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updated Sat. May 27, 2017

As developers, affordable housing activists, trade unions and politicians, including New York's Governor Cuomo, debated the program's destiny for well over a year, new development throughout most of New York City dramatically slowed.
On a drizzly day in early February, State representative Will Guzzardi stood in front of a group of housing activists and community organizers in Bronzeville to announce his new bill, which is just seven words long: "The Rent Control Preemption Act is ...
As people increasingly realize that cities must build more housing to address the affordability crisis, opponents are doubling down on fake housing narratives to combat this trend.
Cape Town - Two separate legal battles against the Western Cape government's decision to sell the multimillion-rand Tafelberg site to a private entity is set to play itself out in court.
Low-income housing activists at the Chicago Housing Initiative agreed that the vandals tactics were wrong. "Smashing windows doesn't transform.
Francisco Moya (D-Queens), speaking at a rally in midtown Manhattan with dozens of immigration and affordable housing activists, said he would soon introduce a bill to require the state to divest its more than $178 billion pension fund from ...
The long-discussed redevelopment of Chicago's former Harold L. Ickes Homes public housing project has officially started the process of navigating the city's approval process.
As an affordable housing activist and advocate for First Nations people across the province, Wong prefers collaboration over vitriol.
Some affordable housing activists say upscale developments like the "MiCa" towers near Logan Square's California Blue Line stop, geared towards people who don't want to have to own a car, are accelerating the displacement of longtime residents.
About 25 housing activist entered the 46th Ward Office at 4544 N. Broadway around noon Wednesday, demanding that Ald. James Cappleman sign a letter asking his City Council colleagues to call an affordable housing ordinance for a vote.
The backlash to the proposals alarmed some neighbors and housing activists, who consolidated into a facebook group called Neighbors for Affordable Housing in Jefferson Park.
In the past as a housing activist and advocate for First Nations people, Wong hasn't been afraid to raise hackles. In 2013, for example, he didn't hesitate to rip into city councillors and senior city staff during his fight to save the Ming Sun ...
Barcelona has always been popular with tourists, thanks to its sunny Mediterranean beaches, modernist architecture and world-famous Catalan food.
He has selected three films that he feels are relevant to our current political climate: Ada for Mayor about housing activist Ada Colau who became the mayor of Barcelona, PACmen shows the inner workings of Dr. Ben Carson's campaign, and Waking the ...
Sixty percent of those would be set aside for those on the city's housing authority waitlist, while the remaining 40 percent would rent at market rate.
Jerry Brown vetoed it. The governor's rejection angered many affordable housing activists, including Bloom who was then serving in his first term on the Assembly ("Governor's Veto Frustrates Santa Monica's Affordable Housing Advocates," October 15, 2013).
The lack of affordable housing in Cape Town's CBD and surrounds has been an issue that has caused more and more of a stir over the last few years.
I set out to talk to this new generation of housing activists, visiting two cities: one, Dublin, in which the problem has festered for some time and is now at a seeming crisis point; and the other, Berlin, which, for all of its progressive housing ...
No amount of griping about the lack of teacher housing excuses the critical fact that teachers were excluded from the benefits of the city's inclusionary housing law.
Dillingham is a long-time education and housing activist. Jones is the former executive director of the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission and pastor of Truth and Destiny Covenant Ministries in Northside.
Leslie Madison speaks at a Stop Demovictions Campaign press conference on Tuesday night outside Bonsor Recreation Complex. The activist group released a "report card" on the Burnaby-Deer Lake candidates' response to housing issues.
Also, I call on REAL to publicly reject BARF tactics to turn housing activists against anti-displacement activists and to push their agenda through the online pushing of alternative facts.
Since the sale of the 197 apartment units, community members and housing activists expressed concern that the loss of the Fuller units would reduce the inventory of existing affordable units and eliminate sites for new affordable units.
I've looked everywhere." Two years ago, City Realty bought the six-unit building the Bernal family has called home for the past nine years for $900,000, outbidding the Urban Edge community development corporation.
In December, housing activists and Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau held a press conference in Columbia Heights denouncing a host who listed apartments in rent-controlled buildings on Airbnb and VRBO.
She invited housing activists, tenants and news outlets. She told them all her story: In February 2015, she smelled something worrisome in her apartment and called the fire department.
Carson's God-talk is failing to connect with those in the housing activist community who want to see concrete plans and not platitudes: But lately, [Carson's] up-by-the-bootstraps message has been falling flat with anti-poverty audiences.
During a public speaking session, several residents and housing activists were given an opportunity to talk about their own concerns.
housing activists in Pasadena are asking the leaders of Fuller Seminary to re-read the Bible, especially this passage from Jeremiah: "Woe to him who builds his house without righteousness and his upper rooms without justice.
Marin housing and retail developers fail to understand that one of the objections to their projects is that they are ugly. Even housing activists lose, because mediocre design presents an additional hurdle for them to mount. While it's evident that ...
When Alana qualifies in joinery she wants to teach it to women at South London housing projects including Lambeth housing activists, Save the Ayelsbury estate and South-east London Sisters Uncut. She said: "I think it's really important to give people ...
When it comes to urban housing, it's hard to imagine anything less threatening than granny flats. But surprisingly, in Seattle last year instill fear they did, provoking a handful of anti-housing activists to appeal proposed rule changes intended to ...
When it comes to urban housing, it's hard to imagine anything less threatening than granny flats. But surprisingly, in Seattle last year instill fear they did, provoking a handful of anti-housing activists to appeal proposed rule changes intended to ...
Most of the attention has focused on "demovictions" and the loss of affordable rentals in the Metrotown area, with housing activists even occupying NDP candidate Anne Kang's office there. But with similar large scale development going on in the ...
Latinx youth from Logan Square orchestrated an event as part of #BrownInChicago, a project led by youth housing activists at Logan Square Neighborhood Association, who presented stories, poetry, a photo gallery, and family trees of their lives growing ...
Nelson announced her bid Thursday morning, joining a list of ten candidates who have already filed, including former council candidate and housing activist Jon Grant and labor leader Teresa Mosqueda, political director for the Washington state Labor ...
That's the whole idea of me being kidnapped by the hippies and I call the newspaper that publishes my stories and I say, "I've been cast as an unwilling spokesperson [for housing activists]." I knew that I wouldn't have been able to become an activist ...
Last week, Steenhuisen and other Little Mountain housing activists marked 10 years since the province announced it had sold the complex to a private developer, who quickly made plans to demolish it.
Last week, Steenhuisen and other Little Mountain housing activists marked 10 years since the province announced it had sold the complex to a private developer, who quickly made plans to demolish it.
Alderman Joe Moore (49th Ward) was caught on tape telling housing activists who protested in front of his home that, as retribution, he would "never" move their legislation forward in City Hall.
The Penn Avenue property has since become a flashpoint for housing activists while the developer pursues a contested redevelopment plan at the site.
A coalition of housing advocates last Monday demanded that City Councillor At-Large Michael Flaherty schedule a hearing on a tenant protection act.
Neighborhood and housing activists concerned about "commercialized" rentals were suspicious of the tax deal when it was first struck, arguing that it would legitimize an illegal activity.
After Honkala made a speech about her work as a housing activist in Philadelphia, Telly and two other ARA members sat at the front of the room and described what had happened at the Ashford House.
housing activist Betsy Julian is quoted imparting the wisdom that real estate is, "Location, location, location." Her partner in activism, lawyer Mike Daniel, says trying to break the pattern of racial segregation in affordable housing is "like ...
Is it any wonder that Downtown Eastside housing activists are freaked out about what this is going to mean to long-term residents of the area?
housing activist Chandrashekhar Prabhu said the size of a dwelling cannot define affordable housing. "It is a person's income and not the area of the apartment that should be the criteria," he said.
Barbara Anderson, director of a homeless shelter in Jeffersonville and a housing activist, said the rental shortage isn't just spotty around Indiana.
Hoboken in the 1980s was supposedly quite different from what it is now. Award-winning filmmaker Nora Jacobson says that "the local culture, the small Italian fruit and vegetable stands, the Hispanic cafes, the street life" was what the people who ...





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