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updated Tue. April 25, 2017

The role of Dolly plays to a diva's strengths: it demands pathos and defiance, grief and comedy. Who better than Midler to give us all that?
And Coulter - well, she's a cry for help disguised as a political activist, an unhappy human being who somehow has turned misanthropy and self-loathing into a kind of partisan performance art. Substantial figures, they're not. But that's even more ...
"Rick and Morty" is an adult animated sitcom on Adult Swim. It follows the adventures of a sarcastic scientist (Rick) who has intergalactic adventures with his grandson (Morty).
Chris Christie has been working overtime to curate his transportation legacy lately, so we thought we'd help him out: He made the trains run on time.
scientists marched around the world in defense of scientific research, but the right-wing crackpot media didn't see fit to interview any of them.
... delightfully miserablist indie band with song titles such as Light aircraft on Fire and Unsolved child murder, led by misanthropic contrarian Luke Haines; Banbury has also worked in film and extensively for TV commercials, through his company ...
Those who have not listened to "S-Town" have at least heard about it. The podcast is the latest created by the producers of "Serial" and "This American Life.
Tocilizumab, a recombinant humanized, anti-human monoclonal antibody, is approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile idiopathic arthritis in the United States.
Thirty-seven years ago, Kirkpatrick Sale set out to write a comprehensive compendium of the evils of things pushed far beyond their natural "scale," coupled with pungent arguments for why these baneful developments are destructively anti-human. The ...
Wesley J. Smith, an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and chair of the Center for Human Exceptionalism at the Discovery Institute, warned that March for science activists and their liberal fellow travelers promote dangerous ideologies that are actually anti ...
In contrast to 2014's back-to-basics 'Resurrection', this ninth collection is full of curveballs and endearing quirks, whether that's the bouncy calypso rhythms of 'The Sound Of Two Voices' (seriously) or the sugary pop-rock misanthropy of 'Call Me ...
... its recent policies," Sherine Tadros, the head of the New York office for Amnesty International, told the Times. "You can't have directives coming from Washington that are distinctly anti-human rights and then say you're championing human rights at ...
"Some of those dogs don't get the social interaction they need at a young age, so by the time we get them, they are anti-human and those are the dogs we really can't adopt until somebody has dedicated to work with them and try and get them adjusted to ...
But his misanthropy, expressed through quality doses of Letts' entertainingly acidic humor, is accompanied by a surplus of self-deprecation and an occasional, if often self-serving, fit of kindness.
I recently sung the praises of Larry David's 23-year-old daughter Cazzie David in our I Like This Bitch's Life series, the result of hours spent creeping through her perfectly curated Instagram feed.
The Cure was kind of a great "stoner" band. No, it didn't have the guitar-noodling tropes of the '70s bong-rattling rock, nor a '90s grunge baked guitar fuzz and apathy.
Since adopting the moniker Father John Misty in 2012, singer-songwriter Josh Tillman has released a trio of fantastic albums. Released April 7, Tillman's latest album "Pure Comedy" features his characteristic instrumentation, vocal timbre and ...
But CHIPS isn't nasty enough to qualify as enjoyably misanthropic, and it doesn't humanise its characters enough to make you care about them.
... of journalists, human rights defenders, student leaders, religious leaders and political opposition member extended to the LGBT community as well, driven by the former president's charge that "homosexuality is anti-God, anti-human, and anti ...
In case you didn't know, Howard the Duck used to be kind of a big deal. He was the first Marvel character ever to have his own movie and was once one of those most recognisable characters in their universe.
The fiendishly crafty creative team has devised a musical that cracks open the source material to amplify its themes, using the story's collision of misanthropy and sweetness to explore existential questions about lives stuck in neutral and the ...
"You can't have directives coming from Washington that are distinctly anti-human rights and then say you're championing human rights at the U.N.
In yet another report on the subject, an Assistant Professor of Sunni Theology Mufti Zahid Ali Khan is quoted as saying, "Triple talaq might be anti-human rights, it might be anti-women and children's rights, but please don't tell us it is ...
But just as Clowes didn't let his two lead characters in Ghost World off the hook for their premature, smart-alecky misanthropy, Shaw refuses to divide his cast of characters up into easy heroes and villains. Thus, Dash is characterized as a florid ...
Lewis cutting his teeth with the Royal Shakespeare Company, playing opposite Keira Knightley in a production of The Misanthrope, and he is currently tackling Edward Albee's The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? alongside Sophie Okonedo. The Guardian's Michael ...
Trump is a symptom. We're losing our souls. silicon Valley billionaires think they will live forever by downloading their consciousness to computers.
He and Pippi venture to find their teenage daughter, Claire (Amara), whom Wilson has never met and Pippi has not seen since their daughter was a newborn.
Karpovsky had a career as an indie director and actor before he started playing the misanthropic Ray, and after the show ends, it looks like he'll continue in a similar vein, though on a bigger scale.
Or we could revamp The Wild Thornberrys to depict Eliza using her ability to communicate with animals to stage an international anti-human revolt. (But, as we all know, animal rebellions always lead to pigs staging a coup, taking over the farm, and ...
... well possess a more lasting beguiling quality, as on I Live On A Noble Bunk, Nocturnes In An Empty Park and Hushed Be The rain - whose titles alone betoken Robert's innate literacy and slightly off-kilter, if also at times rather misanthropic ...
... of journalists, human rights defenders, student leaders, religious leaders and political opposition member extended to the LGBT community as well, driven by the former president's charge that "homosexuality is anti-God, anti-human, and anti ...
Inspired by a hot-tempered hotelier the Monty Python crew encountered on a stay in Torquay, truculent misanthrope Basil Fawlty fast became John Cleese's most beloved character, despite the sitcom only screening twelve episodes.
"So now we get to meet ghostly versions of characters like Lily, young wife to the haunted misanthrope master of Misselthwaite Manor Archibald Craven, Mary's mother and father, Albert and Rose, and even her Indian servants," the director added.
Tong is a 30-year-old iconoclast and misanthrope, intent on flouting the conventions of what a Vietnamese woman of 1975 is supposed to be.
"Funding anti-human rights groups does not support communities or teach skills that lead to full-time paid employment with ethical employers," Joyce Arthur, ARCC's executive director said in the press release.
8 AM "Swimming Upstream" Ann Bertucci and Amanda will discuss library happenings. Get the Skinny on the Environmental Action Committee's annual Bird Fest.
In a time of 'alternative facts' and 'fake news', Misanthrope finds unanticipated echoes in the world today.
The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, strongly condemns these anti-human killings. While expressing condolences to the people and government of Egypt, It wishes speedy recovery for the injured, the committee calls ...
Moscow, April 10 (RAPSI) - Russian authorities have launched a criminal case against Ruslan Pavlyuk, alleged head of a Rostov-on-Don cell of Misanthropic Division extremist organization prohibited in Russia, RIA Novosti reported on Monday citing its ...
In fact, even fundamentalism becomes an act of governance or law and order. The affability and plurality of Hinduism loses out to the puritanism of Hindutva.
Eze, who described EDDC as an anti-human company, stressed that "we are giving them two options, it is either they give us electricity or they leave Enugu State.
Here lies the origin of the anti-human development bias of political governments, particularly at the provincial levels. This has resulted in almost no real emphasis on expansion and upgrading of education and health facilities.
This only fuels anti-human rights sentiment in a society that has challenges in respecting the rights of citizens. One's sexual orientation does not shield one from Criminal Investigation or prosecution, and no human-rights or LGBT-rights organisation ...
Yet in Boulder County, the anti-human flourishing frackivists who wish to ban access to raw materials through the safe and trusted process of hydraulic fracturing are hurting the poor among us the most.
Because this is not a fairy tale, and because the only people to whom he was a white knight were his wife and daughters, it's fair to say that he was a misanthrope and a curmudgeon, singularly stubborn and mistrustful of strangers. And because this is ...
But the years have flattened Eli's blood-soaked education to a misanthropic nihilism, which is why he isn't troubled by his conscience when he slices off a Mexican political radical's ear to get him to talk.
"I am sure people of Kashmir aren't going to get misled by such statements which are anti-human and anti-national. This is encouraging the young people to promote violence," Singh told ANI.
An embarrassment to his barely more successful twin brother Dale (also played by Galifianakis), with whom Chip competes for the affection of their scatty soft-drink addicted mother (Louie Anderson), the lone bright spark in the misanthropic clown's ...
Rick Gekoski, American-born, England-domiciled, an entertaining panellist at the Sydney Writers Festival a few years back, is an eminent rare book dealer, a former literature academic - he taught at Warwick University, with Germaine Greer - a ...






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