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updated Fri. March 23, 2018

"Today's announcement from the NIHR sets out clear standards for how the pharmaceutical industry should work with patients to develop better vaccines and medicines." The standards will be launched across ten pilot sites in the UK including Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research, the University ...
Pharmaceutical Industry Pump Market report recognizes that in this rapidly-evolving and competitive environment, up-to-date marketing information is essential to monitor performance and make critical decisions for growth and profitability. It provides information on trends and developments, and focuses ...

Genervon Biopharmaceuticals looks to the pharmaceutical industry to deliver its neurodegenerative drug to market ... Given the shift away from drugs for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease by pharmaceutical companies, Ko thinks this may be the time for the industry's acceptance of Genervon's ... pharmaceutical
This is perhaps why despite being one of the few industries to be cautious about digital adoption until now, some of the top pharmaceutical companies are racing to invest in it. Take the case of Swiss´Novartis and Germany's Merck and Bayer, to name a few; in the recent past, they have made bold decisions ... pharmaceutical
But pharmaceutical industry expansion was linked to negative health effects. "This study isn't the first to suggest prescription drugs can pose a health risk. But it is the first to find that the growth of the pharmaceutical industry itself may be associated with worse rather than better health," said Hui Zheng, lead ... pharmaceutical
Board members voted during a meeting Monday to join a growing list of municipalities planning to file claims against pharmaceutical companies producing and distributing opioid medications. The lawsuit will attempt to hold those companies accountable for financial damages caused by the opioid ... pharmaceutical

SNS Research estimates that Big Data investments in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry will account for nearly $4 Billion in 2017 alone. Led by a plethora of business opportunities for healthcare providers, insurers, payers, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders, ... pharmaceutical
Voices calling for industrial restructuring are being raised because the number of pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers far exceeds the domestic ... “Innovative pharmaceutical companies” refer to those which contributed to improving the global competitiveness of domestic pharmaceutical industry ... pharmaceutical
That said, transparency is only useful when it leads to action—and for all that this new law does to force disclosure of drug prices' drastic increases, there currently isn't a system set up to dissuade pharmaceutical companies from increasing prices, nor to ensure there are repercussions of them doing so. pharmaceutical
Medical technology requires a special degree of efficiency and precision in the production of parts intended for medical purposes. At the same time, the industry faces increasing demands due to the competition from the global market and increasing customer expectations. To meet the market demands, it is ... pharmaceutical
MANSFIELD - The City of Mansfield has filed a lawsuit against nearly two dozen pharmaceutical companies and individuals related to the industry that ... "The crux of it, in part, is the pharmaceutical industry falsely, failed to disclose the strong addictive nature of the opiate pharmaceutical products," ... pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical companies went to court to get the ban lifted. The challenge has gone all the way to the Indian Supreme Court. And while the legal battle continues to play out, the once-banned FDCs have been allowed back on the market. Dinesh Thakur, who's worked in the Indian pharmaceutical industry ... pharmaceutical
Have you prepared your strategy for the outcome of Brexit to ensure that you can continue to supply the UK market? Source BioScience is a CRO with a proven track record of working in partnership with Pharmaceutical companies providing support services that are not core to their business, releasing ... pharmaceutical
The year 2017 was rewarding for pharma and biotech stocks, with the sector witnessing some positive developments that led to a much-awaited recovery. The NYSE ARCA Pharmaceutical Index gained 11.8%, while the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index was up 18.7% in 2017. This is in sharp contrast to 2016, ... pharmaceutical
The year 2017 was rewarding for pharma and biotech stocks, with the sector witnessing some positive developments that led to a much-awaited recovery. The NYSE ARCA Pharmaceutical Index gained 11.8%, while the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index was up 18.7% in 2017. This is in sharp contrast to 2016, ... pharmaceutical
BELLEVILLE, Ill. (AP) — An Illinois family of a baby born addicted to opioids is suing 20 pharmaceutical companies alleging they're responsible for the mother's addition to opioids and heroin. The lawsuit states that a baby, identified by his initials T.W.B., was born in March 2017 and diagnosed with ... pharmaceutical
GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) - Greenville County filed a lawsuit Monday targeting big pharmaceutical companies in an effort to hold them accountable for their role in the growing drug epidemic. On Tuesday, the Center for Disease Control released statistics stating that opioid overdoses have increased by 30 ... pharmaceutical

Va., has introduced legislation to make the changes requested by the Justice Department to restore the Drug Enforcement Agency's (DEA) authority to go after pharmaceutical companies that are violating the law and flooding our communities with opioids. “The Drug Enforcement Agency is our first line of ... pharmaceutical
Monday the town board hired a New York City law firm, Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC, in a lawsuit against opioid pharmaceutical companies. The town is suing manufactures, distributors and key marketing leaders who mislead the public into believing opioids cannot and do not lead to addiction. The more than ... pharmaceutical
BELLEVILLE — An Illinois family of a baby born addicted to opioids is suing 20 pharmaceutical companies alleging they're responsible for the ... The lawsuit also alleges that the pharmaceutical companies are responsible for "false, negligent and unfair marketing/unlawful diversion of prescription opioids.". pharmaceutical
The baby's grandparents, Deric and Ceonda Rees, filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Southern Illinois Wednesday. The lawsuit alleges that the pharmaceutical companies are responsible for “false, negligent and unfair marketing/unlawful diversion of prescription opioids.” Four companies released ... pharmaceutical
This article examines the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Ethiopia and presents the processes and pathways for medicinal products to gain market .... African countries interested in strengthening their pharmaceutical sector should encourage their pharmaceutical manufacturers to apply for WHO ... pharmaceutical
In the first place, after tax deductions only about 1.3 percent of the money that the industry spends actually goes into basic research, the type of research that leads to new medications. Second, most of the new medicines that come from the pharmaceutical corporations offer little to nothing in the way of new ... pharmaceutical
The interest to have APC integrated into a PAT platform is growing significantly within the Life Sciences Industry. Thus, the goal of this collaboration is to offer the pharmaceutical industry the integrated combination of technologies that have – independently from each other – established a proven track ... pharmaceutical
Older people need more medicine. That rule of life is no secret to pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Many also realize that Japan's rapidly aging population presents a unique business opportunity. Japan remains the world's second-biggest pharmaceuticals market, behind only the United States ... pharmaceutical
Family of Opioid-Addicted Baby Sues Pharmaceutical Companies. An Illinois family of a baby born addicted to opioids is suing 20 pharmaceutical companies alleging they're responsible for the mother's addition to opioids and heroin. March 5, 2018, at 2:32 p.m.. Family of Opioid-Addicted Baby Sues Pharmaceutical ... pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical companies have perpetuated a myth that high prices are necessary in order to compensate for the risks and investments they undertake ... a new drug today, though they're basing this on a single, non-transparent pharmaceutical industry-supported study with problematic methodology. pharmaceutical
... how companies were progressing (pdf) in the world of precision medicine, we surveyed more than 100 leaders in the pharmaceutical industry across a range of functions, therapeutic areas, and geographic markets worldwide. Respondents included leaders at 15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, ... pharmaceutical
The Cumberland Mayor and City Council this week began the process of selecting a law firm to represent them in a mass lawsuit against large pharmaceutical companies that allegedly contributed to the opioid epidemic. Much like a class action lawsuit, the action is known as a mass tort or multi-district tort ... pharmaceutical
The North Las Vegas City Council on Wednesday night voted unanimously to file a civil lawsuit against pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, aimed at recovering money spent on battling opioid addiction through enforcement, medical treatment and social services. The City Council hired Las Vegas personal ... pharmaceutical
Out of the 113 biotech and pharmaceutical companies listed on the NASDAQ in the micro-cap range, we're looking at five who've recently released news that investors should know about. The companies below are listed in alphabetical order. All numbers and figures are current as of 1:30 p.m. EST, ... pharmaceutical
The pharmaceutical industry delivers a significant contribution to the U.K. economy and the population as a whole. This contribution is seen in a widening trade surplus (more exports and money coming into the country than imports), reaching a little over £3 billion. In addition, 45 million packs of medicines ... pharmaceutical
the ranking Democrat on that Committee, called these groups opioid "cheerleaders." The committee has been investigating the financial ties between the pharmaceutical industry and outside groups from 2012-17. In particular, the committee has been looking into Purdue Pharma, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, ... pharmaceutical
Doping in sports is widely discussed in mass-media, and necessity of fight against doping is declared almost every day. No one actually doubts that the use of banned substances in sports should be vanished into oblivion, as well as penalties for anti-doping violations should be stricter. In the 1980s ... pharmaceutical
PITTSFIELD — Pittsfield is joining a growing list of cities suing pharmaceutical companies to cover costs spiraling from the opioid epidemic. "Pittsfield in particular has ... Ward 3 Councilor Nick Caccamo said the "massive marketing budgets" of pharmaceutical companies helped popularize opioids. Ward 1 ... pharmaceutical
The long list of pharmaceutical companies being sued includes household names like Rite Aid of South Carolina Inc. and Johnson & Johnson. At the end of the defendants list is a section with four assumed prescribers referred to as “John Doe” and another five clinics that also are anonymous. Shelton said ... pharmaceutical
STANDING ROCK INDIAN RESERVATION, N.D. - The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has filed a lawsuit against 24 pharmaceutical companies. The suit filed Monday by the tribe claims that the companies flooded the health care market with false statements about prescription opioids and failed to do their legal ... pharmaceutical
DOVER, Del.- The Dover City Council on Monday night voted to retain attorneys to sue pharmaceutical companies over the opioid epidemic, adding the city to a number of other municipalities across the country taking similar legal actions. The council voted in an executive session meeting to retain Marc J. pharmaceutical
Horry County officials voted Tuesday to move forward with a mass action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical industry to end the opioid crisis. ... Instead of pursuing the major pharmaceutical companies, he says they should look for solutions outside of the country and see what's working where opioid use isn't an issue. pharmaceutical
Adoption of bill on intellectual property will allow Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies to more efficiently develop generics ... of a bill on improvement of legal protection of inventions and useful models will allow Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop generic drugs more quickly and efficiently. pharmaceutical
In an analysis that chronicles 25 years worth of pharmaceutical industry settlements and court judgments (see Figure 1), the group known as Public Citizen found that, from 1991 to 2015, a total of 373 settlements were reached between the federal and state governments and pharmaceutical manufacturers, ... pharmaceutical
CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Horry County is suing three major drug companies, saying the companies are partially responsible for the opioid crisis. Horry County Council unanimously voted Tuesday night to take part in the mass action lawsuit in which many other municipalities across the country have already ... pharmaceutical
Tablet disintegration is a property of products within the pharmaceutical industry that has been commonly investigated. The significance of disintegration lies in the availability of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to be dissolved inside the body and reach the bloodstream to take effect. An up and ... pharmaceutical
Companies named in the suit have defended their practice in the past saying they've worked to mitigate abuse of opioids while ensuring they can be prescribed legally to treat pain. Harris County filed suit against pharmaceutical companies, and even a few doctors and a pharmacist, back in December. pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical products (medicine) form an important and vital part of any country's healthcare system. Yet the presence of counterfeit pharmaceuticals has become a global dilemma which poses serious threat to an effective health care system and in some cases, citizen's constitutional rights to health ... pharmaceutical
Alachua County is one of the first Florida counties to sue pharmaceutical makers and distributors as a result of the opioid epidemic. The county filed a complaint last week in circuit civil court naming more than a dozen defendants, from manufacturers to individual doctors. It alleges the defendants spent ... pharmaceutical
The Office of the Mayor made known in a press statement that they have been meeting with law firms and researching pharmaceutical companies' role in the crisis for several months. On Monday, Feb. 5, Mayor Walsh will issue a request “seeking information from law firms, researchers and other interested ... pharmaceutical
Osceola County first in state to file suit against 21 pharmaceutical companies for opioid crisis. By: Jeff Deal. Updated: Feb 5, 2018 - 6:22 PM. Loading. ... Osceola County is the first in Florida to move forward with a lawsuit against 21 pharmaceutical companies. Leaders say ads by these companies were inducing consumers ... pharmaceutical
China's fragmented pharmaceutical industry is expected to undergo a wave of consolidation over the next five years, thanks to more stringent drug quality regulations and a reduction in layers of distribution intermediaries. From upstream drug discovery and manufacturing to downstream distribution, ... pharmaceutical
A prescription medication made from marijuana might be approved by the Food and Drug Administration this summer. The advance could be a huge step forward for people with epilepsy, which this drug treats. And it would signal a new—some would say long-delayed—embrace of cannabis-based ... pharmaceutical


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