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updated Tue. April 25, 2017

Christina Dent, an Assistant Professor of Nursing, was honored with the W. Bruce and Rosalyn Ray Donaldson Excellence in Advising Award, and Dr.
Hyunjin Seo, associate professor of journalism at KU, co-authored the study with Ren-Whei Harn, a doctoral student at KU, and Salman Husain of Syria Relief and Development.
... pounding spikes to keep rails in place so America's prosperity could roll along those tracks and sweep his children and grandchildren up in it.
The site's Advisors include veteran journalist and journalism professor Jeff Jarvis, actress Lily Cole, and former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, who started Truemors, a site that let users post news and have it rated by other users.
By Bill Knight / Retired WIU Journalism Professor. After the 2016 campaign and the election of Donald Trump, labor unions, progressives in general and the Democratic party in particular all must examine their strategies and do a "re-set," according to ...
... citizen-journalists and activists that conduct undercover investigations of agricultural production facilities in order to expose mistreatment and otherwise horrific conditions of animals and workers alike," wrote two journalism professors at New ...
scientists and physicians have been engaging in medical research to fight cancer for years, but some professors at the University are contributing another important aspect of the effort: communication.
"We have to be masters of storytelling in different media," said Dr. Samir Husni, University of Mississippi journalism professor and director of the Magazine Innovation Center. "If you don't know the art of storytelling [and] if you don't know the ...
Lori Wolfe/The Herald-Dispatch Marshall President Jerome Gilbert is photographed with Eric Blough, professor of pharmaceutical sciences and Research, as he recieves the Charles E. Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award during the spring general faculty ...
Panelists include Nicholas Schmidle, investigative journalist, staff writer at The New Yorker and Ferris Professor of Journalism; Daniel Heyman, artist, and lecturer in visual arts and the Lewis Center for the Arts; and Katherine Bussard, the Peter C ...
Taking a risk and changing careers after 19 years of working for Chapman, Pete Weitzner, the director of broadcast journalism at the Dodge College of Film and Media arts, plans to leave his position after this semester to become editor-in-chief of the ...
"When the world heard the screams of the doctor dragged off the plane, [United Airlines CEO Oscar] Munoz should have responded first as a human and not a CEO," said Michelle Marasch Ouellette, a professor of journalism and Public Relations at SUNY ...
Maggie Jones Patterson - Professor of Journalism & Multimedia arts, at the McAnulty College & Graduate school of liberal arts, at Duquesne University - and co-author of "Rooney: A Sporting Life" - the story of Pittsburgh Steelers' founder Arthur J ...
Created in 2010 by Samir Husni, Ole Miss journalism professor and Magazine Innovation Center director, the conference will feature more than 50 speakers and 50 other attendees, including CEOs of major magazine and marketing companies, Publishers, ...
"In many ways, he led Fox's cable news revolution," said Frank Sesno, a journalism professor at George Washington University and former CNN Washington bureau chief.
Graphene is the strongest and thinnest material in the world, and an Oxford-based company, New Media Lab LLC, aims to promote its commercial applications by forming the National Graphene Association (NGA).
Camile Kraeplin is a journalism professor at SMU and took on this project last semester. She said for this edition she did not do as much because the students have taken it on for themselves.
Dr. Michael Schudson, Professor of Journalism at Columbia Journalism school, will speak on "Reclaiming Non-Fake News: Democratic, Professional, Imperfect," Monday, May 1, at 6:30 p.m.
The spring home-buying market was off to a strong start in March as buyers closed on the highest number of existing homes in a decade.
Anxious would-be home buyers have been watching mortgage interest rates finally begin ticking up again in 2017, after years of historical lows.
Skip Williamson, who died last month at 72, brought radical sensibilities and a boisterous spirit to his work as an underground comics artist.
State Rep. Emily Slosberg, D-Boca Raton, knows the dangers of distracted driving and the lifelong impact poor choices make. She's living through them.
... citizen-journalists and activists that conduct undercover investigations of agricultural production facilities in order to expose mistreatment and otherwise horrific conditions of animals and workers alike," wrote two journalism professors at New ...
Peter Bobkowski, assistant journalism professor at the University, discussed how to search efficiently on Google, how access to public records and how they are relevant in the news Tuesday night at the Lawrence Public Library for the library's fact ...
Joe also serves as an editor at the The Gospel Coalition, a communications specialist for the Ethics and religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and as an adjunct professor of journalism at Patrick Henry College. He is the ...
"sports matter because they don't matter at all," my first sports journalism professor told me. I couldn't agree more.
Cross is a documentarian and professor of journalism at Columbia University. Her resume includes working frontline at PBS and CBS news, winning two national Emmys and two DuPont-Columbia Journalism Awards.
Journalism professor Mike Farrell was offered the position of interim director, according to journalism faculty. Professor Elisia Cohen, department chair of Communications, accepted a position as director of the school of Journalism and Mass Media at ...
"In many ways, he led Fox's cable news revolution," said Frank Sesno, a journalism professor at George Washington University and former CNN Washington bureau chief.
Jane Hall, a journalism professor at American University in Washington and former Fox News contributor called it a "significant moment" in dealing with allegations of sexual harassment, both at Fox News and in general.
Live-streaming platforms like facebook Live, Snapchat, and Meerkat have made it possible for the average user to highlight societal ills en route to generating mainstream news coverage of hot-button issues.
... a commercial for McDonald's be effective without any mention of McDonald's and why Boston's Fox affiliate is dropping network branding.
Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues Director and journalism Professor Al Cross reached out to the candidates regarding the case between the university and the Kentucky Kernel that stemmed from a professor's sexual assault situation ...
Tom Stanton, co-founder of The Voice, journalism professor and now Michigan Notable Author, will speak about his New York Times sports bestseller "Terror in the City of Champions" at the Donald Dodge Auditorium in the St. Clair County Administration ...
A Tallahassee journalism professor has given his class a real-world exercise in the political process. His class members are bringing all the latest media methods to bear on reducing the problem of distracted driving, and convincing the Florida ...
That has UT Journalism Professor Robert Jensen wondering aloud, "If he says essentially 'I've been conning my listeners with a performance that's not really me,' it's not only going to lead to listeners saying 'Well maybe he's not who he says he is ...
They were also accompanied by Jeff Helsel, director of publications for the California Times, and Anthony Carlisle, journalism professor and chair of the English department. As for the guest speakers, there were journalists and multimedia journalists ...
Asking the next generation to shoulder the burden of the ever-increasing cost of higher education by opting out of the best education available to them seems wholly unfair.
"It's not just about stealing content," said Jim Wertz, an associate professor of journalism and public relations at Edinboro University.
But finding out what's true isn't easy, Ball State journalism professor Phil Bremen said, adding, "democracy isn't a spectator sport.
R. Thomas Berner describes himself as a "print guy" during his years as a journalism professor at Penn State. But Berner has had a lifelong interest in photography, and the digital world has opened up new ... (Photo by Paulette L. Berner) R. Thomas ...
The news wasn't a surprise to journalism professor Mac McKerral, who encouraged Frint to apply. He's been encouraging students to apply since he came to WKU in 2005, but Frint is the first student he's seen get accepted.
Dave Tracy, a lecturer at UNT whose long broadcast career included working for CBS and founding his own production company, died Wednesday.
A Bay Area couple's idyllic honeymoon took a horrific turn when they contracted a brain-infecting parasite in Hawaii. Newlyweds Ben Manilla, a journalism professor at UC Berkeley, and Eliza Lape were both diagnosed with rat lungworm disease, according ...
In this interview, I talk to Eric Alterman, a journalism professor at CUNY and "The Liberal Media" columnist for the Nation.
Joe Starita, author and professor of journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, reads an excerpt of his book 'A Warrior of the People' during a lecture in Curtiss Hall April 10.
"When I was a journalism professor at the College of Charleston, I first learned about how the presence of a single black all-star team was enough to cause one of the biggest crises in Little League history.
Missouri school of journalism professors Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Mike McKean discuss the motivation for Helbert's firing and what it means for other public radio stations with university ties on the weekly media criticism program "Views of the ...





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