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updated Sun. May 12, 2024

Before the company can resume autonomous testing in California, it must apply for a new permit. “Any application for a new permit will need to address any follow-up analysis or investigations from the recent crash in Arizona and may also require a meeting with the department,” Soublet wrote. Uber said it ...
Crenova, a company known for home products, has now started to make Arduino-based self-propelled robots. The Arduino-based board has an atmega328P microcontroller at its core, which has a diverse family of programmable functions and operations. The Crenovo Robot Car has a variety of sensor ...

In a rare win for humans over robots in the battle for labor efficiency, Wall Street analysts have laid down a compelling argument for the idea that over-automation is to blame for problems at billionaire Elon Musk's electric-car company. That is to say, the very innovation and competitive advantage that Musk says he's bringing ...
Robots are normally seen as threats to workers in advanced countries, but the risk may be at least as great in less developed places, according to a new report from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), a London think tank. Looking specifically at the economics of manufacturing furniture, it finds that ...
Inside 50 of Walmart's U.S. stores, robots resembling vacuum cleaners affixed with small, sleek towers, patrol the aisles, checking whether the shelves ... Hitch said that Bossa Nova has gotten used to teenagers playing pranks on robots, and that the company has taken that into account in its robot designs.
Robots are also learning to solve issues that are less simple, like the last-mile problem. Rui Li, the CEO and cofounder of Robby Technologies, showed off a video of his company's new Robby 2.0, a cooler-size robot on wheels that can deliver up to “70 liters of booze” (or any other order of that size).

The metal fabrication robot market was predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 18.5% between 2017 and 2021, primarily driven by increased demand from end users, but also by improved offerings from robot manufacturers themselves. Robotics firms offering welding robots are ...
Top manufacturers covered in Inspection Robots Market reports are: Company1, Company2, Company3, Company4, Company5. The Report Comprises of Various Company Profiles of Fundamental Market Players of Inspection Robots Market. With thorough market segment in terms of different Countries, ...
The robot dog "is a precious partner for its purchaser, who has deep feelings for it. Sony should fulfill its responsibility till the end as the company which introduced the product to the world," he said. A FUN has repaired nearly 2,000 AIBO robots and keeps receiving orders for fixing them. Sony released the ...
Grand Rapids-based manufacturers tripled their number of robots in operation during the “auto boom” years of 2010 through 2015. ... For example, Walker-based Axis Company LLC said in January that it was investing $4 million and adding 50 new jobs, while Holland-based Koops Inc. doubled its capacity ...
But if the company is going to decide to gender its robots, why can't a female-looking robot also play soccer, fight or even be an enemy? Assigning outdated gender roles to the woman robot in a children's book teaches children that men and women have assigned gender roles. My brother-in-law often ...
They've come up with a great way to build houses really quickly and relatively cheaply together. Between a 3D printing robot and a selection of workmen, affordable housing can be built in a matter of hours. The one storey houses are pretty small, but they look quite nice. The robot - which is called a Vulcan ...
KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — As soon as the first robot arrived at a FedEx shipping hub in the heart of North Carolina tobacco country early last year, talk of pink slips was in the air ... Since then, it has moved many of that company's robots into its network of more than 210 fulfillment and package-sorting centers.
While most manufacturers have been quick to dismiss the notion of taxing robots, policy experts say the idea appears to have legs. ... According to a recent survey by FreeAgent, a cloud accounting software provider, 57 percent of U.K. workers endorsed imposing a robot tax if humans are replaced in the ...
Aerospace parts manufacturer Tool Gauge is evaluating collaborative robots as part of its upcoming facility expansion in Tacoma, Washington. The company recently received a demonstration of the UR5 “cobot,” which is touted as an affordable and flexible robotic automation solution that can work in close ...
The Company harnesses the power and precision of robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the way that food is produced. The £50,000 funded research award will look to develop 'Harry', the company's precision drilling and planting robot, from concept through to in-field prototype. Addressing key ...
Pepper and its companion robot Nao, also created by SoftBank, can be infected with malware, researchers from security company IOActive have ... IOActive reached out to SoftBank, but the Japanese manufacturer said it couldn't fix the flaws their researchers discovered because the robots weren't built with ...

The company doesn't aim to fully replace human servers. “Would you want to dine at a factory, or where someone with good social skills can make you feel warm?” says Ha. “Robots can't do that.” But having a robot on hand could make it possible for a restaurant to serve more customers with fewer people ...
Also, robotic machinery is being tested to harvest apples and other crops, and efforts are underway to develop small agriculture field robots that can attack weeds or ... The company's website said the robot can plant "round the clock, 7 days a week, even in conditions that conventional machines find difficult.
Lyft will put robot cars through their paces at Concord's GoMentum Station, a 5,000-acre autonomous vehicle testing facility, the ride-hailing company said on Thursday. “By partnering with GoMentum Station, we're able to test our self-driving systems in a secure facility and advance our technology in an ...
Take that, Tesla. Researchers at Oxis Energy, a startup company in Abingdon, U.K., are building batteries with a combination of lithium and sulfur that store nearly twice as much energy per kilogram as the lithium-ion batteries in electric cars today. The batteries don't last very long, conking out after 100 or ...
The new collaborative robots (Universal Robots) and grippers (Robotiq) use plug-and-play components suited to high-mix/low-volume production. The solution also uses a robot-mounted camera able to locate parts in a wide field of view. “When the first robot arrived, the reaction of the people was not very ...
At CES 2018, therapeutic and companion robots were in abundance. For instance, Intuition Robotics' ElliQ robot for the elderly was named a CES Best of Innovation Winner in the Household category, and the company raised $6 million (for a total $22 million in funding). ElliQ is an “active aging companion” ...
When you think of concept cars, the inevitable images that come to mind are of exaggerated designs, impractical proportions, and profoundly self-indulgent experiences. Concepts are — usually — intended to titillate our most selfish desires. Except Renault, a company that prides itself on making cars ...
Is this the start of robots destroying low-wage jobs, a smart way to use technology to free people from mundane tasks, or both? ... bring in employees to train them on the grill, but they just didn't want to do that particular part of the work,” says David Zito, CEO of Miso Robotics, the company behind Flippy.
The self-balancing robot patent was filed by a Facebook employee who previously worked at a telepresence robotics company. These types of robots remain a niche product. They're expensive -- several thousand dollars each -- and don't yet fill a need for consumers. But home robots is an industry Silicon ...
In an attempt to move driverless car software more quickly into its cars and trucks, Toyota is creating a separate company and hopes to fill it with some of the ... manufacturers, Toyota is looking for ways to break down bureaucracy so it doesn't get left behind as the industry moves rapidly toward robot cars ...
Their latest initiative: replacing your favorite barista with a robot. Fu Sheng, Chairman and CEO of Cheetah Mobile, showcased his resolve to dive into the new area by taking a swim (literally) during the AI-themed 321 Conference: A Night of Robots at the Beijing National Aquatics Center (aka the Water ...
But OSU said research at its university has meant a breakthrough. “Our technology captures the same fundamental principles underlying legged locomotion in animals,” said Agility's founder and OSU associate professor Jonathan Hurst. Agility says mobile robots will have a number of practical applications. One day they'll ...
Now, the clothing company Levi's has found a way to keep up with that latest fashion demand while saving time and the environment. Their secret? ... This, combined with the environmental benefits, could be enough to encourage other jean manufacturers to follow suit with their own laser-wielding robots.


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