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updated Sun. October 22, 2017

There's a popular conception that people who are gifted musicians are also skilled mathematician, or vice versa. However, there isn't a whole ...
Primary schools are encouraged to enter their brightest Mathematicians into the National Young Mathematicians' Awards 2017. Run by Explore ...
Voevodsky's friends remember him as constitutionally unable to compromise on the truth -- a quality that led him to produce some of the most ...
scientists from RUDN University have created a mathematical model of reliable microwave communication for mobile phones and other ...
The latter was a feat that other Mathematicians didn't dare approach, but Voevodsky's effort has overwhelmingly benefited the industry -- and ...
Promoting the visibility of black Mathematicians by is key to encouraging the next generation of Mathematicians. Photograph: Chalkdust.
An extraordinarily skilled mathematician, Johnson worked for NASA between 1953 (when the agency was known as the National Advisory ...
Nevertheless, it is true that Mathematicians are good at performing quick number calculations. However, one mathematician who is an ...
"A mathematician, like a painter or poet, is a maker of patterns. If his patterns are more permanent than theirs, it is because they are made with ...
Mathematicians generally think about a shape's symmetry in terms of the group of transformations that leave its geometry intact -- so an ...
A new paper by Mathematicians at the University at Buffalo and the University of Colorado Boulder brings us closer to finding an answer.
In a breakthrough that disproves decades of conventional wisdom, two Mathematicians have shown that two different variants of infinity are ...
My spouse and I are both Mathematicians. We have a lot in common in how we think about math, but we specialized in different fields.
The foundations of math are like a constitutional document that spells out the governing rules all Mathematicians agree to play by. He has given ...
CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) -. Hundreds of young Mathematicians traveled to Southern Illinois University to attend the annual math Field Day on Tuesday, March 28.
The Collatz Conjecture is a deceptively simple math problem. It has only two rules. First, pick any number. If it's even, divide it by two.
The Harvard Mathematicians have been working on this paper for one and a half years, and they expect it to lead to something fresh and exciting, Semiconductor engineering reported.
Known as the Gaussian correlation inequality (GCI), the conjecture originated in the 1950s, was posed in its most elegant form in 1972 and has held Mathematicians in its thrall ever since. "I know of people who worked on it for 40 years," said Donald ...
The mathematical explanation has its roots in the work of the 17th century Dutch mathematician Huygens. He saw that clocks can synchronise, but it depends on both the clocks and how they influence each other.
The Oregon Ducks are having a very good NCAA tournament, thanks in part to the skills of star guard Tyler Dorsey. The sophomore is performing the best he has all season, shooting at a 62.4 percent average from the field and at 57.8 percent from the ...
The Krieger-Nelson Prize is given by the Canadian Mathematical Society to a female mathematician who has made outstanding contributions to the field.
It's never fun to try and get your sofa around a tight corner. Here's the mathematically best way to do it. Most Popular. GIF.
Noether had proved herself to be an incredibly good mathematician, whose work also gained the notice of such mathematical luminaries as David Hilbert and Felix Klein.
Reviving an effort that encourages young women to pursue math and science careers, St. John's invited students from eight local high schools to the Queens campus this month for mentoring, workshops, and other activities as part of the University's ...
FOND DU LAC - The annual Fond du Lac reporter Middle school math Contest was recently held, and 145 middle school students participated, completing a test prepared by the Fond du Lac high school Math Team.
Yves Meyer, a French Jewish mathematician, won the Abel Prize on Tuesday for his work on the "wavelet theory," which has been applied in data compression, noise reduction, medical imaging and digital Cinema.
To explore the mathematical possibilities of alternative geometries, Mathematicians imagine such 'non-Euclidean' spaces, where parallel lines can intersect or veer apart.
That's because the challenge for Mathematicians is both finding the largest sofa and proving it to be the largest. Without a proof, it's always possible someone will come along with a better solution.
To explore the mathematical possibilities of alternative geometries, Mathematicians imagine such 'non-Euclidean' spaces, where parallel lines can intersect or veer apart.
"Hidden Figures: The Story of the African-American women Who Helped Win the Space Race" tells the story of pioneering black female Mathematicians, known as "computers," who worked at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia starting in the 1930s.
The woman who wrote the book that inspired the movie "Hidden Figures" will speak at UNC Greensboro's commencement in May.
The proof of the four color problem remained elusive for over a century, until two Mathematicians with a computer took a closer look.
Budding Mathematicians at a primary school celebrated beating other pupils in a series of number challenges.
Most of us have struggled with the mathematical puzzle known as the "moving sofa problem." It poses a deceptively simple question: What is the largest sofa that ...
Budding Mathematicians at a primary school celebrated beating other pupils in a series of number challenges. Pinner high school, in Beaulieu Drive, held its first maths challenge for Year 5 schoolchildren on Tuesday, March 14.
man thinking Be open-minded and don't be afraid of taking risks, because you never know what the outcome will be. Flickr/Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and design.
There is more to mathematics than the regular numeric calculations and textbook interpretations. Mathematics is the language of the universe, explained Professor Marcus du Sautoy during the 18th Friday Forum at the Royal Institute for governance and ...
The best environment to raise anyone in is a healthy, loving, caring, and stimulating one. children have interests and inclinations, and the best thing we can do is help them find what these are, and gently push them to learn and explore them.
Thanks to a creative pair of Canadian Mathematicians, that may be about to change. What is Bee++?. It's a computer program created at the University of Western Ontario by mathematician Matt Betti and master's student Josh LeClair. It simulates the ...
Today Mathematicians are actively engaged in the study of "class numbers" of Number Systems. In their crudest form, they're a rating of how badly a number system fails the test of unique prime factorization, depending on which roots get mixed in: A ...
In his address, Prof Thangavelu expressed concern over the fact the India was not able to produce good number of Mathematicians matching its size. In the US and European nations the universities have large number of Mathematics faculty while in India ...
Two Boston College Mathematicians, assistant professors Ian Biringer and Dubi Kelmer, have earned coveted CAREER Awards from the National Science Foundation.
Devised by Ancient Greek mathematician and general polymath Archimedes (287-212 BC), pi is an irrational number, meaning it continues infinitely without repetition or pattern.
It is based on the real life mathematician John Nash. As Nash (Russell Crowe) is studying at Princeton, he is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.
Moscow - Igor Shafarevich, an internationally renowned Russian mathematician who had a central role in the anti-Soviet dissident movement during the height of the Cold War, died on Feb. 19 in Moscow.
You most probably already know why some people celebrate Pi Day, buy if you don't, we have posted an article with fun facts and suggestions.
MORE than 40 Holyrood pupils have been declared among the country's best at maths following a recent national challenge. Year 9 and 10 pupils took part in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge on February 2 and were given their results this week.
While the accurate estimation of this never-ending number has been credited to a man (i.e. Archimedes of Syracuse, 287-212 B.C.E.), women Mathematicians have been instrumental in the field as well. Here are a few women in the history of Mathematics to ...
A fan filling out an NCAA men's basketball bracket at random has only a one in 14 quintillion chance of producing a perfect result.
Farrell, who organized Picturing math, added that the Concinnitas portfolio was of interest to the Met because "it made visible the strong links between art and math, something artists and Mathematicians have engaged widely over the centuries." In the ...




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