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The first day of voting in San Diego County saw several people coming the the Registrar of Voters office in Kearny Mesa to cast their ballots.
DuHaime, one of Christie's closest political advisers, said he told Christie in December 2013 that Kelly and campaign manager Bill Stepien knew about the lane closures.

Donors to the group include the developers of the Lilac Hills ranch project in Valley Center, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and the California Real Estate Political Action Committee, among others. In this case, Ken Moser, a frequent ...
Not that politics is ever short of obloquy, but Trump has inspired a degree of creativity that may represent a high point in the art of denigration.
Tom Hayden was long past his heyday of political rebellion and the Chicago 7 trial when he died on Sunday at age 76. But in American culture, ... He attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, a hotbed of student politics. It was there that he ...
San Diego voters will decide Nov. 8 whether to make it easier to remove wayward city officials like former Mayor Bob Filner and how the city should handle incompetent city contractors.

Just two weeks before election Day, the New York businessman addressed the health care development during an appearance at one of his Florida golf resorts that highlighted the extraordinary intersection of his business and political interests. His ...
Even in this era of early voting, where millions of ballots are being cast in the days leading up to Nov. 8, campaigns and candidates know they've got to run through to the finish line.
President Barack Obama took a dig at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during an appearance on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro met Monday with Pope Francis as the Vatican took a more active role trying to defuse a tense political standoff in the South American nation. Maduro spoke with the Pope in a private meeting on his way back to ...
In February 2015, Clinton lawyer and chief of staff Cheryl Mills sent a list of potential hires to campaign chairman John Podesta.
Obama is scheduled to appear on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" television program after he arrives in Los Angeles, and take part in a couple of Democratic political roundtables, according to the White House. The visit was perhaps Obama's last trip to San ...
The president arrived in San Diego at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar on Air Force One on Sunday night from a campaign appearance in Las Vegas before quickly heading to a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser at the home of Christine ...
Campaign booths and student volunteers lined one of UC San Diego's main walkways on Monday, drawing dozens of students to register to vote on the last possible day.
... or that the last three presidential debates have provided them endless material for jokes. The fact that we can even pick five top ketches after just four episodes in season 42 says a lot, so we'll say no more.
A handful of journalists in San Diego have aligned themselves with political parties through federal election donations, according to campaign data.
"I am supported by the people across the political aisle," he said in an interview. "Just look, I am supported by Democrats, Republicans and independents.

World War II veteran Silas Gross of San Diego and his daughter, Dorothy McCray, describe their brief visit with President Obama.
In a statement Sunday night, Issa said: "I'm disappointed but not surprised that the president in a political speech continues to deny accountability for the serious scandals that happened under his watch where Americans died overseas and veterans have ...
Issa has been a fixture in north San Diego County and southern Orange County for years. He has been so politically strong that he hasn't faced much of a re-election challenge, ever.
THE ISSUE: Voters are disgusted with the way political races are paid for - disproportionately by big-money donors, including those who stand to gain or lose from government decisions.
The first woman nominated for President by a major U.S. political party faces a reality TV star in one of the strangest and most contentious races in American history.
Other schools sought to introduce students to the political system through mock elections. The Scholastic campaign included students in grades K-12 from all 50 states.
And even if the people's representatives get carried away, our political system has other checks and balances to insulate it from too much democracy: Congress itself is split into two bodies; unelected judges protect the Constitution from lawmakers ...
IMG_6791 (2) The recent murder of Alfred Olango by a White El Cajon police officer has raised questions of political leadership in the African American community as well as the question of just how well are we respected or taken seriously.
The state judicial discipline agency has charged San Diego Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep with misconduct stemming from his 2012 campaign win, as well as for a series of remarks he has made while on the bench about women and the racial and ethnic ...
A small team of federal officials is scheduled to visit San Diego next month to investigate why so many bank branches are closing along the international border and how that's affecting businesses, consumers and the overall economy.
... no indications that they were doctored before being released. Clinton's team has accused Russia's government of hacking Podesta's emails, and the Obama administration has formally blamed Moscow for a series of breaches affecting U.S.
The "RiseUp As One" concert at San Diego's border with Mexico celebrated immigration, cultural diversity and Latin identity as performers encouraged people to ...
Millions of California voters started receiving their ballots in the mail over the last few days, but why do so many hold on to them for weeks?
... specializes in American politics. "Games are often considered a less serious social activity; however, elections are some of our nation's most important political decisions and are very much game-like: we follow the scores or polls, and we root for ...
#The same day, the San Diego Lodging Industry Association's Political Action Committee came up with $20,000 for the committee, according to a financial disclosure filing.
San Diego County gun Owners, a Political Action Committee promoting Second Amendment rights, has released its list of endorsed candidates vying for seats in local city and school board elections in November.
In the same week witnesses in a federal corruption trial testified that a Mexican tycoon illegally tried to help District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis become San Diego Mayor, one of her top deputies signed contracts to feature his boss in thousands of ...
The state judicial discipline agency has charged San Diego Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep with misconduct stemming from his 2012 campaign win, as well as for a series of remarks he has made while on the bench about women and the racial and ethnic ...
A San Diego political figure shows up in the latest Wikileaks emails - which have not been confirmed or denied by Hillary Clinton's campaign as belonging to ...
After Donald Trump was caught bragging about sexual assault and later accused of making unwelcome physical advances, two Republican women running for office in San Diego County have taken different routes around the challenges created by their ...
Eric Larsen, the head of the San Diego County farm Bureau, said some farmers are talking about growing marijuana, though that interest is mostly out of curiosity at this point.
THE ISSUE: Voters are disgusted with the way political races are paid for - disproportionately by big-money donors, including those who stand to gain or lose from government decisions.
Joel Sollender, a former POW now living in Poway, agreed to star in an ad for Hillary Clinton after being enraged by Donald Trump's criticism of POWs.
San Diego (KUSI) - Proposition 59 has to do with political campaign spending, but it is not a law or ordinance. It's simply advisory.
Measure C would raise San Diego's hotel taxes from 12.5 percent to 16.5 percent to help pay for a combined downtown stadium and convention center annex next to Petco Park.
#So important to Kevin Faulconer's political future is his deal with Stockton's billionaire Spanos family that the San Diego Mayor's close associate and longtime political guru Jason Roe, infamous for the ethics questions raised against him by Chargers ...
Measure A is a half-cent tax increase on the ballot proposed by the San Diego Association of governments that would pay for highway and transit projects and give individual cities money for things like road repairs.
Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez (D-Echo Park), a co-author of the bill, said that despite widespread support from the political reform community, including 106,000 signatures on petitions, he was surprised when the FPPC opposed the bill, which he said "gave ...
In this July 19, 2016, file photo, Donald Trump Jr. delivers a speech at the Republican National Convention. Campaigning for his father, the 38-year-old has been raising eyebrows with some of his own pronouncements.
... by the Voice of San Diego on Saturday at San Diego State University. The event, scheduled to run from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The fine of $1,446 was the result of a complaint that was made last March against the group and trustees Reyes, Bunker and Francisco Tamayo by Chula Vista resident Larry Breitfelder-Navas and San Diego political consultant Kenneth Moser. "It's ...
It's not every day both Skittles and slavery become campaign trail topics, but in 2016 just about anything seems possible. I'm Christina Bellantoni.
In the event of a victory by Donald Trump in November, political analysis will take on a forensic cast. How did establishment politics - first in the GOP primaries, then in a national electorate - come to die? Privately, Democrats would regret their ...





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