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updated Mon. April 23, 2018

Sarah Sanders: Dems have to decide if they love the US more than they hate Trump ... White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said early Monday that Democrats must decide if they love the United States more than they hate President Trump · Donald John TrumpClinton takes swipe at ...
Before coming to Florida last week to talk trade, plan out East Asian security and play a round of golf, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe kicked off in Tokyo a series of meetings with China's visiting State Councillor Wang Yi. The meetings were set to strengthen the Sino-Japanese "strategic relationship ...
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the decision undermined its efforts to remove immigrants convicted of certain violent crimes, ... The Supreme Court case centered on James Garcia Dimaya, a native of the Philippines admitted to the United States as a lawful permanent resident when he ... US Supreme Court
Some gymnasts say part of the answer lies at the Karolyi ranch, which Bela and Martha purchased in 1983 after they defected from Romania and imported their rigorous and highly successful training system to the United States. Nestled in a forest an hour from Houston, the ranch began hosting ... USA
In its recently released April 2018 Fiscal Monitor, the International Monetary Fund projected that the United States is the only -- yes, only -- advanced ... Which is exactly why economists and international institutions have been advising the United States not to fritter away this opportunity to get our ...

J. Cole's fifth album, KOD, has broken Apple Music's record for streams in the first 24 hours in the US with 64.5 million streams on its first day, Apple tells The Verge. KOD surpassed the previous record holder, Drake's Views, by nearly 1 million streams. Seven out of the top 10 most streamed songs in ...
PL: Of course I'm interested in the United States, which is one of the most incredible countries in the world, and is multicultural. It's interesting to work in the United States, but also in Europe and in Asia and in India. There's so much culture to learn in all of these places. But I follow my clients and their visions.
American exceptionalism has meant many things over the years, often referring to our spirit and commitment to individual liberty. Today it could refer to our exceptional fiscal recklessness. In its newly released April 2018 Fiscal Monitor, the International Monetary Fund projected that the United States is the ... US Dollar
SEOUL/WASHINGTON -- North Korea's Kim Jong Un on Saturday seized the initiative ahead of his summit with U.S. President Donald Trump. Kim created a hubbub by announcing his country no longer needs to test nuclear weapons or long-range missiles, that it would decommission a nuclear test site ... US Dollar
Russia today is a challenge but, absent a crisis that leads to a nuclear war, not seeking the destruction of the United States (even if it is interested in reducing the U.S. role within the global system). There are plenty of single-issue constituencies that have objections to the current Russian regime—human ... US Dollar
Sixt Rent-a-car is the second-biggest car rental company in Europe but entered the U.S. market only in 2011. ... German multinational rental company — with a decided Teutonic flair — has grown so fast that it is now the fourth-largest car rental company in the U.S., with five locations in Los Angeles County. US Dollar
The United States must lead the world in supporting the Yemeni people. At a time of mass atrocities in Syria and state-directed genocide in Myanmar, Yemen has climbed the ranks of catastrophe to become host to the world's worst humanitarian crisis. The U.S. has demonstrated a strong capacity to ... US Dollar
The US Constitution and the rights that it enshrines come up a lot if you listen to politicians, activists, protesters, or read the news in any capacity. The document is a remarkable political experiment that has guided the US since its founding, one that has also been updated over the years as ... Constitution
Students at James Madison Memorial High School in Madison, Wisconsin, set up a memorial with the names of 331 people who died from gun violence in the United States during the first week of 2018. During their school walkout, the students laid flowers and paid their respects to the victims. Sophie ... Constitution
If Pope Francis were the United States Secretary of the Treasury, he might have issued the Department of the Treasury's recent press release April 22 with this comment from his encyclical "Laudato Si": "Enlighten those who possess power and money that they may avoid the sin of indifference, that they may ... Constitution

This story was originally published by Slate's Future Tense and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Having grown up in Southern California, I'm well-versed in the telltale signs of an advancing earthquake: light fixtures starting to swing, the slight rumbling of furniture, the creaking of walls and door ... Constitution
Are the Chinese mainland and Taiwan headed down an inevitable path to war – one that is likely to see the United States join the fray? This slow-burning question came to the fore again last week when the mainland launched live-fire drills in the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday amid fiery rhetoric from ... Constitution
Startups are a gamble, but it's possible to better understand why some thrive and many more die by looking at the ecosystems in which they operate. Such is the mission of eight-year-old Startup Genome, composed of a group of researchers and entrepreneurs who, every year, interview thousands of ... Constitution
Chinese technology company ZTE issued a statement today in response to the US government's banning of American exports to the company. The US Department of Commerce says ZTE didn't uphold a plea agreement after the company pleaded guilty last year to illegally shipping US equipment to Iran ... Constitution
Students at James Madison Memorial High School in Madison, Wisconsin, set up a memorial with the names of 331 people who died from gun violence in the United States during the first week of 2018. During their school walkout, the students laid flowers and paid their respects to the victims. Sophie ... Constitution
Twenty-nine states had outlawed marijuana by 1931, and in 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act was passed, essentially making the plant illegal in the United States. Since then, lawmakers have been doing a do-si-do with the drug. Over the decades, stricter enforcement and the passing of mandatory sentencing ... Constitution
The United States just bombed Syria. It's the second time the US has waded into the country's seven-year conflict in response to a chemical weapons attack. The strikes come just six days after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces used chemical weapons against locals outside Damascus, killing at ... Constitution
The US attorney also questioned the Cohen team's grasp of the law in his own defense, noting that: “Not only is Cohen's reliance on the [United States' Attorney Manual] USAM misplaced, but he invokes the wrong section,” which “applies to 'attorneys who are not suspects' of a criminal investigation” (p.13). Constitution
The U.S. Treasury Department's next foreign exchange report is due on April 15—so it should come out soon, maybe even tonight. ... unwarranted free pass as a result of its bilateral trade deficit with the United States (a deficit that likely reflects some tax arbitrage, as firms import into Singapore to re-export). Constitution
President Trump launched strikes on Syria this evening, in a combined effort with France and the U.K. "My fellow Americans, a short time ago, I ordered the United States Armed Forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad ... Constitution
Trump: These are crimes of a monster. See More. Timeline of the US precision strikes on Syria. CNN Tonight. Gen. Joseph Dunford addresses the nation after President Donald Trump announced US military action against Syria. Source: CNN · CNN Original Series on CNNgo. Watch Full episode on ... Constitution
Beyond its role as the new Latin American power, Colombia is also a key trading partner for the United States. In an age where the U.S. government wants to increase exports, Colombia is a promising market as it is already the third-largest export market for the United States, after Mexico and Brazil. Constitution
Last month, Trump signaled to military leaders that he'd like the U.S. to leave Syria “very soon" -- but Friday night's order for "precision strikes" on targets associated with Syria's chemical weapons capabilities, as well as small pockets of ISIS fighters still inside Syria, point to a longer-term American presence ... Constitution
The synchronized global economic expansion rolls on, but with material changes from last year. Impending fiscal stimulus has boosted an already strong U.S. economy, and markets seem to be waking up to the return of U.S. inflation. All of this begs the question: Is the U.S. leaping ahead, or is the rest of the ... Constitution
President Donald Trump wants to take another look at the huge Pacific trade deal that he yanked the United States out of last year -- but getting the world's largest economy back in would be tough. The 11 countries Trump left in the lurch when he withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership just days after ... Constitution
The Czech Republic has extradited Russian national Yevgeniy Nikulin to the United States, where he's accused of several hacking attempts dating back to 2012. A US federal grand jury had indicted him in 2016 for breaking into DropBox, Formspring and LinkedIn. The latter breach potentially exposed the ... Constitution
Expected to draw about 700,000 visitors annually once it opens in 2020, the National Museum of the United States Army will feature more than 1,300 artifacts across the exhibit wing's eight galleries, which will delve into the Army's history from the colonial era and the Revolutionary War through the U.S.'s ... Constitution
Pre-Easter snowstorm to trigger travel difficulties in northern Plains, Upper Midwest · Weather News - March 30, 2018, 11:35:29 AM EDT. Cold, snowy and blustery conditions will sweep through the northern tier of the United States through the first part of Easter weekend. India March 30 ... Constitution
Earlier this month, speaking in Chile, Mnuchin said Washington would “definitely” be open to rejoining the pact — once all the administration's other trade deals were taken care of, and provided the trade accord could be rewritten to be more beneficial to the United States. (U.S. trade officials declined to say ... Constitution
HSBC has agreed to pay $100 million to end private U.S. litigation accusing it of conspiring to manipulate the Libor benchmark interest rate. Settlements with the OTC investors total $590 million so far, and include $120 million with Barclays, $130 million with Citigroup and $240 million with Deutsche Bank. Constitution
The phone is not much to look at. It has a 5-inch screen with a low, 480 x 854 resolution, big bezels, only 1GB of RAM, and a tiny 8GB of storage. But that's all to be expected: Android Go is designed for phones with this kind of limited hardware. It takes up less space, and it runs better than normal Android ... Constitution
Chinese initial public offerings in the U.S. accounted for about a fifth of U.S. IPO proceeds in the last three months, their best quarter by proceeds in three years, according to Renaissance Capital. Eight Chinese companies raised $3.3 billion in the first quarter, the most in three years, thanks primarily to a ... Constitution
Washington, D.C.'s famous fluffy cherry trees were gifts from Japan, brought to the United States by international food explorer David Fairchild, a man ... There he found his dream job with the U.S. government as a food explorer, traveling the world in search of new crops to introduce to the United States. Constitution
The photographer John Moore has focused on all aspects of undocumented immigration to the United States along its border with Mexico for the past decade. His access to immigrants during their journey, and to US federal agents tasked with deterring them, sets his pictures apart. Moore has photographed ... Constitution
“Even without the United States market, we'll be number one in the world,” Yu said earlier this week after unveiling its latest P20 and P20 Pro smartphones. Though Huawei might not need the US, it still wants to compete in the market. “We recognize we are not a known brand in the US and we need to build ... Constitution
ASEAN has also fostered the explosive growth of supply chains, both among its members and with outside powers, notably China, the United States, Japan and Europe. No one in 1967 thought much about supply chains. Trade was dominated by natural resources on the one hand (such as oil, copper and ... Constitution
The U.S. is currently in talks with Saudi Arabia concerning a nuclear energy programme, which Riyadh says is a means of diversifying its economy and freeing itself from a reliance on crude. An agreement for such nuclear cooperation with the U.S. is known as a 123 agreement, and as part of any such ... Constitution
In its latest earnings report, we learned that its sales grew five times faster than Blue Apron last year, and HelloFresh is gaining customers at a quicker clip. HelloFresh grew its U.S. revenue 90 percent last year to $678 million. Meanwhile, Blue Apron, which only operates in the U.S., saw its revenue rise 11 ... Constitution
So if they're truly spies and the United States knows it, why not expel them all? The answer, experts say, is that espionage, while murky, potentially distasteful and often illegal, is an accepted international practice. All countries spy and most if not all send spies overseas disguised as diplomats — including the U.S.. Constitution
As of November 11, 1957, when the above map was made, anyone traveling to the United States on a Soviet passport was forbidden from visiting Long Island, much of Northern California, and nearly the entire east coast of Florida. In all, about a third of the country was off limits to citizens of the Soviet Union ... Constitution
Much commentary in the US has suggested that there is no way out of the dystopia that we've constructed for ourselves, short of deleting Facebook and turning away from Google. But that can be hard to do, so interconnected have Facebook and other platforms become with all sorts of internet services ... Constitution
The economic, social, and emotional tolls of these deaths are substantial, but some parts of the US are bearing heavier burdens than others. Evidence from the first national study of county-level differences suggests that addressing economic and social conditions will be key to reversing the rising tide of ... Constitution
In scenario 1, they imagined wind and solar installations that would be sufficient to supply 100% of the US electrical needs. In the second scenario, the installations would be over-designed; capable of providing 150% of the total U.S. electrical need. But the authors recognize that just because a solar panel ... Constitution



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