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updated Tue. September 26, 2017

... assed in a tube of fluids, thankfully. It's odd to see the show get so overt with its political humor in recent years, but that is just a sign of times.
Politicians are just like the rest of us; sometimes they say and do things they should have thought about more carefully. President Donald ...
... actors and actresses when we saw them several years ago in "This Is The Week That Is: More political humor for the Holidays!" at The ...
Iranian comic Maz Jobrani on embracing his identity and political humor in the Trump era. The standup comic and Superior Donuts star joins ...
Probably one of my top 3 is Bounce! S3-06 where Dragonblack slaps the melanin off the drunk Ben Carson fanboy. It had me rolling. When you started this comic strip was it always your intention to mix political humor with nerd humor and your experiences ...
Many late-night Comedians, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and many others, use political humor (or attempted humor) that is every bit as biting and offensive as Griffin's poor attempt at humor.
Every so often, we have a certain reaction to a bit of political news. We then fully expect at least a few other political commentators to have the same reaction, only to be surprised when it seems that nobody else read things the way we did.
The remaining episodes, airing Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, will explore comedy ripped from the headlines, parody and satire, the dark side of comedy, and political humor. The History of Comedy will be available On Demand the day after the linear premiere ...
In some ways they're fitting emblems of how the Trump era has torqued both the form and intent of online political humor. Viewed on their own terms, the tweets might fall safely within the boundary of satire. As jokes, they might even be considered ...
The Scary Mommy audience of millennial moms is so engaged in the content because it resonates with what they are going through in their own lives, said Putka.
Mexican-American comedian Gabriel Iglesias is known for his comedy sets that take stabs at his own weight - his catchphrase is "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy.
Sarfaty doesn't sit and write political humor, pointing out that such jokes have a short shelf life. But he can write forever about fighting with his mother.
Entertainment that revels in stereotypes presents us with young, stupid people; bumbling, dolt-like seniors; and shallow depictions of minorities.
Members of the Republican Congressional softball team stand behind police tape in Alexandria, Va., Wednesday, June 14, 2017, after a multiple shooting involving House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of La.
Starting on Sunday, July 16th; CNN will be bringing back it's docu-series called The History Of Comedy. The series which premiered back in February gave viewers an in-depth look at stand-up and the many Comedians who paved the way.
Seth Meyers may have planned on easing up on the political humor when he graduated from the "Weekend Update" desk on "Saturday Night Live" to "Late Night with Seth Meyers.
The critically-acclaimed CNN Original Series The History of Comedy is back with all-new episodes beginning Sunday, July 16, at 10 p.m.
Whether it's a cartoon, column or TV sketch, sharp political humor always pisses off somebody, but it's typically delivered with a premise - and a point to be made.
While Spacey's opening number stayed away from political humor, Colbert made up for it later. While presenting the award for Best Revival of a musical, Colbert said, "And Miss Saigon, which is the only pageant whose locker room our president hasn't ...
Alison Dagnes, in A Conservative Walks Into a Bar: The politics of political humor (Palgrave McMillan, 2012), speaks of our "hyper-polarization" (p.33) and how our bubbles are formed by the select news outlets and comedy we tune into; each are housed ...
... a former governor and United States Senator, about the university's new rule that university employees couldn't support or oppose political candidates, and couldn't use the university email system to forward any political commentary or political humor.
Others defended the host, saying it was not atypical for his hard-edged political humor. HBO said it has no plans to pull the show.
I like a good political joke even if it lampoones a position or politician I support. But what is being passed off as political humor in recent years is a different animal. People seem hell-bent on morphing poking fun, wit and sarcasm into ...
The season is complete with some incredible monologues - including one on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial - and a dash of political humor. The increased character development in Claire and the scary similarities to our own current political ...
Late-night TV has become the go-to forum for political humor. But comedian, actor and writer Jim Jefferies is promising to shake up the genre with a convention-busting new series for Comedy Central where he'll hunt out hypocrisy in this country and ...
At some level, this isn't all that surprising: SNL has always leaned into political humor during election years, and the 2016 cycle was longer, and more intense, than any in recent American history.
In the world of Philadelphia nightlife, Sandy Beach is a true icon. From her beginnings in Atlantic City to her current work in the City of Brotherly Love, Sandy (ne' Robert) has inspired countless decades of drag performers and taught us all a little ...
It would also afford the show the opportunity to dip it's toe into political humor, a move that Meyers was eager to make.
As a liberal jokester, Samantha Bee knows where the line is when it comes to political humor. That's why it was somewhat peculiar Wednesday night when the "Full Frontal" host asked Sen. Al Franken whether he had been somewhat cruel to his colleague, ...
If done well, really smart political humor can bring out a range of emotions; it can be funny, piquant, smart, righteous, outraged.
Editor's note: The views expressed by guest columnists are not necessarily those of The Costa Rica Star, its advertisers, or its staff.
The unfortunate thing about today's state of American political humor - at least the subterrian level - is that social media has amplified it so much that it is likely to end up driving such huge wedges between people that the damage will be beyond ...
political humor and satire is a difficult art form under the best of circumstances, and nearly impossible these days, when every comment or remark comes with a poisoned dart attached.
political humor and satire is a difficult art form under the best of circumstances, and nearly impossible these days, when every comment or remark comes with a poisoned dart attached.
political humor and satire is a difficult art form under the best of circumstances, and nearly impossible these days, when every comment or remark comes with a poisoned dart attached.
Sitting around the white Ikea-like desk in their studio, on the ground floor of a low-key office building in the gentrified northern part of Copenhagen, the core members of the Danish art group Superflex seem far less confrontational than you might expect.
In a phone interview last week, comedian Trevor Noah spoke of how there wouldn't be much political humor when he made his Hawaii debut with three sold-out standup shows this week - one on Maui on Thursday and two Friday night on Oahu.
political humor in the late-night landscape is nothing new, Boboltz notes, but one thing that has changed is the response to it - including from Donald Trump.
If you think you're not political, you're complicit in the insanity that's going on and the injustice." Silverman returns to the stage in a Netflix comedy special on May 30, "Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust.
The thing about politics, it's very funny, is that when you do political humor, it splits the room. Some people are laughing and some are not.
A lot of the political humor that doesn't come from fan-fave contributor Vic Berger is gallows-y in a way that can feel cheap, even market-tested, leaning hard on the internet's favorite mode of speaking - existential dread and off-hand quips about ...
Colbert has offered no apology for his remarks, though the late-night host said he should have been less crude. The comedian's biting political humor helped propel The Late Show to first place in the ratings for total viewers in the season that just ...
In the age of President Donald Trump, the sharp political humor of Stephen Colbert on Channel 4 (CBS) showed an increase, while gentle generalist Jimmy Fallon on Channel 9 (NBC) showed a decline, and Jimmy Kimmel on Channel 7 (ABC) showed an ...
The Daily Show is a staple of news satire that's been around for nearly 20 years. Many great Comedians got their start along that road of political humor. Steve Carrell, John Oliver, Steven Colbert, and more broke through to stardom on the Comedy ...
SD: Do you feel pressure to stand out from the flood of political humor and commentary that exists now? CB: I don't think we feel pressure.
Hasan Minhaj is having quite the year. Back in April, the comedian and Daily Show correspondent was the featured performer at the prestigious White House correspondents Dinner.
But with a continued emphasis on political humor after the election, the SNL cast and writers seemed to slowly burn out by season's end.
Maniscalco stays away from political humor, but a joke in which he defends the security team that booted a doctor from a United Airlines flight seemed to register with those in the audience eager to defend law enforcement.





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