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"The first essential in determining how to deal with the great industrial combinations is knowledge of the facts -- publicity. In the interest of the public, the government should have the right to inspect and examine the workings of the great corporations engaged in interstate business. Publicity is the only sure remedy which we can now invoke. What further remedies are needed in the way of governmental regulation, or taxation, can only be determined after publicity has been obtained, by process of law, and in the course of administration. The first requisite is knowledge, full and complete -- knowledge which may be made public to the world."
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updated Fri. April 20, 2018

It's a bit like November 2016 all over again for Indian digital payment companies. With ATMs in several parts of the country running dry, their platforms are seeing a spike in transactions. On April 19, Bengaluru-based PhonePe said it has seen a 20% increase in the value of peer-to-peer transactions on ...
"Restaurants turn to Caviar to reach more diners and grow their businesses," Square Caviar Lead Gokul Rajaram said in a press release. "Expanding our corporate catering product with Zesty enables us to offer our restaurant partners another way to boost sales through higher-margin, large-format ...
Big tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft are getting more H-1B visas for foreign workers, and outsourcing firms are getting fewer. Amazon was the second largest recipient of new H-1B visas in 2017, according to an analysis released on Thursday by the National Foundation for American Policy.
The FTC's privacy audits are widely viewed as one of the strongest enforcement mechanisms for keeping tech companies in line with the privacy promises they make to their .... The most drastic, she says, would be for the FTC to stop relying on corporate attestations of privacy protection altogether. ... Facebook Google

American businesses are investing record amounts in solar, with the top corporate users adding 325 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity last year, ... "To leading companies across America, deploying solar is a common-sense business decision," Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of the SEIA, ... US corporations
Could investors make the case that somehow it is different this time and that the largest companies, most of which happen to be technology corporations have learned to keep profit margins high? The S&P 500 technology sector's net profit margins have been rising since 2008. Net margin for the S&P ...
Ads from more than 300 companies and organizations have been running on YouTube channels that promote extreme content, including white nationalist and Nazi ideas, pedophilia, conspiracy theories and North Korean propaganda. The new revelations come from a CNN investigation, which found ...
Here are five mistakes brands are making and how to fix them: Stop focusing on major markets. There are more than 320 million people in the U.S., and about 5 percent of them have access to experiential marketing projects. This a lot to leave on the table when experiential has proved to be the most ...
A UK startup is building so-called middleware that could allow many traditional enterprise IT systems such as ERP, WMS and CMS to quickly adopt Blockchain-based systems. Most enterprise systems cannot be swiftly integrated with Blockchain, and many businesses cannot afford to invest millions of ...
In 2017, non-tech companies that ponied up for renewable energy include Starbucks, Target, Partners HealthCare, General Motors, paper manufacturer Kimberly Clark, cereal maker General Mills and brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev. "The corporate renewables market is now seeing deals from all industry ...
House Speaker Paul Ryan misleadingly claimed that corporate tax revenues are “still rising,” even though the 2017 tax law cut tax rates. In the first six ... Also, CBO projects tax revenues will be less than what the government otherwise would have collected from corporations if the tax laws did not change.
That is why foreign companies are worried about China's even more ambitious policy called Made in China 2025. It aims to upgrade the country's manufacturing in 10 sectors, including robotics, artificial intelligence, aviation, bio medicine and green energy. China aims to make 40 percent of so-called “core ...
Though pay structures vary across industries and can be deeply affected by a business' culture, the gender pay gap impacts almost every industry and at some companies, men are paid more than 50 percent more than women. According to the Office of National Statistics, the gap for median earnings in ...
For those interested in the power corporations have in Washington these days, last week's Facebook hearing offered a particularly revealing moment. After a little light grilling of ... Congress now spends less money on its staffing resources than businesses spend on registered lobbyists in Washington.

The penalty is steep, given that U.S. companies are believed to provide more than a quarter of the components used in ZTE telecom equipment and mobile devices. The list includes names like San Diego-based Qualcomm, which provides Snapdragon processors for the company's flagship devices.
COBURG — Don DeZarn has been a business mentor to Derek Schloss for a while, so it made sense for the men who both own cap-making companies to join forces. In January, Schloss moved Cowbucker, his five-employee firm, from Eugene to the headquarters of DeZarn's Pacific Headwear in Coburg.
Q: I've been moving into progressively higher roles at my company, with more exposure to the business model and motivations that drive decisions. I've been seriously questioning the corporate world and the sheer greed that drives the majority of the challenges I face. What should I do? LeAnn, 47, SVP ...
The competing companies, LimeBike of California and China-based Ofo, each use the so-called dockless business model. ... Unlike some traditional bike rental businesses such as one that has operated in Forest Park for years, it's impractical for the dockless firms to provide bike helmets. While St. Louis ...
In just a matter of a few months, hundreds of dockless bicycles and scooters have appeared on the streets and sidewalks of San Diego. Some have praised them as effective ways to get around town and reduce traffic congestion. Others have complained they clutter sidewalks and that too many riders don't ...
It adds up to a concerted effort by alcohol companies to make sure customers keep buying and drinking their products ― or even to increase people's alcohol intake ― by tying alcohol to better health outcomes. And if industry-funded trials can't convince Americans that their products are good for them, ...
MI Republicans pushing day to celebrate corporations get gobs of money from — you guessed it ... His seven Republican colleagues who co-sponsored the resolution get a fair share of money from corporations or corporate-connected donors, too; metro Detroit senators Mike Kowall and Jack Brandenburg ...
This could be bad news for retailers and consumer companies, sources say, as shoppers are projected to cut back on discretionary spending to make up for higher costs at the pump. ... These are the companies that see their profits hit thanks to rising gas prices, and the stocks that could letdown investors.
Tariffs are also starting to show up as risk factors in corporate filings from businesses with no direct impact from the current or proposed levies. This past week, the discount retailer Dollar Tree (ticker: DLTR) warned investors in a debt offering that it could be hurt by “future actions or escalations” on trade with ...
Supply management has always been one of the most important logistical hurdles for product-based businesses. Companies and end users alike have long speculated on the helpfulness of maintaining records that indicate the full life-cycle of individual products. Data such as where parts and materials ...
For outside observers, the absence of big international battery companies such as Panasonic, LG Chem, Samsung, AESC, etc. can be explained by the government policy of only subsidising batteries manufactured in China, which creates a protected market. For business observers of China, the results are ...
Let's take a closer look at the relationships between these three companies. ... Spotify struck similar deals with other record companies, but Sony Music gained a much larger equity stake than any of its rivals. Sony Music is a ... The popularity of Spotify should complement the growth of those businesses.
The Communist Party's rise in the Chinese offices and factories of foreign companies is yet another challenge for multinationals doing business in the country, ... The insurance giant China Pacific Insurance, for example, recently amended its articles of association to say that in key corporate decisions, “the ...
The report, released Wednesday by executive compensation and governance research firm Equilar, examines pay of the 100 largest public companies by revenue, and comes in advance of broader CEO pay rankings that typically arrive later in the spring and analyze the companies of the entire Standard ...
But under an arrangement between the two businesses, Big-D did virtually all of the work to prepare a bid for a project and put Creative Times' name on the paperwork, the suit said. And when Creative Times was awarded a contract, Big-D allegedly did the work and the smaller company turned funds over ...
SAG-AFTRA is investigating several companies that may have been scamming members by falsely representing themselves as real employers in the advertising industry. The union, which represents about 160,000 performers, posted a message Tuesday on its official web site: “In an effort to protect our ...
Private companies in the UK have hours left to report their gender pay gaps as part of a new regulation aimed at showing women exactly how much more their male colleagues are getting paid. The Wednesday midnight (GMT) deadline for private sector companies marks the first time UK businesses that ...
Muller adds that her local school system uses the ALICE training, a program that businesses may also employ. “ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) can also work with businesses and government, houses of worship and so on.” While such training may be scary for staff at first, it “does ...
Initial coin offerings (ICOs) — a funding mechanism based on the technology behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin — are a hot new way to launch a startup, and they're forcing investors to look at the startup process anew. Venture firms like mine understand that ICOs can reinvent how entrepreneurs bring ...
Before and after he became president, Mr. Trump attacked tech firms, military contractors, carmakers, cellphone companies, financial firms, drug companies, air-conditioner makers, sports .... Mr. Trump's most ardent supporters say they appreciate his willingness to criticize the corporate establishment.
HSBC, Europe's largest bank, has reported the largest difference in male and female staff salaries among large organizations in Britain, as the government looks to pressure big companies to reduce gender pay disparities. HSBC on average paid men 59 percent more than women, the biggest difference ...
That could be a major problem for Apple, Boeing, Caterpillar, Intel and other multinational companies in the Dow that sell a lot of their products to Chinese consumers and businesses. Apple (AAPL) generated $18 billion in revenue — 20% of its total sales — by selling iPhones, iPads and Macs to Chinese ...
“President Trump and the Republican Congress promised that billions of dollars in corporate tax giveaways would ultimately raise wages and brings jobs back from overseas, but a union ... The companies they're targeting include long-term care providers, for-profit health corporations, and XPO Logistics.
Companies linked to a newly-inked Pacific trade pact may reduce their reliance on the world's largest economy following President Donald Trump's ... To leapfrog American tariffs, some Pacific-based corporations that can't afford to be excluded from the U.S. market may move manufacturing stateside, which ...
It is true that deficit spending can be stimulative and create jobs, but simply increasing corporate earnings by cutting their taxes is not the surest way to ... Indeed, the last time the U.S. gave a big tax break to companies providing flexibility on repatriation, hoping to incentivize them to hire and invest, they ...
Turns out that the spending is a little more self-serving than companies would have us believe. Some of the charitable giving looks a lot like corporate lobbying. Because companies get a break for such giving, it amounts to political spending at taxpayers' expense. “Firms deploy their charitable foundations ...
While we have all recognized the phenomenal success of companies like Airbnb, it's clear that the next generation of sharing economy businesses are following a different approach. Businesses in the sharing economy provide platforms that sell or rent unused product or service capacity. They are some of ...
As one guide for employer recruitment efforts explained, “Many legislators look upon corporations as piles of bricks that don't vote and thus pose no political perils. Grassroots action by corporate stakeholders lends living, breathing, voting faces to your otherwise faceless corporation. With effective ...
More than ten years ago, betaworks launched to foster an ecosystem of startups focused on the intersection of media and consumer behavior. While the mission hasn't changed, the structure has seen some tweaks. The company has introduced its own venture arm, led by Matt Hartman, as well as the more ...
It's a trade-off that a lot of businesses make," said Kotok. High-debt companies are also adjusting to significant changes in the corporate tax code. The new law reduces companies' ability to deduct interest payments from their tax bill. But if the rapid rise in borrowing costs reverses, investors may conclude ...
“Why don't we get credit for all the good things we do?” the CEO of a major global corporation asked me recently. After all, the company has innovative and impactful programs to ensure safe working conditions; training programs to help low-wage workers in its supply chain increase their earnings; ...
At a corporation, attending the global law conference is work. For which you're paid. And people think it matters. Similarly, suppose management offers some webinar on something. You can attend. It's work. You must lead a meeting during which you'll “cascade” some message from on high down to the ...
Being human is most important. April Fools' is a way to help [companies] connect with people in a different way that stands out," Harrison said. "Don't make it like a Superbowl ad." Corporate April Fools' jokes won't be successful if they're not genuine, she said. If the companies do something really clever or ...


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