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companies that provide transcripts of the debates have agreed with her, as have many professional linguists, who have been mulling the question for months.
RT Espanol met the budding linguist, together with journalists from the channel's other departments, and sat down for a chat.

After meeting his wife Nora in Holland, the pair bought the name of the linguists' Club and began to build up and manage the institution throughout the 1930s, but his extensive work as a leading linguist and interpreter took him off to more than 60 ...
The upcoming Denis Villeneuve movie Arrival was filmed in Montreal and when the filmmakers went looking for a linguistics scholar to consult on the screenplay and offer on-set advice, they turned to McGill.
Following the final presidential debate, Maclean's spoke with two linguists about the candidates' command of English.
Every January, hundreds of linguists attend the American Dialect Society's annual Word of the Year vote and debate the most important new words of the previous year.
Boston University psychology professor and linguist Jean Berko Gleason recently spoke with Mark Abrahams of the Improbable Research podcast about the words that absolutely disgust her.
This time, though, the linguists were on it. Susan Lin, an assistant linguistics professor at the University of California at Berkeley, posted her definitive answer Wednesday evening to the linguist facebook group Friends of Berkeley Linguistics ...
After the October 9 debate, linguist Lynne Murphy of the University of Sussex weighed in on Trump's use of "the" in a piece for quartz.
Yang studies how children learn language. Until recently, his work focused on exceptions to rules, like past tense or plural, for example, when adding "-ed" or "-s" doesn't apply to words, such as "think" and "thought" or "ox" and "oxen.
Why does "the blacks" sound racist to some while "blacks" doesn't? Using the word "the" in front of a group is a way of highlighting the group's otherness from the speaker and his or her audience, according to Eastern Michigan University linguist Eric ...
It seems that conventional wisdom regarding swearing around children isn't as destructive as previously thought. A linguist has recently released a book about how profanity doesn't cause negative effects among kids. However, he did explain the ...
After a video of Donald Trump making misogynistic comments leaked and he excused them as "locker room talk," many denied that this kind of speech was normal in locker rooms, politics, or anywhere.
Using the word "the" in front of a group is a way of highlighting the group's otherness from the speaker and their audience, according to Eastern Michigan University linguist Eric Acton. "There's this distancing effect, like they're over there," Acton ...
Even after retiring from a distinguished career as a civil servant, Jock McEwen continued to promote Maori culture throughout the Wellington region.
Barack Obama is a tough act to follow as an orator but not impossible to beat as a linguist. The language-learning app Babbel asked foreign embassies and expat organisations to rate the president's attempts at their native tongue.

Lisa Spira is the director of research and product development at Ethnic Technologies. Credit Christian Hansen for The New York Times.
"Grab them by the pussy," Donald Trump boasted in 2005. "You can do anything." When the recording of these comments surfaced last week, the Republican presidential nominee apologized, before later saying (predictably) that his words were "locker-room ...
Then-advocate Ruth Bader Ginsburg quashed her New York accent in a 1975 case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, but the accent is once again on display when she reads from the bench, a study has found.
Baldwin, a Myaamia (Miami) language linguist and cultural preservationist at Miami University in Ohio, is among 23 fellows who received grants this year.
Mississippi State (2-2) has an open date this weekend. While the Bulldogs will enjoy a weekend to recharge both their batteries and bodies, the practice week was about getting better.
Next, the Unlocking the Truth team brings in a forensic linguist. The forensic linguist looks at Kelly's statements to the police.
nisanyan Istanbul (Aravot) - On September 23, the Cezayir complex in Istanbul hosted the ceremony awarding Istanbul-based Armenian intellectual, philologist, writer and publicist Sevan Nisanyan's family the William Saroyan Medal of the Diaspora ...
Visitors expecting to hear the Queen's English spoken on the streets of London in 50 years may need to "fink" again.
All of us have some form of accent. My family has lived in the capital District region for more than a hundred years. But as soon as I utter the word "coffee" or, as I pronounce it, "cawfee," you can immediately tell that I may have picked up a bit of ...
Conventional wisdom tells us that, despite its many benefits, swearing isn't a good idea around children. But then, it happens, invariably and internationally.
In a new interview with Popular mechanics, Mark Okrand, linguist and creator of the Klingon language, reveals that Klingon came to life through the systems of many languages.
About a decade after they landed, linguists began paying attention. "People start noticing, huh, they speak English kinda funny," says Rachel Steindel Burdin, a linguist at the University of New Hampshire who studies Jewish English. The study of melody ...
After studying classics and languages at high school and at Cambridge University, she went on to co-found and be co-CEO of Decoded, a company which teaches technology; their signature class teaches how to code in a day.
Texting may have made us better communicators in terms of frequency, but can we say that about our accuracy? The 21st century and our efficiency-above-all approach may have left grammar behind.
linguists seek to preserve endangered regional German dialects. Often looked down upon as "pidgin German," dialects are an important part of cultural memory and diversity.
A new study finds that the period serves important functions in the very text messages that are supposed to spell its demise.
This story really is about the church's missionary zeal, and Wycliffe Bible Translators, for whom Eachus is a linguist and translator.
That languages shift and dominate other tongues isn't necessarily a bad thing, explains Bernard Perley, a linguist at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
OXFORD - A linguist at a southwestern Ohio college has been named a MacArthur Fellow and will receive the so-called "genius grant" to continue his work to restore use of an Indigenous language.
That myth describes the complexities of Australia's linguistic landscape, which linguists have long struggled to unravel.
Instead, as most linguists only too ruefully admit, upon confessing their profession at cocktail parties they tend to be told: "Oops, better watch my grammar around you.
The MacArthur Foundation announced the 2016 MacArthur Fellows today, commonly known as the "genius grants," and this year's class includes Native American linguist Daryl Baldwin. Daryl and 22 other Fellows will receive a no-strings-attached $625,000 ...
From sweltering bush sheds to luxurious mansions with waterslides and mezzanine bedrooms - the word donga is today embraced by Australians for a wide range of structures.
"People don't know why they get so upset about language," says linguist David Crystal, but for some reason, they do, especially if you appear to break a rule about punctuation.
KOHALA COAST - For linguist Keao NeSmith, translating literature isn't just about going line by line through a book and translating the words.
"Most look exclusively at words, seen as something like the equivalent of the gene as a unit of analysis in genetics," says Lyle Campbell, a historical linguist at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. But linguists traditionally determined historical ...
linguists cannot say with certainty how many human languages are spoken today. One linguist's language may be another's dialect.
linguists who study syntax have catalogued myriad distinguishing rules and patterns among world languages - without necessarily explaining why such differences exist.
KOHALA COAST - For linguist Keao NeSmith, translating literature isn't just about going line-by-line through a book and translating the words.
He was the only criminal profiler and forensic linguist in the history of the FBI, and he also used his knowledge to help apprehend the Unabomber - according to him, it was "the first time ever that text analysis evidence was used in U.S.
That languages shift and dominate other tongues isn't necessarily a bad thing, explains Bernard Perley, a linguist at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.
The Missionaries & linguists exhibit, on display in the halls of the Burns Library through Oct. 7, breaks this mold, exploring the works of Jesuit missionaries and linguists' evangelizing of exotic peoples across the globe throughout the last few ...
But they are spewing sentences these days, quite the linguists. Now, when I ask "do you want to go outside", their fuzzy faces light up followed with a unanimous chorus of "yes, we want a walk".



Interests: syntax and semantics of programming languages, formal language theory, algorithms and data structures, computational linguistics, philosophy of language, mathematical logic, automata theory, ontology, history of philosophy, and set theory.

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