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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

... "Anthropogenic forest loss and malaria prevalence: a comparative examination of the causes and disease consequences of deforestation in developing nations," published in AIMS environmental science, led by Lehigh University sociologist Dr. Kelly ...
Doug Bachtel, the late University of Georgia rural sociologist and editor of the invaluable Georgia County Guide, became the state's most familiar, trusted and sought-after demographer.
In a study published in a forthcoming issue of the British Journal of Criminology, Boston College sociologist Isak Ladegaard provides some of the strongest quantitative evidence yet that the dark web drug trade actually received a sales bump following ...
This was welcome news to Economists, Psychologists and sociologists who have long complained that they need not receive as much scrutiny as, say, a medical researcher.
I recently read an article in The Atlantic, titled, "How People Decide Whether to Have children." There was one sentence I kept coming back to.
Should you follow your significant other to a brand new life, or keep your current life, which was still pretty good before that guy came along?
The American sociologist Francis Fukuyama in his book titled The End of History celebrated these developments. He laid out the ... This group included what sociologists call "low-income, non-college educated white population." They formed the base of ...
All of us interrupt now and again. But who we interrupt may be dependent on our gender. A groundbreaking study conducted in 1975 by Don Zimmerman and Candace West, sociologists at UCSB, looked at 31 conversations and found that men were ...
As the fractures in America grew more jagged, I dropped by the Berkeley home of sociologist Arlie Hochschild, whose new book, "Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right," is a fascinating and intimate look at the men and ...
Eminent sociologist, author and activist Harry Edwards, who helped to curate the National Museum of African American History and culture's most recent sports exhibit, Game Changers, feels that Kaepernick, too, needs pride of place at the Smithsonian.
But neither Lindsay or Boghossian are sociologists. So I can see why they might not know what journals are respected in the field.
This trend, to personalise politics in Latin America in general, including Argentina, coupled with the theory about charisma promoted by German sociologist Max Weber, leads many to speak about the supposed direct link between the charismatic leader and ...
In addition, a University of Arizona sociologist will oversee the component that will measure the effect the project has on building the resiliency and social networking that it aims to achieve.
sociologists believe that intolerance to newcomers is not a trend but an established attitude in Russia, and neither immigration reform nor the tolerance centers have been able to influence Russians.
Colorado State University sociologist Michael Carolan says in order to form more effective and fair food movements, we need to think much more broadly about how food gets from a field to our plate, and the people involved.
sociologists believe that intolerance to newcomers is not a trend but an established attitude in Russia, and neither immigration reform nor the tolerance centers have been able to influence Russians.
Let's talk about racism | Colour bias in India is colonial, not traditional. sociologist Dipankar Gupta traces how colonialism justified its rule by positing darker skin as inferior.
To figure out whether random AI can help people coordinate, Hirokazu Shirado, a sociologist and systems engineer, and Nicholas Christakis, a sociologist and physician, both at Yale University, asked volunteers to play a simple online game. Each person ...
Black girls experience greater racial inequality in school discipline than black boys, according to a recent study by an IU sociologist. Brea Perry, associate Professor of sociology, has been studying the topic for about five years and coauthored a ...
sociologist and Newfoundlander James Baker doesn't think you should be using the word. By Adam Carter, CBC News Posted: May 15, 2017 2:55 PM ET Last Updated: May 15, 2017 3:07 PM ET.
Sofia. Without changes - Bulgarian socialist party (BSP) is doomed. This is what sociologist Yuriy Aslanov said in an interview for FOCUS news agency, in relation to the changes in the BSP Executive Bureau and the election of deputy chairs of the party.
A Timaru mother who raised concerns about the use of the Body Mass Index to identify overweight preschoolers has received plenty of support for her stance.
A 2013 study of several thousand undergraduates led by New York University sociologist Richard Arum found that 45 percent of students made no significant improvement in critical thinking and complex reasoning skills, and after four years, this number ...
In 2012, a University of Texas sociologist named Mark Regnerus released a report on children who grew up in "unconventional" families.
Fifty-nine percent of U.S. adults say they think online dating is a good way to meet people, according to the Pew Research Center.
A social change is sweeping the villages of Khanna sub-division of Ludhiana district. Many village bodies have passed a resolution for simple marriages and ...
A society dominated by childless couples could become Australia's reality, with data analysis suggesting they will become the most common family type by 2023.
sociologists see such rhetoric, which gives Soros almost supernatural abilities to destroy traditional societies, as a modern manifestation of old anti-Semitic conspiracies amid new populist rage against elites and the European Union.
Sofia. Without changes - Bulgarian socialist party (BSP) is doomed. This is what sociologist Yuriy Aslanov said in an interview for FOCUS news agency, in relation to the changes in the BSP Executive Bureau and the election of deputy chairs of the party.
As MJ Sharp noted, Mayes 'thinks about the state of the world like a sociologist and then she moves on it like an artist.
It might seem unusual that a sociologist now writes about loneliness. sociologists, after all, are excited by human relationships.
Democratise and de-racialise corporate ownership and make it more accountable and sensitive to South Africa's continuing gaping disparities - but don't replace corporate managers with State ones.
French sociologists see Macron as exemplar of 'Zombie Catholicism'. May 11, 2017. In a provocative new book, two French sociologists detail the lingering influence of Catholic traditions among people who no longer practice the faith: a phenomenon they ...
If we can presuppose what a meaning people give to these notions who got Soviet education and grew up with songs and films, it is difficult to judge the attitude of the digital generation, as sociologists call the modern young, to patriotic rhetoric ...
According to her heart break-inspired and softly spoken lyrics, AMEA is a "Resident of hypocrisy and adamant lust," but on campus she is a sociology graduate student, panelist at 2017's music Biz Day and research assistant.
Jeddah - Courts in various parts of the Kingdom are to be provided with specialists in psychology and sociology to provide advice to the judges while considering family cases, Al-Watan said quoting recommendations from Justice Minister Walid Al-Samani.
Others include a farmer, a school headteacher, an HR director, a hospital manager, a sociologist and several entrepreneurs.
The German philosopher, sociologist and economist, who spent much of his life in London (and is buried in Highgate Cemetery), developed theories to explain why capitalist economies - which he opposed - have fluctuations and crises.
The program will be moderated and facilitated by Dean Alfred Carter, an educator, sociologist, and humanist. There will be a reception, featuring Syrian dishes, from 6:30 to 7 p.m.. A number of advocacy groups will have tables, where participants will ...
"It used to be called shacking up, and it was not approved of," said Kelly Raley, a sociologist at the University of Texas, Austin, and former editor of The Journal of marriage and Family.
sociologists Mary Pattillo and Michael Eric Dyson called the approach, respectively, "definitely fresh" and "a brutally honest reckoning.
With time and by setting a good example - there is no other way," said Cardoso. A noted sociologist, the former president has been cited in a blockbuster plea bargain by former executives of engineering company Odebrecht who say they gave Cardoso ...
Economist and sociologist Cirilo Otero said Ortega may be underestimating the Nica Act's potential effects because any uncertainty could prompt investors to suspend activity in Nicaragua until it clears up.
sociologists and opinion researchers define an atheist as someone who doesn't believe in God. Yet even in anonymous ... "Anti-atheist sentiment is still really high," said Penny Edgell, a sociologist at the University of Minnesota. "That doesn't ...
... fields because a passion for art translates to more creativity and innovation in other work. "It's hard to find a silver bullet for anything," he said.
Do we know why racial segregation occurs? In 1973, the Supreme Court said no, and in doing so, dealt a crushing blow to the civil rights movement.
"Forty to 50 years of social science research tells us what an important context neighborhoods are, so buying a home in a safe and respected neighborhood is probably one of the most important things you can do for your kid," says Ann Owens, a ...
The trend has nothing to do with economics considering that the overall per capita income rate in the U.S. continued to rise over the decades.
"When you are dating online, you actually have a very clear idea of what the marketplace is like," Jessica Carbino, Tinder's in-house sociologist argues in a New York Times interview. "You are able to have a visual idea of the pool in front of you ...





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