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After learning of the white supremacist propaganda found on campus, I realized the severity of race issues on and around campus. While it is unknown if it was a student who placed the propaganda or if it was an attempt to gain publicity by the hate group, the sticker was on campus regardless. We cannot ...
Volitich also published her garbage opinions on the far-right news site Halsey News. She retweeted positive pictures of former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, as well as anti-Muslim tweets; the list goes on. You'd think that Volitich, as an undercover white supremacist who's being paid by taxpayers' ...

The white supremacist planners of a demonstration at the Staples Plaza in Burlington last month apparently moved the racist rally after news of it ... of anti-racism demonstrators who had learned of the planned rally gathered at the Staples Plaza to denounce the white supremacist, anti-immigration group.
After a violent clashes erupted at a speaking event for white supremacist Richard Spencer at Michigan State University, police moved in to make arrests. Protestors had turned out for what was scheduled to be a speech by white nationalist speaker Richard Spencer. The DailyMail reports that up to 500 ...
White supremacist Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, who idolized racist mass shooter Dylann Roof and was planning a large-scale attack of his own, cut ... According to the Huffington Post, McDowell thought he was engaging with fellow white supremacists when he bought the gun and he vowed to "do ...
Beckett approached "On The Media" with the idea, which evolved into a full hour episode that includes journalists who have covered white supremacist events and profiled white nationalist leaders, as well as an expert on how the media covered the resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s and an ...

White supremacists and Japan: A love story ... The article pondered: Who, other than a White supremacist, would object to a message rejecting white supremacy? ... Richard Spencer, the white supremacist leader who coined the term "alt-right," advocates America's "peaceful ethnic cleansing" into a "white ...
CRYSTAL RIVER, Fla. -- Dayanna Volitich is a social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Florida. Online, she was also known as "Tiana Dalichov," the pseudonymous host of a white supremacist podcast called "Unapologetic" and the voice behind a Twitter account riddled with racist and ...
(CNN) -- Dayanna Volitich is a social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Crystal River, Florida. Online, she was also known as "Tiana Dalichov," the pseudonymous host of a white supremacist podcast called "Unapologetic" and the voice behind a Twitter account riddled with racist and ...
After repeatedly defending the promotion of and actions of white supremacist groups online for over a year now, a local man finally realized he is a white supremacist. Posters recruiting white supremacists were found outside of the Lory Student Center at Colorado State University on Sunday. By Monday ...
... in an FBI sting in February 2017 after he purchased a disabled weapon from an undercover FBI agent who McDowell believed was a member of a white supremacist organization. The feds said McDowell, who has white supremacist tattoos, believed white supremacists needed to turn their talk into action, ...
This past year has seen repeated debates over how the news media cover white supremacist groups. Readers have slammed media profiles of white supremacist leaders for "normalizing" them, while some questioned why news outlets were covering fringe racist groups at all. As part of the joint project by ...
(CNN) Dayanna Volitich is a social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Crystal River, Florida. Online, she was also known as "Tiana Dalichov," the pseudonymous host of a white supremacist podcast called "Unapologetic" and the voice behind a Twitter account riddled with racist and ...
Nonetheless, 2017 saw a spike in white supremacist assaults. A recent report finds that the number of hate-related murders committed by white supremacists more than doubled in the past year. Other data shows an increase in violent anti-Semitic and racist incidents in comparison with the previous year.
The only hard evidence Nehorai cites to support his claim is that Orthodox Jews have increased their support of Trump since the election. But this evidence only supports his claim if supporting Trump makes you a white supremacist -- and not, perhaps, someone happy that Trump recognized Jerusalem as ...
There are at least three white supremacists currently running for Congress, and a fourth running for a state House seat. Two other candidates -- one of whom can unambiguously be called a white supremacist, and one who has ties to white supremacist groups but denies being a white supremacist himself ...
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Chancellor Steve Angle and UT system President Joe DiPietro denounced racism after incidents of vandalism and the defacing of Black History Month posters occurred on campus Wednesday. Posters celebrating Black History Month and advertising events by the ...

Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) in letters to the bitcoin Foundation and the Digital Chamber of Commerce recounted how white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, VA., procured funding on financial technology apps like PayPal and Venmo. Such companies promptly banned known white supremacists from ...
"At UT Knoxville, the white supremacist group Traditionalist workers Party was not invited to appear on campus, but followed UT policy on use of campus facilities by non-University speakers in seeking to conduct an event," he said. DiPietro said the Chattanooga campus has also had vandals try to cover ...
Pardon my English." Many of Jones' policy proposals, however, align with the Trump Administration's stances. Last month, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, far-rightists and conspiracy theorists celebrated Trump's State of the Union, the annual speech the president delivers to a joint session of Congress, for ...
As the lone white supremacist arrested in 2016's bloody clash with counterprotesters returns to court Thursday, Anti-Fascist demonstrators plan to seek ... and Sacramento County district attorney's officials who covered up for violent white supremacists after the bloody rioting that left 10 people wounded.
Updated at 1:15 p.m. ET. Illinois congressional candidate and avowed white supremacist Arthur Jones is unlikely to have any competition on the Republican ballot in November. The state GOP has denounced him and his candidacy but says it had no way to keep him off. Arthur Jones hide caption.
white supremacist movements in the west have killed Jews, gays, blacks and transgendered people. Yogis engage in stretching and breathing exercises to promote good health and relieve stress. There are no ties between White Supremacy and Yoga. Not in any way, shape or form, period. Ghandi and ...
There has been a dangerous increase in white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups on college campuses. (Photo: Blink O'fanaye)Bill Berkowitz FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT. Since Donald Trump's election, white supremacist organizations have been working overtime on college campuses across ...
students have raised concerns about Kleve's views and actions to University police and campus administrators for months after the Norfolk native was seen standing alongside members of Vanguard America -- designated a white supremacist group by the Anti-Defamation League -- and in one photo, ...
Although white supremacy has been a part of America all along, the movement has been particularly energized in the past few years. white supremacists are lurking (or, at this point, out in the open) pretty much everywhere, but a new report from the Anti-Defamation League found that they're conducting ...
Elliot Kline, who goes by the name Eli Mosley in homage to British fascist politician Oswald Mosley, went from calling himself an "anonymous twitter troll" to becoming a leader in the US white supremacist movement and playing a key role organising the Charlottesville protests, the New York Times reports.
On Friday, February 2, a feared confrontation between members of a white supremacist group and Antifa protesters outside a controversial event on the Colorado State University campus came to pass. Although no arrests took place, multiple reports say things got physical between the antagonists, with ...
Rodger's murder spree later become something of a model for young white supremacists who would later follow in his footsteps. His name was even summoned in online posts by 21-year-old William Atchison, a young white supremacist who killed a pair of high school students in Aztec, New Mexico this ...
Colleges nationwide have seen a surge in white supremacist propaganda showing up on campuses, but most of that activity has not involved in-person appearances. Rather, various groups appear to be putting up posters and distributing hateful literature in the night without identifying themselves.
Flint, MI -- police at the University of Michigan-Flint are searching for a person of interest allegedly responsible for placing fliers around campus promoting what civil rights advocates call a hate group. Fliers supporting the group Patriot Front came to light after Blair Davis, a resident advisor at UM-Flint, ...
Blaze Bernstein murder Suspect Reenacted Grisly white supremacist Attack. 'anti-Semitism and homophobia were certainly aspects of his ideology,' one user who claimed to be close to Samuel Woodward told the New York Post. The Forward. and. Dave Goldiner. Jan 22, 2018 7:17 PM. 0comments Print Zen Subscribe ...
women's March in Knoxville draws 14K protesters - and 20 white supremacists. Women's March in ..... January 21, 2018. The event was held at the Knoxville Convention Center this year due to heightened tensions with the Women's March downtown which attracted white supremacist protestors and Antifa.
Covington is a longtime, unabashed Nazi-admiring white supremacist who promotes white settlement in the region--Washington, Oregon, Idaho and western Montana--to form an all-white ethno state that will one day fight for its independence. Covington argues the Northwest is good territory for white supremacist designs, ...
Fair warning. This post is not about the psychology of white supremacist attitudes or an apology for them. Nor does it have political content of any sort. And finally, and obviously, I do not condone even a single murder by white supremacists, or for that matter, by any other group of people. What this post is ...
The white supremacist murders included several killings linked to the "alt right," the online reactionary subculture that burst into national media over the last few years, particularly after latching onto the campaign of Donald Trump. The "alt-right" has breathed new energy into older white nationalist movments ...
white supremacists were "directly responsible" for 18 out of 34 U.S. extremist-related deaths in 2017, the ADL said. Islamic extremists, by comparison, were only responsible for nine deaths in America. Last year's share of white supremacist killings represents a jump from 2016, when such groups accounted ...
police arrest white supremacist wanted in connection with shooting of Tennessee officer. Gray Hall reports during Action News at 9 a.m. on January 13, 2018. (WPVI). WPVI. Saturday, January 13, 2018 10:29AM. Knoxville, Tenn. (WPVI) --. police have arrested a white supremacist who was wanted for shooting a ...
A white supremacist gang leader was slain by fellow inmates at a California prison, law enforcement and watchdog groups said Friday. Devlin "Gazoo" Stringfellow, 48, was a kingpin in the Public Enemy Number 1 street gang, which emerged from the Southern California punk scene in the late 1980s and ...
The United States is not supposed to govern with such white supremacist aims and while we reckon with our history of subjugating people of color and women. We do not need violently aggressive mass deportation of people of color and we do not need ignorant elitists defending these actions as somehow ...
When she described President Donald Trump as "a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists" ESPN anchor Jemele Hill wasn't employing extrasensory perception. It was September 2017. She wasn't gazing into a crystal ball to see what Trump would eventually ...
The election of Donald Trump energized white supremacists both in America and around the world. With his campaign they emerged from the shadows of American public life and moved into the mainstream. This journey should not be a surprise. The Republican party became the party of the Confederacy ...
Wilson is a member of Aryan Nations, a white supremacist gang in Tennessee. One of the bullets hit Wilson in the shoulder. He was hospitalized and released Friday. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has placed Wilson on their "Top 10 Most Wanted" list. Wilson, who is already well-known by local ...
... photo provided by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shows Devlin Stringfellow. Stringfellow, slain by fellow white inmates at California State prison, Sacramento on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018,was a founder of Public Enemy Number 1, a white supremacist prison and street gang.
A white supremacist who has recruited members for a new Ku Klux Klan in Great Falls has signed up to run for a Montana House seat as a Democrat. John Abarr is running for House District 21 in Great Falls. Montana Democrats disavowed Abarr, who has previously run as a Republican, on Thursday.
That evidence included documents from Wilson's phone, which included images of a white supremacist banner reading " 'Hands up don't shoot' is Anti-white fake news - Altright" along with a number of how-to books on killing people and carrying out violence. In addition to the pistol he was allegedly ...
"We have studied their ideologies for many years, and we do in-depth studies on each group before we call them white supremacists," Ms Hill told The Independent. "...A lot of the alt-right is confusing because they use language to cover white supremacist ideology." But, she added: "If you're a white person ...
Modern white-supremacist ideology is founded on the belief that white people are on the verge of extinction, thanks to a "rising tide" of non-white populations (supposedly controlled by a Jewish conspiracy). As a result, some white supremacists and other racists justify their actions as attempts to "save" their ...
01_17_whitesupremacist_01 A new report finds that white supremacists committed the most domestic-extremist-related killings in 2017. GETTY. The Anti-Defamation League report cites several incidents of white supremacist killings in 2017, including a school shooting in Aztec, New Mexico. In December ...
The Justice Department didn't do any of that when Federal Prosecutors unsealed terrorism charges last week against Taylor Michael Wilson. The 26-year-old white supremacist from St. Charles, Missouri, allegedly breached a secure area of an Amtrak train on Oct. 22 while armed with a gun and plenty of ...


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