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updated Sat. May 27, 2017

It took place in a tiny meeting space - the beanbags (this was Soho) had been stacked up by the window - that could only hold 10 green activists along with the co-leaders, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, and was relaxed and informal. Lucas spoke ...
A LONG-term critic of Noosa National Park's "unnatural and ugly" upgrades has likened the latest $800,000 works under way as more like something out of an amusement park.
So far, green activists had been at the forefront to oppose GEAC's decision, taken earlier this month. But, given the fact that the government's premier think-tank, NITI Aayog, has strongly recommended technology-aided practices to increase ...
The 46-year-old former green activist yesterday pleaded guilty to his third drink-driving offence in 20 years and was sentenced to eight weeks' jail and a S$10,000 fine.
As the Mark Twain saying goes: Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. And so have been the green activist reports of the death of coal, and more broadly, the resources sector.
Arnold Schwarzenegger has four Hummers and likes nothing better than getting up at 5am to ride his Harley Davidson to the beach for breakfast.
green activists demanded removal of special status but the then government did not take any action. In 2017, the PAC of Maharashtra Assembly pointed out various tax liabilities of Lavasa city corporation (LCL) in Pune district, including Rs 3.97 crore ...
While the Mumbai Metro Rail corporation Limited (MMRCL) claims that a large amount of trees will be transplanted and new plantation work will be undertaken as well, green activists highly doubt this promise. The axe has now been sharpened and its a ...
"As much as the green activists want to shout from their soap boxes that demand for our high quality coal is dead, the facts are population growth and urbanisation across South-East Asia means the coal consumed will continue to rise.
Bhopal: Construction of a jetty in the ecologically sensitive Upper Lake led to heated arguments between local Congress corporator Sabista Zaki and district administration officials here on Saturday.
Denise Donaldson (Green) - Mrs Donaldson is a green activist and is originally from Newcastle. > Sophie Johnson (Lab) - Mrs Johnson lives near Middleton Cheney and is chairman of the south Northants constituency Labour Party.
Summary: Savitri Bisht, a 76-year-old retired teacher, claims to have never seen Nainital Lake in an avatar this heartbreaking. Shirish Kumar, secretary of the Nainital Lake Development Authority, said they are doing all they can for the water body ...
green activists cry out as neglect, illegal structures take toll on Nainital Lake. The lake has been the lifeline of the town since 1841, but people visiting it are now assaulted by the sight of garbage floating on the surface and the unholy stink of ...
On February 18, Mr Fadnavis had assured the green activists that he had directed the MMRC to consider Kalina as an option for the Metro car depot of the Colaba-Bandra-Seepz Metro-3 underground corridor, but it was later not accepted by MMRC citing it ...
The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) is all set to resume work on the skywalk across T Chowdiah Road in front of Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium.
Kolkata: The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Wednesday directed the state pollution control board to carry out surprise checks on cruise vessels operating in the Sunderbans to find out whether they discharge waste in the ecologically fragile zone.
On zero conviction and penalty, green activist Shrikant Deshpande said that cases of illegal tree felling are not pursued properly in the court.
green activist and well-known environmental campaigner Nicholas Hulot has been named as France's new environment minister by newly-elected President Emmanuel Macron.
There is no house or road or bridge or port in South Asia whose builders can claim to have built it with legally obtained sand alone.
A leading Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, went one step further when she publicly backed Scottish independence in March 2017. On the eve of the Scottish independence referendum, green activists from not just England and Wales, but also France, Poland, ...
But green activists and the Forest Department officers said relocating a colony rooted to nature to a new environment was an uphill task.
This destroys the tree's stability," said green activist Bonani Kakkar. Thirdly, activists want road widening projects, particularly those requiring curbing of footpaths, to be referred to experts.
According to the green activists I speak to, Harvie, rather than Harper, is more typical of the party view. This is not surprising, given the 2014 referendum transformed the Scottish Greens.
green activists will attend another site visit, which will be held by the month-end. Harish Pandey, a Dahisar-based activist alleged, "There have been various violations on the part of the management of Essel World, but even a single step hasn't been ...
While the Metro authorities have claimed repeatedly that there is no wildlife in the forests of Aarey milk Colony, their claims have been proved false yet again by a female spotted deer that was seen jumping over the six-foot-tall boundary wall of the ...
green activists in The Philippines challenged the country's new Environmental chief, a former general, to maintain reforms initiated by his predecessor, a green activist. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has named former military chief Roy Cimatu ...
To put this into perspective, both tiers of government from both sides of politics have publicly backed the $21 billion project, which has had to overcome years of approvals and endless legal spoiling tactics by green activists. We are now at the stage ...
... to win back his ex-girlfriend; Luke (James Rolleston, Boy from Boy but now a handsome young man) is a small time thief; and Keira (Ashleigh Cummings, an Aussie doing an impeccable Kiwi accent) is a fast-food worker and passionate green activist.
Some local green activists have even gone so far as to lobby environmental organizations outside of the region to honor the same strategy.
"Families are being torn apart, livelihoods are being lost and people are dying." A group of green activists accompanied them on today's launch including Councillor Louis Stephen, the party's Worcester parliamentary candidate for June's snap General ...
Manila: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has appointed Roy Cimatu, former special envoy on Middle East concerns, as Environment Secretary.
PUNE: The city is heading for yet another collision between green activists and the PMC, which is determined to go ahead with the construction of high capacity mass transit route (HCMTR) that will eat up 7.1805 hectares of reserved forest in the city.
Navi Mumbai: Days after green activists complained about mangroves being destroyed at Palm Beach Road to make way for illegal farming, more mangroves have now been uprooted at Khandeshwar and work is underway to convert the patch into illegal ...
green activists in the city are furious and ask why the KSCA authorities, who organise high-turnout cricket matches and earn crores of rupees in revenues, cannot build parking spaces for the visiting cricket fans in the stadium.
Greenpeace activists wearing orange jumpsuits and with tube locks connecting their arms blocked people from entering the compound of the Environment department office in Manila on May 8. (Photo by Mike Taboy) ...
We have been bombarded with information, misinformation, and a distortion of facts because the extreme green activists had a combined strategy and their aim was, and is, to stop coal mining.
Hyderabad: In a bid to enhance the city's green cover, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal corporation (GHMC) has decided to develop 100 new parks across Hyderabad.
After being cited for gardening without a permit, Finley fought back by starting a petition with other "green activist".
I was impressed by the moral seriousness of Lucas's green activists I met in Brighton. Unlike Labour's leaders, who are solely concerned with keeping control of their party, they understood the urgency of now.
We have been bombarded with information, misinformation, and a distortion of facts because the extreme green activists had a combined strategy and their aim was, and is, to stop coal mining.
Summary: Nagpur: Expressing disappointment over the city's poor ranking in Swachh Survekshan 2017, citizens have come down heavily on the Nagpur Municipal corporation (NMC) for its failure in ensuring a clean Nagpur.
They can prove that environmentalism is not a monopoly of "green activists," and that a Gina Lopez is not a prerequisite for environmental rehabilitation and protection, nor for social justice.
spies in our midst: RCMP and CSIS snoop on green activists. By Bruce Livesey in News, Energy, politics | May 5th 2017. Both the RCMP (left) and the Canadian Security intelligence Agency (right) have been caught spying on environmentalists, writes ...
Two environmental volunteers were attacked on Wednesday while attempting to investigate a possible case of industrial pollution in eastern China.
AS A green activist and politician, improving air quality is an issue I've always campaigned on. But now the situation is critical and we can no longer depend solely on Green MSPs and councillors to speak out.
green activist Shrikant Deshpande pointed out that hundreds of trees that were transplanted during IRDP project in 2001 could not survive.
ANY doubts extreme green activists are wavering in their war on jobs and coal in North Queensland have been obliterated by revelations of Get Up's Adani polling.
For the past seven years, Florida Power & Light has battled environmentalists over its plans to build two new reactors and inject their radioactive waste 3,000 feet underground, just below the aquifers where South Florida gets its drinking water.
Arati Chauhan, a green activist from Nerul whose online petition drawing attention to the decreasing green cover in the city has been signed by 590 people, said, "It is heartening to see deconcretisation work has begun.
It may also please green activists, who have criticized the party establishment for not doing more to combat climate change and environmental issues that primarily affect minorities and the poor.





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