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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

It didn't take long for Mr. Cousins and digital librarian Meghan Landry to realize there was also value in transcribing what people were writing to each other in the 1900s.
Salt Lake City - Stephanie Anderson, Salt Lake County Library youth outreach and programming librarian, is the recipient of the 2017 Utah Library Association's Community Engagement Librarian award. The award recognizes Anderson's years of work ...
When librarian Betsy Bird was working at the New York Public Library, kids wanted funny stories, and she had plenty to offer: There were books by men about boys having everyday adventures, books by men about boys enduring middle school, boys by men ...
He recruited and mentored librarians to be active partners in the educational endeavors on-campus and proactively extended library services to meet the needs of all faculty, staff and students.
Hayden, an esteemed professional with over 40 years of experience in library science and administration, was appointed by President Obama as the 14th librarian of Congress, and is both the first woman and the first Black American to serve in this role.
Now, after more than 23 years, the city's long-time librarian and director of the library will close the book on that chapter of his life and open a new one called retirement.
"I was shocked to learn about the middle school librarians cut next year," said Johanna Toth, a North Middle teacher who praised her librarian for offering several activities, technical and reading assistance. "Cutting a critical facilitator and ...
Years ago, when I wrote for our sister publication, money, I appeared on CNN to talk about how to rebuild your identity if every piece of your identification was ...
Award-winning librarian seeks 'intellectual heart'. -A A +A. Bookmark and Share. Monday's Man: Michael Steinmacher.
For nearly 30 years, Judi Moore has worked as branch manager and children's librarian at McPherson, which serves the drug-ravaged neighborhood around Kensington and Indiana Avenues.
CHS lost its librarian in the first phase of a reduction plan approved by the board late last fall. The school's librarian transferred to another job in the district and the Board of education opted not to fill the vacancy to save money. librarians ...
Reference librarian Robert Mixner is currently reading "Egyptomania: A History of Fascination, Obsession and Fantasy" by Ronald H. Fritze.
library The Boca Raton Public Library is pleased to announce that Vicky Fitzsimmons has been hired for the new position of Digital librarian. "Ms. Fitzsimmons brings with her the expertise and leadership necessary to help the BRPL meet the developing ...
Head librarian needed. librarians have to do a master's degree - a Masters of Library and Information science (MLIS) - in order to do their jobs, but that doesn't give them the credit they deserve, Shore told the St. John's Morning Show.
Salt Lake City - Safi S. M. Safiullah, manager of the Salt Lake City Public Library's Marmalade Branch, was named librarian of the Year by the Utah Library Association. Safiullah was recognized Thursday for his career in community engagement and ...
Marta Chudolinska is Learning Zone librarian at the Ontario College of Art and design University, which hosts a huge zine collection founded in 2007 Alicia ...
Orderly boxes of cards once filled libraries large and small, and even the most humble of books boasted a catalog card of its own.
Bath Spa University is a leading university in creativity, culture and enterprise. We offer you the best of everything. A modern, forward-thinking university based in a city steeped in heritage, our stunning working environment is full of people with ...
A librarian from Long Beach, California has admitted she's the mastermind behind Ivanka Trump's bizarre book display in one American bookshop.
Diane Featherston Worrell died at age 65 on Tuesday, May 16, in Fayetteville. She was born on August 24, 1951, to Billie Gwendolyn Stiles Featherston and James Shoaf Featherston.
Maud Marks librarian will soon check out for last time. By Chip Brewster. Posted: 4:29 PM, May 18, 2017 Updated: 4:33 PM, May 18, 2017.
There's something creepy about libraries, with the scent of musty old tomes, towering aisles upon aisles of shelves obscuring views and the eerie quietness.
libraries are more important to our world than people realize."
In that light, it should be no surprise that Prince George's first Trump-ugee is a librarian. Ignacio Albarracin is the Prince George Public Library's new public services manager.
Then Principal Roger Boyer called her one summer to ask if she would switch to librarian. There was an open position and he saw she had an 18-hour minor in library science as he looked through teacher files.
As she read on a bench April 15 in Scoville Park, librarian Rose Barnes, 33, of Chicago answered a few questions for the Oak Leaves.
Still, the description of what a high school librarian should be - written and posted online by the Massachusetts school librarians Association - suggests a far more expansive role. It is a position that Lawrence High would do well to fill, even if ...
HUMMELSTOWN - The school board is proposing fewer librarians in Lower Dauphin School District, a change parents say would take away resources from students.
The librarians posted in nearly 70 village libraries in the district are struggling to meed ends with poor wages. According to K. Anandan, a senior representative ...
"Jennifer was an extraordinary librarian who touched many lives, patrons and staff. It was an honor to have her family, friends and co-workers here for the dedication," said Robyn Miller, Marlboro Library Branch manager, Monmouth County Library System.
It's likely that the selection of the librarian of Congress will be the focus of attention of the power of the Entertainment lobby moving forward now that senators will play a role in confirmation.
Our weekly look back at some of the recent highlights, and low lights, from the local news. THUMBS UP ... To 8-year-old Michael O'Brien Jr.
The Ruiz 4 Kids program awarded their most recent mini-grant to Royall Elementary school librarian Marianne Gaskins to help fund the project, "iMake in the Library.
Are you having trouble figuring out the next step in your family research? Have you hit a brick wall on one of your lines? Do you simply need to know where the information is located to continue your research?
(May 12, 2017) - Cathy Schenck, who has been head librarian at Keeneland Library since 1994, retired today after 38 years at Keeneland.
The selection of Robious Elementary's Kyle King (center right) as Chesterfield's teacher of the year is the first time in recent memory that a librarian has won the ...
Guice said Parker will assume duties as the parish librarian on June 1. Parker, who is currently serving as librarian at Franklin Parish high school, a position she has held for 21 years, said she is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ...
Are you a rock-loving library worker who dreams of ditching the wool cardigan for a leather jacket? Consider applying to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: As Atlas ...
There are only three librarians left in the Woodbridge school system, and all three are at the high school level. Two have teaching certificates and will be offered teaching jobs in the district, Harris said.
The "take-a-book, leave-a-book" structures are largely located in white, affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto, study authors say, not areas most in need.
Carol Roehm/Commercial-NewsDanville high school special education teacher/coordinator Lori Burnett will retire at the end of the school year after 34.5 years of service to the district.
Mr. Boyd, do you not think librarians and guidance counselors touch the lives of students? An elementary librarian sees every student to provide planning time for the classroom teachers that stand at that whiteboard you talked about.
... photos and stories about the library," she said. email her at "So much about librarianship has changed since 1922," Pressley said.
The TNT adventure series will feature two new faces when it returns.
The nonprofit, which was established in 1966, is dedicated to the preservation and study of sound recordings, with members including record collectors, discographers, and audio engineers, along with librarians, curators, Archivists, and other researchers.
GRANVILLE - Once again, Granville Public Library staff members offer up some reading recommendations regarding new book releases for all ages and interests.
Catherine Farrell remembers her favorite book that her mom, Sue Farrell, would read to her when she was a child: "Maggie and the Monster" by Elizabeth Winthrop, and illustrated by Tomie DePaola.
Are you a librarian who loves to rock out? Are you ready to trade in your quiet space and traditional Dewey Decimal System for a Dewey Decibel System that ...






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