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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

Milestones along the way include the visits by linguist Lorenzo Dow Turner in the 20th century, and the publication in 2005 of the "De Nyew Testament" in Gullah by the American Bible Society in cooperation with Wycliffe Bible Translators.
Noting the effects of the atrocities were still felt today, the prime minister said after spending time with Indigenous language linguists, he was made aware that native languages were dying. "linguists from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and ...
Philip Bullock receives funding from the UK arts and Humanities Research Council as part of the University of Oxford's 'Creative Multilingualism' research programme.
From statuettes of Fu, Lu and Shou to a bedroom suite of custom-made Rosewood furniture and a 40-pound brass sculpture of the Chinese God of war, the decor at Luther and Joni Deese's southeast Marion County home is a colorful and delicately crafted ...
Linguist Willem de Reuse, left, transcribes Acoma words as they are told to him by Elvis Howeya, Pauline Villegas and Vina Leno at the Acoma Learning Center in Acoma, N.M.
... can influence the evolution of a language. While linguists tend to express careful skepticism about the significance of this and similar predictive computational models, these studies contribute to the growing interest of studying social behaviors ...
Sridevi will dub her upcoming film 'Mom' in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam apart from its original language, Hindi. Interestingly, the actress, who started out as a child artiste, has been a part of movies in all the aforementioned languages for five ...
We might think of Brits' singing like Yanks as a development of the rock era, but Swiss linguist Franz Andres Morrissey has traced this tendency back to jazz singers in the 1950s and earlier.
Additionally, the reliance on local nationals as linguists results in the awkward situation of arriving to advise Afghan personnel with no linguist available (it happened to me more times than I care to admit). Often, the three sets are mixed with ...
To support their contention that Google had become generic, the plaintiffs cited public surveys, deposed two expert linguists and submitted a list of dozens of movies and television series -- such as NBC's "The Office" -- in which characters used the ...
Kolkata: While scholars, teachers and linguists were divided in their opinion on making Bengali compulsory in school for all students, neurologists felt adding an extra language will not be a significant burden on kids.
Vojtech Merunka, a Czech linguist and professor at the Faculty of technology in Prague, and Croatian anthropologist Emil Hersak have teamed up to create a pan-Slavic language that would help connect up to a third of Europe's population, Total Croatia ...
ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS, MAY 20-21 - In this May 11, 2017 photo, Language Conservancy executive director Wilhelm Meya watches through a monitor as teams of linguists and Acoma speakers build an Acoma dictionary at the Acoma ... ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND ...
A Silver Star will be presented to Iraq war veteran Andrew Kim on Thursday at Twentynine Palms. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times).
Our linguist Geoff Nunberg says not always. GEOFF NUNBERG, BYLINE: It wasn't a serious political gaffe, but it was awkward.
WAXAHACHIE - During the 2017 Southern Star District Friends of Scouting Social, Dr. David Linguist was honored with the district's Values of Scouting Award.
Last month, when Kristin Miller talked with linguist Deborah Tannen about the current state of our public discourse, Tannen recommended that we also talk to her mentor Robin Lakoff, who she called the go-to expert on gender and language.
Friendships are meaningful to almost all of us. For girls and women, that means doing things together, telling each other everything and knowing something about that person that no one knows.
"The terrain is so difficult that the nearest neighbour's house is a couple of hundred meters up or down the hill or on the other side of the ravine," says Ozturk.
Aine Greaney: "In my daft young mind, I reasoned that I had no time for literary giants or linguists when there were friends to be made, papers to be fudged and (underage) partying to be done.
This memory came flooding back as I read Vinson Cunningham's gorgeous review of "Talking Back, Talking Black" a new book by the linguist, writer, and Columbia professor John McWhorter. It was brought to my attention by raceAhead reader Megan Carpenter ...
Indeed, linguists estimate that about a third of the world's languages are spoken by fewer than 1,000 people and are in danger of dying out in the next 100 years or so.
Kondo is working alongside marine biologist Andrew Gracey and linguist Khalil Iskarous to look at how the worm's movements change when certain genes are removed.
Robert Rodman, a linguist and N.C. State University professor who died earlier this year at age 76, helped write the book on language.
Advocates of the non-commoditization of language services may be in for an uphill climb. Not only do many language service providers continue to go to market with commodity-based strategies, as pointed out by United Language Group VP Michael Ridgway ...
In Ted Chiang's science-fiction masterpiece "Story of Your life" - adapted into the Hollywood blockbuster "Arrival" - the protagonist, a linguist named Louise banks, learns the language of an alien race - one that completely alters her perception of ...
The surge of the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant is a phenomenon that has impacted the core understanding of all aspects of our social life.
linguists have discovered that people who speak two languages fluently think about time differently depending on the language context in which they are estimating the duration of events.
Daniela Greene, a linguist with top-secret security clearance, was working as a German translator in 2014 for the Detroit FBI office where she was helping investigate a German national who was an ISIS leader in Syria.
Crystal Hunt, who served as a Chinese linguist in the army during the George H.W. Bush presidency, praised Trump's "peace through strength" approach, although she's admittedly nervous about too much confrontation with Russian president Vladimir Putin, ...
President Trump might not pay the expected price if he fails to build a wall on the southern border, if some of his biggest fans are to be believed.
Emoticons and emoji are changing the way we communicate faster than linguists can keep up with or lexicographers can regulate.
"I haven't once spoken my mother tongue Kilokele in the 62 years I've lived in Kinshasa. None of my nine children speak it," says Charles Tongohala.
Who is a linguist? What do linguists do? What is the scope of Linguistics? How does linguistics differ from literature studies?
Which is a nice, polite way to put it. linguists are flummoxed by the "rambling, aside-filled bursts" and "self-congratulatory bravado.
Fewer and fewer of us have the knowledge to engage one another civilly or use what linguists call "evidentials." Native Americans, for instance, have phrases and intonations suggesting direct observation, deductions and evidence to support their ...
In 2000 French linguist Claude Hagege warned in a book that pushing regional languages, such as Swahili, over lesser-known tongues could wind up killing minor indigeneous languages. asked five experts: a political strategist, a social media consultant, a developmental scientist, a media studies professor, and a linguist to weigh in on Trump's extraordinary use of the 140-character message service during his first 100 days.
And it's led by Berkeley alum, linguist David J. Peterson, who created both languages for the critically acclaimed HBO show.
In 2000 French linguist Claude Hagege warned in a book that pushing regional languages, such as Swahili, over lesser-known tongues could wind up killing minor Indigenous languages.
... the linguists say it's not all about the region's history with witchcraft. "Though some have linked the Salem witch trials to the use of 'wicked' as an intensifier, the explosion of 'wicked' as an adverb is a late 20th-century phenomenon," Merriam ...
Martha Figueroa-Clark, a linguist in the BBC pronunciation unit for more than 10 years, says the question of how to say "chorizo" comes up a lot.
The goal is to turn the average squaddy into a cunning linguist far more quickly than is possible today. Weber said that the research would be ethical and scientific.
In addition to the advice of "be awful," Worthen left graduates with the charge, "Don't pejorate; ameliorate." "Just as words can pejorate - and acquire a more negative meaning over time, they can also acquire a more positive meaning," he said ...
And this summer at the University of California Berkeley, students can take a class on the language with the man who created it, linguist David J. Peterson. In a press release Thursday, Berkeley announced the course, which will be worth three credits ...
In 2000 French linguist Claude Hagege warned in a book that pushing regional languages, such as Swahili, over lesser-known tongues could wind up killing minor indigeneous languages.



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