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OPINION | The moral fiber of the Republican party and America as a whole is at stake.
House speaker Paul Ryan, principal leader of the Republican party, harms the Republican Party and harms the Nation by denouncing Trump.

Voters looking for a reliable pro-business, conservative hawk to undo eight years of Obama's feckless progressivism and combat the cancer of Trumpism need ...
"The reality of it is when this race is over, there's going to be a great upheaval," said former Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele on ...
Lauren Parish, a six-term district judge in Upshur County, Texas, is leaving the Republican Party, becoming the second judge in the state to bail on the GOP in recent weeks.

"[Ryan is] a great Republican. He's one of the brightest stars in our party," Priebus said on CBS's "Face the Nation.
The Donald Trump campaign has degraded perception of the Republican Party. Why? The GOP allowed Donald Trump to win the nomination.
These furies have been fueled not only by Trump but by his campaign chieftain, the Breitbart warrior Stephen Bannon, and the whole alt-right zoo that has now found a home in the Republican Party. Are there enough of these people to win a national ...
Michael Steele, who led the Republican Party from 2009 to 2011, became the latest senior Republican figure to say he would not vote for Donald Trump.
But the Republican party's endurance remains a subject of interest. Some fifty years ago, the political historian and former White House aide Stephen Hess, together with David Broder, a Washington Post political correspondent, published "The Republican ...
People who arrived in the years after the Indochina and Migration and Refugee Act of 1975, in particular, forged strong ties to the Republican Party. (The act, which set up a settlement assistance program for refugees from Southeast Asia, was signed ...
"Someone has firebombed through the window of the Republican Party next to me and sprayed all over the side of my building, 'Nazi Republicans leave town or else,' " the caller said.

Kurdish pesh merga troops near Badana Pichwk, Iraq, this morning. The Iraqi government began a battle to reclaim Mosul from Islamic State militants.
"This is a desperate attempt by the Alaska Republican party and Lisa Murkowski to distract Alaskan voters from their own apparent money laundering scheme - to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars - that will be the subject of a credible FEC ...
Hillsborough, NC - The headquarters of a county Republican party in North Carolina were severely damaged after a firebomb was thrown through the front window of the building.
Former chair of the Alameda County Republican Party, Sue Caro, is running to become the Congressional Representative of District 13 and does not expect to win.
The most important thing we have learned this year is that, when the Republican Party was hijacked by a dangerous fascist who threatens to destroy the institutions that make America great and free, most Republicans up and down the organizational chart ...
With three weeks remaining, and polls showing him trailing, Donald Trump should probably be focused on pushing his strongest possible closing message.
Authorities are investigating after a local Republican Party office in North Carolina was vandalized and set on fire in what a state GOP official called an act of "political terrorism.
Kurdish pesh merga troops near Badana Pichwk, Iraq, this morning. The Iraqi government began a battle to reclaim Mosul from Islamic State militants.
This was a week of retracted endorsements by some of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump party's officials, and Trump lashed out at those GOP leaders who distanced themselves from him.
"I was in Ireland about seven weeks ago. They are following this election very, very closely, deeply concerned that a fascist candidate would have hijacked the Republican Party's nomination," the former Maryland governor said in an interview with John ...
The Republican Party could go the way of the Labour party in the United Kingdom in 1979: After choosing radicals to lead them, party members cheerfully turned their backs on their moderate colleagues.
The Republican Party at its best is the standard-bearer for the American dream. It's the party of opportunity that believes government's chief responsibility is the economic empowerment of all citizens.
So let me get this straight: I, a conservative female, have spent years defending the Republican Party against claims of sexism.
A Texas judge has quit the Republican party after officiating his first same-sex marriage, deciding he had had enough of its intolerance.
Speaking on his radio show Tuesday, popular conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh said: "The Republican Party has sided with its donors and its Lobbyists, and this is why we're where we are.
micah (Micah Cohen, politics editor): Choosing a topic this week was easy, as the Republican Party appears to be ripping itself apart.
The death of the two-party system is being exaggerated. (A version of this column originally appeared on
The Alaska Republican Party is sticking with its presidential candidate, despite the un-endorsements of some of the party's top members.
It's really the members in Congress who are saying 'we're not going to fall in line and abandon Donald Trump.'" Bachmann's comments follow days of turmoil within the Republican Party about how to respond to 2005 footage leaked Friday in which Trump can ...
Donald Trump, actress Arianne Zucker and then-"Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush in the now-infamous video from 2005.
We are used to hearing about a gender gap among the U.S. electorate. But the 2016 election - and, more specifically, Donald Trump - has produced a new gender gap, this one among the Republican Party's elected officials. On Friday, The Washington ...
WASHINGTON - Donald Trump's candidacy has long exposed divisions within the Republican Party. But GOP leaders had hoped to prevent an all-out civil war at least until after the election.
Long before his colleagues saw the light, Ben Sasse repudiated Trump and demanded a new kind of politics. But is the GOP ready for his reformation?
The Republican Party may be changing its shape in the coming weeks as internal divisions become clearer in the wake of recent events.
LESTER HOLT (HOST): Good evening, 29 days until election day, and our new poll numbers out tonight speak to the urgent crisis exploding inside the Republican Party from the top down. With Donald Trump's fortunes fading over his lewd comments about ...
Displaying the kind of will to power that would have made his German ancestors proud, Donald Trump has singlehandedly remade the United States in his vision: a laughingstock, a disaster, a nation in disarray.
Reince Priebus said on a conference call Monday afternoon that the Republican Party continues to stand behind its presidential nominee, Donald Trump, after the release of a 2005 tape on which Trump can be heard making lewd comments about women.
The leaked comments - in which he lewdly boasted of pursuing women without consent - have dominated the political world and unleashed an unprecedented civil war within the Republican Party. But they went barely mentioned in Trump's public remarks.
The Republican Party was at the brink of civil war on Sunday as Donald J. Trump signaled he would retaliate against lawmakers who withdraw their support from his campaign, and senior party leaders privately acknowledged that they now feared losing ...
The Republican Party is reeling and stunned as a result of the release of 2005 audio recordings of Donald Trump talking about women using vulgar language.
The direction the Republican Party has taken in the months before the coming election should be a concern to everyone, but especially to true Republicans.
According to the Pew Research Center 62% of Latinos voted for President Obama in the 2012 Presidential election. Polls show in this election the Republican Party has lost more support in this growing demographic group. Simon Thompson talked about the ...
The Republican Party of Marquette County officially opened their new offices in Marquette Township Wednesday.





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