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The Athens County Bill of rights Charter's Friday fundraiser featured a speech by Tish O'Dell, the coordinator of the Ohio community rights Network and the Ohio organizer for CELDF - the Community Environmental legal defense Fund.
In a private meeting with the Building Trades Council, part of North America's Building Trades Unions (NABTU), in September 2015, the Democratic nominee bashed anti-fracking activists by saying "I'm already at odds with the most organized and wildest.

That rule has twice now thwarted the anti-fracking campaign's efforts to get a question before voters. Tweet This. Jake Neher/WDET.
For the first time more people were against fracking than in favour of it. Some 41 per cent of the survey's 4,492 respondents expressed open opposition against the shale gas extraction technique that involves pumping liquid into the ground under ...
The Michigan Public radio network's Rick Pluta reports on an anti-fracking group's efforts to challenge petition limits.
An application to frack in the Midlands has reduced the affected area from 1,5million hectares to 850 00 hectares while protected sites have been excluded.

Pictured, anti-fracking protestors hold signs across College Avenue from Larry Hogan's inauguration at the State House.
Reedley ward's Coun. Yasser Iqbal (right), pictured with Brierfield Town Council's Coun. Mohammed Hanif, will table a motion at a full meeting of Pendle Council urging the government to not grant fracking licences in the borough (s) ...
CEOs from American and Canadian oil companies who had flown in to attend the conference were met with a demonstration against fracking by Frack Free Greater Manchester, Manchester Friends of the Earth and Manchester Greenpeace. "By showing up at ...
I FEEL the need to respond to Mark Smith's piece on fracking ("SNP's hot air on fracking is a gross dereliction of duty", The Herald, October 7), which is problematic is so many ways, although most offensively, it seems to be a huge misrepresentation ...
Hundreds of anti-fracking campaigners turned out to Preston New Road this afternoon, following the government's decision to overturn a local block on fracking.
B&B owner Claire Smith, 53, who lives next to the approved Lancashire drilling site between Blackpool and Preston, said: "The normal man on the street doesn't have a hope of making an informed decision while money is pouring into the anti-fracking ...
Environmental and community organisations from across the country want Parliament and government to reconsider the advisability of fracking in South Africa.
Rebecca Fitton is part of the Lancashire Nanas group which campaigns against fracking at the Preston New Road site, she says the last five years have been tough for all those involved, and there's no sign of the fight stopping: "It's taken a toll on ...
conservationists deal last-minute blow to 'unlawful' fracking bid. Friends of the Earth tells Nottinghamshire council that planned exploratory drilling would harm nature reserve.
anti-fracking campaigners from across the region are set to demonstrate outside the County Hall this morning to appeal directly to Nottinghamshire county councillors to defy county planners and reject IGas Energy's application to explore for shale gas ...
anti-fracking meeting. anti-fracking campaigners in Frome are holding their next meeting on Tuesday 11th October at the Cheese & Grain from 7.30pm.

The Sierra Club's endorsement of Hillary Clinton, a Trump spokesman says, is proof that she will put her 'trillion-dollar climate agenda' over jobs.
BLOUNTSTOWN - A petition with over 500 signatures from residents of Calhoun County and 21 local businesses was presented to the county commission this week in support of an ordinance that would ban companies from using hydraulic fracturing ...
The Lancashire anti-fracking Nanas have been researching the truth about the shale gas industry for five years and have found it to be a dirty industry with far-reaching effects on health, the environment and the wellbeing of communities wherever it ...
I am against fracking. While Measure Z purports to be an "anti-fracking" measure, it is well-documented that oil companies have no need to frack in Monterey County.
The Lancashire anti-fracking Nanas have been researching the truth about the shale gas industry for five years and have found it to be a dirty industry with far-reaching effects on health, the environment and the wellbeing of communities wherever it ...
You won't be voting on an anti-fracking ballot initiative here in Colorado this November. Even though the group turned in the required 98,000 signatures to get on the ballot, thousands of those signatures were quickly tossed by the Secretary of State's ...
FURIOUS union chiefs today slammed Labour for threatening jobs and pushing struggling families deeper into fuel poverty with its fracking ban.
The 'Lancashire Nanas' have been campaigning against fracking for the last five years and feel their voices are yet to be heard.
The Ohio Supreme Court ruled against the validity of a proposed anti-fracking charter in Athens County for the second year in a row on Sept.
A proposed anti-fracking county charter amendment will not appear on the Athens County ballot as a result of a decision by the Ohio Supreme Court.
The campaign against fracking is based on lies and shale extraction could power the UK for a generation. Conspiracy theory drive being driven by anti-fracking propagandists. BY the sun. 27th September 2016, 4:05 am. Shares. Comments. THE campaign ...
Recent years have seen the growth of the international movement against fracking and other forms of unconventional gas extraction, which are used to release fossil fuel gas from underground deposits.
The environmental group Friends of the Earth (FOE) misled the public in an anti-fracking leaflet featuring a picture of Grasmere, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) says.
The Broad Alliance of communities against unconventional oil and gas extraction (UGOE) launched the Community Case Against Unconventional Gas today.
HEADS turned at J.R.R. Tolkien's favourite watering hole yesterday as a grandfather and Greenpeace campaigner dropped in dressed as none other than Gandalf the Grey.
The groups Voices of St. Tammany against fracking and the Progressive Northshore Democrats will host a free screening of the new anti-fracking documentary, "Dear President Obama," on Oct. 2 at Abita Springs Town Hall. Doors open at 5:30 p.m..
As a father, there is nothing that I wouldn't do to protect my children. That's why last year, I filed a suit against the State of California and Governor Brown for discriminating against Latino youth by permitting fracking wells disproportionately ...
CONCERNED residents in Bromsgrove met with their MP Sajid Javid last weekend, to discuss the controversial proposal to extract shale in Lancashire.
I've found that newspaper readers generally fall into two categories. There are the type that grouse privately when you write something they don't agree with, and then there are Weekly readers.
The oil and gas industry mobilized in Colorado this year to knock two anti-fracking initiatives off the November ballot. Both ballot initiatives were spearheaded by residents, but they failed to get enough signatures to qualify for a vote.
Greenpeace celebrated yesterday as a ban on a campaign advert claiming that fracking would not cut energy bills was overturned. The environmental campaigners had put out an ad in January last year urging people to sign a petition against fracking for ...
Some of the county's anti-fracking campaigners have sent an open letter to The Queen in a last-ditch attempt to prevent the process from going ahead in Lancashire.
John Butler has organised a concert in Margaret River to draw attention to fracking in WA. The Frack Off! concert will also feature WA artists the Pigram Brothers, Mama Kin and Ten Cent shooters who will come together to raise awareness about the ...
The UK's advertising watchdog has quashed its own previous decision to ban a Greenpeace anti-fracking advert which said "experts agree" shale gas exploration in the UK would not lead to lower energy bills.
In the 2016 election cycle, one of the new issue groups, Protecting Colorado's economy, Environment, and Energy Independence, launched a counter-campaign urging voters to "Decline to Sign" petitions in support of two proposed anti-fracking ballot ...
Two North Yorkshire based film makers been shooting a controversial mini-drama about fracking. It's proved hard to find locations to film at because of the nature of the subject.
anti-fracking didn't make ballot. Hugo Chavez-ReY Guest columnist. Published: September 17, 2016; Last modified: September 17, 2016 11:30PM.
A public consultation ensued and groups such as Bassetlaw against fracking voiced strong opposition to the plans. The plans were dealt a further blow in July when Bassetlaw District Council, as statutory consultees, voted to oppose the plans.
Icon_2016_Op_Ed You can expect the same misinformation from the anti-fracking left in 2017 and 2018, but it's going to be much, much harder for these groups to fool anyone the next time around.
That's the news this week out of the state Supreme Court, which handed down decisions Wednesday and Thursday that benefit the fracking industry.
Ryan Sitton's Aug. 29 article in The Monitor is what is truly broken with the Texas Railroad Commission. In the article, he states that media headlines linking drilling to seismic activity are misleading.
Ohio's highest court struck a blow to hydraulic fracturing opponents yesterday, refusing to put anti-fracking measures on the November ballot.
YOUNGSTOWN - A coalition of business, labor, political and religious leaders are urging Youngstown voters to reject the anti-fracking "Community Bill of rights" charter-amendment proposal, saying it could hurt the city's economy if approved. Members ...






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