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updated Tue. April 25, 2017

An Auburn University freshman, right, clashed with a supporter of Richard Spencer on Tuesday in Alabama. Credit Albert Cesare/The Montgomery Advertiser, via Associated Press.
Meet Siddarth, a research scholar of Comparative literature. "One of my duties includes taking my guide's dog out for an evening walk, not that I don't like pets, but recently his wife too started ... "In some universities like Banaras Hindu University ...
A Distinguished professor of comparative literature at UC Irvine, he has received numerous awards and 11 honorary doctorates.
XINYUAN: So I heard from a friend that there was this humanities class with a 3D scanner. You know, that thing from sci-fi movies that shoots out a laser grid and virtualizes an image of you into the mainframe?
A kindergartner organizes blocks into a sequence of commands at the Eliot-Pearson children's school at Tufts University in Medford, Mass.
... Professor emerita of English and comparative literature, has been honored with the 2016-17 Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award, which recognizes scholarly work or educational service since retirement by University of California ...
Before the rally began, professors and students chatted while Public Safety staff took up positions at the front plaza stairs and the doors into Lowenstein Hall.
Muhanna's success is not limited to his writing; he has become one of the comparative literature department's most popular professors, said Marc Redfield, chair of the comparative literature department and professor of comparative literature and English.
In their new book, "At Home in the World: women Writers and Public Life, from Austen to the Present," Princeton professors Maria DiBattista and Deborah Nord re-evaluate the past two centuries of female novelists as their characters leave the threshold ...
The ACLS, established in 1919, is a private, nonprofit federation of scholarly associations that awards annual fellowships to professors and graduate students working in the humanities. Applicants submit detailed research proposals, and each ... This ...
Of this year's 173 scholarship recipients, Law school professor Adriaan Lanni, Drama, English, and Comparative literature professor Martin Puchner, and education School professor Natasha K. Warikoo will receive grants to assist their respective ...
Professors and students from a variety of campus teams, including the Yale College, Peabody Museum of Natural History, school of Art, School of Architecture, School of Drama, Department of Comparative literature and Digital Media Center for the arts ...
On Wednesday, April 12, the American Academy of arts and sciences elected 11 Stanford professors out of 228 new members to its ranks.
But the diverse senate body, which is composed of professors selected by most of the faculty at-large, has a range of opinions on how exactly a centralized system should function.
Fordham's adjunct professors are currently paid $4,100 for teaching a three or four credit courses according to Director of the Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee Andrew Clark.
Copeland is the Sheli Z. and Burton X. Rosenberg Professor of the Humanities and a professor of classical studies, English and comparative literature. She will use the Fellowship support to work on her book project, "Emotion and the History of rhetoric ...
A three-day national conference on 'Comparative Humanities: Re-configuring Humanities across cultures' was organised by the Department of Comparative literature and India Studies, EFLU, that concluded recently. E.V. Ramakrishnan, professor Emeritus ...
"We're students, professors, doctors, engineers ... you name it!" A group of girls at the barbecue were sitting with their Muslim friend of several years, Nourhan El-Nagdy ... "She's one of the bravest women I know," said Diane Serenson, a member of ...
When the Georgetown University Law Center offered computer programming last year, it was an experiment, a single class for about 20 students.
Hampshire College philosophy professors George Fourlas who will address "Islamophobia as Racism," and Smith College French and comparative literature professor Mehammed Mack will speak on "Islamophobia in France." Sponsored by Hampshire's ...
Na'ama Rokem, associate professor in the Departments of Comparative literature and of Near Eastern Languages and cultures, led the course's development along with Sarah Nooter, associate professor in the Department of Classics.
The festival has been sponsored by a number of academic bodies including the anthropology, sociology and Comparative literature departments, as well as the Residential College and Central student government. Other fundraising came from private donors ...
Professors Geoffrey Hartman and Paul de Man founded Cornell's Department of Comparative literature in 1966, using grants from the National Defense Act.
With the goal of harnessing the untapped potential of Iranian-Americans, and to build the capacity of the Iranian diaspora in effecting positive change in the U.S.
Batuman, at the time she published her n+1 essay, was a graduate student at Stanford studying comparative literature, and she was clearly nostalgic for an age when "large, loose, baggy monsters," to borrow Henry James's famous description of the 19th ...
Borrowing her title from Fyodor Dostoevsky's novel about tortured intellectuals, Batuman took readers into the weird intensity of seven years of doctoral study in Russian and comparative literature at Stanford University. ... In Russian class, Selin ...
Two talks by invited professors will be open free of charge to the public at the upcoming "Canadian Literatures and Time" conference to be held March 23 and March 24, 2017 in College Hall of the Morrin Centre, Quebec City.
Its faculty come from the comparative literature, East Asian languages & literatures, English, film & media studies, anthropology, political science, studio art and drama departments, among others.
Since 1997, UC Riverside professor of comparative literature and French Michelle Bloom, Ph. D, has selflessly lent her lifelong experience travelling the world, particularly France, while ardently studying literature and cinema through a comparative ...
In order to better diversify and nuance your perspective, engage with scholars like Professors Elaine Pagels and AnneMarie Luijendijk, who tackle religion with historic approaches.
Published in 2010, the same year Batuman became a New Yorker staff writer, "The Possessed'' drew on her work as a PhD student in comparative literature at Stanford, but her quirky takes on classic works and the irreverent connections she drew between ...
So, for example, at a number of UK research-intensive universities, professors are required to defray their own salaries with grant income, and this "key performance indicator" eclipses any contribution to teaching, scholarship or academic mentoring ...
... three seniors, Dylan Blau Edelstein '17, former Street editor Harrison Blackman '17, and Daniel Teehan '17. All of the seniors are AB students; Edelstein is concentrating in Spanish & Portuguese, Blackman in History, and Teehan in Comparative ...
BASH proposed the resolution in response to UCLA's settlement of Professor Gabriel Piterberg's sexual harassment case, said Shir Alon, a BASH member and graduate student in comparative literature. BASH is a student-run group that aims to improve ...
Sandra Bermann, the Cotsen Professor in the Humanities and professor of comparative literature, is among the faculty, staff and graduate students who serve as SIFP fellows.
Following the urging of three prominent law professors, Stanford University's student senate on Wednesday adopted a resolution demanding the reinstatement of an outside lawyer who was dismissed after she publicly criticized the school's procedure for ...
Dr. Gabeba Baderoon, associate professor of women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, African Studies and affiliate faculty Comparative literature, was the first speaker and started the evening with a hopeful message to the students. "You are the people ...
Sandra Bermann, the Cotsen Professor in the Humanities and professor of comparative literature, is among the faculty, staff and graduate students who serve as SIFP fellows.
David Theo Goldberg, a professor of comparative literature, anthropology, criminology, law and society at the University of California-Irvine, called this new state of "surveillance" by students, student activists, fellow professors and Freedom of ...
In the midst of doing research for their doctoral dissertations, government professors Wendy Hunter and Kurt Weyland found one another while exploring the unknown wonders of Brazil.
Following President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban on citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, several Duke professors shared their thoughts on the executive order and its potential. Omid Safi is the director of the Duke Islamic Studies ...
While at least two professors cancelled class so that students could attend the protest, and some students skipped their Wednesday morning classes, the wheel could not identify anyone who actually walked out of class or out of Sterk's inauguration to ...
There is little question that the totalitarian theme of George Orwell's "1984" resonates with modern audiences, but the novel written a half-century ago has much broader applications to today's political climate, according to a trio of Lafayette ...
A group of University professors is advocating concrete administrative action in the face of President Donald Trump's executive order limiting travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.
During her time at IU, Gonzalez said she worked closely with many creative writing professors, though for her thesis project she studied under professor and published author Samrat Upadhyay.
According to an announcement by Elsevier, four STU professors have entered the list of The Most Globally Influential Scholars from Chinese Universities, thus giving STU a ranking of 68th in China and 4th in Guangdong Province.
... and other things going on campus, there's an increasing disregard for the kinds of governance processes in place," said Andrew H. Clark, Ph.
"I hadn't received any emails from my professors, and I knew one of them had sent us some information, so I chatted the help desk, and they asked for my password and email," Mari said.
Keshavarz said her department is currently considering an Iranian Ph.D. candidate for the comparative-literature program. "I no longer know ... At the time, professors in both places were hopeful that more cross-cultural exchange would be possible ...
Alan-Michael Weatherford, a doctoral student of Comparative literature, cinema and Media at UW, wrote a guest editorial in the UW Daily today, in which he detailed the "horrendous campaign" that followed his participation in "a series of peaceful teach ...





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