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A selection of experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe's role in the world. ... EU countries offered, undeniably, refuge to many human rights activists over the years, and pro-democracy rhetoric was always there, but it was stability and ...
He has delegated his national-security policy to the generals, so the Bush-Obama wars continue, with drones and Special Operations Forces striking in ever ... Trump's judicial appointments, through which he's stacked the courts with ultra-right-wing activists, are drawn from the approved lists of the Heritage ...

The most urgent and important task facing climate change Activists in the United States is to persuade the U.S. national security establishment of the mistakenness ... Even European think tanks specializing in foreign and security policy, though they take climate change more seriously, generally place it in a ...
A spokesperson for the European Union Foreign Affairs and Security Policy called on the Congo government to free arrested protesters, including some religious leaders, who were arrested at the demonstrations. "The Congolese authorities have a responsbility to protect their citizens, not repress them," the ...
Raskin's Liberal Project memo argued for a "much broader [agenda] than the kind of economic liberalism promulgated in the 1930s," suggesting that what was needed was "a complete…restatement of all areas of public policy, foreign policy, defense policy, industrial policy, agricultural policy, legal and ...

The emerging democracy is now led by former activist Aung San Suu Kyi, who was swept into office in 2015 elections that were a euphoric moment for a nation ... But her civilian administration must still share power with an army that retains firm control of security policy and other key levers of government.
This seeks to place the strategy within the historical currents of American foreign and national security policy, particularly its tendency to blend different ... In the 20th century, the United States shifted to a more activist approach that became known as "Wilsonianism" after President Woodrow Wilson opted to ...
activists working on Hernandez's behalf initially said the girl, who was being taken to a children's hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery, was in an ... hospitals and churches are among the sensitive locations where Department of Homeland Security policy instructs agents to avoid operating.
Mark Walker (R-NC); Austin Ruse (director, C-Fam*); Steve Green (president, Hobby Lobby); Tim Young (Washington Examiner); Michael Farris (president, Alliance Defending Freedom*); Frank Gaffney (director, Center For Security Policy*); Ed Mullins (president, NYC Sergeants Benevolent Association); ...
European Union chief of foreign affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini (R) meets with Cambodian foreign minister Sokhonn Prak (L) at the Asia .... and a number of party activists, have fled Cambodia fearing retaliation by the CPP following electoral gains by the opposition in June's commune ballot, ...
IN MARCH 1982, after months of heated negotiations among veterans groups, officials, and donors, a construction crew broke ground on the Vietnam veterans Memorial. The sloping black granite walls may never have been built if not for the deft politicking of Jack Wheeler, the chairman of the Vietnam ...
A powerful driver of Japan's social and security policy will be Japan's changing demographic profile. On the present trend its ... Inevitably, this will cut into Japan's ability to pursue an activist foreign policy and a muscular military policy, and cost it relative status in Asia and the world. The only realistic ...
Professor Greg Austin who has published five books relating to Chinese National Security policy this week responding to the paper said Australia should be less concerned about China and more about cyber security and the potential threat posed by the rise of an Islamic State in our region. "The focus on ...
... political activists, and ordinary citizens for little more than criticizing the ... after the newspaper criticized President Erdoğan's security policy.
These activists had all voiced their dissent against the illegal .... High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the ...

... a fiscal 2018 national defense policy conference report that would, ... to be an activist and elected official for a xenophobic far-right party that ...
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley speaks with activist Juliet Davy during ... just completed a comprehensive National Security Policy and strategy ...
It's this secrecy that activists are trying to disrupt at the local .... have a [particular privacy and security] policy and need,"said Bitta Mostofi, acting ...
... the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy; Mr Erlan IDRISSOV, Minister ... In November 2016, two activists, Max Bokayev and Talgat Ayan, were ... class, or religious discord" to prosecute numerous activists, human rights ...
... Andras Racz, a Russian security policy specialist at Pazmany Peter ... anti-Putin activists Pussy Riot, Russian anti-corruption activist Alexei ...
... States close this meta-gap, from which all other defense policy gaps -- such ... Increasingly, the dense network of organizations, activists and ...
Anti-Muslim activists to speak at upcoming charitable fundraisers in ... hate group Center For Security Policy, run by the conspiracy theorist and ...
... to the dismay of local peace activists, who consider it unbecoming of a ... defense equipment is part of Finland's foreign and security policy.
But this critical discourse does not affect the security policy agenda shaped by ... This not only can turn engaged community activists into the ...
... Center For Security Policy, suggested that federal authorities should ... groups like Black Lives Matter to the "Chicago Seven," activists who ...
... group of activists created the National League of POW/MIA Families, ... from a standpoint of foreign policy, defense policy, regional policy.
... proposes a broad partnership including foreign and security policy, ... echoing local activists seeking to protect their cozy, comfortable city.
"European foreign, security and defence policy should be seen as a tapestry ..... the Global strategy for the EU's foreign and security policy presented by ..... freedom of speech and the rights of activists, lawyers and minorities.
He co-authored a 1999 booklet titled homosexual activists Work to ... who teach that homosexual conduct is wrong .... homosexual activist ...
... former democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi to victory in a power-sharing arrangement that still hands the military control over security policy.
... former democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi to victory in a power-sharing arrangement that still hands the military control over security policy.
... the extraordinary dedication of anti-nuclear activists around the planet who .... structures that now shape security policy throughout the world.
Hope-Simpson has been a community activist, innovator and ... in 1984, though she disagreed with NDP defense policy of the time, and went ...
Catalonia needs a democratic and modern defense policy." ... Fortunately for Puigdemont, activists with the Catalan National Assembly -- a ...
"When people don't understand and there's not much buy-in, governments have changed and defence policy changes, funding changes, ...
... the arrest and intimidation of online activists, content censorship, and ... security policy · Lunch and learn: BYOD rules and responsibilities ...
... of Campus Security Policy and Campus crime statistics Act of 1998. ... for an evening talk by social justice activist Shaun King, speaking on ...
And in the 1890's, Feminist activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton expressed her disapproval of the practice, both as a matter of children's rights and ...
Wade, according to conservative legal activist and blogger Edward ... anti-Muslim activists Frank Gaffney (Center For Security Policy*) and ...
Earlier this summer animal activists took two piglets from Circle Four ... Wayne Hsiung is the founder of Direct Action Everywhere, an animal activist group. ... Hsiung said the activists also have a strict bio-security policy, but ...
Ana Paula Oliveira, a community activist whose 19-year-old son was killed by the police in 2014, said residents of low-income communities feel ... that the "financial calamity" that had afflicted the state over the last year and a half had made it impossible to implement a comprehensive security policy. "To put ...
The Department of Defense retweeted and then quickly disavowed what it called a mistaken retweet from its official social media account of an activist's call for President Donald Trump to step down. A twitter user identified as @proudresister, in referring to recent allegations of sexual misconduct, ...
... to Preserve marriage (headed by longtime Christian Right activist and ... head of the anti-Muslim think tank Center For Security Policy (CSP) ...
As a result, the scope of SDF operations has been widened beyond the framework of Japan's strictly defensive security policy. It is now possible ...
Arundhati Roy, the Indian writer and activist, is another contender for .... for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who together negotiated the Iran ...
... the union originally asked Hopkins to institute the job security policy. ... a student group and activist organization that works closely with the ...
And in the 1890's, Feminist activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton expressed her disapproval of the practice, both as a matter of children's rights and ...
... research focuses on European politics and foreign and security policy. ... to crack down on "clerics and activists" who spread extremist views.


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