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"governments think they can declare open season on human rights activists. They may shut down our newspapers, undermine judges and jail activists, but we refuse to be silenced. If the legendary Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo taught us anything, it is that we must speak truth to power precisely when it seems impossible to do ...
While success stories and celebrations of people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Ava Duvernay have surfaced in many student's minds over the last month, for others, the struggles these leaders faced have hardly gone. Junior journalism major Magdalen Rath, also vice president of Black Student ...

By the time ethnic groups start asking questions on budgetary provisions for their areas, things will start getting better. It is your responsibility in the region to ask questions on development of Niger Delta. We have to replace the current development model with a more effective one. "We have made a lot of ...
... activists, including 13 fellow Nobel laureates (among them former Humanitarian Award recipients Malala Yousafzai and Desmond Tutu), published an open letter criticizing Suu Kyi for remaining silent on the persecution of the Rohingya, which "[amount] to ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.".
By using opposition contacts in Ethiopia, a growing diaspora movement of writers, bloggers, journalists and activists have flooded twitter and facebook with news sources that, they say, contradict inaccurate accounts pushed out by Ethiopia's mostly state-run media or by muddled foreign reporters.

The protesters denounced a US Embassy statement that used the word "Rohingya" to refer to Muslims in troubled northern Rakhine State, which has become a hotbed of ethnic conflict. Most Myanmar people consider the Muslim minority in northern Rakhine as illegal migrants from Bangladesh and not one ...
Some were Republican political groups, like the Conservative Caucus and the Young Americans for Freedom, while others were associated with Soviet bloc ethnic groups, like the Elderly Korean American Association of Orange County and the Baltic American Freedom League. It didn't take long for the ...
The advocates spoke at a national telebriefing for ethnic media sponsored by Ready California, a collaborative cross-sector effort led by the Immigrant ... doing," Hafiz continued, citing attacks on jurisdictions with sanctuary policies and other enforcement actions against Dreamers, mothers and activists.
The Kurdish-speaking fighters no doubt make it easier to work with the local population and belie YPG allegations that the battle has ethnic motivations. Media activist Massoud Ibo (also known as Abu Majd Koumala) told Al-Monitor, "Several Kurdish factions affiliated with the FSA are fighting in Operation ...
This demonstrates, fully, that Jewish ethnic activist groups such as the media and the ADL are so obsessed with blaming white identity movements for violence that they will act recklessly and in a totally deranged fashion. This makes the whole idea of constantly blaming white people for everything look ...
NEW YORK, United States (CMC) -- The New York City Council has approved a resolution supporting Trinidadian-born immigrant rights activist Ravi Ragbir who ... We know that there is a movement to remove people of colour, to learn that there is an ethnic cleansing being created by this administration.
"In our current political context, especially with the president, there has been a huge gain in the critical study of race and Ethnicity, and the desire for students to see themselves reflected in what they are learning," said Julia Jordan-Zachery, a professor at Providence College in Rhode Island and president of ...
In another case, Abdallahi Saleck and Moussa Bilal Biram, activists in an Anti-Slavery group, are serving two years in a remote prison after an unfair trial. Mauritania's ethnic diversity reflects the country's location, bridging the Maghreb and West Africa. The population consists of three main ethnic groups.
Local journalists and media activists reporting on the occupation and Moroccan abuses face legal obstacles and risk lengthy jail sentences in order to ... The UN recognizes the Polisario Front as a legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people, a mixed ethnic group that lives mainly in Western Sahara and ...
Ysa Osman, a former CNRP activist in the ethnic Cham community, confirmed that Pin Osman had been arrested in Phnom Penh's Russey Keo district ... major push to encourage CNRP members to switch parties, with many CNRP activists and elected officials reporting harassment and surveillance as part ...
Without more effective international action, this ethnic cleansing campaign will continue its disastrous march." The ongoing oppression appears to be designed to make northern Rakhine State unliveable for the tens of thousands of Rohingya still there, and follows the Myanmar military's relentless campaign ...

A group of scholars and rights campaigners from different countries have blasted Oxford University Press (OUP) over the commissioning of controversial researcher Dr Jacques Leider to write a reference article on the persecuted Rohingya people in a forthcoming series of the Oxford Research ...
Sadly, stories like Lowe's are the anomaly. There have been medical advances in the 30-plus years since the emergence of HIV and AIDS, both marked by a breakdown of the immune system. But those advances are slow to reach African-Americans, who are the racial/ethnic group most affected by HIV and ...
The inaugural event at FSU is created to bring together students, teachers and activists to build relationships and explore opportunities and solutions through recognition of how ethnic and cultural studies are influenced by what is happening on the ground. "Tallahassee is changing rapidly," Gaines said.
A prominent activist from Russia's mainly Mulsim region of Tatarstan has fled the country for neighbouring Ukraine shortly after being released from prison after serving a three-year for openly ... The Volga Tatars are distantly related to the Tatars in Crimea, who are their ethnic, linguistic, and religious kin.
The New York Times has published an Op-Ed by Israel's education Minister Naftali Bennett, in which he educates the world about BDS activists, .... The thing is, that Israel's violations of international law, its apartheid policies, its policies of ethnic cleansing, are not limited to its control of territories from 1967 ...
The secret police are particularly keen to infiltrate overseas Chinese dissident groups, such as those fighting for democracy in their home country, or among emigre ethnic minority Tibetans and Uyghurs, according to overseas activists. U.S.-based rights activist and Georgia University student Suleiman Gu ...
Bangkok -- government air strikes and shelling of ethnic Kachin rebels in northern Myanmar have killed five civilians and wounded more than a dozen others since the weekend, a lawmaker and activists said Tuesday. The government offensive has also trapped more than 3,000 other civilians, miners of ...
"We are grateful to the various socio-cultural groups across the country notably the Afenifere, Ohaneze Nd'Igbo, the South-South People, human rights and pro-democracy activists and organisations, religious groups, Elder statesmen, opposition political parties, state Governors, members of the National ...
"We were talking about 'our country', the interest of 'our country'... and I said 'do not mind the human rights' (activists), they are just a noisy bunch actually," Mr Duterte said in his speech at the forum on ... The United Nations described Myanmar's crackdown as ethnic cleansing, which Myanmar denies.
The SNLD didn't accept the Ethnic Affairs Minister position due to the task [of the minister]. If the Ethnic Affairs Minister's duty is to work for union peace, coordinate with ethnic armed organizations, political parties, and social activists and discuss with the government and the Tatmadaw and build peace, the ...
If you follow that path -- to link crime to Ethnicity -- that will lead to a devastating discussion that will impact on our youth and children. There is anger among the youth, who are disadvantaged due to the political and economic changes. In many ethnic communities and cultures across Australian cities and ...
The concerns are compelling tens of thousands of Iranians without any clear previous political or activist affiliations to show how fed up they are and to ... students, human rights defenders, women's rights promoters, labor leaders, and ethnic Minority Rights activists immediately become targets and walk into ...
Commenting on the gift, Dean Kuzma said, it "represents a level of generosity that enables the Yale school of Art to address one of the most important issues in society today--equity in graduate-level education within which personal or social circumstances, race, gender, ethnic origin, or economic ...
Delta state police Command has thoroughly searched the Otor-Iyede, Isoko North Local Government Area home of human rights activist, Comrade Anthony ... accusing of colluding with oil companies and Delta State governments to shortchange and marginalize the petroleum-producing ethnic nationality.
Mr. Tashi has insisted that he does not advocate independence for Tibet, but wants the autonomy and rights for ethnic minorities that are promised by Chinese law. "Tashi argued that his idea was to use litigation to force local governments to stop ignoring Tibetan language education, and he was exercising ...
Under different rubrics, the atlas lists 671 members of religious minorities, 529 supporting or belonging to dissident groups, 379 facing other religious charges, 262 ethnic activists, and sundry bloggers, pro-democracy activists, civic activists, labor rights activists, human rights defenders, journalists, artists, ...
... female activist whose arrest last month has made her a symbol of resistance to Israeli military occupation in the West Bank. Justifying the ban, authorities in the Southeast Asian city state said the film "Radiance of Resistance" was "skewed" and potentially divisive for Singapore's multi-ethnic population.
Image Ethnic Somalis and ethnic Oromos clashed last week leaving dozens dead [Image courtesy of Ethnic Somalis and ethnic Oromos clashed last week leaving dozens dead [Image courtesy of quartz]. Three days later on Decembeer 18, Reuters reported that ethnic Somalis in the Daro Lebu and Hawi ...
International human rights attorney Roger Wareham explained during their intervention, "People of African Descent in the U.S. are victims of ethnic cleansing. In one sense this is nothing new, but the IDPAD demands a more precise definition and recognition of the current escalating criminal assault on both ...
But federal officials and Ragbir's lawyers agreed to a temporary stay as part of a lawsuit filed Friday, which claims he and other activists have been singled out. ... We know that there is a movement to remove people of color, to learn that there is an ethnic cleansing being created by this administration.
(Tunis) - Mauritanian authorities have detained an activist since January 24, 2018, apparently over social media posts decrying discrimination, human rights ... The issues of ethnicity and discrimination are politically sensitive in Mauritania and are the basis for many laws that, under the banner of fighting ...
We know that there is a movement to remove people of color, to learn that there is an ethnic cleansing being created by this administration. ... U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials have said repeatedly that Ragbir and the other activists were being deported because of their serious criminal ...
The Iowa State Conference On Race and Ethnicity (ISCORE) will model NCORE in its goals. ... Her book,"Identity, Social Activism, and the Pursuit of Higher education: The Journey Stories of Undocumented and Unafraid community activists," chronicles the experiences of undocumented activists in the ...
The protest made her the face of the Feminist movement of Pakistan, which were the first outspoken vocal critics of a military dictator attempting to mix religion and law. Her demise has been mourned and her life's work feted by a spectrum of journalists, activists and politicians across Pakistan and around the ...
Serbian tabloids meanwhile criticised the nomination of Kandic for the Nobel Peace Prize using ethnic slurs and quoting threats against Kandic by the ... The Serbian peace group women in Black is currently suing Informer for calling the organisation's activists the "biggest foreign mercenaries" in the ...
Philippines Duterte tells Myanmar's leader human rights activists are 'just a noisy bunch' amid Rohingya crisis ... The United Nations has called the situation a 'textbook example' of ethnic cleansing. ... The United Nations described Myanmar's crackdown as ethnic cleansing, which Myanmar denies.
ethnic activists enjoy a boost in political clout with the arrival of countrymen. Employers savor a looser labor market. businesses profit from the increased demand for everything from groceries to housing to automobiles. Libertarians and cosmopolitans delight in the elimination of borders. Humanitarians take ...
He had married a woman from their ethnic community and lived with her in this village -- until a personal tragedy opened a rift in the family and .... activists who opposed the land seizures were harassed, jailed or killed -- joining hundreds of environmental defenders worldwide who have lost their lives in ...
... Arbi Harnet (Freedom Friday) activists in Asmara report that the regime in Eritrea continues it's relentless, but an unsuccessful campaign of trying to isolate the 'instigators' of the Akria uprising in Asmara, using its well-established method of trying to divide the nation across religious and ethnic divides.
"Palestinian activists expressing anger towards Israel is not an ethnic anger. It's anger toward the State of Israel. Because the state of Israel is a settler colony," she said. She said flag burning is a form of free speech and not intended to be aggressive toward Jews. "There's a very clear divide between Jewish ...
The group's major goals are to gather and analyze information on human rights violations in the country, promote human rights ideas, defend culture, languages and traditions of Russian ethnic groups. Under the decree, Vladimir Vavilov, who chairs the Angela Vavilova Charity Foundation, also received a ...
Thousands of Indonesian Muslims demonstrate in support of the Rohingya ethnic group who are being pushed out from their homes in Myanmar on Sept. 16 in Jakarta, Indonesia. protests and rallies of solidarity took place across Asia after hundreds of thousands of Rohingya fled from their homes in ...
New groups were forming and existing interest groups -- including ethnic, environmental, gay rights and healthcare organizations -- were jumping into the mix. ... The veteran activist -- whose late husband, Howard Adler, served two stints as the county Democratic party chairman -- is field director for the ...


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