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Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.

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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

Greece has sought to calm fears of a summer default as Economists warned that uncertainty surrounding the country's debt pile had put it on course for a fourth bail-out.
But while taxes can create incentives that can promote growth, liberal and conservative Economists alike said there was no evidence that the White House budget announced on Tuesday would do so.
PETALING JAYA: Several Economists have revised upwards their forecasts for Malaysia's 2017 economic growth, given the strong start to the year.
A group of Economists has warned that free distribution of land will not solve rural poverty in the country in light of reports that the government has finally agreed to the demand of the National Democratic Front (NDF) of The Philippines of free land ...
WEST LAFAYETTE - A global trade conference that Purdue University will host next month is expected to attract more than 200 Economists. The 20th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis is set for June 7-9 at the West Lafayette campus.
Britain's economy will stay on the straight and narrow if the Conservatives win the election, with steady, modest growth and a falling debt burden, Economists believe, while Labour would boost growth in the short term with a spending spree - but also ...
A global trade conference that Purdue University will host next month is expected to attract more than 200 Economists. The 20th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis is set for June 7-9 at the West Lafayette campus.
Some Economists say there's more of a downside than an upside to opening up the landmark deal, especially for Michigan.
Economists are often wringing their hands over why, despite a continuous eight-year economic recovery, workers' wages remain largely stagnant, extending a trend that began some three decades ago.
Theresa may's pledge to balance Britain's books is already under attack, amid fears that a slowdown will force her government to ramp up spending.
Economists: Budget Uncertainty Causing DC Hiring Slowdown. Economists say uncertainty surrounding the federal budget process is likely partially to blame for a slowdown in hiring in the Washington metropolitan area.
AS queen Elizabeth II famously once pointed out, most Economists failed to predict the crisis of 2007-08. In a lecture to the American Economic Association in 2003, Robert Lucas argued that macroeconomics had succeeded in so far as the "central ...
Economists have long argued that marriage rates are lower in poorer and less well-educated areas because men in those communities aren't good financial bets.
The NERC Economists will still be keeping a close eye on federal policy yet to be instituted under the Trump administration, but they already say federal immigration policy could likely result in labor shortages in both high tech and agricultural fields.
In order to create a better Philippines, we must develop not only engineers, doctors and scientists but also Economists who will become leaders that will find a way to eradicate poverty.
Kuala Lumpur: Higher exports are expected to drive up gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the first quarter of 2017 (1Q17), according to some Economists, who are forecasting between a 4.8% and 4.9% year-on-year rise. In comparison, the previous ...
In 2011, Economists from the Federal Reserve and the University of Notre Dame issued a working paper called "Internal Migration in the United States.
Kuala Lumpur: After being named Asia's worst-performing currency two years in a row, volatility in the ringgit against the US dollar has stabilised somewhat ...
Building on the H-O model, academic economist Branko Milanovic has described in an elegant chart how income around the world changed from 1988 to 2008.
New Delhi: Economists rule out a policy rate cut in the next monetary policy announcement of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 6 June despite retail inflation slowing to a record in April.
By Asma Alsharif CAIRO Reuters Egypt should make it easier to do business and try harder to attract direct investment if it is to make.
Britain could see its fourth deficit rule in as many years, Economists believe, as the government has to keep adapting its borrowing targets.
women's participation in the U.S. workforce has fallen as they are making big changes to when, and whether, they have children.
Economists are less reliable than weathermen with their forecasts because of ideological splits and their belief that economies function perfectly, according to Tom Butler-Bowden, author of 50 economics Classics.
New cars for sale at an auto dealership in Queens, N.Y. A range of Economists say President Trump has little opportunity to increase economic growth in the ...
Donald Trump has now spent enough time listening to Republican economic advisers that he can give an interview to The Economist in which he attempts to regurgitate the ideas that have been fed him. At various points in the interview, Trump tries and ...
James Comey was sacked as director of the FBI by Donald Trump, taking Washington, and Mr Comey, completely by surprise. Mr Trump acted on the advice of the attorney-general, Jeff Sessions, who decided that Mr Comey had botched the FBI's probe into ...
Economists don't look for jobs in the same way the rest of us do. They are way too rational. They have a system that looks a lot like speed dating.
Professor Baumol was "one of the great Economists of his generation," Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel prize-winning economist at Columbia University, said in an interview, adding, "The series of insights he had about managerial economics, the role of ...
James McIntyre, an economist at Macquarie, highlights that the composition of future growth is not particularly labour intensive, with a nod to a gas export boom that is not believed to be a major source of jobs creation.
Middle-income families to be hardest hit by budget, Economists say. Families earning between $80,000 and $140,000 will lose the largest proportion of their pre-tax income, worth between 0.66% and 0.82%, analysis shows.
But what do the public think about Economists themselves? An intriguing survey released last week by ING bank and the Bristol University economics Network sheds light on how this particular group of experts is viewed.
FAIRBANKS - The meeting of Arctic nations in Fairbanks this week is an opportunity to share ideas and collaborate on challenges facing Arctic communities.
A lack of new housing supply, the loss of manufacturing jobs and the rise of robotics are all major economic factors that will have widespread impacts on the.
The Conservatives must prove they are the party of low tax by replacing a current "tax lock" with a pledge to keep burden below a third of national income, ...
New Delhi: Economists have endorsed the three-year growth outlook of federal policy think-tank Niti Aayog banking on the reforms currently underway such as the introduction of a goods and services tax (GST), the resolution of stressed assets in the ...
The University of Chicago's Booth school of Business regularly polls Economists on controversial questions. In a survey the school published last week on Trump's tax plans, only two out of the 37 Economists that responded said that the cuts would ...
A decades-old economic theory is making a comeback. The theory: tax cuts can pay for themselves. Trump administration advisers have repeated this mantra to explain their corporate tax rate cut.
At a conference of policymakers and financial industry executives last month, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the nascent Trump tax plan, which consists mostly of individual and corporate tax cuts, "will pay for itself with growth ...
The survey, published last week, reported that 35 of the 37 Economists who responded said they disagreed or strongly disagreed with the idea that the tax plan "would likely pay for itself through higher economic growth.
Goldman Sachs Economists said, in a recent note, that there is now a two-thirds chance that the recovery will be the longest on record.
Following the strong April jobs report, economist say it's all but certain the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates again in June, MarketWatch staffer Greg Robb reports.
Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election, easily beating anti-EU rival Marine le Pen. The Euro hit a six-month high against the dollar in response and stock markets seem to be cheering the outcome too.
Egypt's Economists are lauding a new law that grants residency to foreigners in the North African country in return for bank deposits in hard currency.
JP Morgan economist Henry St John agreed that the decline in approvals over recent months pointed towards an imminent peak in construction activity, which is likely to start declining later this year.
Amid President Donald Trump's tough-sounding talk about renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, Economists and other observers have debated how potential changes could impact the U.S. economy. Less scrutinized is how Mexico, the ...
Havana, May 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Economists are increasingly supporting today the investment program being implemented in this island, in feasibility studies done jointly with consulting firms.
Every year, universities and companies that want to hire a professional economist converge on Chicago in the dead of winter.
WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) - The Trump administration is celebrating stronger-than-expected job creation in the month of April, but Economists say it is not yet clear what effect the president's policies will have on a labor market that has ...
Havana, May 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Economists are increasingly supporting today the investment program being implemented in this island, in feasibility studies done jointly with consulting firms.





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