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Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.

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updated Tue. April 25, 2017

Anyone tempted to believe that government economic reports are merely a recitation of boring statistics, got a surprising treat Wednesday with a Labor Dept.
Prices have been rising and this is good news for the economy - even though it might not feel like it down in the supermarket aisles.
Arthur Laffer and his wealthy friends are like the Energizer Bunny that just keeps on going and going. Many years ago Laffer's restaurant-napkin outline of tax reform was referred to George Bush, then running against Ronald Reagan, as "Voodoo economics ...
And LSE economist Philippe Legrain said ministers have repeatedly failed to bring net migration down to even double the 99,999 target.
Like non-residents scrambling to buy property before facing a new tax, there has been a groundswell of commentary from experts tackling Ontario's landmark housing announcement today.
Nearly 1,500 Economists, including 21 members of the Yale faculty, have signed an open letter to President Donald Trump and congressional leaders urging them to recognize the economic benefits of immigration.
"It's disconcerting," said Yardeni, who is also an economist. Reports on sentiment, or soft data, have been encouraging, while so-called hard data such as retail sales have painted a less optimistic picture of the U.S.
Economists from across the country - including some in the Triangle - sent a letter to President Donald Trump saying that immigration strengthens the economy.
What prompted the most influential Economists in the world to speak out was the fact that Ms Le Pen and her team have repeatedly claimed they have the support of 188 Economists, including the holders of 12 Nobel prizes (three of whom are dead), to ...
The country's inflation rate is within manageable levels despite recording gains over the months, Economists have said.
Theresa may has called for a snap general election on 8 June sending the FTSE 100 lower and causing the pound to jump after falling sharply in the lead up to the news breaking.
A dangerously overcooked housing market and rising interest rates are poised to plunge thousands of Australian families into mortgage stress in coming years, top Economists have warned. As the Turnbull government grapples with how to address the ...
The letter, publicized Wednesday and signed by a number of Chicago Economists, is meant to demonstrate broad consensus that a smart immigration system can boost growth, jobs and wages in hopes legislators take that into account when crafting policy.
Tokyo -- Southeast Asian countries deserve high marks for their development since the Asian financial crisis of 1997, according to a new survey of prominent local Economists. Ongoing reforms have helped the economies achieve strong growth rates, while ...
State Economists in the Alaska Department of Labor tracked thousands of Alaska grads and published a "Where are they now?
This waste is despite the fact that India has some of the best Economists in the world. By the mid-1950s, India's growth plans were attracting Economists from all over the world. By the 1960s, Indian Economists were making waves in the world of ...
Economist Dr Chris Malikane says rating agencies should consider South Africa's historic circumstances before downgrading the country.
Wales, he said, could look like "a place of rationality and calm and order amidst the chaos around us" and a "place of attraction for firms running away from the madness".
Britain is on the verge of an export and spending boom as Economists rule out the likelihood of a slowdown this year.
Westpac Economists take a look at housing market conditions in New Zealand's main centres. They find each facing its own challenges that they will be wrestling with for years to come.
economics as a discipline has taken something of a bashing in the past handful of years.
President Donald Trump announces he will nominate Kevin Hassett, an expert in tax policy and one of the most prominent Economists at the conservative ...
Housing affordability - or more precisely, the increasing lack of it - in California has prompted growing concern among Economists and segments of the residential real estate industry. Sung Won Sohn, a professor of economics at California State ...
Addition of 98,000 US jobs last month well below recent average; Economists blame weather. Store manager Stephen Lusardi arranges clothing at a Bonobos Guideshop last month in New York City.
Thank you for inviting my comment on the gist of your team's work. Let me say first that about your team's frustration with corruption, I feel your pain!
St. Louis, MO (KTVI) - According to a recent report from the Federal Reserve bank of St. Louis, permits to build homes in the St. Louis metropolitan area are at the highest level since 2007.
Former Reserve Bank governor Bernie Fraser is one of 75 prominent Australian Economists and academics critical of a decision to cut Sunday penalty rates in the retail and hospitality sector.
The former leader of the Liberal party John Hewson has recently made several bold claims in the Australian media about the centrality of the economics profession, arguing that "we need Economists more than ever to understand the world." He argues that ...
neoliberal economics justifies the exorbitant incomes of the One Percent while blaming rising debt on those forced into debt-peonage to survive.
Former Reserve Bank governor Bernie Fraser is one of 75 prominent Australian Economists and academics critical of a decision to cut Sunday penalty rates in the retail and hospitality sector.
WASHINGTON (CN) - Economists told Congress on Tuesday that in the decade since the Great Recession of 2007 - 2009 gripped a persistent wealth disparity, sluggish regional markets and low rates of turnover in labor have continued to dog the U.S.
Economists think we'll see a solid report: new orders are projected to bounce back sharply in March after tumbling in the previous month.
Hong Kong -- China Economists anticipate widely differing paths for Sino-American trade relations under President Donald Trump, with some warning that tensions between the two countries could intensify while others see lower odds of a trade war, ...
On the data calendar of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), March 31 was the day to release the country's fourth-quarter economic growth for 2016 and thus the overall rate for the year.
The Trump administration has launched an investigation into the cause of trade deficits with U.S. trading partners. But most Economists, say Trump appears to misunderstand what a trade deficit means. ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: The big U.S. trade deficit with ...
"There may be some small [positive] employment effect in the sector," says Professor Jeff Borland, a Melbourne University economist who spent six hours in the stand at the Fair Work Commission fighting the change on behalf of the United Voice union.
Making Sen$e chatted with three experts on the pay gap: economist Francine D. Blau of Cornell, managing director of the MacArthur Foundation Cecilia Conrad and economist Claudia Goldin of Harvard. Here's what they had to say on the pay gap, where it ...
Political Scientists, Economists, and philosophers have long noted that healthy democracies are often rich countries too. But over time, the explanation of that relationship changed.
There has been general shock by Economists to the decision of Standard & Poor's Global to downgrade South Africa to junk status.
There has been general shock by Economists to the decision of Standard & Poor's Global to downgrade South Africa to junk status.
THE BUSINESS TIMES government & economy - FORGET the solid pace of Singapore's economic growth in recent months.. Read more at The Business ...
The local currency lost around 6% on Friday after finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was fired.
Economists are waiting for the RBA's statement, to see what it makes of new regulatory measures targeting investor lending.
Article 50 What Next conference Economist Andrew Lilico (far-right of picture) speaks on a panel at the "Article 50: What Next?
Across the state, the construction industry isn't building housing in the numbers seen during previous booms, according to numbers crunched by the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis.





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