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A series of early-morning protests by a different group of activists have attempted for several weeks to block construction workers from entering Kinder ... The 1,150-kilometer route would cross B.C. from Alberta's oil sands, nearly tripling oil flow along much of its existing pipeline route and increasing tanker ...
A judge in Minnesota last year allowed defendants in the so-called "Valve Turners" case to claim necessity when they used bolt cutters to break into pipeline facilities and turn valves to prevent the flow of Canadian tar sands crude across five states. Two of the protesters were convicted of felonies, but Judge ...

21, 2017 file photo, petroleum coke, the grainy black byproduct of refining Canadian tar sands oil, is visible at the BP Whiting refinery in East Chicago, Ind. New .... Kyle Isakower, vice president of the American Petroleum Institute, has previously said that divestment is a "tactic of misinformed activists" that is ...
There is no doubt self-righteousness is a problem among many activists and defenders of the status quo. So I'll let him ... David spoke about the CEO of a consortium of companies who wanted to discuss international criticism of the Alberta oil sands regarding its environmental performance. David said he ...
But Winona LaDuke, an Ojibwe environmental activist who was involved in the anti-DAPL protests, noted that "accumulation of the little things is pretty significant." LaDuke is now pushing to stop construction of the Enbridge Line 3 oil sands pipeline in Minnesota. The Line 3 project's environmental impact ...
Sitting in a tarpee erected outside the Capitol Building in the US state of Washington, seven Indigenous women and their supporters have vowed to stay put. They will stay until they are either arrested or politicians take action on climate change and native treaty rights. "We will be here as long as they let us ...

That did not satisfy members of newly formed activist group Protect South Portland, however, and its members soon petitioned the council to call a vote on a draft ordinance it submitted to keep tar sands from flowing through the city. In the run-up to that vote, Protect South Portland activists discovered that ...
This was a significant win for activists like the UK Tar Sands Network and the Indigenous Environmental Network, who have been calling on financial institutions to end investments in the tar sands projects and pipelines since 2009, and who have most recently taken their campaigning efforts to the ...
We don't need any more dirty tar sands oil being transported across Indigenous territory, through cities like Burnaby and destroying our coasts here." Karl Perrin was one of those at the rally and says TD Bank has a social responsibility not to back Kinder Morgan. "We're targeting them as a bank that has ...
As oil prices crashed in 2015 and jobs began to disappear in Canada's tar sands, a group of local workers started thinking about a new opportunity: ... a lot of them were passionate about renewable energy as well," says Lliam Hildebrand, who began working in the oil sands about seven years ago and is ...
Stewart Muir, executive director of British Columbia-based Resource Works, said the term cleantech has been twisted by anti-fossil fuel activists. ... As an example, she pointed to CNQ's efforts to capture carbon from production at an oil-sands mine, and then pump it into tailings ponds where it bonds with ...
Over one thousand miles from the Bakken oil sands in North Dakota, protestors in Olympia, Washington took a stand to protect the region from ... Kyle Taylor Lucas, an Indigenous rights activist, told the Post, "What we are trying to do is resist the forced complicity in this brutal practice to devastate the earth.
... of fossil fuel mining, 65-year-old climate activist Leonard Higgins was found ... activists, shut off an emergency valve of the Enbridge tar sands ...
Last October, Higgins was one of five climate activists who coordinated efforts to stop tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, from flowing over the ...
Why Pipeline activists On Trial Say, 'We Had To Do It' ... simultaneously shut off all five pipelines leading into the US from Alberta's Tar Sands.
... Obama was still in office, five climate change activists, including me, cut chains and closed emergency shutoff valves on five tar sands oil ...
Activist Who Shut Down Pipeline on Trial: "Act of Desperation" to Save ... Higgins shut off Spectra Energy Express' pipeline importing tar sands, which he ... The other activists shut down tar sand pipelines in Minnesota, North ...

Last year, five activists from the Pacific Northwest shut off pipelines bringing ... off all five pipelines leading into the US from Alberta's Tar Sands.
The pipeline carries oil from Canada's tar sands region. activists simultaneously targeted other pipelines in Washington state, North Dakota ...
activists point out that the selection of the alternate route means that TransCanada must go back to the drawing board, spending more money on years of planning, negotiating with landowners, and bucking new legal opposition in a political climate where public opposition to tar sands pipelines by activist ...
The Trudeau government continues to support the Alberta tar sands, ... and he never promised to curtail oil sands and tar sands production; ...
The study was published on Nov. 16 and says the shoes lowered the energetic cost of running on their test subjects by 4 percent on average.
In the meantime, it's become unclear whether TransCanada will even try to complete the $8 billion project. The financial viability of tar sands oil ...
Canadian tar sands oil ― a prime target for activists and a ... Tar sands, also known as oil sands in Canada, are a noxious mix of sand, clay and ...
... pipelines carrying crude from Canada's oil sands region to the United States. ... activists simultaneously targeted other lines in Washington state, North ... "We chose tar sands oil and consider it along with coal to be the ...
The Nebraska Public Service Commission rejected TransCanada's preferred route for its proposed Keystone XL pipeline today, a decision considered to be a partial victory for the environmental activists, tribal nations, and local ranchers who opposed it. The commission voted 3-2 to allow the pipeline to ...
Keystone XL Opponents Claim Partial Victory Against Tar Sands ... to be a partial victory for the environmental activists, tribal nations, and local ...
... interrupted by a couple of young activists who were challenging him ... pipeline is going to increase emissions from the tar sands, it is going ...
MIDTOWN Manhattan, NY -- Two climate change activists scaled ... The group is protesting JPMorgan Chase's funding of tar sands oil, ...
The activists affiliated with the Climate Disobedience Center, in those ... of activists who shut down tar sands pipelines on October 11, 2016.
They're targeting our youth to go work at the tar sands. We need to be able to create alternative solutions for our young people as well, and with ...
Mahoney sees the case as about more than stopping the tar sands. ... as one of the best remaining options to export Alberta's oil sands via pipeline, ... PPLC wrote that references by activists to tar sands and smokestacks "are ...
A tar sands extraction complex in Alberta, Canada, where TD Bank has ... The activists have targeted TD Bank (formerly Toronto Dominion ...
The move sparked outcry from Native tribes, environmental activists, ... During a recent trip to the Tar Sands, I didn't see any buffalo [or wildlife].
Projects like the Dakota Access pipeline and tar sands pipelines threaten a ... grassroots activists, and NGOs such as Greenpeace and
The move has been lauded by climate activists around the world, who ... He said that the bank, which is the largest US funder of tar sands, and ...
... the futility of tar sands projects, the amount activists have divested from major ... "Every single activist should know how to do those things.
... Over 100 Bank Branches Across Seattle for Financing Tar Sands Projects ... Earlier this summer, after Indigenous and climate activists shut down ... tribal member and longtime environmental activist, pointed to the series of ...
A recent ThinkProgress article on millennial climate change activists said the ... Tar sands oil produces three times the greenhouse gas emissions as ...
... in contaminating fossil fuel pipelines and tar sands oil deposits. ... 23) as scores of activists turned out to kick off a "week of resistance" to the ...
... Over 100 Bank Branches Across Seattle for Financing Tar Sands Projects ... Earlier this summer, after Indigenous and climate activists shut down ... tribal member and longtime environmental activist, pointed to the series of ...
Seattle, WA - Protesters participating in a global day of action against tar sands operations will attempt to disrupt activity at 103 banks in ...
So clear and certain are the dangers of tar sands oil pipelines, that ... indigenous peoples, environmental activists, and concerned individuals.
It was part of a coordinated action by Climate Direct Action activists to shut down five pipelines that carry tar sands crude from Canada to the ...
All of those factors combined make the oil from Midway-Sunset only one-and-a-half percent less carbon-intensive than tar sands oil from the ...
The company, sneakily named US Oil Sands, isn't from the U.S. at all. ... Urry: When most Americans think about tar sands, they think about this: ...
... Direct Action activists to shut down five pipelines that carry tar sands crude ... MORE: Activist weighing appeal after pipeline protest conviction.
The controversial expansion of a pipeline that would carry tar sands crude ... That's the message that Kanahus Manuel, an Indigenous activist from the ... when 100 Indigenous and non-indigenous activists were arrested trying ...
A Minnesota judge ruled that three activists charged with felonies can argue they had no legal ... A fourth activist filmed it. ... of a multi-state protest by the group Climate Direct Action to protest the flow of tar sands crude into the ...
indigenous activists Win a Major Victory as Two Canadian pipeline Projects Are ... Environmental Network activist and organizer Dallas Goldtooth said. ... simple-the carbon contained in Alberta's tar sands must stay there.


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