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updated Fri. May 26, 2017

In all, Nebraska political entities received property taxes on an assessed value of more than $622 million for properties associated with TIF projects during the 2016 tax year.
He vetoed $32.4 million in funding for providers that serve Medicaid recipients, people with developmental disabilities and abused or neglected children, took $300,000 away from probation services and cut $5.7 million from the University of Nebraska.
A driver drove Wednesday into concrete at 48th and Old Cheney, which is part of the pavement repair project from 40th to Highway 2. Car in concrete.
Most of the fastest growing cities in Nebraska are located near the state's biggest cities of Lincoln and Omaha. U.S. Census estimates released Thursday show that the town of Hickman just south of Lincoln had the fastest growth rate between 2010 and ...
A Nebraska telecommunications regulator has resigned following criticism that he worked part-time for a telecommunications consulting firm.
Ernie Chambers proclaimed the just-completed Nebraska Legislature session the worst of his career. And not just because half the session was spent reviewing his water bill.
LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - A Nebraska prison uprising in March that left two inmates dead began because inmates were angry that prison staffers had confiscated 150 pounds (68 kilograms) of homemade alcohol from them, corrections officials said Thursday.
Tom Venzor, executive director of the Nebraska Catholic Conference, said a legislative committee's decision late last week to endorse a bill that would give tax credits to individuals and businesses that donate to private school scholarship funds marks ...
LINCOLN (AP) - A Nebraska state senator is vowing to launch a statewide ballot drive to lower property taxes if lawmakers don't address the issue next year.
LINCOLN (AP) - The Nebraska Legislature's longtime sergeant-at-arms is retiring after a 58-year career in public service.
"I hope the next (request for proposals) will adequately support the needs of children and families and providers in eastern Nebraska by providing sufficient longevity," said Kathy Bigsby Moore, Nebraska Families Collaborative board chairwoman.
Private school administrators, parents and advocates say they'll keep pushing Nebraska lawmakers to pass school choice legislation next year.
Pornographic writing, photographs, drawings and other materials will be banned from the Nebraska prisons beginning in January, according to Department of ...
(AP) - A member of the Metropolitan Community College District board in Omaha says she wants to represent Nebraska's 2nd District in the U.S.
Gov. Pete Ricketts is urging Nebraska's top student test-takers to stay in the state for college or return to build their careers.
A blind man in eastern Nebraska hasn't received any aid from a state program that helps low-income homeowners with disabilities keep their homes, despite repeated requests.
health care policy will be "the defining issue" if he decides to return to electoral politics and challenge Republican Rep. ... The GOP health care reform bill that Fortenberry supported earlier this month would have a devastating impact in rural and ...
Ideas included a detox-and-rehabilitation center, a "maker" space established with help from Nebraska Innovation Campus, a YMCA, a sporting goods store, even a public park with a memorial acknowledging Whiteclay's 113-year legacy of serving alcohol to ...
Gov. Pete Ricketts is urging Nebraska's top student test-takers to stay in the state for college or return to build their careers.
A member of the Metropolitan Community College District board in Omaha says she wants to represent Nebraska's 2nd District in the U.S.
These supports are vital for many Nebraska households. Nebraska shifted on Jan. 1 to a new system in which companies or nonprofits providing those services can choose among three managed care companies now administering the bulk of the state's ...
That's where their real political power rests and it is substantial when you consider that Nebraska currently appears to be locked into a political period where governors and U.S. senators essentially are chosen in Republican primary elections. So, let ...
A Danish bioscience business plans to invest $36 million in its eastern Nebraska plant, saying the company is counting on the ethanol industry's continued growth.
"This is absolute political hardball," McCollister said as he surveyed conservative Republican members of the 2016 freshman class lining up in almost lock-step support for the governor's vetoes.
Groups that treat people with addictions, mental health problems and developmental disabilities are bracing for state budget cuts they say could force them to reduce staffing and services for some of Nebraska's most vulnerable residents. The cuts ...
Former congressman Anthony Weiner, whose penchant for sexting strangers online ended his political career and led to an investigation that upended the presidential race, appeared in federal court Friday and pleaded guilty to charges in connection with ...
Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse has a new book out called "The Vanishing American Adult: Our Coming-of-Age Crisis - and How to Rebuild a culture of ...
Nebraska is home to an estimated 3,000 young Latinos, protected from deportation as Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals if they meet particular requirements, and 11,000 refugees from dozens of nations.
Gov. Pete Ricketts is traveling back to Japan for another trade mission to promote trade with Nebraska. Ricketts announced Thursday that he will visit the country in September along with state agricultural and economic development officials.
Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station powered kitchen blenders, cash registers and televisions in eastern Nebraska for more than four decades by harnessing the ...
Gov. Pete Ricketts' successful backing of legislative candidates appeared to have paid off on Wednesday. His allies in the Nebraska Legislature held the line ...
LINCOLN (AP) - Nebraska's prison system will continue to face legislative scrutiny after lawmakers voted Thursday to create a new committee to oversee the troubled agency.
WASHINGTON - Capitol Hill lawmakers faced the question repeatedly this week - would President Donald Trump be guilty of obstructing justice if he really did tell then-FBI Director James Comey to halt an investigation of Michael Flynn?
After working at newspapers in St. Louis and Des Moines, Iowa, Bratton joined the AP in 2007 and was a political reporter in Omaha, Nebraska, until she moved to Phoenix in 2009 as one of the founding members of the AP's West region editing desk.
Seminar themes include leadership assessment and potential, natural resources and energy, agricultural policy, leadership through communication, Nebraska's political process, global perspectives, nuclear energy, social issues, understanding and ...
In 2015, the residents, Donna Tryon and Ryan Sellers, alleged that the loan violated the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act, and asked the loan be discontinued.
Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., joins John Yang to discuss the latest turmoil surrounding President Trump and various pathways for investigating Russian election ...
Democrats see the potential for a wave that washes many of their House candidates into office, and at least some political prognosticators agree with them.
Nebraska's prison system could face renewed scrutiny from lawmakers in the wake of a revolt that left two inmates dead and the murder of another by his cellmate.
Earlier this month, Nebraska Democratic candidate Heath Mello lost a mayoral election in Omaha following national backlash over his "personally pro-life" views, and legislative record on access to abortion.
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A state lawmaker has proposed a study to look at possibly merging the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Sen. Merv Riepe said the proposal was prompted by University of Nebraska System President Hank ...
That year, the state adopted a law intended to provide parents and guardians a way to place infants in state custody, without fear of prosecution, at a hospital or other public site.
We have watched the U.S. Congress live with gridlock for much of the past 6 years. The political far right and far left remain at ideological swords points.
Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts on Monday vetoed $56.5 million in state spending during the next two years, with the largest cuts hitting the University of Nebraska and providers who serve the elderly, poor and people with developmental disabilities. He ...
A bill that would have barred Nebraska towns and cities from enacting stricter limits on guns than state law allows was pulled from the legislative agenda on Monday after facing stiff opposition from the state's two largest cities.
The commission regulates phone companies and other common carriers in Nebraska. It requested the opinion in March in response to questions about Pursley's private work with the national telecommunications consulting firm Parrish, Blessing & Associates.
Can a senator write a book that is really not about politics? Ben Sasse has certainly tried. "The Vanishing American Adult," which hits bookshelves Tuesday, is at its core about strategies for parenting and the effort to combat what the Nebraska ...
That year, the state adopted a law intended to provide parents and guardians a way to place infants in state custody, without fear of prosecution, at a hospital or other public site.
taxes and the budget were this session's biggies, and the vote that shelved the big package of income tax cuts and property tax reductions probably was loaded with the most political dynamite. The governor wanted that and so did some high-rolling ...





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