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"Co-ops continue to work on building an inclusive and pacifist society," reads the statement. "Confecoop is calling on all co-operators to continue to participate in this historic moment for the country, thinking and acting based on the values and ...

Concerns have also been expressed in neighboring countries as Abe has been working toward expanding the role of Japan's self-defense forces after his cabinet decided in 2014 to re-interpret the country's pacifist post-World War II Constitution.
In 1933, after the Fulham East byelection was won by John Wilmot, a pacifist Labour candidate, Stanley Baldwin was persuaded not to campaign for rearmament.
The LDP aims to make the discussions on revising the pacifist Constitution, a longtime dream of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as smooth as possible.
I've often wondered how World War I would translate to a video game. The most notable work of fiction ever published about the era is probably All Quiet on the Western Front - a radically pacifist story originally published in 1929 about a young German ...
"He did not write the letter because he was a raging pacifist, it was because he felt it was morally wrong, even at the age of nine.
He is the creator of many hits, such as "Blowin 'in the Wind", "The Times They are A-Changin", which symbolically have become anti-war anthems of protest and the civil pacifist movement. The 2016 Nobel prize has already been awarded for physics, ...
Mahatma Gandhi may have been a pacifist, but he understood the problem better than the military professionals when he said "an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.
MANHATTAN (CN) - For a Manhattan designer trying to shine pacifist ideals from the window of her historic 17th-story apartment, the Second Circuit cut the lights Friday, providing no justice, no peace.
The Germans and even some of the pacifist Quakers fought back, while other Quakers locked themselves inside the building for protection.
He discussed his own fascination with the political implications of religion that stemmed from a sense of conflict he felt filling out his draft card as a teenager who was raised as a pacifist. He also touched on the importance of having a liberal arts ...
While welcome by the US, in Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean as a means to balance a more assertive China, these moves would elicit strong responses from China but also pacifists in Japan who strongly identify with Japan's post WW 2 pacifist identity.
A group of scientists is launching what they say will be a new pacifist nation-state in space. Asgardia "will become a place in orbit which is truly 'no man's land'," its website says.
New book sheds light on Swansea Valley poet and pacifist who went to jail rather than fight in WW1. By South Wales Evening Post | Posted: October 13, 2016.

They feared that the military strength of nations would thwart their pacifist goal. The devastation of the war had made many a pacifist purist. But in 1933, having left Germany for the United States in the face of the Nazi assault, Einstein refined his ...
There are three ways to play: pacifist, Neutral, and genocide. A different outcome occurs after almost every playthrough, depending on the player's choices, and new elements are often introduced that may not have been available in a previous one.
Just one anti-war campaigner answered Boris Johnson's call for demonstrations outside the Russian Embassy. Dan Harper, 43, said some passers-by muttered "what's the point" but others applauded him as he held up a placard calling for bombing in Syria to ...
In its very title, Bryony Kimmings and Brian Lobel's A pacifist's Guide to the war on cancer issues an open challenge to public discourse on serious illness.
Ms Thornberry told an emergency debate into the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo that she is "not a pacifist" and believes in using military force "where military force can be effective", but added: "Personally I believe that in a multi-playered, mult ...
This friction between a pacifist stance and the need for military self-determination has persisted ever since Tokyo and Washington first forged postwar ties.
Kill everything that moves, or go the pacifist route and shadow-jump your way through levels with no one the wiser. Every mission can be played solo or online with a fellow spirit, and huge swathes of levels are completely optional but hold skill ...
The 1935 award given to Carl von Ossietzky, a German journalist and pacifist imprisoned for exposing Germany's clandestine rearmament, was widely viewed as a condemnation of Nazism.
The people of France were pacifists, a noble tradition that stretched right back to World War Two, a point emphasised by General Patton when he said famously: "I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind.
A couple of columns ago, I quoted from the chapter of The Road to Wigan Pier in which Orwell said the working class would never vote for a socialist who was "bearded", "vegetarian", "pacifist", "teetotal", "prim", "middle-class", a "sandal-wearer" and ...
And this is why abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison - who's a complete pacifist believes in non-violence in principle - condemns not Nat Turner, but his persecutors.
You ask the question well, not "Why must all Christians be pacifists?" but "In what sense must they be pacifists?" Christ commands us to love our ... So I am the love-your-enemy kind of pacifist. All Christians should be. It is a scandal that many ...
... approval will pave the way for the SDF to provide ammunition to the U.S. forces in non-emergency situations after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Cabinet in July 2014 reinterpreted the pacifist Constitution to enable the use of the right to collective ...
... 1869 Mahatma Gandhi, Indian pacifist and spiritual leader; 1890 Groucho Marx, comedian and actor; 1942 Steve Sabol, founder of NFL films; 1945 Don McLean, singer/songwriter; 1949 Annie Leibovitz, American photographer; 1951 Sting, rock vocalist; ...
For some scholars, this trend is a clear indication that Gandhi's deeply serious legacy of pacifist protest needs to be revitalized.
The rule of confining political action to passive resistance was adopted as the best policy for the National Movement at that stage and not as a part of a gospel of Non-violence or pacifist idealism. peace is a part of the highest ideal, but it must be ...
"And that would make a cracking musical", the final words of Bryony Kimmings and Brian Lobel's touching, hard-hitting, down-to-earth musical A pacifist's Guide to the war on cancer. Those words are delivered by Kimmings herself through a voice-over, ...
French star Joakim Noah opted to skip a New York Knicks training camp dinner held with US Army cadets at the West Point Military Academy, saying it clashed with his pacifist beliefs, reports said Friday (Saturday in Manila). Noah, who joined the Knicks ...
The Knicks always start their training camp with a weeklong session at the U.S. military Academy, and each year they close with a team dinner with cadets, including a speech by a current or former officer.
For John, family life revolved around the chapel, where the minister was an outspoken pacifist. Inspired by him, 13-year-old John took part in school debates and gave speeches at a local literary society, arguing that warfare was incompatible with ...
The group, which is mostly comprised of evangelicals from prestigious institutions such as Wheaton College and Duke University, has published a critique of Christians who are either pacifist or who want to reduce America's role in the world. The ...
Although he was born in 1869, Mahatma Gandhi and his teachings are still being celebrated today. The 'Let Us Be Healers' peace walk will be held this Sunday on the 147th anniversary of the pacifist leader's birth. Sponsored by Peace Action and St ...
It is ironic that military offensives unite the country and not peace initiatives - neither pacifist moves nor candle light vigils.
Some take the pacifist line, citing Jesus' command to love one's enemy and turn the other cheek. Others think there is the possibility of a ... Their involvement was authorised by Parliament despite minority opposition from pacifists. The case for an ...
"Het is moeilijk een groot man zo in enkele woorden samen te vatten." Met die zin begon de dochter van Bernard Wesphael - niet zonder emotie - haar getuigenis voor het hof van assisen. "Mijn vader is mijn beste vriend. Het is een pacifist en dat wil ik ...
Ever wondered what people with cancer really think? Surprisingly, there's now a musical for that. Surreal, funny, catchy and down-to-earth, brilliantly staged and powerfully acted, it's a sit-forward show, and I was gripped from the start.
He had to overcome the largely pacifist academic community, the majority of whom were against the notion of Israel having a nuclear weapon.
Because some sincere pacifist Christians wonder how the use of military force can be squared with the "red letters," Christ's teaching in the gospels, The Christian Post asked the panel to speak to the challenge of bringing such convictions to bear on ...
"Het is moeilijk een groot man zo in enkele woorden samen te vatten." Met die zin begon de dochter van Bernard Wesphael - niet zonder emotie - haar getuigenis voor het hof van assisen. "Mijn vader is mijn beste vriend. Het is een pacifist en dat wil ik ...
As well, he made a series of disjointed references to Labour's history, in a half-hearted attempt to portray the party as pacifist and egalitarian and to whitewash its fundamental agreement with the conservative National Party government. Many people ...
Mel Gibson returns to war for his latest film behind the camera. Hacksaw Ridge tells the true story of Desmond Doss, played here by the film's greatest asset Andrew Garfield, who fought on the front lines of World War 2 without a weapon, choosing to ...
As Daesh terrorists steadily lose ground in war-torn Iraq and Syria, European countries are expecting the less-than-welcome return of these "overseas jihadists".
"It's a spy novel but set in fictitious countries that share a border which are culturally almost identical but the population of each has dehumanised the population of the other.






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