researchers from the Universities of Bristol, Edinburgh and Leeds. Sheffield's Department of History is one of the largest, most active centres for teaching and historical research in the UK.
It has become a common practice in recent years for academic Historians (and others moonlighting as such) to mine troves of consumer product industry documents in search of "bad" corporate behavior.
A new highway marker proclaims it is the oldest Baptist church in North Carolina. Its congregation was formed before the United States of America came into existence.
The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough can now add a colorful new title to his impressive resume: honorary park ranger.
New crop white maize futures extended a marked recovery, boosted by worries over a third successive dryness-affected harvest in South Africa - despite history suggesting that rains are on their way.
Through the efforts of three local Historians, the West Virginia Department of culture and History is set to recognize the contributions of a Tyler County native son.
Clarksville, Tenn. - Located on a bluff some 200 feet above the meeting point of the Red and Cumberland Rivers, Fort Defiance served a significant role in Clarksville's participation in the civil war.
STANFORD - It was about a decade ago when Stanford Mayor Eddie Carter discovered what he thought to be a historical burial ground on his property was actually a large civil war mound fort - now Historians are hoping to finally gather the documentation ...
Jack Horner, the historian for the town of Elbridge and village of Jordan, Myrna Sullivan, the newly appointed Elbridge village historian, and Jan Richardson, the historical office's clerk, recently attended the Association of Public Historians of New ...
This statement highlights the "debt" owed by contemporary Historians to Dr Eric Williams, the former prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago and a historian, whose classic text, capitalism and slavery, researched and published in 1944, provides the ...
The best military history is written by military historians - that is the joy of specialization/training/etc. Military Historians are likely to see the way political scientists use military history to be, um, icky. Regardless of the methods political ...
In August HNN reported that just eight Historians in the entire country had come out in support of Donald Trump's candidacy.
A month ago you read of telephone book covers, when Mother Bell operated the only game in town to buy a telephone, which at that time had a wire going into the wall, rang when someone called you - and no, you couldn't hold it up to your lips and ask ...
Historians appeal over plans for a second Forth rail bridge. 29 September 2016 Last updated at 12:54 BST. The public is being urged to help solve a mystery around plans for a second rail bridge over the Firth of Forth.
Decker served as town and village of Afton historian from 1973 until his retirement in July this year, according to local colleagues who said he is well-known and esteemed among town Historians in Chenango County. State and professional Historians have ...
The story of Sam Rayburn, former speaker of the House of Representatives, and his longtime "lady friend," Margaret Fallon Palmer, or Peggy as she's often referred, will be published Oct 10 in the Texas State Historical Association's journal ...
In the coming months Virginia Beach Historian, Edna Hendrix, who has written two books about the city's African-American historical legacy, is using a small grant from the city to collect and write about the history of 25, or more of these historic ...
Schuyler - Historical consultants are beginning surveys of historic and architectural resources in Butler and Colfax Counties. The survey team will gather information from residents at a public meeting at the Schuyler Public Library, 1123 A Street, at ...
This is from Peter Feinman's account of what happened at the roundtable discussion, "Universities and the Legacy of slavery," held at the annual meeting of the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR) in July. Harvard decided to ...
There was no debate as the word is usually understood, where the two take turns setting out policy positions. A debate on policy would have involved staking out positions on what to do about Syria, or about ISIL in Iraq.
He moreover eschewed the sensationalism of Herodotus, his elder contemporary, and included many fewer references to the gods. Unfortunately, the text ends abruptly in 411 B.C.
28 de septiembre de 2016, 00:30Quito, Sep 28 (Prensa Latina) Ecuador will host in October the 3rd Meeting of Historians of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America (ALBA) on the historic role of afrodescendants in the construction of ...
EP Thompson, one of the most influential Historians of the 20th century, wrote an impassioned denunciation of the leadership of the British Communist party at the height of the Cold War, but few outside Mi5 knew anything about it after the agency ...
Christopher A. Lawrence is a professional historian and military analyst. He is the Executive Director and President of The Dupuy Institute, an organization dedicated to scholarly research and objective analysis of historical data related to armed ...
Book by Hudson Valley Historians examines slavery in region. Susan Stessin-Cohn, left, and Ashley Hurlburt-Biagini Black Dome Press, via AP.
Thompson's research into local history, he said, depends primarily on oral history accounts, local amateur Historians and journalists who take a "look back" since little in-depth academic study has been done of this geographic area.
Brent J. Aucoin is a Professor of History and an Associate Dean of the College at Southeastern in Wake Forest, NC. He is the author, most recently, of Thomas ...





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